The Cantina Room is no longer at Joey Ray’s Bar this time around. That’s located in Mar Sara, and you are there for the first three missions.  After the mission titled ZERO HOUR, you are extracted by Captain Matt Horner aboard the Hyperion battlecruiser to escape the sudden arrival of the Zerg—who came after the Xel’naga artifact. After ZERO HOUR, Jim Raynor is now aboard the Hyperion, so The Cantina Room can be accessed by clicking on the exit sign.  You will see a drop-down menu where you can choose which room to visit.

You will see a huge computer device on the center of the ceiling. Raynor is standing next to the table below this computer contraption.  From this device is strapped Jim Raynor’s Juke Box and a TV monitor which has a taped-on sticky that reads: “Don’t shoot it”—kinda funny because in earlier missions when Mengsk gives one of his eloquent discussions about Raynor’s terrorist acts, Raynor aims the gun at the TV screen to shoot it. As for the juke box, strapped to the ceiling-computer-contraption, you can actually click it to play his favorite western country music.

On a table, to the far left of the screen, sits Mr. Graven Hill.  This is the man you must talk with to hire Mercenaries for your next missions. At least in those maps where you will need help to complete your mission objectives. When entering the Cantina for the first time, after you leave Mar Sara, the following text will appear onscreen:

“New Mercenaries are available for hire.  Left-click on Graven Hill’s laptop in the Cantina to learn more.”

These are some of the Mercenaries available to you in the initial single player missions in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.  There will be more mercenaries available to you as you advance through the single player Terran campaign.


Force: 4 Elite Marines

Contract: Once every mission

Trained From: Mercenary Compound

Well known for their carousing and barroom brawls, Kel-Morian mercenaries have upgraded equipment and thousands of hours of combat experience that make them worth the trouble they cause when they are off duty.

Cost: $ 35,000


Force: 3 Elite Marauders

Contract: Once every Mission

Trained from: Mercenary Compound

A private security firm based in the Kel-Morian Combine.  H-Sec provides corporate security and often finds itself at odds with the Dominion.

Cost: $ 40,000