Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 5: Balancing the Scales

Location: The Broken Isles

The next day, on the shores of the Broken Isles, Maiev and her Watchers attempt to hold the line against Illidan?s final assault.

Maiev: Hold your ground, my warriors! Goddess willing, Shan?do Stormrage will come.

Meanwhile, at the shores of the Broken Isles, the ships of Malfurion and Tyrande load off its occupants into the beach.

Tyrande: My owls have already scouted ahead of us and found Maiev?s location. She and her forces are under attack, but we?ll need to pass through the jungle to reach her.

Malfurion: Perhaps force of nature will speed our way.

Tyrande: We?d best make haste. I doubt Maiev?s forces can hold out much longer.

Maiev?s Distress
Reach Maiev?s base

Tyrande and Malfurion must survive

HINT- Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, the two most powerful Night Elf Heroes, are both level 10 and fully prepared to challenge all who stand against them.

Malfurion: We must move quickly to save Maiev. We must reach the warden?s base quickly.

Tyrande: Maiev?s forces won?t hold out much longer! What are these vile serpents?

Naga ambush both Malfurion and Tyrande.

Malfurion: I don?t know but these creatures feel familiar somehow. Just as I suspected: Our ships did run aground here. The special allies I brought from Ashenvale should be somewhere in the vicinity.

Tyrande: Special allies?

Malfurion: Just keep searching. You?ll know them when you see them.

Night Elf Fleet
Reach the first ship
Reach the second ship
Reach the third ship

The Night Elf fleet was separated when crossing the perilous ocean. Now the three remaining ships are stranded offshore, unable to safely land. Reach all of the ships and clear a path for them to land upon the shore.

To reach Maiev?s camp, Malfurion and Tyrande are forced to go through a Naga base which cuts their path to their goal.

Maiev?s Distress

Maiev and her Night Elf Watchers forces have been holding off Illidan and the Naga for weeks. With her defenses weakened and her gold supply exhausted, she cannot last much longer. You must bring Malfurion and Tyrande to Maiev?s base and crush the imminent Naga threat.

Maiev: Elune be praised! I knew you would come, Shan?do Stormrage!

Malfurion: I?m glad we reached you in time, Maiev.

Maiev: Priestess Tyrande, I?m surprised you came in person. Are you here to absolve your guilty conscience?

Tyrande: I did what I had to do, Maiev. You are in no position to judge me.

Maiev: What you did was murder my Watchers and set the Betrayer free! It is you who should be locked in a cage.

Malfurion: Stop this, both of you! We?re not out of danger yet, Maiev, what?s the situation here?

Maiev: There are no resources left in this area, Shan?do. We?ll need to find a gold mine if we?re to marshal more troops for an assault on Illidan?s compound.

Malfurion: Very well. Let?s get moving, then.

Illidan?s Minions
Destroy Illidan?s base

HINT ? Move your Tree of Ages and begin harvesting from this mine

On the southern beach of the isle, one of the wrecked ships that barely made it through the Maelstrom is found. Malfurion finds the mysterious allies brought from Ashenvale.

Malfurion: There! Our missing comrades?the mountain giants!

Tyrande: By Elune ? I haven?t seen one of their kind in ages.

Malfurion: The Legion?s coming awoke many of our old friends from their timeless slumber. These mighty ones will be of great help to us.

Mountain Giant ? Massive slow moving melee unit that has the Taunt and War Club abilities

Along the beach, strangely, Malfurion and Tyrande find a camp of Stormreaver Orc Necrolytes and kill them. Further by the southeastern coast, Malfurion finds the last ship.

Night Elf Fleet

Units from the Night Elf Fleet have joined your army ? Druids of the Claw and Dryads

Illidan?s Minions
Destroy Illidan?s base

The Naga forces are still poised to attack. Destroy them and send Illidan?s foolish minions back to the sea so that you can recapture Illidan.

Maiev: Victory is ours! It has been an honor to fight at your side, Shan?do.

Malfurion: This battle is far from over, Maiev. Illidan has yet to be accounted for, and I?ve seen no sign of Tyrande, either.

In the brink of the Naga?s base destruction, Tyrande walks away silently to seek Illidan elsewhere, in solitude.

Tyrande: Show yourself, Illidan! It?s over!

Illidan: Not yet, my little priestess. A pity you couldn?t see things my way. Now you ? and the whole world ? will understand just what I?m capable of! Ash Karath!

Tyrande is trapped under a net by his Naga forces, when suddenly, Malfurion shows up.

Illidan: Brother! What are you doing here?

Malfurion: I?ve come to stop you, Illidan. Instead of banishing you, I should have returned you to your cage when I had the chance! I was weak then ? but no longer.

Illidan: I have sworn allegiance to a new master, brother. I have a great task to perform in his service. I?m sorry, but I cannot allow you to stand in my way.

Illidan and his Naga run away and aboard a ship, setting sail east toward the Eastern Kingdoms. His destination: the coast of Silverpine Forest, to reach Dalaran.

Malfurion: Don?t worry, my love. We?ll find Illidan wherever he runs. We?ll find him.

Spider Crab Shorecrawler lvl 1

Makrura Tidecaller lvl 2
Makrura Deepseer lvl 5
Makrura Snapper lvl 5

Sea Giant
Sea Giant Hunter
Sea Giant Behemoth

Dragon Turtle lvl 10
Giant Sea Turtle lvl 4
Gargantuan Sea Turtle lvl 7

Mur?gul Shadowcaster lvl 7
Mur?gul Tiderunner lvl 3
Mur?gul Snarecaster lvl 4

Illidan?s Naga:
Naga Myrmidon
Naga Siren
Snap dragon

Stormreaver Necrolyte lvl 6
Stormreaver Hermit lvl 3

Revenant of the Tides lvl 3
Revenant of the Depths lvl 8

War Golem lvl 6

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