Fan #2: It’s like Rise of the Prince Kael’thas.

Chilton: I see the boys going by. He’s under it.

Metzen: (Makes some projectile rebound noise) Meep-meep (Roadrunner voiceover). Yeah it’s… It’s imminent.

Fan #2: Awesome.

Fan# 3: Hey guys. Total respect for everything you do and all the attention to detail the story be easy to gloss over those. I am glad you do it but just with the way this is shaping up the storyline we’ve always moved things forward, of course we’re going back in time now, so how will our future really shape up storywise. How do you build anything meant to offer something that didn’t really happen.


Chilton: Well I really want to emphasize that I think that all depends on how you look at it. In that we aren’t going back in time and doing an adventure that takes place back in time. This is Draenor of thirty-five years ago, but it’s now. It is a present. An imminent threat. The Dark Portal would have turned red. Iron Horde will be spilling through the Dark Portal. That’s today, that’s now. OK, so that’s a very real threat to Azeroth. So even though these are the orc clans as they were, it’s very important to remember that this is happening now, these matters now.

Kosak: It’s a lot like you go to Northrend, you kick the Lich King’s butt, you come back home, it’s going to feel like that. You are going to go Draenor. You are going to address this threat. You are going to save the world, you are going to come back as heroes.

Afrasiabi: There will be repercussions from this expansion too. I mean we obviously (spoiler) we can’t go into it. But as you unfold or uncover what’s happening you will see.

Fan #3: Thanks guys.

Metzen: The events in this one definitely culminates and ultimately launches the next one whatever that is.

Fan #4: Hi, guys. I have a question for you. If we’re going, okay you’re talking about Draenor who was supposed to be going back in time but we’re not going back in time, right.


Chilton: Correct.

Fan #4: So… outland never happened?

Chilton: Still out there.

Fan #4: Still out there. Okay. What about Alleria and Turalyon?

Metzen: Still out there.

Fan #4: Are we going to see them?

Afrasiabi: We did decide. Go ahead.

Metzen: We did…

Afrasiabi: Yes or no. (laughs)

Metzen: It’s a no, right? Yes it’s a totally no. We are not going to see them. Listen… ready for the magic word? (Yet!)

Chilton: We have plans for them.

Fan #4: Yes. Okay.

Kosak: But you know who’s coming through with us? Khadgar is going to come with us. He is going to be working with us. A lot of people that you are going to be working with.

Fan #5 (The Red Shirt Guy): Hello.

Metzen: Yay, baby. The lighting like perfect. It’s just: “(Chorus: “Ahhhhh”)… Hummm …”


Fan #5 (Red Shirt Guy): Okay my question is not so much about Warlords of Draenor. But one thing I’ve kind of wondered about is especially since Pandaria came out, the southernmost points of the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Pandaria are all either jungle or desert which almost suggests we are at the equator. So does that mean there’s a whole southern hemisphere of Azeroth left to explore in the future?

(Big ovation)

Chilton: Maybe the planet is very steeply angled.

Kosak: A lot of the climate of Pandaria is shaped by Azeroth’s unique ocean currents, thanks to the maelstrom. It creates some different weather.

Metzen: One day this is a, what did you say, yes?

Afrasiabi: Yes and No.

Metzen: You said yes and no. For the third time. No it’s very, it’s a very astute observation. It’s crazy. We actually have argued about this in the studio, and it’s a – boy, a lot of back-and-forth – because it does look like it’s all a temporary, you know kind of down there. So I think it’s totally possible that there’s more stuff down there. If these guys would quit doing globe-swiveled art inside of (what is it?) Ulduar. Can’t we just put globes with continents? They give what it’s going to look like that’s all there is. (Mimics Afrasiabi: “… No it’s kinda cool.”)

(Afrasiabi smiles and shrugs)

(Audience laughs at the scolding)

Metzen: (Continues to mimic Afrasiabi: “It’s going to look awesome.”) Don’t do it. Don’t do it because it doesn’t look like there could be anything else.
With my argument-

Afrasiabi: It did look cool, though.

Fan #5 (Red Shirt Guy): On the bright side, it’s a good way to work around that, the globe in Ulduar already isn’t accurate. So you could just say it’s obscured.

Metzen: Fair enough.

Kosak: What did the Titans know anyway? What did they know really?

Metzen: That’s a good observation. Now there is potentially yes more stuff a little you know south of the border.

(Metzen lifts his gaze to the roof)

Fan #5 (Red Shirt Guy): Thank you.

Metzen: Ladies and gentleman… Red Shirt Guy. And we’re all right.

Afrasiabi: We made it. Phew!

Metzen: That’s the way baby. What have you got?

Fan #6: Alright. So Tome of Divinity found by Uther in the Deadmines, he goes to recover it, but it specifically mentions paladins in it, before there are Paladins in Azeroth. So the question is were there paladins in Azeroth of time related whatever and where does the tome come from?


Metzen: Dave?

Kosak: I can’t really say that when — I’ll investigate the author of the book and see if his facts were correct at that time. Yeah.

Metzen: What is it from? Is it from —

Kosak: In the Deadmines, right. The Tome of–

Fan #6: Somehow the ogres get their hands on it. Lothar goes to recover it for Northshire Abbey and…

Metzen: Was this in the Warcraft I Manual?

Fan #6: Yes, and it was a mission in the original Warcraft.

Metzen: Oh that’s right. Well I didn’t work on it in the original Warcraft, so. But we will look it up man. None of us have an answer to that.

Fan #6: Will we see Paladin lore in this expansion, though?

Metzen: That’s a good question, thank you. Yes, yes, no the yes is not a yes. The yes is right on a, no we have not, we actually you know what… Because he knows.

Afrasiabi: Actually we’ve talked about it.

Metzen: Yes, there will be Paladin lore in his expansion, Yes. But not for Northshire Abbey. (glares at Afrasiabi sarcastically)

Fan #7: I just want to start by saying that I had the Chris Metzen twitter account for a long time before it was taken away.

Metzen: What was it called.

Fan #7: @CoolChrisMetzen. That was, originally had access but I got a Terms of Service violation and had that taken away.


Metzen: (funny voice) That’s right baby.

Fan #7: So my actual question is Garrosh in this expansion was kind of to me personally it was a little bit of a letdown because some of his characterization as far as like the legacy of Grom wasn’t really addressed. There were some things where like Grom had made a mistake where you corrupted the entire race and then we have a scene where Garrosh takes the heart of Y’shaarj, corrupts himself, goes down basically the same path and never acknowledges it. I just wanted to know if you guys will address that in the next expansion.

Afrasiabi: Yeah I think, yes we are going to. Times two. We feel like we may have pushed Garrosh a little too far in one direction. My fault, but I think we’re going to, I don’t want to say we are going to redeem him. We’re not going to redeem him but I think we will provide for a satisfying ending for you and him.

Fan #7: Thank you personally for a satisfying ending, I hope. It just, those are like two mentions in the entire expansion neither of which was from Garrosh about Grom. That’s just what my question is about.

Metzen: Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day what we were talking about is whether his path had a lot of continuity with his daddy’s path. For sure. And I – hell – it isn’t over yet. But what you are, what you are totally looking at there is this dude has crazy daddy issues right. This old boy grown up..

Fan #7: Not exactly, I was just hoping that, that would be like…

Metzen: Garrosh, he is not going to talk about it. He is not going to talk to us about it. But like yeah he’s got some serious issues and ultimately I mean when you really look at this idea — he is working some stuff out. He is literally going about like, yeah its, its foreground you know. Yeah, I have said too much.

Afrasiabi: You know you haven’t said too much. But there’s a lot of Garrosh explanation that’s going to happen in this expansion for the better I think though. Hopefully it will shed some light on him.

Fan #7: Well thank you for answering my question and I’m just still a little upset about the Twitter incident, but I’ll get over it.

Metzen: How dare you make me look funny on Twitter.