General Nazgrim: (Name)! You’ll do perfectly.

We know where the Alliance have hidden the Divine Bell. We’ve already inserted an agent into enemy territory, we just need you to help him execute his mission.

Pack up, (name). You’re headed to Darnassus.


Use the Sunreaver Portal in Domination Point to secure a teleport to Darnassus.


(Take the portal to Darnassus: 1/1)


Fanlyr Silverthorn: (Name)! So glad Nazgrim selected you.

It’s taken a great deal of the Horde’s effort to get you here through Jaina’s traps. Maintaining our illusion this close to Darnassus is considerably expensive.

Furthermore, the Sunreavers of Dalaran are risking their neutrality by assisting the Horde with this operation.

In other words, we expect only the best from you.


Darnassus Mission

Fanlyr Silverthorn: The Divine Bell is in the city. We don’t want to cause a scene, we just want the artifact. I need you to find a way in, WITHOUT getting caught. That means no mounts, no flying, no fighting.

I can provide aid. I will magically cloak you, so you may move with stealth. I will also give you a small charm that you may use to return to safety, should you get in trouble.

Now go, (name). Go, locate the bell, and tag it to be teleported back with you.


Locate the Divine Bell.

You may use the Silvermoon Charm to return to Fanlyr if you get in trouble.


Fanlyr Silverthorn: We’ll have to tread carefully with all this teleporting in and out. We CANNOT risk Jaina finding out about this.

Are you ready to go in?


Fanlyr Silverthorn: Stay away from the guards! This spell should shield you from the night elves’ vision, but you’ll still need to keep your distance. If you get into trouble, return to safety here.

Note: You must enter the tunnels found within the Cenarion Enclave tree. The access door is at the roots. The following message is seen onscreen when you enter the tunnel.

(Find the Cenarion Enclave: 1/1)

(Locate the Divine Bell: 1/1)

Note: Click the Sunreaver’s Portal Charm icon located at the bottom-center of your screen to teleport back to Fanlyr Silverthorn.

Fanlyr Silverthorn: Be careful, (name). We can’t risk being caught.


Fanlyr Silverthorn: Well executed, (race)! I knew we could count on you.

Now to get off this wretched tree.


Victorious Return

Fanlyr Silverthron: The portal by my side will return you safely to Domination Point. I will return behind you; I must clean up our tracks a bit before we leave, so that Proudmoore doesn’t discover our involvement.


Report your success to Nazgrim at Domination Point in Krasarang Wilds.


General Nazgrim: You found the bell! And Fanlyr teleported it to Silvermoon for study, as instructed? The Horde will put this to good use.

You have done the Horde a great service today. Lok’tar, friend!

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Progress: The Darnassus Operation)


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