Scenario: Assault on Zan’Vess

Rear Admiral Zigg: (Name), report for duty immediately!

You’re late, (name).

Let’s get right to the point. Our latest recon shows the last of Shek’zeer’s forces are holed up at the heart of the island. They’re protecting a large weaposn cache that Garrosh has ordered us to retrieve. Problem is they’ve activated the island’s defenses, a massive impenetrable shield that enshrouds all of Zan’vess.

This is where you come in. I need you to take one of these gunships and shoot down the shield generators. As long as they’re active none of our forces can reach the weapons cache.

Note: Mount the Kor’kron Gunship. The airplanes are strapped to the sides of the boat. Jump and click. The airplanes move on a programmed path. All you have to do is point and click by pressing “1”. Click on the pillars, and the Mantid casters near pillars. Press “2” to activate the shields when your airplane is targeted with a red bullseye. That means Alliance gunships targeted you. When hit, your weapon system is disabled for a few seconds.

Kor’kron Pilot: We’ve got our work cut out for us, (name).

Shield generators all over the island are protecting the Heart of Zan’vess, preventing us from reaching the weapons cache.

If we don’t get this shield down soon we’re going to be overrun.

We’re going in! Take out those towers!

Aim for those amber bombs, they’ll cause a huge explosion if we manage to set one off!

Good shot, (name)! Keep aiming for those bombs.

    0/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers

    0/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Towers

    0/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers

Kor’kron Pilot: Missile incoming! Shields! SHIELDS!

Use Force Shield to block Guided Missiles.

Nice one, (name)! That was close.

(1/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers.)

Nice work! The shield looks like it’s weakening.

Those Mantid are protecting the towers, (name). Take them out or we won’t be able to land any shots.

    Note: The Mantid casters are shielding the towers. Kill the four of them on each tower to disable the shield. Then destroy the towers.

(1/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Towers.)

Kor’kron Pilot: Only a few more towers and that whole thing is coming down!

Those scorpid are moving the towers! Take them out!

    Note: The scorpid are moving kinda fast. Targeting the scorpid only causes the missiles to miss by a few yards. Best strategy is to shoot a few yards in front of them to time when the missiles hit them. The towers stand still when the scorpids die.

(1/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers)

Kor’kron Pilot: The shield is down! Nice work, (name)! I’ll take us to the beachhead.

  • 0/1 Defeat Team Leader Scooter
  • 0/1 Reach the Heart of Zan’vess

Note: In this stage you fight the Alliance who also want a shot at stealing the Mantid’s weapons cache.

The first pull consists of five mobs: three 7th Legion Infiltrator and two 7th Legion Priest.

Kill the priests asap, then the Infiltrators.

You will notice in the video there are several gigantic red-lined circles appearing on the ground. Move away from them. Those are Alliance gunships in the sky aiming to drop missiles on players.

It’s a good idea to pull this group down the path you came from. Team Leader Scooter patrols the area, and eventually walks where the group was standing at — aggoing in the process.

Our tank died when the boss aggroed. The boss has a helluva wide AOE in the shape of a cone up to 40 yards away. The graphics look like a massive earthquake of dust. You have about 2-3 seconds to move away.

Team Leader Scooter also has a whirlwind that looks like a tornado.

Note: Commander Tel’vrak at some point summons several explosive amber bombs to his feet. He will randomly throw them at players. Got a couple of seconds to move away.

Players who can run fast, or heal or have aoe crowd control abilities should be on aggroing mobs. Every few seconds a wave of several mantid come from the two roads leading up to the top of the hill.

It’s not even worth attacking them. More keep coming. Just burn the boss, and kite the adds/heal through their damage while dotting the boss/crowd control as many as you can as you go. Don’t waste time dpsing adds.

Use the bonus ability button that appears onscreen — Strafing Run: Instant. Calls for a bombing run at the target location. 45 sec cooldown.


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