Location: Entrance to the Upper Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, Northrend


Moments later, at the entrance to the Upper Kingdom …

Anub’arak: Not far. We have entered the Upper Kingdom. The exit should lead us to the base of the glacier itself. However, there are still hidden traps and pitfalls to account for.

An unexpected earthquake caused the ceiling to crash down, completely separating King Arthas from his forces.

King Arthas: Take cover!

Anub’arak: Arthas!

King Arthas: The entire passage collapsed! There’s no time to dig through this. I’ll have to move quickly and find my own way out! Hopefully Anub’arak and the others survived.


Escape the Caverns

– Escape before the timer expires (00:09:59 before Cavern Collapses)

– Arthas must survive

The death of the Forgotten One has stirred the depths of the Old Kingdom, and it has begun to crumble in on itself. You must quickly make your way out of the cavern before it collapses upon you.

Arthas is now alone and swamped by countless traps that require puzzle-solving and finding mechanisms or triggers to deactivate. As he progresses through the Upper Kingdom, he finds more Faceless Ones. However, an orb of Darkness grants the wielder the ability to create Dark Minions upon attacking enemies, giving an edge to Arthas.

King Arthas: I’ll be singed if I get too close to those flames. Hmm, I will need this gold for when I reach the glacier.


Find the Gold Stashes

– Find the Three Gold Stashes (0 of 3 Found)

Gold Coins have been hidden throughout these underground chambers. Find them for an increase of your gold coffers. This would be useful the next time you require gold to sustain and build your forces.

King Arthas: More of the nerubians’ blasted mechanisms! I’ll have to time this.

Blue flame colums rise from the ground, turning on and off in sequences. Glowing tiles on the ground mark the mechanisms that disengage the trigger of the flames in different rows.

Just beyond the tunnel …

King Arthas: Another quake! I must find a way across this strange obstacle.

The next obstacle is many blocks that compound the ground. However, each tile moves up and down ever few seconds creating a laberynth. The Tiles may be on a level zero angle, or may get you under or above ground zero. Finding the correct sequence may allow you passage across the room.

Reaching the other side, the wall suddenly crashes down revealing a digged tunnel. Anub’arak and five Crypt Fiends came through it.

King Arthas: Anub’arak! You made it!

Anub’arak: I see now why the Lich King chose you as his champion, death knight. few men could have survived this labyrinth alone. Another earthquake. We must hurry, death knight.

WARNING – Two minutes remaining

King Arthas: Something’s breaking through! Defensive positions!

Anub’arak: They’re blocking the way to the exit! We’ll have to fight our way through them to reach it! We’re running out of time. We must find the exit! Now, quickly—head through that door! The exit to the surface lies just beyond!

King Arthas: It’ll be good to see the sun again.

Anub’arak: Remember—Illidan and the true battle still await us in the world above. Hopefully, our trek through the dark earth bought us the precious time we needed.