Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 8: The Brothers Stormrage

Location: Silverpine Forest downriver from the bridge to Pyrewood Village

Hours later, along the banks of the River Arevass, Malfurion and Illidan work together to pick up Tyrande?s trail. Moving quickly through the woods, their skills and senses start working in unison ? their twin wills bent on finding their beloved priestess before it?s too late.

Malfurion: They have best return with good news, brother. The very sight of them makes my stomach turn. Where did you ever find such loathsome creatures?

Illidan: Believe me, brother, you do not want to know.

Naga Myrmidon: Lord Illidan, we have found your missing priestess. She and her warriors fight on against the undead, but I doubt they can hold out much longer.

In the distance, a desperate Tyrande tries to survive constant attacks from the Scourge. The Sentinels had found Tyrande some time ago, but were trapped themselves by the surrounding legions of undead Scourge.

Tyrande: Come forth, you mindless wretches, and taste the wrath of the Sentinels! Elune?s light shall never falter!

Naga Myrmidon: You?d best hurry if you?re to save her!

Suddenly, a huge swarm eclipsed the sky. As Illidan and Malfurion lift their heads upwards, waves and waves of Gargoyles and Frost Wyrms head downriver, above them.

Illidan: An undead strike force! But they?re completely ignoring us! What could—

Malfurion: Tyrande ?

Illidan: Their flying horrors fill the sky! It would be folly to send your flyers against them!

Malfurion: We cannot depend on them now! Illidan, you must hold the undead here and prevent them from assaulting Tyrande?s encampment. I will journey downriver and ?

Illidan: No, brother. The naga and I can reach her faster! I will go.

Malfurion: What you say is true, but I risk much by trusting you, Illidan.

Illidan: I swear on my life that I will bring her back, my brother.

Malfurion: I believe you. Andre?thoras-ethil, brother.

Tyrande?s Rescue
Use Illidan?s forces to destroy the red Undead base
Use Malfurion?s forces to defend the Night Elf base

Illidan and Malfurion must work together to save the woman they love from the clutches of the Undead. Malfurion must hold out against the Undead forces, while Illidan must crush the massive Undead base surrounding Tyrande. Only then can she be brought to safety.

NOTICE ? You control both Malfurion?s and Illidan?s bases. Both bases are completely separate, including their own resources and upkeep levels.

While moving downstream, a Naga Myrmidon encounters a dam shielded magically making it unbreakable.

Naga Myrmidon: Lord Illidan, we?ve discovered a dam blocking one of the river?s tributaries. The dam is guarded by forest trolls, but the stream beyond it might provide us a faster route to your friend.

Illidan: We shall see.

Dam Trolls
Slay the Trolls and their Chieftain

The Trolls have constructed several dams and set up homes up the river, blocking you from easily striking at the Undead army guarding Tyrande. Slay the trolls and their Chieftain Krag?jin to open more paths for attacks on the Undead.

Tyrande: Goddess, if this is to be the end, let us die with your name on our lips!

The Undead Scourge forces(red) led by Dreadlord Nerothos keep pounding in consecutive waves of Gargoyles, Crypt Fiends and Frost Wyrms, Tyrande?s forces. Meanwhile, Malfurion tries to help his own forces from obliteration. The Dreadlord Terrordar and his Undead Scourge(orange) group keep attacking their own base.

Illidan and his naga are able to kill the trolls and to challenge the Forest Troll Chieftain Krag?jin. Once dead, his magical barrier vanished, allowing the naga to destroy the rock chunks that compound the dam.

Tyrande: Keep fighting, my warriors! They may be our end but they will never defeat our spirit!

Baron Bloodbane, the Death Knight, kept pressing on Illidan?s base meanwhile, by sending waves of Undead Scourge(green) to attack. However, Malfurion and Illidan?s forces were not trying to destroy the Scourge wasting resources, only kept defending their bases. Their main goal was to retrieve Tyrande safely and get out.

Rescue Tyrande

Tyrande: Illidan! What trickery is this? Have you come to finish me off personally?

Illidan: No, Tyrande. You must believe me. I?ve come to save you!

Tyrande: Save me?

In the meantime, Malfurion is uneasy, awaiting any news about his beloved Tyrande.

Malfurion: Where could they be? He should have brought her back by now!

Back at Tyrande?s base, Illidan surprisingly opens a rift in the very fabric of reality, summoned by a powerful spell.

Illidan: Hurry! This is our last chance!

Tyrande halts curiously and responds with a nod at Illidan, as if hesitating, yet trusting his intentions. Tyrande plummets into the portal, followed by Illidan and their remaining forces. On the other side, Malfurion observes in the distance a flash of energy opening up, and resolves to welcome the incomers.

Tyrande: You ? risked your life for me, I don?t understand.

Illidan: Whatever I may be ? whatever I may become in this world ? know that I will always look out for you, Tyrande.

Malfurion rides atop his mount through the ponds, reaching them.

Malfurion: Tyrande!

Tyrande: I knew you would not forsake me!

Malfurion: I thought I?d lost you forever, my love. If not for Illidan?s aid, I may well have.

Illidan: We have had much strife between us, my brother. I have known only ages of hate for you. But, for my part, I wish it to end. From this day forward, let there be peace between us.

Gnoll lvl 1
Gnoll Assassin lvl 3
Gnoll Warden lvl 3
Gnoll Overseer lvl 5

Undead Scourge
Terrordar lvl 6 Dreadlord
Nerothos lvl 8 Dreadlord
Baron Bloodbane lvl 5 Death Knight
Rak coldskull Lich

Shadowglen Trolls:
Shadowglen Healer lvl 4
Shadowglen Berserker lvl 4
Giant Sea Turtle lvl 4
Shadowglen High Priest lvl 4
Shadowglen Dark Priest lvl 4
Shadowglen Dark Healer lvl 4
Krag?jin lvl 11 Shadowglen Troll Leader
Ancient Sasquatch lvl 9
Sasquatch Oracle lvl 7
Sasquatch lvl 5

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