Location: The Broken Isles

The next day, on the shores of a mysterious island chain, Maiev and her Watchers inspect some ancient, yet strangely familiar ruins.

Naisha the Huntress: Mistress, we followed Illidan’s course due east as you asked, but these strange islands do not appear on any of our maps.

Maiev: I suspected as much. These islands must have been formed only recently.

Naisha the Huntress: What makes you say that?

Maiev: The ruins all around us, Naisha! I recognize them. This was once the great city of Suramar, built before our civilization was blasted beneath the sea ten thousand years ago.

Naisha the Huntress: But how could– Are you suggesting that these islands were somehow raised from the seafloor?

Maiev: Perhaps, though there are few powers left in the world capable of raising islands from the deeps. Regardless, it’s a mystery we’ll have to solve later. We’d best head inland and set up a base camp. Once we’re situated, we’ll pick up Illidan’s trail.

The Watchers unload the two ships and settle inland.

Maiev: Here, sisters. Let’s establish a base so we can continue our hunt for Illidan.

Locate Illidan

Wisps start rising Ancient Trees building a new grove. After settled, the Naga scouts find the Watchers.

Maiev: Naga! Careful, sisters. There’s no telling what the creatures have in store for us.

Naga: Night elves! Kill them all in the empress’ name!

Naga Myrmidon: Land-walkers! Destroy them quickly!

Maiev: More of the vile serpents! Let none survive!

Naga: Ash-thero-sauguine! Ba’anthalso-dorei!

After defeating the first wave of Naga, Maiev and some Archers leave the Watchers Grove to explore the vicinity. Suddenly, Maiev finds an orc hermit.

Maiev: An orc! I smell the stench of demons about him.

Drak’thul: Rest easy, stranger. This old wanderer has no quarrel with you or your kin. I am Drak’thul, once a powerful warlock of the Stormreaver Clan. Now I am the last of my kind.

Maiev: What are you doing here?

Drak’thul: Your pardon, lady, but I am hunted by restless ghosts. They’ve chased me day and night for nearly twenty years. Perhaps if you silence them for me, I will tell you my tale.

Maiev: I’ll consider it.

Silence the Ghosts
Destroy all three Summoning Pits
Return the Skeletal Artifact to Drak’thul

After blinking through the side-walls of the temple outdoors, Maiev finds the location described by Drak’thul.

Maiev: There, those must be the ghosts the old orc spoke of! They seem to be re-living their last battle. They’re every bit as brutal and bloodthirsty as they were in life.

Maiev closes in to the unsuspecting ghosts. The summoning pits rise the skeletal orcs of the Twilight’s Hammer, Stormreaver and the Blackrock Clans. The demons that twenty years ago had tortured and slain the forces of Gul’dan had created the three summoning pits and powered them with the Skeletal Artifact to punish the orc clans for eternity re-living their agony once and again. The ancient artifact entraps the souls of those who die violently, forcing them to relive the last moments of their lives for eternity. Maiev returned the Skeletal Artifact back to Drak’thul.

Silence the Ghosts

Maiev: The dead will trouble you no more, old orc.

Drak’thul: Thank you, stranger. Now, hear my tale. Nearly twenty years ago, the great warlock Gul’dan raised these islands from the deeps. He sought to unearth an ancient vault that held the remains of the Dark Titan.

Maiev: Sargeras! You speak of the Legion’s creator!

Drak’thul: The same. After Sargeras’ defeat, ages ago, his remains were locked away in an undersea tomb. Gul’dan believed that opening the tomb would grant him the Dark Titan’s power. For his pride, he and the rest of our clan were torn to shreds by crazed demons.

I have wandered these isles ever since, haunted by the ghosts of my slaughtered comrades.

Maiev: Your tale is as intriguing as it is dire, Drak’thul. It’s a shame your ghosts lie silent. You deserve far worse than their company for what you set loose in this place.

Upon finishing his tale, the orc hermit Drak’thul rewarded Maiev with a Robe of Magi and returned to his hut. Robe of Magi(250 gold if sold at the shop, Increases the Intelligence of the Hero by 6 when worn).

Returning to her exploration of the Broken Isles, Maiev finds a Goblin Shipyard. Goblins show Maiev their goods for hire: Frigates, versatile attack ships(300g,75w,2F) and offer to build Night Elf Transport Ships, sturdy transport ships capable of carrying 10 of her people through the sea(150g,30W,1F).

Not far away, on another nearby Isle, Maiev finds a Mercenary camp with Stormreaver hermits who would do anything for the right price. They train Giant Sea Turtles and Spider Crab Shorecrawlers and offer them to Maiev as assault-support units.

Far west of the Watchers Grove, on one of the isles Maiev recognizes the area. A place she remembers from the time before the sundering.

Maiev: Great trees once stood in this place, twin aspens called the Boughs of Azshara. To look upon them was to know true peace, true fulfillment. Now they are gone, along with the hopes and dreams of a generation.

By the northwestern corner, on another isle are ruins holding many books and bookshelves. Maiev recognizes the place as well, vividly in her memories.

Maiev: I remember this place. It was once the great Library of Izal-Shurah. There is no knowledge left here, only nightmares and the shadows of regret.

Sailing east, Maiev reaches the shores of the isle where the Tomb of Sargeras is located. There she finds Illidan and his Naga forces.

Maiev: Naga! Their presence here is a sacrilege to nature!

Locate Illidan

Illidan Stormrage: At last! The Tomb of Sargeras is found! You, my trusted servants, must remain here and guard the entrance. If that wretched warden managed to reach this island, she’ll certainly try to follow us.

Naisha the Huntress: Illidan! I knew we’d find him! We’ll have to fight our way through the naga’s defenses in order to follow him!

Maiev: We locked Illidan beneath the earth long ago. I intend to do so again.

Naga Guardians
Kill the Naga guarding the Tomb of Sargeras

Naga Myrmidons and Naga Sirens battle Maiev and her Watcher forces. The fight is long and perilous, but finally Maiev is victorious.

Naga Guardians

Maiev: Now quickly, my sisters! Illidan must be stopped at all costs!


Night Elves

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