Agria (Fringe world colony)

In Mar Sara, the dropship lands to unload the Raynor’s Raiders to liberate the local folks from the Dominion military rule.

Founded by renowned Terra-former Dr. Bernand Hanson, the Agria Colony has been one of the Dominion’s principal botanical and wildlife preserves.

Mission Objectives: Evacuate the Agria Colony

Bonus Objectives: Harvest chrysalis DNA

Reward: $60,000

New Tech: Firebat – Specialized anti-infantry attacker equipped with flame throwers

New Upgrades
Firebat Bearclaw Nozzles

  • Attack area: +40 %

Firebat Viral Plasma

  • Damage +2, Duration 4 sec.

This is a fun mission to tackle.  You should start pumping out as many marines, medics and firebats as you can. Man those two bunkers along the road and bring an SCV to each bunker for repair when you have a time. These bunkers will keep the zerglings at bay.  However, on the other side of the road, Nydus worms will loose hydralisks and zerglings often.  It would be a good idea to build bunkers on the eastern side of the road if at all possible.

The mechanic of this mission is that approximately every 5 minutes Dr. Hanson will inform a batch of civilians are ready for escort.  You will see a cargo truck transporting civilians.  You must rally your three firebats, marines and medics to escort the truck slowly throughout the long road until you reach the extraction site where three massive Hercules carriers await to evacuate the Agria colony. These carriers are huge, and have the same function of old-school dropships, except they load more units.

It’s a good idea to pump units and spread them along the road to take care of any zerg so that you can focus on other stuff instead of escorting all along the road.  There’s a reason for this self-defensive tactic. This mission has a very important bonus mission: The Chrysalis DNA research.

This is the evacuation hangar with three Hercules carriers to extract the Agria colony before the zerg overruns the planet.

Main Objectives

  • Reach Dr. Hanson’s Settlement
  • Escort colonists to the evacuation ships

Bonus Objectives

  • Harvest Chrysalis DNA [0/3]

You must be very careful with these chrysalises.  I left my marines unchecked getting rid of some zerg, and when I watched the chrysalis was gone.  Your marines will destroy it. Just make sure there are no Zerg left alive in the area, and bring in an SCV to collect the Chrysalis. This bonus objective is part of the Xeno Research Project found in the computer console at the Hyperion’s Lab Room.

Basically if you complete this side mission, you can get a nice boost to your weapon damage throughout the entire single player. Say whoa?  Yea, the Zerg Evolution Research, found in the Lab Room’s computer says:

Studying Zerg rapid evolution could lead to a new understanding of zerg weaknesses.

Find 4 Zerg Chrysalis.

White Napalm: All infantry gain +1 weapon damage.

In short, keep the road full of firebats, marines and medics in certain points where you know zerg will usually come out of nowhere to raid the escort to keep the road self-defended, while you are busy engaging the zerg bases in search of the chrysalis.  There is one just by the entrance to the Escort ships hangar.


Agria Evacuated
Complete “The Evacuation of Agria”

Man of science
Complete all objectives for “The Evacuation of Agria”

Safe Evacuation
Complete “The Evacuation of Agria” on normal difficulty without letting any escorted colonist to die

One way of doing it
Kill all Zerg bases on “The Evacuation of Agria” on hard difficulty


Colonists killed by the zerg: 1
Convoys sent: 5
Firebats trained: 0

The survivors from Agria have joined the growing exodus of refugees fleeing the zerg.  Grateful for Jim’s help, Dr. Ariel Hansom has come aboard the Hyperion to discuss the future …