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Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive – Scenario: Assault on Zan’Vess


Scenario: Assault on Zan’Vess

Rear Admiral Zigg: (Name), report for duty immediately!

You’re late, (name).

Let’s get right to the point. Our latest recon shows the last of Shek’zeer’s forces are holed up at the heart of the island. They’re protecting a large weaposn cache that Garrosh has ordered us to retrieve. Problem is they’ve activated the island’s defenses, a massive impenetrable shield that enshrouds all of Zan’vess.

This is where you come in. I need you to take one of these gunships and shoot down the shield generators. As long as they’re active none of our forces can reach the weapons cache.

Note: Mount the Kor’kron Gunship. The airplanes are strapped to the sides of the boat. Jump and click. The airplanes move on a programmed path. All you have to do is point and click by pressing “1″. Click on the pillars, and the Mantid casters near pillars. Press “2″ to activate the shields when your airplane is targeted with a red bullseye. That means Alliance gunships targeted you. When hit, your weapon system is disabled for a few seconds.

Kor’kron Pilot: We’ve got our work cut out for us, (name).

Shield generators all over the island are protecting the Heart of Zan’vess, preventing us from reaching the weapons cache.

If we don’t get this shield down soon we’re going to be overrun.

We’re going in! Take out those towers!

Aim for those amber bombs, they’ll cause a huge explosion if we manage to set one off!

Good shot, (name)! Keep aiming for those bombs.

    0/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers

    0/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Towers

    0/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers

Kor’kron Pilot: Missile incoming! Shields! SHIELDS!

Use Force Shield to block Guided Missiles.

Nice one, (name)! That was close.

(1/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers.)

Nice work! The shield looks like it’s weakening.

Those Mantid are protecting the towers, (name). Take them out or we won’t be able to land any shots.

    Note: The Mantid casters are shielding the towers. Kill the four of them on each tower to disable the shield. Then destroy the towers.

(1/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Towers.)

Kor’kron Pilot: Only a few more towers and that whole thing is coming down!

Those scorpid are moving the towers! Take them out!

    Note: The scorpid are moving kinda fast. Targeting the scorpid only causes the missiles to miss by a few yards. Best strategy is to shoot a few yards in front of them to time when the missiles hit them. The towers stand still when the scorpids die.

(1/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers)

Kor’kron Pilot: The shield is down! Nice work, (name)! I’ll take us to the beachhead.

  • 0/1 Defeat Team Leader Scooter
  • 0/1 Reach the Heart of Zan’vess

Note: In this stage you fight the Alliance who also want a shot at stealing the Mantid’s weapons cache.

The first pull consists of five mobs: three 7th Legion Infiltrator and two 7th Legion Priest.

Kill the priests asap, then the Infiltrators.

You will notice in the video there are several gigantic red-lined circles appearing on the ground. Move away from them. Those are Alliance gunships in the sky aiming to drop missiles on players.

It’s a good idea to pull this group down the path you came from. Team Leader Scooter patrols the area, and eventually walks where the group was standing at — aggoing in the process.

Our tank died when the boss aggroed. The boss has a helluva wide AOE in the shape of a cone up to 40 yards away. The graphics look like a massive earthquake of dust. You have about 2-3 seconds to move away.

Team Leader Scooter also has a whirlwind that looks like a tornado.

Note: Commander Tel’vrak at some point summons several explosive amber bombs to his feet. He will randomly throw them at players. Got a couple of seconds to move away.

Players who can run fast, or heal or have aoe crowd control abilities should be on aggroing mobs. Every few seconds a wave of several mantid come from the two roads leading up to the top of the hill.

It’s not even worth attacking them. More keep coming. Just burn the boss, and kite the adds/heal through their damage while dotting the boss/crowd control as many as you can as you go. Don’t waste time dpsing adds.

Use the bonus ability button that appears onscreen — Strafing Run: Instant. Calls for a bombing run at the target location. 45 sec cooldown.


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Patch 5.1 Scenario: A Little Patience (Alliance)


A Little Patience

Admiral Taylor: King Varian needs decisive adventurers to help him resolve a showdown between Tyrande Whisperwind and a detachment of Horde warriors holed up in the Temple of the Red Crane.

Report to him immediately!


Enter the “A Little Patience” scenario and report to King Varian Wrynn.


Scenario: A Little Patience

(Cutscene Begins)

Tyrande Whisperwind: We have them cornered inside the temple. We should strike now!

King Varian Wrynn: Things are rarely what they seem, Tyrande. And my son tells me this is a sacred place.

Tyrande Whisperwind: All the more reason to purify it.

King Varian Wrynn: They’re defending a fixed position. I’m not going to play their game. We’ll draw them out.

Tyrande Whisperwind: You are wasting precious time.

Chi-Ji: A test! A trial of patience. Will the wolf behave as a warrior … or a King?

King Varian Wrynn: Welcome to the jungle, (name).

(Orders, your majesty?)

King Varian Wrynn: Good to see you again, (name).

Take the laborers from camp here, and any others you can find in the region. Assist them in building defenses to ensure no Horde can escape our vengeance.

One more thing. These troops are not trained for battle and must be protected from harm if they are to succeed.

Now go, and be quick about it. Time is running out!

A Little Patience

King Varian Wrynn: Good to see you again, name).

We have a delicate situation on our hands here. We need to plan our next moves carefully.


Note: After taking the quest, look around for small black tool chests. Loot the “Laborer’s Tool”

Laborer’s Tool: Use the Laborer’s Tool at any construction site for a progress boost!

King Varian Wrynn: Force them into bottlenecks. Let them think they can win …

Rosey Axlerod: What can I do for ya, handsome?

(We must let no Horde escape this place. Any ideas?)

Rosey Axlerod: Oh, we know just the thing …

Squad! Initiate Operation: Cackleberry!

Note: Five Gnomes on Mechano-striders follow Rosey Axlerod toward the center of the map. There are Kor’kron Assassins throughout the jungle in stealth-mode.

Kor’kron Assassin: Call for your king, (race)! Draw him in!

Kor’kron Assassin: Your blood will not be the last my blades taste today, (class)!

Kor’kron Assassin: The Commander will have the Alliance king’s head on a spike!

Kor’kron Assassin: Welcome to the jungle, (race). You’re gunna die!

Rosey Axlerod: If pappy could see me now … runnin’ my own crew in service to the king. He’d be gushin’ with pride.

Note: The Gnomes dismount and start to work. Players can see four illuminated spotlights on the ground. From west to east: Snake Oil Boiler (Cauldroun), Gnomish Transformer, Snacks, Heavy Metal Bars.

Kor’kron Assasins = Battle Rations
Muckmaw Crocolisk = Meaty Haunch
Mining Vein = Krasari Iron
Branches = Brittle Root
Spirit-Kissed Sprite = Spirit-Kissed Water

  • Use Battle Rations at any construction site to boost its rate of progress!

  • Use the Meaty Haunch at any construction site to boost its rate of progress!

  • Construction Progress: Rate Increased! (after delivering food supply to the Snack rack)

  • Use the Krasari Iron at the dwarven or gnome construction sites to boost the rate of progress!

  • Spirit-Kissed Water will awaken Master Brownstone, boost progress at pandaren construction site, or increase progress rate at night elf site!

Rosey Axlerod: I documented some special schematics in my journal, but it’s gone missin’. We’ll just hafta make do.

Tyrande Whisperwind: We are wasting time. We should move in for the kill!

King Varian Wrynn: Patience, Tyrande.

King Varian Wrynn: Make use of every resource! Leave them nowhere to run!

Note: A Riverblade Marauder (Saurok) walks in.

Rosey Axlerod: Keep an eye on us, (name)! We’re builders, not fighters. We’ll need your protection if any beasties come around!

King Varian Wrynn: We’re almost ready. Keep on working!

King Varian Wrynn: You three are my eyes and ears. Fan out! Prepare a defense!

King Varian Wrynn: This terrain is ours. Make them pay for every inch.

Duff McStrum: Productivity stops if we’re attacked. Keep an eye on us!

Tyrande Whisperwind: You are being tentative, Varian. You must be decisive if you wish to lead the Alliance.

King Varian Wrynn: Patience, Tyrande. We’ll have our victory, but we’re not going in unprepared.

King Varian Wrynn: Ready our defenses. They have to come out eventually.

Elder Adler (Jinyu): Food and wood are our primary needs. Speak with me if you seek to aid us further.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Why do we not attack them outright?

King Varian Wrynn: I won’t throw away Alliance lives. I will accept nothing less than total victory.

Elder Adler (Jinyu): The beasts in the region all yield edible meat, (race). Do what you can to keep the workers fed.

(Bubble Spike constructed)

King Varian Wrynn: Don’t charge in. Let them make the first mistake.

Duff McStrum: Them crocs drop some tasty meat, (name), but tiger haunch is my personal favorite!

Duff McStrum: There’s a type of iron unique to these parts. Bring back any ya find, (name). Ain’t no iron in Azeroth us dwarves can’t forge.

Tyrande Whisperwind: They mock us from within the temple.

King Varian Wrynn: Good. That means they’re about to break.

King Varian Wrynn: They’re coming. Get behind the defenses!

Commander Scargash: Alliance dogs! Where are your teeth?

King Varian Wrynn: Come out and count them, coward! There is no army here. Only a handful of heroes stand between you and the King of Stormwind. Are you afraid?

Commander Scargash: Bring up the grunts. Attack!

Note: Grunts and Wolfriders come out of the Temple of the Red Crane in large numbers. The bubble spikes created by the Fallsong laborer Jinyu trap them into a bubble which levitates high in the air. The orcs drop to their death. Bones and ribs and gore explode on the ground.

Note: Other orcs run toward the Dwarven bottleneck. They get the same treatment from Dwarven cannons. Depends whether you help build at the Dwarven site or the Night Elven site. Players can only help two sites out of four options: Dwarves, Gnomes, Jinyu or Night Elves.

At the temple stairs area, there are two groups of Kor’kron elite. Each group has three orcs.

Commander Scargash: For the Warchief!

Your Alliance is WEAK!

I’m done with you!

(Commander Scargash is filled with rage! Avoid his melee attacks!)

Commander Scargash: Is this how you fight your battles?


(Commander Scargash dies)

King Varian Wrynn: The day is ours! And not a drop of blood was shed on holy ground.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I would have charged right in. Many more lives would have been lost in my rush for victory.

King Varian Wrynn: There was a time when I would have done the same. But I’ve learned a lot over the years. I’ve fallen for too many of Garrosh’s tricks.

From now on, we define the terms of this engagement.

Tyrande, I may not be a politician. But I am a fighter. I know we can win this war.

We just need to stand together. You have to trust me. Know that I will do the right thing. If we act as one, we cannot fail.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I see that now. Our strength is yours to command, High King. May this be the first of many victories.

Chi-Ji: A sword is the weapon of a warrior, but patience is the weapon of kings.

This day brings victory, but more difficult trials lie ahead …


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Patch 5.1 – The Ruins of Korune Added to Kun-Lai Summit


A new ruins was added to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.1 currenly on PTR servers. The ruins were added in build 16309 (Nov 14), or the previous one (considering two patches were deployed in less than 36 hours).

The Ruins of Korune is possibly the location where Alliance players will find the Divine Bell during the Operation: Shieldwall Achievement questline. It’s not official this is the location. The interior is currently empty with no NPCs.

It is located high above the northern coast of Kun-Lai Summit. Only accessible with a flying mount. It has its own graveyard.

The underground fortress shares the same model as the Tomb of Conquerors in the Valley of Emperors (Kun-Lai Summit). There is a big different, however, between the two. The Ruins of Korune has a lot of tiles on the ground that trigger traps. There is no way to players to avoid the traps. The fire traps debuff players with a damage-over-time fire ability. It can be survived if you are a healer. The one that can kill you instantly is the lightning traps. The water traps toss you into the air, which is equally dangerous as it can toss you into adjacent traps.

Many thanks to “Scarty@Anasterian-US” for the heads up while we were playing in-game.

Patch 5.1 Alliance Daily Quests – Operation: Shieldwall – The Skyfire


And Then There Were Goblins

Amber Kearnen (SI:7): We’re fighting a war on all fronts, (class). Even Pandaria itself needs our protection.

The Bilgewater goblins are destroying land that doesn’t belong to them. They must be stopped!

Report to Sky Admiral Rogers aboard the Skyfire. From her vantage point she should have a good idea of where their weak spots are.


Report to Sky Admiral Rogers aboard the Skyfire in Krasarang Wilds.


Note: The Skyfire is a gunship floating near the coast of Domination Point (The Horde stronghold in Krasarang Wilds).


Sky Admiral Rogers: It’s about time we dealt with this nuisance. Those Bilgewater runts need to be taught a lesson!


The Only Good Goblin …

Sky Admiral Rogers: The destruction in Krasarang is unforgivable, (class). The only way to put an end to this is to destroy the Bilgewater operation.

This is for the greater good of Pandaria and the Alliance. Go to Bilgewater Beach and cut them down! No doubt the Horde will come to their assistance.

Destroy them!


Kill 10 Bilgewater Goblins in and around Bilgewater Beach.


Sky Admiral Rogers: Excellent work, (class)! Eventually we will wipe the Horde from this continent.


It’s Only Right

Mishka (SI:7): This is barbaric warfare, (class)! We’ve lost so many trying to keep the Bilgewater operation from spreading any further.

Those fallen soldiers fought honorably and deserved to be given their last rights. At the very least we need to be able to notify their next of kin.

Perhaps you can collect their identification tags so we can honor them in some small way.


Note: You do not need to dismount to loot the Dog Tags. Click the Shieldwall Soldiers and fly to the next one.


Retrieve 7 Shieldwall Soldier Dog Tags from the Fallen Shieldwall Soldiers in and around Bilgewater Beach.


Two Step Program

Seraphine of the Winter: Shredmaster Packle is responsible for much of the devastation down there, (class).

Rumor has it he modified the shredders to work more quickly with less regard for the collateral damage they can inflict.

Imagine the agony the trees must endure being hacked at. It will be difficult to recover from this level of destruction.

The first step in any recovery is acknowledging the problem. Step two is eliminating that problem.


Destroy Shredmaster Packle in Quickchop’s Lumber Farm.


Shredmaster Packle: I didn’t get to be the Shredmaster by putting up with chumps like you!

(Shredmaster Packle dies.)

Shredmaster Packle: I was rusty …


Seraphine of the Winter: Excellent work, (name)! Now the forest can begin its regrowth process. From all death comes new life, and a new opportunity to protect it.


Burn Out!

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Those goblins are gettin’ out of hand! First they level the forest and set up that abomination of a rig. Then, they start dumpin’ their oil barrels into the bay!

We got to put a stop to this madness! At the very least we need ta set them back.

We need to take out their fuel supply! Maybe you’ll even get to kill a few goblins in the process!


Use the Unstable Explosive to destroy the Northeastern Fuel Tank. Northern Fuel Tank and the Northwestern Fuel Tank.


Northeastern Fuel Tank destroyed: 1/1 (near the Domination Point gate)

Northern Fuel Tank destroyed: 1/1 (by the jungle edge north of the Oregrind’s Dig.

Northwestern Fuel Tank destroyed: 1/1 (The three contiguous Fuel Tanks near the Oil rig)


Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Wish I could’ve been there to watch their fuel burn! Probably put on quite the show.

You’ve done well, (name)!


Dis-Assembly Required

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary (SI:7): Those shredders are becoming a problem down there, (class).

We’ve sent in the Mecha-Pounders, but it just isn’t enough. They’re getting damaged faster than we can repair ‘em!

I happened upon this strange remote while scouting. With a little bit of re-configurin’ I think we can use it.

Try usin’ it on teh Jungle Shredders. Hopefully it will destroy them and then you can bring me the scrap metal.


Destroy the Jungle Shredders using the Re-Configured remote and then collect 6 pieces of Scrap Metal.


Note: Locate under the quest tracker the Re-Configured Remote icon or search for it in your inventory.

Re-Configured Remote: Use: Just point and click! (5 sec Cooldown) “Remnants of a warning sticker include the words: toxic and dangerous.”


Sully “The Pickle” McLeary (SI:7): So what did that remote do?

Goblin construction leaves somethin’ to be desired, but it’ll have to do. Good work, (name)!


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Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress – The Man With a Thousand Faces


The Best Around

Admiral Taylor: We’re going to need help if we hope to figure out Garrosh’s plans for Pandaria.

I have someone specific in mind, but he will not be easy to convince.

Agent Connelly considers himself retired, but one does not simply leave the SI:7. We’ve had an undercover agent following his every move for months.

Currently, he is disguising himself as a high roller at Bizmo’s Brawlpub. Something about settling an old debt.

Meet with our undercover agent in the Brawler’s Guild.


Report to undercover agent Townsley in Bizmo’s Brawlpub in the Stormwind side of Deeprun Tram.


Admiral Taylor: Time is of the essence, (name). Proveditor Grantley may be able to help you get back to Stormwind. Of course, everything has a price.

Proveditor Grantley: Hey (class), you looking to go to Stormwind? Travel fast with one of my portals! If you ain’t got the commissions, you’ll have to get there on your own.

Note: You require five Dominance Offensive commissions to buy Portal Reagents: Stormwind from Proveditor Grantley. Kill a few Horde near the beach. Each randomly drops 1-4 commissions. The portal takes you to the Valley of Heroes. Fly toward the Deep Tram. Drop down at the tram tracks. Head to the left. There’s an entrance to the underground Bizmo’s Brawlpub (Brawler’s Guild).

(Bizmo’s Brawlpub located: 1/1)

Barkeep Townsley: Can I get you something to drink?

(Are you the agent that is following Connelly?)

Barkeep Townsley: Shhhhh! You’ll blow my cover!

(Agent Townsley located: 1/1)


Barkeep Townsley: Following Connelly has been interesting to say the least. The man is a master of disguise!

Talking him into joining you won’t be the hard part, (class). Figuring out which of these lively individuals is him will be next to impossible.


To Catch A Spy

Barkeep Townsley: Now, I could tell you who Connelly is, but that would be too easy! To catch a spy you have to think like a spy.

You have to pass the test first!

The small things can say a lot about a person. It’s all in the details.

I’m going to give you a drink to deliver. I will give you a small detail about something the recipient is wearing. From there it will be up to you.

Be careful who you pick to give drinks to. People here tend to get pretty hostile if you give them the wrong order!


Deliver the Pink Marmot, the Mogu Melon Twist, and the Rusty Dagger to the correct patron.


Note: After accepting the quest, talk again to Barkeep Townsley. She will give you a hint, and three dialogue markers appear on the mini-map. Choose which of the three NPCs is the correct patron. Takes a bit of trial and error. Each clue might be random.

(I’m ready for the first clue.)

Barkeep Townsley: They say eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s the case, I’m guessing this guest and his soul have something to hide.

Note: The human guy with the pink sunglasses is the correct patron.

(Is this your drink order?)

Keith “The Party” Westin: It’s about time! I’m parched over here!

(Pink Marmot delivered: 1/1)

Note: Talk to Barkeep Townsley again for the next clue.

(Ok, hit me with another clue.)

Barkeep Townsley: This guest wears a memento of a love lost. I guess it’s true what they say; every love story has its thorns, just like every night has its dawn.

Note: ROFL, easter egg detected! This is part of the lyrics from POISON (1988) – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn: “every love story has its thorns, just like every night has its dawn”. It’s also sung by Miley Cyrus.

(You didn’t happen to order a Rusty Dagger did you?)

Twix Gearspark: It’s about time you showed up with this!

(Rusty Dagger delivered: 1/1)

Note: Talk to Barkeep Townsley for the next clue.

(I got this! Give me the last clue.)

Barkeep Townsley: It’s best not to get on the bad side of those that prepare food. However, I’m not sure this patron has anything but a bad side…

(Does this drink belong to you?)

Tasha Windpaw: Of course it’s my drink! I invented this ya know!

(Mogu Melon Twist delivered: 1/1)


Barkeep Townsley: You have a keen eye, (class)! I think you are ready to meet Connelly.


Stirred. Not Shaken

Barkeep Townsley: Alright, I’ll tell you how to find Connelly.

Agent Connelly is currently posing as the high roller, Professor Kilt. He spends most of his time in the Boom Room. Rumor has it he’s after one of the fighters for some long forgotten betrayal.

Unfortunately, the lounge is by invitation only. Lucky for you I just happen to have an invitation.

Try not to look too obvious when you walk past the bouncers. If you get caught you didn’t get this pass from me.

In fact you and I have never met!


Find Professor Kilt in the Boom Room in Bizmo’s Brawlpub.


Go back to the area where you recently talked to the female gnome Trix Gearspark. At the end of the hallway, on the corner there is a hidden door to the stairway. Go upstairs, and you will find Professor Kilt at the end by a table.


(Professor Kilt located: 1/1)

Professor Kilt: So the SI:7 needs a reminder in what the word retirement means?

I suppose they wouldn’t be comin’ to me if the situation weren’t dire.

I’ll help, but I’ll need a few days to gather some intel.

(Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress: The Man With A Thousand Faces)

Professor Kilt: So ye want me to go join the Alliance front in this … Pandaria … eh?

Alright, I’ll go. But this is the last time I’m going to infiltrate the Horde! And I mean it.

I’m off to gather supplies and reconnect with old contacts. If I need backup in Pandaria, I’ll send for ya!


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Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress – Lion’s Landing


Meet the Scout

Onscreen Message: It has been two months since the parting of the mists. Alliance scouts, seeking a suitable landing site for the fleet, have engaged Horde forces on a beach in Krasarang Wilds.

Meet with Scout Lynna and help secure the landing site.


Speak with Scout Lynna at Krasarang Cove in Krasarang Wilds.


Scout Lynna: You have impeccable timing, (class). King Wrynn is just about to land, and the full might of our fleet will follow soon after.


Note: King Varian Wrynn approaches on a boat along with two 7th Legion Champion.

King Varian: There’s my survey team. Bring us in. What’s the situation?

Scout Lynna: Yer Highness! This site has everything we need. Lumber, stone and-

King Varian: The Horde?

Scout Lynna: Marshal Troteman and a handful o’ scouts pursued a Horde warband up the beach. They haven’t come back.

King Varian: Hmm … Troteman may have gotten himself in over his head. We’ll split up.

Lynna, stay here and establish a camp. Your first priority should be medical tents and shelters. When the peasants arrive, see that they begin construction of the docks.

Hornswaggle, notify the rest of the survey team. Quarry and mining operations will begin as soon as the fleet arrives.

Hilda Hornswaggle: Yes, yer majesty!

King Varian: Champion, you know this land better than anyone. You’re with me. Let’s go find Troteman.


A King Among Men

King Varian: There’s no time to waste, we need to find Troteman and secure the beach.

We should check on the dwarves, too – the Explorer’s League is tough, but they’re no army. They should be along the cliff just north of here.

Let us ride, (class). For our friends. For the Alliance.


Accompany King Varian Wrynn to find Marshal Troteman, Hilda Hornswaggle, and slay 25 Horde.


Note: The best option is to find the Marshal and Hilda first. Each will be ambushed, making it easy to kill a few Horde with the assistance of King Varian, and a bunch of Alliance soldiers. Kill the remaining Horde to complete the quest. Varian will attack each target you engage, so don’t stick to just one target.

Marshal Troteman: Brace yourselves, they’re coming back around!

(Marshal Troteman found: 1/1)

King Varian: We aren’t giving those savages an inch of ground. Not while I’m still alive. Troteman, you old dog, I knew I’d find you stirring up trouble.

The survey team has done well. This is an ideal deep-water port.

I want to see a tower built right here. Marshal, see to it that you hold this position until construction is complete. Now, let’s see to our supplies …

Hilda Hornswaggle: Explorer’s League reporting in, sir!

(Hilda Hornswaggle found: 1/1)

King Varian: I’m glad to see you contribute to the war effort. But I need supplies. What have you got?

Hilda Hornswaggle: Plenty of stone, aye. But no sign of major ore veins in this whole area.

King Varian: I’ll take it. Anything else?

Hilda Hornswaggle: Somethun’ even BETTER. History! Artifacts from an ancient an’ powerful race!

King Varian: I’ll make a deal with you, Hornswaggle. Help my men get a stone quarry operation running, and we’ll protect your dig site.

Hilda Hornswaggle: You mean it? Oh, I cannae WAIT to see the look on Brann’s face when he finds out I got an excavation green-lit by the King himself! You’ll have your quarry by next sundown!

King Varian: Hm. I used to think leadership was all about strength. I see things more clearly now – it’s a little bit of give, a little bit of take. It’s about binding people together. A bundle of sticks is not easily broken.


King Varian: I’m satisfied with this site. It’s time to bring in our fleet.


Lion’s Landing

King Varian: For too long the Horde has been allowed to run rampant across Azeroth. I will not see these new lands conquered by some barbaric “warchief.”

Are you ready to bring Alliance justice to the shores of Pandaria?

Let us return to the landing site. Use the flare launcher to bring in the fleet proper, and begin Operation: Shieldwall.


Use the Flare Launcher in Krasarang Cove to signal the Alliance fleet.


King Varian: Everything is in place. We’ll construct a town center on this peninsula, using resources from along the coast. From here we can reach out to the natives and keep Horde progression in check.

Champion! Without your pioneering efforts on Pandaria, this foothold wouldn’t have been possible. The honor is yours. Signal the fleet.


(Blue sails are barely visible on the horizon – the full might of the Alliance fleet, awaiting one final signal.)

(Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress: Lion’s Landing)

(Cinematic plays: The fleet arrives upon the beach.)

Note: Lion’s Landing stronghold is built behind-the-scenes.


King Varian: Marshal, excellent work fortifying the harbor. Our next priority is-

Anduin Wrynn yells: Father!

King Varian: What-?

(King Varian kneels before Anduin.)

King Varian: Anduin … you’re safe …

Prince Anduin: Father, you can’t do this. All the hatred and anger our war brings here – it poisons this place.

King Varian: Easy, son. We’re fighting a different war now. This isn’t about hatred of the Horde. This is about a love of what’s right. About doing what needs to be done.

Prince Anduin: This land is – different than ours. It’s a treasure.

King Varian: Then we’ll protect it with our lives. Son, I need you with me on this. We in this together?

Prince Anduin: Together …

Hilda Hornswaggle: Yer Majesty! The Horde, they’ve holed up in a temple west of here. Night elf rangers have surrounded it and locked it down …

King Varian: Rangers? … Tyrande.

Prince Anduin: Father! You can’t let them turn the Crane Temple into a war zone! That place is still recovering from a sha infestation …

Hilda Hornswaggle: AND it’s a historical treasure trove.

King Varian: Everyone, calm down. This sounds like one of Garrosh’s traps. He’s trying to lure us from the beach. Troteman? Round me up some peasants and a mortar team, and don’t let down your guard.

Prince Anduin: But father-

King Varian: I’ll bring a small group of champions with me and talk to Tyrande myself, Anduin. I can handle this. I need you to trust that I’m going to do the right thing here.

Prince Anduin: … I trust you, father.


This dialogue triggers a scenario quest: A Little Patience.

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Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall Daily Quests – Ruins of Ogudei


One of the random daily quest sub-zones is the Ogudei Ruins found beneath the mining tunnels near Lion’s Landing in Krasarang Wilds.

Priorities People!

Marshal Troteman: When I ordered the excavation of the tunnel to the northwest, I thought we’d find something useful. Gold, Iron … anything!

Instead, we found mogu artifacts, and I get a bunch of dwarves from the Explorer’s League to baby-sit.

I hear from the soldiers that there’s trouble in the mines. I have orders from Wrynn that I have to support the Explorer’s League, but I can’t spare any troops. Can you get down there and find out what’s going on?


Meet with Hilda Hornswaggle at the Ruins of Ogudei.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Oi! We got a right nasty problem here. Kicked the hornet’s nest. Except these are mogu ghost hornets with a mean streak a bloodly mile wide!


The Spirit Trap

Hilda Hornswaggle: In the ruins there are a bunch of right nasty blue crystals. Look at ‘em the wrong way and bloody angry ghosts run out at ya.

I’m gonna be needing ye’ to go in and clear some of them out so we can get our people back to work.


Destroy 3 Spirit Traps.


Note: These are located on the second floor downstairs. Usually inside the small deadend caves by the corners. They are floating blue crystals. When attacked, they randomly shoot a bolt on the ground to draw a rune. From the rune spawns a Howling Spirit (ancient mogu ghosts). Best way to handle this if you are ranged dps is to stand at max range and shoot. These spirits don’t have a long aggro range, and will just stand by the crystal.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Those things are nasty! Thanks for takin’ care of ‘em for us.


Shackles of the Past

Hilda Hornswaggle: The mogu are a bunch of right bastards!

They enslaved the pandaren who worked these caves even after their death. Ye’ gotta go free their spirits! It’s just not right.

Be careful though … so much trauma, they don’t know what’s a friend and what’s an enemy. So they’ll probably fight back.


Free 14 Troubled Slave Spirits.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Ye’ did good work out there. It’s not right seein’ the dead unable to rest like that.


Eviction Notice

Hilda Hornswaggle: The bloody Reliquary’s snuck into the ruins. They’ve taken the lower section and are conducting all kinds of magical shenanigans down there.

It’s time we gave ‘em an eviction notice, in the form of your boot in their rear!


Kill any 12 members of the Reliquary in the Ruins of Ogudei.


Note: The entrance to the Reliquary is next to the stairs. Pull them to safe distance. There are patrols of two mobs. Reliquary Blood Knights can self-heal. Interrupt those.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Ha! That should send ‘em runnin’ back to Silvermoon with their tail ‘tween their legs!


Oi Ain’t Afraid O’ No Ghosts!

Hilda Hornswaggle: Look. We got a nasty problem here, and ol’ Troteman back at Lion’s Landing’s gonna throw us out of here if we don’t get things under control.

Give us a hand, please!


Kill 12 Spiritbound Mogu.


Hilda Hornswaggle: Alright! We’ll be back up and runnin’ in no time!


Ogudei’s Lieutenants

Hilda Hornswaggle: When we dug through to an ancient section of the mogu ruins, that’s when all this nasty business went down – and that’s wheer the two worst o’ these ghosties emerged.

We need them gone, friend.


Kill Meng-do, Strength of Mountains, and Gen-li, Twister of Words.


Note: Check out the video for the route to reach these lieutenants. They are on the second floor.


Hilda Hornswaggle: You did it! Good work! Really saved our bacon!

Here’s to hoping those things don’t come back …


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Patch 5.1 Horde Daily Quests: Oregrind’s Dig


Bug Off!

Bixy Buzzsaw: This cave is crawlin’ with nasty shale spiders! How’s a girl supposed to get any work done with them gobbling up the miners AND the ore?!

This seemed like a good opportunity to use my newest invention, Bug Off. See, all you have to do is spray this stuff all over the shale spiders. They hate it and it doesn’t seem to have many long term side-effects for the miners?

What could possibly go wrong?

Take this handy sprayer and get to work!


Spray 5 Agitated Shale Spiders with the Bug Off Sprayer and eradicate 12 Shale Shards.


Bixy Buzzsaw: Now that’s what I like to hear! I bet those spiders will think twice before messing with a Bilgewater operation again!


Work Order: Iron

Boss-Lady Trixel: When they said they found some amazing rocks in that mine I envisioned diamonds. Everyone knows all mines have diamonds, silly! At the very least rubies!

Instead, all I got was this strange iron! What am I supposed to do with this?

Oh well, no one said this job would be glamorous. I just do what I can to add a little class.

We just got another work order for Iron. Go see Daxil down near the Deep Crawl Mine and get it filled pronto!


Find Daxil “The Gem” Oregrind near the Deep Crawl Mine.


Daxil “The Gem” Oregrind: Is she still complaining about diamonds and rubies? We found something better than diamonds down here!

This ore is special. It has power!


Power Metal

(Daxil narrows her eyes and speaks in a hushed tone.)

Daxil “The Gem” Oregrind: Sometimes we dig too deep, (class). Sometimes, we uncover something so horrible we wish we hadn’t started diggin’ …

Just kidding! I mean, don’t get me wrong, we did find something unexpected. The ore we’re finding down there is not your average run-of-the-mill iron.

There is just one problem: Shale Spiders! We’re struggling to keep these orders filled.

Maybe you can lend us a hand?


Obtain 7 chunks of Energized Ore from Oregrind’s Dig.


Boss-Lady Trixel: Did you happen to find anything sparkly while you were down there?


Boss-Lady Trixel: Did they manage to find anything useful down there? Maybe an emerald or an opal? Is it too much to ask for a little bit of effort?

Nevermind! I’ll make sure this shipment gets where it’s goin’.


Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive: Rise of the Blood Elves


In this episode of the Dominance Offensive achievement, the story takes us to the Silvermoon City where Lor’Themar Theron has requested Archmage Aethas Sunreaver to offer his expertise in magic to decipher the puzzle box located at the Farstrider Square’s basement (Where M’uru used to be at).

This story seems to hint at the uprising of the Blood Elves against Garrosh. Archmage Aethas Sunreaver discovers the only way to use the mogu box and their magic is to capture souls. This is something grotesque the Blood Elves are certain they can’t let Garrosh put them through. This is not the path any should ever take. It’s compared to the path Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider took their race through.

Get My Results!

General Nazgrim: Ah, (name). The Warchief has instructed me to dispatch you to Silvermoon.

He grows impatient with the progress of Lor’themar’s research and feels they might benefit from your … unique … experiences with the mogu.

Go to Silvermoon and demand that Lor’themar increase the speed of his research.


Speak with Lor’themar Theron in Silvermoon City.


Note: Use the hearthstone to Shrine of Two Moons. Walk to the second floor and take the portal to Silvermoon City.


Lor’themar Theron: The Warchief “demands” progress? His impatience is growing more destructive with each command.

As it stands, we could use your expertise.


What’s in the Box?

Lor’themar Sunstrider: We are trying to uncover the secrets of one of the mogu artifacts Garrosh insisted we investigate. It is proving most difficult, as anyone who probes it magically is greatly affected by raw, negative emotions.

I called in the assistance of Archmage Aethas of the Sunreavers in the hopes that he and Rommath could crack this puzzle. They asked for you specifically – apparently you have some relevant experience?

Go to the chamber below Farstrider Square east of here and see if you can assist them.


Assist with Aethas and Rommath’s experiment.


Note: Head toward the Farstrider Square district. At the left corner when you enter the district is the entrance to the basement. At the entrance is one of those Mechanar robots: the Arcanis Mechanica.


(Locate the Arcanis Mechanica: 1/1)


Grand Magister Rommath: Jaina Proudmoore now sits as head of the Kirin Tor and rules Dalaran.

That puts the citadel square in the hands of the Alliance no matter how much Aethas brags about neutrality.

This young upstart may have forgotten, but the Alliance tried to imprison and massacre our people during the third war.

Forgive me if I do not share his faith in their … “neutrality”.

(Lor’themar wants a status update on the experiment.)

Grand Magister Rommath: This Korune device is similar to the fel crystals we once used to enslave demonic energies. Demon or angry spirit or elemental manifestation of an emotion, the principle is relatively the same.

We need to see how intact the entity stored within this artifact is, however. Since you have experience with the mogu and the other dangers of Pandaria, would you be so kind as to do the honors?

We have already disabled most of the protective wards. Simply adjust the intensifier disc on the artifact and be ready for anything that comes out.

(Speak with Grand Magister Rommath: 1/1)

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: Silvermoon has been allies with Dalaran for over 2000 years. It is not a friendship we should idly toss aside at the whim of our ‘esteemed’ Warchief Garrosh.

Oh … are you here about the artifact?

(Lore’themar wants a status update on the experiment.)

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: Lor’themar wants a status update? Or is it his master Garrosh?

You should tell them both that this experiment is a waste of time. The mogu drew power by enslaving the living essence of other creatures. Is this something our Warchief should be dabbling in?

This is the same road Kael’thas Sunstrider once walked, and it nearly destroyed our people. Why are we taking orders from someone who would have us walk down this road again?

(Speak with Archmage Aethas Sunstrider: 1/1)

(Player opens the box’s intensifier disc.)

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: Enough Rommath! The Sin’dorei must be free from the yoke of the Horde!

Note: The player gains a buff. Pure Emotion: Increases Attack and Spell Power by 100% and Damage Taken by 10%.

(Concentrated Sha dies)

(Contain the experiment: 1/1)

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: What … what was that?

Lor’themar Theron: What madness is this?

Grand Magister Rommath: It has been an age of the world or more since I felt any emotion at even a fraction of that.

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: Rommath … I … I don’t know what came over me.

Grand Magister Rommath: It would seem this “sha” energy is far more powerful than I previously thought.


Lor’themar Theron: This reckless use of my people by Garrosh is becoming intolerable. If you had not been here to assist I dread to think what might have happened.

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Progress: Rise of the Blood Elves)

Note: Walk back upstairs. The Arcanis Mechanica robot nicely opens a portal to Domination Point (Krasarang Wilds).


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Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive: Pride


Warchief Garrosh and the Blood Elves managed to experiment with Sha magic after defeating and capturing the leader of the Korune mogu. In this short questline, Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof asks you to confront Sha-Touched Grunts. Lor’themar Theron questions Garrosh’s lack of ability to control the sha magic.

Echoes of Thunder

General Nazgrim: Ah, (name), we meet again. I have heard some wondrous news.

High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof of the tauren has arrived here on Pandaria.

He meets with Warchief Garrosh Hellscream and Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron now, at the Shrine of Two Moons in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

He sent me a strange request – to send him a loyal champion of the Horde, capable of combat … and discretion.

I can’t think of none better to send than you. Speak to Tak-Tak if you seek transport.


Find High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof at the Shrine of Two Moons. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


(Take me to the Shrine of Two Moons)

Tak-Tak: So how did your trip to the Valley of Emperors go, wikket?

It’s cold up there. And dangerous!

Too many mogu. Only our foolish mountain hozen cousins live up there.

They so ookin’ stupid!

I heard you found somethin’ … or someone. You caught one o’ those mogu, didn’t you?

Maybe nasty mogu tell you where to find that bell.

Tak-Tak also hear mogu using dark magic.

Hozen call it … ikk! You call it sha, but ikk is SO much better name!

Anyways, those crazy mogu using ikk juju.

Even foolish hozen know ikk is worse than anything. Don’t touch ikk!

You think ookin’ is nasty word? You ain’t ikkin’ know anything.

(Find Baine Bloodhoof at the Shrine of Two Moons: 1/1)

Note: Baine is found at the second floor by the capital portals – The Imperial Merchantile.


High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof: Well met, (class). You were sent from Domination Point? Very well. We have much to discuss.

(You are now Revered with Dominance Offensive)


A Gathering Storm

Baine Bloodhoof: If General Nazgrim sent you, then I trust you are capable of discretion.

When I arrived here, I found Garrosh … experimenting … with some ancient power that he found in the mountains to the north.

He believes that this “sha” can strengthen our soldiers.

Unfortunately, so far the results have been quite the opposite.

Our troops are erupting into random violence. Go and interrogate them. If they threaten you, be prepared to defend yourself.


Confront 8 Sha-Touched Grunts.


Sha-Touched Grunt: I don’t know what came over me. Thank you for clearing my head.

Sha-Touched Grunt: W-what happened? I couldn’t control my own body.

Sha-Touched Grunt: I fought against the anger, but it overwhelmed me. You have my thanks.

Sha-Touched Grunt: Thank you for saving me from that nightmare. I wanted to rip everything apart!


Garrosh Hellscream: You bested my defenders? Finally, one who can control his hatred and violence! I need more men like you.

(Dominance Offensive Achivement Update: Pride)

Lor’themar Theron: Garrosh, you do truly believe the sha can be controlled? Have you seen what it’s done to our men?

Blademaster Ishi: Hold your tongue, blood elf! You dare question our Warchief’s judgment?

Garrosh Hellscream: Calm yourself, Ishi. The Lord Regent may speak his mind. The sha can be a powerful tool. The mogu may have once harnessed its power into the Divine Bell, and look at the glorious empire they built in its wake.

Lor’themar Theron: But their empire fell. Perhaps to the sha, perhaps to the pandaren, or perhaps … to their own pride.

Garrosh Hellscream: Did the Scourge beat all the courage from your people, blood elf? We are teh HORDE. Where there is power, we SEIZE it. My Horde has no place for the weak!

Lor’themar Theron: As you say … Warchief.

Window Dialogue

Garrosh Hellscream: Here on Pandaria, I see a land that the Horde deserves. We will take it for our own, and if anyone stands in our way, mogu or Alliance, we will raze them to the ground.

Baine Bloodhoof: An honorable meeting, (class). I have heard rumblings from my brothers here on Pandaria. Dark rumblings of dissent and worry.

I have come myself to support the Horde’s efforts, but also … to make sure that things don’t get too out of hand.



From: Vol’jin

Subject: Watching the Warchief


    What you been hearing? Baine Bloodhoof wrote to say that Garrosh is capturing mogu and using some sort of energy the Pandaren call “Sha.” There ain’t no power he won’t abuse.

    Baine says he going to stay close to him. Garrosh probably don’t trust the tauren chieftain. But he trust you. Keep Baine out of trouble for me. We going to need him.

    - Voljin


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