Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Night Elf Campaign - Chapter 6: Shards of the Alliance

Location: Coast of Silverpine Forest

Three days later, on the western coast of Lordaeron, the night elves venture cautiously into the shifting shadows of Silverpine Forest.

Malfurion: This land is called Lordaeron, Maiev. It is the homeland of the Alliance that aided us at the Battle of Mount Hyjal. I was told that its kingdoms ? both human and elven ? were consumed by the undead Scourge. These forests have suffered grievously. I must leave you both for a time. I will enter the woods and attempt to commune with the land itself.

Maiev: While you?re gone, we?ll set out and try to pick up Illidan?s trail.

Malfurion: I expect you both to stay focused on your task. You can settle your personal dispute after we?ve found my brother.

Maiev: Of course, Shan?do. We?d best get moving.

The Watchers finish up the grove and settle up. Maiev and Tyrande move away from the shore walking inland, finding a small human village.

Tyrande: This was an Alliance encampment. The attack must have come recently.

Suddenly, from the north road comes along a caravan of Blood Elves that are attempting to reach Dalaran to meet Garithos?s Alliance forces.

Blood Elven Swordsman: Strangers, milord! They don?t appear to be undead, but ?

Prince Kael?thas: Ishnu-alah, night elves, I am Prince Kael?thas. I must admit, I?m surprised to see your kind here. But, whatever your business, I fear you will find only death and shadow in this cursed land.

Maiev: Ishnu-dal-dieb, Kael?thas. I am Maiev Shadowsong, and this is Tyrande Whisperwind. We are hunting a powerful demon that arrived here recently.

Prince Kael?thas: Curious. I don?t know about any demon, but something?s riled the undead based at Dalaran. They?ve been hounding us day and night. We were about to abandon this post and seek refuge on the other side of the River Arevass.

Tyrande: Hmm. Then we shall lend you our aid, young Kael.

Maiev: Wait ? we have no time for this.

Tyrande: Perhaps once your people are safe, you will help us hunt the demon we seek?

Prince Kael?thas: It would be an honor, milady.

Escort Kael?thas and His Caravan
Lead the caravan across the river
At least two Supply Wagons must survive
Tyrande, Maiev, and Kael?thas must survive

Escort Kael?thas and his supply caravan across the River Arevass.

NOTICE: Tyrande?s Scout spell is not available.

Maiev, Tyrande and a group of Druids of the Claw and Mountain Giants escort Prince Kael?thas? caravan heading south.

Prince Kael?thas: The undead are attacking! The caravan must be protected!

Maiev: Do not fear, Kael. Our mountain giants are more than capable of handling these wretched curs. Their stony hides are nearly impervious to their clumsy attacks.

After defeating the undead attack, Maiev loses her patience and snaps at Tyrande.

Maiev: We are wasting time here, Tyrande. We should be cut looking for Illidan!

Tyrande: These people need our help, Maiev. Their brethren aided us against the Legion. We will honor that debt now.

Prince Kael?thas: The undead have returned! Defend the caravan!

Prince Kael?thas: Ah, a mercenary camp! We could hire some of them to aid us, but we?ll need to retrieve some of our hidden gold caches in order to pay them.

Maiev: You?ve hidden your gold?

Prince Kael?thas: We?re fighting a losing war here, milady. The undead close in around us daily. It?s necessary to keep our assets hidden, yet accessible. We have caches secreted throughout the wilderness.

Maiev: Then we shall retrieve them for you.

Retrieve Supplies

Recover the gold caches (0 of 3 Found)

Kael?thas has stashed some gold and lumber nearby. Retrieve the hidden resources to allow the purchase of mercenaries and other supplies.

Along the road, Kael?thas points toward one of the gold caches. Maiev and Tyrande discover an undead Scourge camp and are forced to destroy it to reach one of the caches. Mountain Giants help destroy the Scourge buildings doing Giant Siege damage with their War Club ability.

Maiev: This is where Kael buried his gold. Let?s claim it quickly.

After finding the first cache, Kael?thas returns to the Mercenary camp to hire soldiers to their side. Strangely, the mercenaries are Forest Troll Berserkers, Ogre Maulers and Forest Troll High Priests. Their assistance was welcome nonetheless.

Prince Kael?thas: Sadly, I have only a few warriors left. The Scourge has pressed us hard these last few months.

Maiev: Kael, where are your high elven brethren? Do they not fight the undead as you do?

Prince Kael?thas: The Scourge devoured our ancient homeland of Quel?Thalas. The once-proud bloodline of my people is nearly spent. The few of us that remain now call ourselves blood elves, in homage to our murdered people.

Tyrande: I grieve for your people, Kael. But you must not allow rage and despair to poison your heart. You may yet lead your people to a brighter future.

As they fight their way against waves of Scourge, they find a new Mercenary camp holding Human Assassins, Kobold Geomancers and Kobold Taskmasters.

The mercenaries proved to be of great help as not long after a Dreadlord named Zilfallon and a group of Ghouls await them blocking the road pass. Kael leads them to the next cache of gold. Unfortunately, the cache is inside another Undead Scourge camp.

Maiev: Ah, more of the Alliance?s treasury. Let?s take it and be gone.

Prince Kael?thas: We stand at a crossroads, my friends. There is a shorter path to our destination, but it will take us perilously close to an undead bastion. The other route is safer, but it will take us longer to cross the river.

Maiev: Both routes will be dangerous, nonetheless. Let us choose quickly and be on our way.

Prince Kael?thas: This is one of our last holdouts on this side of the river. We will rest here for a spell and gather reinforcements.

Maiev: Undead flyers! We must find a way to repel them!

They manage to reach the bridge of the River Arevass, and just nearby is the location of another Scourge settlement led by the Lich Ras Splinterspine. The last cache is there, and it would require the help of more mercenaries from a nearby camp. Forest Troll Trappers, Renegade Wizards and summonable Elder Squatch were ready for hire to help rescue the last cache.

Maiev: More of the buried gold. This will help our cause greatly.

Retrieve Supplies

Prince Kael?thas: Ah, Pyrewood Village! The River Arevass lies just beyond.

Maiev: Something doesn?t feel right.

Tyrande: Yes. Perhaps we should keep the caravan moving?

Prince Kael?thas: Damn! They were waiting for us! Protect the caravan at all costs!

Escort Kael?thas and His Caravan

Maiev: We?ve driven them back, but the second wave is advancing!

Waves of Ghouls, Crypt Fiends and Necromancers rush in toward the caravan, just a step away from the River Arevass bridge.

Prince Kael?thas: We?ve run out of time! The caravan will not survive another assault!

Tyrande: Kael, get your caravan moving across the river! I will stay behind and hold the bridge!

Maiev: That?s very noble of you, Priestess, but you?re no match for a force that vast!

Tyrande: The goddess is my shield, warden. Elune will grant me the strength.

The caravan passed safely through the River Arevass bridge, while Tyrande stepped and held a stand in the middle of the bridge. As countless ghouls, Crypt fiends and Necromancers approached the bridge, Tyrande?s prayers upon her goddess Elune come to manifest in a rain of stars effect that crushed the Scourge.

Prince Kael?thas: It?s working! She?s holding them back!

Suddenly, the rain that had affected the weather of Silverpine Forest took a toll when a avalanche of water rushing down the river rammed the bridge cracking it up into pieces, plummeting Tyrande downstream.

Tyrande: Merciful goddess!

Prince Kael?thas: We must hurry to save her! That current will take her straight into the heart of the undead lands!

Maiev: No, Kael. Tyrande is a soldier: she knew the risks she took. We have a greater mission to accomplish now, and our time grows short. Your people are now safe. You will uphold your end of the bargain and help me hunt the demon I seek.

Rogue lvl 3
Bandit lvl 1
Brigand lvl 2
Assassin lvl 4
Bandit Lord lvl 7

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