This is the Cantina Room within the Hyperion battlecruiser.  There are many things here to sink your eye-teeth in.  First, the guy on the far left is Mr. Graven Hill (or Mr. Hill).  He is the guy you should visit often to hire Mercenaries. When click on his laptop, you get access to the Mercenary Interface which lists all the available mercenary types.  You can interact with the Juke Box strapped to the ceiling-computer to play Country music.  You can also click on the TV screen to watch the latest report from Kate Lockwell.  You should watch the TV often because after every mission she talks about the current status after your actions, or things the Terran Dominion responded to your actions or plans to do.  A lore source for lore fans—so it’s optional.

Something funny about the TV screen is the note taped onto it, which says: “Don’t shoot the screen.”—probably a reminder so that Raynor doesn’t shoot at the screen when Arcturus Mengsk is talking on the news.  There are two nice easter eggs in the Cantina Room: The holographic dancer on the top dances exactly like the World of Warcraft night elf female (which in turn is a dance from french singer Aliz