Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 7: The Ruins of Dalaran

Location: northwest of Dalaran

Later that evening, at the night elves? base camp, Malfurion returns to warn Maiev and Tyrande of his brother?s dangerous sorcery.

Malfurion: Maiev! We?ve got to move quickly. Illidan is weaving a spell that is splitting apart the roof of the world! We must ? Wait ? where is Tyrande?

Maiev: I am sorry, Shan?do, but the priestess has fallen. We aided a band of Alliance warriors against the undead. The priestess fought valiantly, but I saw her torn apart with my own eyes. You can still avenge her, Shan?do! Let us attack Illidan together! He is the reason we even came to this forsaken place. He is the reason for your loss. Shan?do, this is Prince Kael?thas, the ally I spoke of.

Prince Kael?thas: Greetings, great druid. My scouts have confirmed that this Illidan and his vile snakes are based at the ruined city of Dalaran. They are using a gem-like artifact to perform some strange ritual.

Maiev: They must be using the Eye of Sargeras! But why would they strike at the roof of the world?

Malfurion: It doesn?t matter. They won?t live long enough to finish their spell. Illidan must be stopped once and for all.

Spell of Destruction
Destroy the Summoners before time runs out
Spells and Magic attacks kill the summoners
(Example ? Chimaeras have a magical attack)
Time Remaining: 30 minutes
Faerie Dragon ? Mana Flare
Chimaeras ? Attack
Druid of the Talon ? Attack

Illidan?s Summoners have begun channeling a powerful spell through the Eye of Sargeras that threatens to tear the planet asunder. Time is running out as they come ever closer to finishing their diabolical chanting. You must slay all four Summoners before time runs out, but they have turned ethereal and can only be harmed by magic. Use one of the following to damage the Summoners:

Maiev?s Fan of Knives or Shadow Strike Spells

Malfurion?s Entangling Roots Spell

Prince Kael?thas: The naga have captured some human paladins! If we could free them they might aid us against Illidan.

Save the Paladin
Free the Paladin

There is a Paladin being held behind the Naga. Break him free of his cave, and he may aid you in the destruction of Illidan?s forces.

Malfurion: I feel their spell ripping through the roof of the world. We must end this!

The heroes? camp was undersiege often, however. A Scourge camp lies near Dalaran, led by Lich Venim Iceblade.and Dreadlord Necros. Their Frost Wyrms made a great harm to the heroes? forces, but Faerie Dragons and Druids of the Talon were enough to counter them along with the Sentinels.

HINT ? Use Mana Flare to utterly destroy enemy spellcasters. Mana Flare can be found on Faerie Dragons.

Malfurion: Arrghhh ? The Eye is ? fracturing the earth! The pain is excruciating!

Entering one of the buildings of Dalaran, Malfurion is able to free the Paladin.

Paladin Magroth the Defender: Our righteous might will always overcome the forces of darkness! We shall aid you against the unholy beasts.

Save the Paladin

The whole world was shaking often as the spell of Illidan was amplified through the Naga Sirens into the Eye of Sargeras, ripping Northrend?s ground ? attempting to crush the Icecrown of the Lich King. Tremors were felt all the way down in Eastern Kingdoms.

Malfurion: The land is heaving, even here! We must put an end to their spell!

The heroes were able to kill the four Naga Summoners, halting the spell of the Eye of Sargeras, and stopping the tremors of the earth.

Spell of Destruction

Illidan: No! The spell is not done! It is not done!

Malfurion: It is over, brother. Your vile schemes end here.

Maiev: Illidan Stormrage, for recklessly endangering countless lives and threatening the very balance of the world, I hereby sentence you to death!

Malfurion: Too much blood has been spilled on your account, Illidan. Even now I can feel the lands of Northrend reeling from the spell you cast. Imprisonment will not be enough this time.

Maiev: I will execute him myself!

Illidan: Fools! Can you not see? The spell we channeled was meant to strike at the undead ? our common enemy! My mission was to destroy the Lich King?s stronghold of Icecrown!

Malfurion: At no heed to the cost? Because of you, Tyrande is dead!

Illidan: What?

Prince Kael?thas: Your pardon, Lord Stormrage, but the priestess may still be alive! She was swept downriver, but it?s premature to simply assume that ?

Maiev: Silence, Kael!

Malfurion: You told me she was torn apart! You lied to me.

Maiev: The Betrayer?s capture was our primary concern, Shan?do. I needed your help. I knew you would go to her and we would lose our chance! I ?

Malfurion: Just who is the betrayer now, woman? I must go to her immediately.

Illidan: Believe me, brother, despite all our differences, you know that I would never lead Tyrande to harm. Let me help you. My naga can scour the river for us! Let me do this, at least.

Malfurion: Very well.

Maiev: What? After all he?s done, you would trust this traitor to ?

Malfurion: Silence! I will deal with you later. Let?s go ? brother.

And with that, Malfurion cast entangling roots on Maiev, holding her prisoner for her betrayal, until he is able to properly judge her treacherous mischief. Tyrande?s safety is what matters right now.

Stonemaul Ogre l;vl 6
Ogre Warrior lvl 3
Ogre magi lvl 5

Forest Troll Berserker lvl 4
Forest troll Hgh Oiest lvl 4
Forest Troll Warrior lvl 3

Kobold Tunneler lvl 3
Kobold Taskmaster lvl 5
Kobold geomancer lvl 3
Kobold lvl 1

Magroth the Defender lvl 8 Paladin(rescue)

Undead Scourge:
Necros lvl 6 Dreadlord

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