The Ruins of Korune

General Nazgrim: Garrosh sent a hundred riders to search the northern coast of Kun-Lai Summit, to seek a mogu crypt matching the one you saw in Shan Kien’s memory.

Out of those, one found the resting place of the Divine Bell.

Blademaster Ishi is leading an advance party to secure the bell now.

Go and assist him. Defend that artifact from anyone who might stand in your way!

Speak to Tak-Tak without delay. He can take you there.


Find Ishi at the Ruins of Korune. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


Tak-Tak: Somethin’ smell funny.

(Take me to the Ruins of Korune.)

Tak-Tak: You know, they sayin’ your name all over camp!

Horde at camp buzzin’. Everybody workin’.

Since you saw Shan Kien’s memory, they been sendin’ scouting parties out.

And now, it looks like they found where the mogu hid that bell.

Good luck. I hope you find that bell.

(Find Ishi at the Ruins of Korune: 1/1)


Blademaster Ishi: The Alliance beat us here. How could this happen?


The Divine Bell

Blademaster Ishi: If the Alliance throught they could steal the Divine Bell from us, they were wrong!

Even now, we have them trapped in the crypts beneath us.

Death will be the price they pay for defying us.

Come, (class). Let us show them the error of their ways.


Kill Sarannha Skyglaive


Blademaster Ishi: This smells like a trap, but we have no time to lose. Let’s go!

Sarannha Skyglaive: Horde. It’s a shame you were so slow to get here. The Divine Bell is already ours. Rangers! STRIKE!

    Note: There are four elite Skyglaive Archer. And the floor has several traps.

    If all four attack, run back upstairs. Wait until they reset. Then go downstairs and pick them one by one.

    The cloud-image tilesets are safe. The arrow tilesets trigger arrows from the roof. The yellow ones do a lot of lightning damage. The red tilesets set you afire and debuff you.

    On the next vault, the roof is falling hard on the ground. There are two Nigh Elf archers on the opposite side of the room. Use a range ability or gun/throw weapon to lure them. The roof stops crashing down.

    The next room has a lot of mogu statues. This is a heck of a trap. All the statues will drop their hammers on the ground creating a long AOE line. Run through nonstop. If you got any speed abilities use them.

    On the other side, there are four elite Skyglaive Sentinels. They got to kill me really fast with melee attacks (18k per hit). I haven’t tested this, but maybe the statues kill them for you.

Sarannha Skyglaive: Arg! My archers should have stopped you! Sentinels! Now!

    Note: The stairs, and all the way to the lower floor is full of statues who will trigger an AOE line of hammers. There are some rest points if you need to recover from speed boost cooldowns.

Sarannha Skyglaive: Very well! I’ll face you myself. This is for the Alliance!

Be careful with her nasty AOE ability.

(Sarannha Skyglaive slain: 1/1)

Sarannha Skyglaive: My death … means … nothing. The Divine Bell is already in Darnassus. You filthy Horde … will never … have it!


Blademaster Ishi: Darnassus, is it?

The Alliance believes they have won the day. Now, when their arrogance is at its greatest, is our opportunity to pluck the prize from their fingers.


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