A Little Patience

Admiral Taylor: King Varian needs decisive adventurers to help him resolve a showdown between Tyrande Whisperwind and a detachment of Horde warriors holed up in the Temple of the Red Crane.

Report to him immediately!


Enter the “A Little Patience” scenario and report to King Varian Wrynn.


Scenario: A Little Patience

(Cutscene Begins)

Tyrande Whisperwind: We have them cornered inside the temple. We should strike now!

King Varian Wrynn: Things are rarely what they seem, Tyrande. And my son tells me this is a sacred place.

Tyrande Whisperwind: All the more reason to purify it.

King Varian Wrynn: They’re defending a fixed position. I’m not going to play their game. We’ll draw them out.

Tyrande Whisperwind: You are wasting precious time.

Chi-Ji: A test! A trial of patience. Will the wolf behave as a warrior … or a King?

King Varian Wrynn: Welcome to the jungle, (name).

(Orders, your majesty?)

King Varian Wrynn: Good to see you again, (name).

Take the laborers from camp here, and any others you can find in the region. Assist them in building defenses to ensure no Horde can escape our vengeance.

One more thing. These troops are not trained for battle and must be protected from harm if they are to succeed.

Now go, and be quick about it. Time is running out!

A Little Patience

King Varian Wrynn: Good to see you again, name).

We have a delicate situation on our hands here. We need to plan our next moves carefully.


Note: After taking the quest, look around for small black tool chests. Loot the “Laborer’s Tool”

Laborer’s Tool: Use the Laborer’s Tool at any construction site for a progress boost!

King Varian Wrynn: Force them into bottlenecks. Let them think they can win …

Rosey Axlerod: What can I do for ya, handsome?

(We must let no Horde escape this place. Any ideas?)

Rosey Axlerod: Oh, we know just the thing …

Squad! Initiate Operation: Cackleberry!

Note: Five Gnomes on Mechano-striders follow Rosey Axlerod toward the center of the map. There are Kor’kron Assassins throughout the jungle in stealth-mode.

Kor’kron Assassin: Call for your king, (race)! Draw him in!

Kor’kron Assassin: Your blood will not be the last my blades taste today, (class)!

Kor’kron Assassin: The Commander will have the Alliance king’s head on a spike!

Kor’kron Assassin: Welcome to the jungle, (race). You’re gunna die!

Rosey Axlerod: If pappy could see me now … runnin’ my own crew in service to the king. He’d be gushin’ with pride.

Note: The Gnomes dismount and start to work. Players can see four illuminated spotlights on the ground. From west to east: Snake Oil Boiler (Cauldroun), Gnomish Transformer, Snacks, Heavy Metal Bars.

Kor’kron Assasins = Battle Rations
Muckmaw Crocolisk = Meaty Haunch
Mining Vein = Krasari Iron
Branches = Brittle Root
Spirit-Kissed Sprite = Spirit-Kissed Water

  • Use Battle Rations at any construction site to boost its rate of progress!

  • Use the Meaty Haunch at any construction site to boost its rate of progress!

  • Construction Progress: Rate Increased! (after delivering food supply to the Snack rack)

  • Use the Krasari Iron at the dwarven or gnome construction sites to boost the rate of progress!

  • Spirit-Kissed Water will awaken Master Brownstone, boost progress at pandaren construction site, or increase progress rate at night elf site!

Rosey Axlerod: I documented some special schematics in my journal, but it’s gone missin’. We’ll just hafta make do.

Tyrande Whisperwind: We are wasting time. We should move in for the kill!

King Varian Wrynn: Patience, Tyrande.

King Varian Wrynn: Make use of every resource! Leave them nowhere to run!

Note: A Riverblade Marauder (Saurok) walks in.

Rosey Axlerod: Keep an eye on us, (name)! We’re builders, not fighters. We’ll need your protection if any beasties come around!

King Varian Wrynn: We’re almost ready. Keep on working!

King Varian Wrynn: You three are my eyes and ears. Fan out! Prepare a defense!

King Varian Wrynn: This terrain is ours. Make them pay for every inch.

Duff McStrum: Productivity stops if we’re attacked. Keep an eye on us!

Tyrande Whisperwind: You are being tentative, Varian. You must be decisive if you wish to lead the Alliance.

King Varian Wrynn: Patience, Tyrande. We’ll have our victory, but we’re not going in unprepared.

King Varian Wrynn: Ready our defenses. They have to come out eventually.

Elder Adler (Jinyu): Food and wood are our primary needs. Speak with me if you seek to aid us further.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Why do we not attack them outright?

King Varian Wrynn: I won’t throw away Alliance lives. I will accept nothing less than total victory.

Elder Adler (Jinyu): The beasts in the region all yield edible meat, (race). Do what you can to keep the workers fed.

(Bubble Spike constructed)

King Varian Wrynn: Don’t charge in. Let them make the first mistake.

Duff McStrum: Them crocs drop some tasty meat, (name), but tiger haunch is my personal favorite!

Duff McStrum: There’s a type of iron unique to these parts. Bring back any ya find, (name). Ain’t no iron in Azeroth us dwarves can’t forge.

Tyrande Whisperwind: They mock us from within the temple.

King Varian Wrynn: Good. That means they’re about to break.

King Varian Wrynn: They’re coming. Get behind the defenses!

Commander Scargash: Alliance dogs! Where are your teeth?

King Varian Wrynn: Come out and count them, coward! There is no army here. Only a handful of heroes stand between you and the King of Stormwind. Are you afraid?

Commander Scargash: Bring up the grunts. Attack!

Note: Grunts and Wolfriders come out of the Temple of the Red Crane in large numbers. The bubble spikes created by the Fallsong laborer Jinyu trap them into a bubble which levitates high in the air. The orcs drop to their death. Bones and ribs and gore explode on the ground.

Note: Other orcs run toward the Dwarven bottleneck. They get the same treatment from Dwarven cannons. Depends whether you help build at the Dwarven site or the Night Elven site. Players can only help two sites out of four options: Dwarves, Gnomes, Jinyu or Night Elves.

At the temple stairs area, there are two groups of Kor’kron elite. Each group has three orcs.

Commander Scargash: For the Warchief!

Your Alliance is WEAK!

I’m done with you!

(Commander Scargash is filled with rage! Avoid his melee attacks!)

Commander Scargash: Is this how you fight your battles?


(Commander Scargash dies)

King Varian Wrynn: The day is ours! And not a drop of blood was shed on holy ground.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I would have charged right in. Many more lives would have been lost in my rush for victory.

King Varian Wrynn: There was a time when I would have done the same. But I’ve learned a lot over the years. I’ve fallen for too many of Garrosh’s tricks.

From now on, we define the terms of this engagement.

Tyrande, I may not be a politician. But I am a fighter. I know we can win this war.

We just need to stand together. You have to trust me. Know that I will do the right thing. If we act as one, we cannot fail.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I see that now. Our strength is yours to command, High King. May this be the first of many victories.

Chi-Ji: A sword is the weapon of a warrior, but patience is the weapon of kings.

This day brings victory, but more difficult trials lie ahead …


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