Kosak: Again once we started talking about going back to Draenei, all this sort of ideas and plots started to spring in the mind. We got really excited about it which is good sign. While we are talking about the Alliance, hey let’s talk about the Alliance, much like with Pandaria, Alliance and Horde — they’re going to come in, this going to change them and so this is something we will really get to explore. We talked about this a little; we talk about this earlier on the other panel. I mean the alliance at this point it is superpower status and in a lot of ways this is “Beyond the Dark Portal” all over again. What I really like about this is the alliance is going on the offensive. They are taking the battle to them. They’re stepping through the portal and kicking some butt.

Metzen: Speak about the day.


Kosak: I Love it. So who is going to be one of the first people to step through? Well did you guys remember Maraad? Maybe, maybe not.


Something to do good from the Burning Crusade cinematic. Maybe that’s all you remember him from, because we really didn’t do a lot with Maraad.

Metzen: Most of the Dev team did not remember Maraad, by the way. Although, we have statues of him.

Kosak: So you want to talk about some unresolved issues. Maraad saw (name) go down, he saw his people just slaughtered everybody he knew practically from Draenor slaughtered. So he’s got a face kind of the demons of his own past. He’s going back through there. He is going to try and set things right. He’s on the front lines of the Alliance going through, and then his own values once he comes face to face with this are going to get questioned and tested. We are really going to get to explore this character. Anything else about Maraad? Do you want to say something about Maraad.

Afrasiabi: I mean I think it is a theme though for us in terms of the Warlords of Draenor expansion — we feel like it not just the orcs’ side of the Warlords. I think that there is a lot of history here, there is a lot of people here, there are a lot of characters here and I think Maraad — we’re going to find out here — as we go through the story is also categorized as one of the warlords of Draenor; and maybe by the end of this thing you will be too. We’ll see.

Kosak: How about this guy? How about this guy? Who wants to see him put some armor back on?


Metzen: I do.

Kosak: Yeah! It is about time. He is talked about some unresolved issues. He’s got a hammer to pick with Garrosh, I think.

Metzen: He’s talked about unresolved issues. Thall is chomping into a bit — that we’ve talked about this before, and we’ve seen on the Internet like a lot of people have been speculating that who is the orc racial leader in the Horde now. And we haven’t totally decided that yet; but if I was to be asked about…


I would say I don’t think the orc racial leader is Thrall at this point. I think it should be like Saurfang, or something like that because… Thrall has some serious work to do to ultimately bring Garrosh to justice — certainly to get a new outfit here — and ultimately just solve a bunch of problems with his hammer… would please me.


Kosak: The best solutions involve the hammer.

Metzen: Strong blood playing instruments.

Kosak: But Thrall’s story really kind of dovetails into just the whole Horde story. The Horde as we said earlier has to come face to face with sort of its own past at a time and when it is trying to reinvent itself after the disaster reign of its last warchief and is trying to really figure out who he is. To go back to the roots and really figure that out is a, is something that excites us about the Horde storyline here. Alright and, you know, we talked about this earlier. The Draenei we haven’t really been able to do a whole lot with them in the last couple of expansions and people are saying: “What about the Draenei?”.


This is really our opportunity to really look at their civilization, look at what made them click, what mean tick. Even in Burning Crusade we only saw them after they had already fled after everything had already been destroyed. When we were exploring the Draenei civilization it was pretty wrecked already. This gives us a chance to see who they really were? What they were about? and …


Metzen: Just to cut in down here. One of the promises we made — a pact that we made — for this one as we first started talking about the Draenei was that we’re not going to allow them to crash any spaceship this time.

Kosak: What about the little space ship?

Metzen: The little Space Ship? No.

Kosak: No crash Draenei spaceships.

Metzen: No spaceship. It’s very important.