Location: South of Silverpine Forest

At that moment, deep within Silverpine Forest, Malfurion attempts to commune with the spirits of the wild.  Wisps spirits surround Malfurion, floating in motion around him, as if a ritual was been cast, granting the druid the gift of vision beyond the boundaries of his limited sight range.

Malfurion: This forest has suffered as much as Ashenvale.  The vile blight of the Scourge has deadened countless acres of trees.  If only the druids could ?  Aaarrrggh! The earth .. is being ? torn apart.  The pain is ? excruciating!  Ancient spirits of the forest, I implore you, show me what is hidden from my sight!  Show me what troubles this earth.

Malfurion is granted his plea, and through the eyes of birds, the spirit of the trees and animals of Northrend, Malfurion sees the pain felt by the roof of the world.

Malfurion: I see the frozen land of Northrend, the very roof of the world.  The land itself is being split asunder!  How can this be?  What could cause such devastation?

The spirits of the wild once more float and dance around Malfurion granting him sight of the source that is causing pain to the earth and nature.  The vision focuses now in Dalaran, not far from there.

Illidan: It?s working!  Nothing can withstand the power of the Eye!  Soon now, my master?s enemies will be undone, and I will claim my just reward.

Malfurion: Thank you, great spirits.  I know what must be done.  I promise you ? this treachery will not go unpunished!