Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Undead Campaign - Chapter 7: Into the Shadow Web Caverns

Location: Shadow Web Caverns, Northrend

At that same moment in Northrend, King Arthas and Anub’arak march into the dark, forgotten halls of Azjol-Nerub.

King Arthas: We’ve been walking for hours. We’ve got to quicken our pace. The Lich King is defenseless without us.

Anub’arak: I left many of my warriors at Icecrown before I came to find you, death knight. They will hold the line for as long as they are able.

King Arthas: Tell me, where are all of your people? Shouldn’t there be nerubians around here—undead or otherwise?

Anub’arak: I’ve been wondering about that myself. Something must have driven them all off.

Dwarf: We did, ye rotting bastards! We been watching ye all along!

King Arthas: Muradin’s dwarves! Impossible … Doesn’t anyone stay dead anymore?

Dwarf: We’ve been wandering this forsaken land ever since you killed Muradin and left us to rot, Arthas. Our leader, Baelgun, led us into the ruined city to survive. But there’s no way we’re letting you in!

King Arthas: We have no time for these games! Sapphiron, attack!

Some Dwarves are slain by Sapphiron’s Ice-breath, while others set to flee away.

King Arthas: Well done, mighty Sapphiron. I wish we could take you with us, but the confines of the dark earth are no place for you.

Anub’arak: The Lich King’s time is running short—we must hurry.


The Old Kingdom

– Locate the entrance to the Old Kingdom

– Kill Baelgun

– Bring the Blood Key to the Old Kingdom Lock

– Arthas and Anub’arak must survive

Deep within the tunnels of ice lies the Old Kingdom. Only through its ancient doors will you be able to find your way to the Frozen Throne. Let nothing stop you from finding the Old Kingdom’s entrance.

Dwarf: For Khaz Modan!

Rifleman: A pint for every ghoul ye blast! Set off the charges! Blow the bridge before they get across!

King Arthas: No! Stop them before they—

Baelgun: That was for Muradin! Now you’ll never get across!

Anub’arak: There are other passages through the labyrinth, death knight. We will find another way.

King Arthas: These nerubians are your kin. Why are they hostile to us?

Anub’arak: Many of us who fell during the War of the Spider were brought back to serve the Lich King. These warriors, however, never died. Foolishly they still fight to liberate Nerub from the Scourge.

King Arthas: Gold! We should take this with us!


Find the Gold Stashes

– Find the five gold stashes (1 of 5 found)

Gold Coins have been hidden throughout these underground chambers. Find them for an increase of your gold coffers. This would be useful the next time you require gold to sustain and build your forces.

King Arthas: This place looks like an old storage silo. It’s a dead end, Anub’arak.

Anub’arak: There must be a hidden passage somewhere. We nerubians were crafty engineers in our time. This is an ancient nerubian hoarding cell. We kept most of our treasures hidden in chambers like this. The passage to the lower depths lies just beyond this room.

King Arthas: Great. As long as we’re here, we can take some of these items with us.

NOTICE – The Spike Trap has been activated.

Rifleman: Don’t even try it, ye bastard! That there treasure belongs to the dwarves!

Anub’arak: This treasure belongs to the Lich King, little creature! We his servants, shall take what we will.

King Arthas: More gold! This might help us later!

Dwarf: This is for Muradin, ye bastards!

Rifleman: It’s them—blast’em! Shoot anything that shuffles or skitters!

Arthas and Anub’arak set off the dynamite barrels surrounding the Dwarves instead of fighting directly, blowing the Dwarves to smithereens.

King Arthas: More gold! Take all you can carry!

Baelgun: I remember you, evil Prince. You’re the one that killed poor Muradin!

King Arthas: Get over it already.

Baelgun: I won’t let ye through this door, traitor. The recent quakes have awakened dark things under the ice … ancient, horrid things. We’ve vowed to keep them locked where they are.

King Arthas: We’ll take our chances, dwarf. We’re going through that door one way or another.

Baelgun is slain by Arthas and Anub’arak, and loot the Blood Key from him to open the gate to the Old Kingdom.

King Arthas: The air smells awful here. Something doesn’t feel right.

Anub’arak: If the dwarf’s story was true, there’s no telling what awaits us in the darkness. This stair well leads into the heart of the old nerubian empire. We must be cautious.

King Arthas: By all means. You first.

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