The Kun-Lai Summit

General Nazgrim: I have another message for you from High Chieftain Bloodhoof.

It seems you’ve made quite the impression on him.

He travels with the Warchief’s vanguard into Kun-Lai Summit, to the north. They have set up an outpost, Garrosh’ar Advance, just east of One Keg.

You had best not keep him waiting. Speak to Tak-Tak for swift travel.


Find Baine Bloodhoof at Garrosh’ar Advance. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


Tak-Tak: So many places, so little time. Where to, brother?

(Take me to Garrosh’ar Advance.)

Tak-Tak: Yo. I ain’t seen you in a lick, wikket. How you been? Tak-Tak been listenin’. Everybody think oh, Tak-Tak is a stupid hozen, he don’t know anything.

But Tak-Tak know a lot about things!

Even big orc general, Nazgrim! He talk so loud! Tak-Tak hear everything!

Tak-Tak know this …

Lor’themar elf ranger thinkin’ about leavin’ the Horde!

Baine wonderin’ if Garrosh might not be fit for chief.

And Garrosh is losin’ patience over findin’ that ookin’ bell. Those mogu hide it good!

I hear, Garrosh is goin’ to torture that mogu prisoner until he talks.

Anyway, you goin’ that way.

Tell me if you find anything out, buddy!

(Find Baine Bloodhoof at Garrosh’ar Advance: 1/1)

Garrosh Hellscream: I am losing patience, Shan Kien. Tell me where I can find the Divine Bell!

Ishi, draw your blade. A few carefully delivered cuts will change his mind.

Baine Bloodhoof: Garrosh, please. There may be another way. One that requires no bloodshed.

Garrosh Hellscream: Speak, then!

Baine Bloodhoof: I have learned how to make an ancient pandaren tincture that will allow us to see into Shan Kien’s past. We have but to gather the elements for this brew.


Baine Bloodhoof: Thank you for coming, (name).


Ties with the Past

Baine Bloodhoof: While I was in the Vale, I came across an ancient pandaren recipe for Memory Wine. I believe this brew can coax some helpful information out of Shan Kien.

I am needed here, so I have no choice but to ask you to recover the essential ingredient for me. We need the spirit essence of a mogu that lived in the time of the memory we wish to see.

You should be able to find just such a spirit inside the Path of Conquerors, to the northeast.


Recover the Spirit Essence of Varatus.


Note: Fly to the Path of Conquerors. Coordinates: [63.5 – 50.8] — land and dismount. Walk through the tunnel. You will find three Vengeful Soul. Kill them.

Varatus the Conqueror is in the next room. This is a very rough fight. Blow all your cooldown abilities and trinkets on this guy. Once you are surrounded by a vortex, this NPC creates several room-wide criss-cross walls in all directions. If caught, these can do a lot of damage. Use the doorways to hide from most of the damage.

First time I saw this ability, I totally went into panic mode, and died. Next time, memorizing all I saw, determined the best way to avoid damage is to use the doorway’s corners to line-of-sight some of those walls of damage. Staying in the middle of the room is a world of hurt. 41,000 damage per hit.


Ties with the Past: You never know what you will find in a book. Especially an ancient pandaren one.

I’m eager to see how this Memory Wine works.

Well done. Now I will just add a hair from our prisoner, Shan Kien, and combine the ingredients.


Memory Wine

Baine Bloodhoof: The tincture is ready. Now, drink.


Drink the Memory Wine and witness Shan Kien’s Past.


Memory Wine: Use: Witness a vision from Shan Kien’s past. “The wine smells of a dozen flavors and spices, all at once nauseating and enticing …”

(Drink the Memory Wine: 1/1)

(In-Game Cutscene plays)

Shan Kien: Are the preparations complete?

Dreadweaver Avartu: Yes, Warlord. The traps are set. The Divine Bell will be safe within this crypt, ready for the day that the Thunder King returns.

We have but to evacuate the workers and the rest of our warriors.

Shan Kien: There is no time. The Shado-Pan trackers are too close. They cannot learn the location of the Bell.

Dreadweaver Avartu: Very well, then. May the ghosts of our brothers guard this place for all eternity.

Shan Kien: Their sacrifice will not be in vain.

And neither, Avartu, will yours.

Note: Shan Kien kicks Avartu back into the Ruins of Korune, and creates an avalanche on the entrance to the underground vault.

(Witness Shan Kien’s Past: 1/1)

Baine Bloodhoof: What did you see, (class)?


Baine Bloodhoof: You have seen where this Divine Bell is hidden? Very good. Garrosh will be pleased. We will try to locate the site you describe, and will contact you as soon as we find it.

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Progress: Secrets of the Past)



From: Vol’jin

Subject: The Divine Bell


    Garrosh be looking for “The Divine Bell.” The Shado-Pan heard of it. Say it never been found. Tell me it should stay that way.

    But the Alliance come here just this morning. Asking questions. Looking for the same Bell. What can we do, (name)? I rather see it in Horde hands.

    Still too weak to move. You going to have to handle this one.

    – Voljin


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