Kosak: We really get to explore the Draenei and you know what I think is really interesting, we get to see them at that pivotal inflection point. I mean this is their Pearl Harbor moment. We get to really see them at the key moment in their recent history. So that’ll be pretty exciting and also let us build up the culture kit… what their buildings look like, you know how things really were at the kind of the height their civilization on Draenor.


Last point and this is more of a gameplay value really than necessarily a story value, but we were excited building this world, exciting building Draenor and something that will talk about tomorrow in the Raid Q&A panel is that we really want you to get out there and explore this world. We have loaded it with all these kind of cool nooks and crannies, these little hidden caves and we load those hidden caves up with treasures and events and spontaneous things happening around you while you’re questing.

A little more like the Timeless Isle, if you have played the Timeless Isle in Pandaria, there’s a lot of stuff going on, there’s lot of raid bosses. There’s a lot of stuff that just happens that’s bringing people together all the time. Let me give you an example of that.


This is kind of not the greatest screenshot but it illustrates the point while you’re in Frostfire which is playable here at the convention, if we would never stop talking we’d let you play the game. Its playable here at the convention. While you’re running around the world you’ll see the Iron Horde here. They got snow in. This is a caravan. These dudes with shovels are trying to dig it out. The Warchief is yelling at them. You can just sort of stumble on this while you’re playing. In the back of that cart there is a treasure chest.


If you can kill these guys, if you can kill the clefthoof bull that’s pulling it, I think you can loot the treasure chest. There is not a quest to go there and do that. It’s just something you find in the world. It is just an example of the kind of things that would be around the world.

So we really want you just dive in Draenor and just explore and find things and discover things as you play and just make it a more dynamic living world and that’s something we’ll talk about more tomorrow. So I’ll wrap it up. I’m going to bring it home, this screenshot to me says so much about Draenor and I love it and you might not, you might have seen in the early panel you might not know the scale of it, you know sort of near the neck of the giant there, that’s a tower.


This is huge. This is an entire city. The Thunderlord orc clan, the way they work, they all get together and they hunt giants together and they work with team work. They topple these enormous giants. So hundreds and hundreds of years ago in their kind of mythic past they killed this enormous, enormous giant and then carved out a city in its dead husk; and this kind of became a Thunderlord city. This really gives you a feel for Draenor and how SAVAGE it is. That this is the kind of thing, this is the kind of place it is. It’s a mythic place, it’s an epic place where you can have these amazing big epic huge adventures and really feel like a hero and that’s the value of this expansion that we really getting across. That’s why we’re so excited about going to Draenor. All right, parting thoughts. What are we missing?

Metzen: Good thoughts. Ladies and gentleman… Dave Kosak.

Kosak: You want to go right into the Q&A? Are we good? Did we nail it?

Metzen: Thirty five minutes to get our heads kicked in with good questions.

Chilton: The person with the red shirt is somewhere over there.

Metzen: Ohh! (shrinks and shivers)

Kosak: I saw him the other night. He is ready to go.

Q&A Panel

Fan #1: I have been enamored with this world you have created since listening to my brother playing in the other room, and I would be honored if you would sign my Warcraft II manual.


Metzen: Totally. Let’s do that after the Q&A. Come down here and I will take care of that.

Fan #1: Awesome.

Fan #2: Hey guys. My question is for Chris. A couple of BlizzCons ago, someone had asked you to talk a little bit about the internal conflicts, internal conflicts with Prince Kael’thas during the events of the Burning Crusade and you got really excited and you said someone at Blizzard had written up like a 70 page treatment and you were really excited but you can’t talk about it now. Could we get an update on that?


Kosak: Don’t look at me.

Metzen: Well the update is, I totally wrote it and it exists. I can’t give you an exact update and we might have talked about this two weeks ago like we’re close to publishing it, but we can’t remember in what. Because there’s so much awesome stuff we’re doing. I don’t remember. Dave, you are supposed to be on top of stuff like that.

Kosak: I’ll get on that.