Fan #8: I actually have a question about the demons in this next expansion. Since you said the timeline is going take place before the Rise of the Horde, How are demons connected with the expansion with Medivh still corrupted. Is he still contacting Gul’dan?


Kosak: You know one thing we didn’t, I forgot to point out on the image I mean you’ll notice that Gul’dan has a green skin on the image. He drank the Kool-aid. He is vowed in. And in this sort of configuration of events he’s kind of the outcast. So that tension between Gul’dan and the orcs is something we really get to explore.

Metzen: Right. It’s definitely part of the core storyline. Actually we should recall that out. Gul’dan at this point has already, you know a kind of taken the power and then he offers it ultimately you know as it goes to Grom and the rest, and things go a very different way. So imagine you know up to the point where they kind of don’t drink — all the time Gul’dan’s plan, the rise of the Shadow Council, the beginnings of constructing the Dark Portal itself like, you know a lot of that has already kind of begun to occur. It’s just at the point where the literal corruption came for all of them; they stand up and say no, we’re going another way. So Gul’dan definitely plays a major role in the storyline and he’s not entirely pleased that his plans did not pan out.

Fan #8: OK. Thank you, gentlemen for everything you have done.

Kosak: That was a good question.

Fan #9: I think we can all agree that this expansion has too much with the wobbly timey wimey. So a simple question Chris since you’re the father of Thrall are you going to voice the father of Thrall?


Metzen: I, honestly I would say probably no. I will say no because I don’t know, it has been suggested to me that too many is too many. So I’m happy to do Thrall, and we will find a real actor to do Durotan.

Fan # 9: Thank you.

Fan # 10: Hello, gentleman. Sorry. You showed a lot of really great warlords on up there and while this guy wasn’t necessarily a warlord where is the best friend of Durotan… Orgrim Doomhammer?


Afrasiabi: You’ll see him. Intimately.

Kosak: He is in there.

Fan #10: Excellent.

Metzen: Orgrim… He’s not one of the Chiefs. Obviously in, oh boy and yeah — in this continuity he’s Blackhand’s second-in-command. So he is definitely involved. He has got a bitching storyline really, you kinda engage with him and kind of feel him out. But yeah, he is definitely not one of the Chiefs. So he didn’t make the picture.

Fan #10: That’s good. I look forward to seeing you.

Kosak: Durotan really feels betrayed by him and we are going to exploit that friendship and see what happens there. That’s a big, it’s a big plat point. So thank you for asking the question. How is it going?

Fan #10: Take it easy.

Fan # 11: Thanks for making the game. I want to ask because we got the time aspect in the expansion certainly we are going to have double ups on certain characters like Maraad, because…


Metzen: Nope.

Afrasiabi: No. It’s because we are clever.

Fan #11: Awesome.

Kosak: Again we really want the emphasize to be in Draenor and so we can decide what kind of story we want to tell and we are not really telling the time travel story. We are not really telling the paradox story. We are telling a story about going to this world and kicking butt.

Fan #12: Hi, so we did a lot of going over all the leaders for the various factions like Lor’themar, why he is still with the Horde and Tyrande and so on. What did the Pandaren leaders actually add to their factions like. Why is Ji Firepaw still in Orgrimmar when we’re seizing it and so on?


Kosak: Yeah it’s always a question of space you know. We only have so much gameplay to explore the different stories of the different faction leaders and I kind of regret that we didn’t get to do more with Ji Firepaw and Aysa Cloudsinger. We sort of hinted that things went pretty bad between Ji Firepaw and the Horde and you know ultimately we got them out of there, spoiler if you haven’t gone to the fight yet. But yeah we really didn’t get a chance to really draw more into their story, their relationship with the Horde and now that there is a kind of a new Horde under Vol’jin, Ji can sort of step in and be the Pandaren representative for the Horde, and so yeah we didn’t really have a lot of space to tell that story which is a shame but it’s a good question.

Fan #13: Hi, my questions are about Gul’dan’s partners — Cho’gall, Teron Gorefiend. Are they with the Iron Horde, or are they still with Gul’dan?


Afrasiabi: They are with Gul’dan and its good of you to bring that up. It’s actually going to be a pretty big part of the Gul’dan story as we are going to get into Gorefiend, we are going to get into Cho’gall, we are going to get into…

Fan #13: Is he still alive in this universe?

Afrasiabi: He is actually known as Teron Gore. He is not Gorefiend yet, but we will potentially see that.

Fan #13: Alright, thank you.

Kosak: That’s a good question. This guy new his stuff…

Afrasiabi: Yeah I like that.