Fan # 20: Hi..

Kosak: It is Wrathion. (Note: She’s cosplaying as Wrathion)

Fan # 20: It is.

Kosak: What’s up.

Fan # 20: Hi.

Kosak: Are you going to be distributing loot after the panel?

Fan #20: No. I can send you on request if you want but no loot. (laughs) So my question was actually about the Blood Elves and if they are going to play a role at all in this expansion. It might be kind of interesting to see like them going back to a planet that they kind of killed before they killed it and there is lot of feelings there for how the Magisters and Kael’thas’ sympathizers.


Metzen: I would say the answer to that question or to address that question, it came up a little earlier. Do we drop it like a ton, or tease. When the Paladin question got asked earlier, there may be a correlation with, you know blood elf paladins — a deeper understanding of where paladin’s come from, how the light works, what Auchendoun is, and what the Draenei really have been up to in Draenor. How interesting that it’s blood elves coming back around to kind of learn pretty big lessons about what it means to be a paladin. After all the events in the Sunwell, you know the kind of redemption of M’uru, I think that was the name of the, oh lord, Naaru. Anyway, but that whole, yes that’s the thing that we are very interested in looking at.

Fan #20: On that note, are you going to pull Silvermoon out of 2007 anytime soon?

Chilton: No.

Metzen: Rocking 2007 like its 1996 or something.

Fan #21: As an Orc shaman, we will go into Draenor with the shamanism that was developed on Azeroth. Since we are dealing with the race of shamans who were not locked up into Azeroth, what kind of mega powerful shamanism that developed over 35 years on Draenor are we going to be seeing? And will that change our method of shamanism as well?


Afrasiabi: You are going to see awesome, awesome stuff. You are going to see Drek’thar. You are going to see that actually embodied in Drek’thar. You are going to see it in the blind, from just messing with the elements, so to speak. But they are actually huge shamanistic elemental lines that we are going to play with in this expansion. Obviously there is going to be a lot that we’ll tell, I think. Yeah.

Kosak: One thing we get to play with is the different orc clans kind of have some different ideas of shamanism. So there is some different flavors out there and you can kind of see how they are all sort of treating a little differently then what we would think of as a modern shaman. So that…

Metzen: It’s like we are trying to deal with shamanism kind of in a different way. Obviously the class is the class and your abilities are your abilities. But we are trying to paint these cultures in a way that’s kind of maximum different from Azeroth, but not broken, you know. So like the guy said, we are trying to paint shamanism in a kind of a different way so innately elemental. But we want to kind of mythologize it too, you know like Drek’thar going off in speaking to the west wind, you know as opposed to some — It’s always like these elemental creatures. We want to kind of mythologize a little bit more and kind of have a little more reverence for it. For shamanism, at the core, you know system of this world, you know — we’ll play with it a little bit.

Fan # 21: Well, it would alter how we cast our spells and how we look like, well, warlocks got their green fire quest line…

Kosak: We have about four minutes left. So maybe one or two questions more.

Fan #22: First off thank you for the nine years of awesomeness. My question is this: In light of the Alliance — high point if you will. What can the, can you expand upon the Horde addressing their issues and difficulties of rebuilding a little bit?


Metzen: I think it’s really a big question. It’s a little hard to answer. There are no direct anything. The adventures come in and we are planning to do a lot with the Horde. I don’t know how to answer it overarcingly. But I think what we’ve seen recently is a battle between ideologies. The Iron Horde even though it’s not felled out and green is every bit is ruthless and dangerous and hateful as the original Horde, you know from the first few games. Towards the modern times Thrall built a very different kind of Horde, right where there is the equality, where there is no, you know there is no, you know evident kind of racism.

Everybody gets to come in, and it’s almost this you know coalition for mutual survival, all these cast out races or did they have any fast friends, you have anywhere to go. So the Horde just kind of took them all in Thrall kind of held it all together because that’s just the way he sees the world. And so I think the ideological conflict was with Garrosh. To Garrosh who grew up in Garadar like with stories of his dad and Kargath and Kilrogg and these rockstars.

So the horde is not about trolls and Blood Elves — are you kidding me with these Elves? It’s about orcs. So it’s about the orcish ideals, and Garrosh could never resolve that. When he met Thrall in Nagrand, and you know, all those years ago and that — I love their questline. I think it is like yeah, take me with you. Totally. You are such an epic orc.

But the more he saw when he got to Azeroth in the campaign in the far North like everything he had been through; I think it just deepened his confusion in him. That just can’t possibly be right. Democracy? Really? So I think at this time under Vol’jin, and especially throughout the events of this next expansion set, I think the Horde is thinking a lot about “What are we about”? Who are we? It’s a troll as our Warchief, for the first time. I love that.

Almost love the idea. It will be very difficult in gameplay, whatever. It just is too gnarly to do. But I love the idea every couple of years like someone else gets a shot. Imagine a blood elf as Warchief. I love that. It is just so weird, right. But I think the Horde is in that transition state where you are trying to figure it out again. Was Thrall’s way right? Do we need to adjust it? Should we triple down on it? And we are kind of in the space of exploring every part of that, and I think it’s a good turn for the Horde. I think that the goods — like we said in the intro today, it is this total opportunity the kind of rebirth what it is always about. It is always going to be a little Wolverine. Horde is always going to be tough and bad ass and you know it’s kind of that chaotic neutral, you know scrapper kind of thing. But I think it’s in this place a kind of spiritual transformation and I think that could be very powerful in the lore in years to come.

Kosak: Thank you very much. I see my little timer here starting to blink. So I think we are out time for questions. But everybody thank you so much for coming to the panel. So you had lot of fun?


Afrasiabi: Thank you.

Metzen: Thanks guys.

Kosak: Ask us questions. We will be around. Thank you very much. Thank you, BlizzCon.