The base of the Raynor’s Raiders is under siege by the zerg and must hold out 20 minutes for extraction.

Mar Sara Dominion Salvage Planet

With the alien artifact secured Jim and Tychus need to get it offworld. Dominion control on Mar Sara is in ruins so getting a ship through should be easy enough …

With the resurgence of Mar Sara’s once lucrative mining industry, the Dominion was quick to swoop in and establish military control over the growing colony.

Mission Objectives: Hold until extraction

Reward: $70,000

New Tech: Bunker – Defensive structure able to protect infantry units.

In this map you receive a new tech: The Bunker.  You are at the bottom center of the map and your base has two exits on the left and right.  These exits are bridges, which makes it easier to defend with one bunker already built for you.  Man them asap with marines.  You only have enough space to build a second bunker on each exit.  You can’t build on roads.  The whole map is infested by Zerg. You will get raided very often by zerglings and hydralisks.  Start pumping out marines to rally point near the bunkers for extra support.  Eventually you will get Mutalisks hitting your base.

There is a Bonus Objective that you should complete.  In three different areas, there are rebels.  Every few minutes one of these locations will send out a mayday call to the Raynor’s Raiders.  You will be ordered to rescue them.  The two sets of rebels on the right side of the map are quite easy to get to if you have two or three medics and a good amount of marines with you.  However, the one in the left side is a bit harder as you need to walk near a Zerg base that will no doubt send reinforcements once you have aggroed and engaged the mobs in its perimeter.  You can hold position with a good amount of medics, and move one unit toward the rebels. Once you have secured them, retreat if you haven’t lost your units by then.

The mission is completed when you have hold out for extraction for 20 minutes.  Once the timer is off, an in-game cinematic using the game engine will play out. You will see the Hyperion battlecruiser approaching and laying siege to any zerg on its path toward the Raynor’s Raiders base.  Captain Matt Horner will appear onscreen through the commlink UI and say: “Calvary’s arrived. Anyone alive down there?”

Jim Raynor responds: “Good to see you man. Welcome to the party!

Matt Horner: “Glad we made it in time, sir. I’ll get you boys out of there.”

The mission ends, and a short Blizzard cinematic team baby plays onscreen: We see a closeup on the frontal helm of the Hyperion battlecruiser with many cannons firing at Mutalisks on its way to orbit.


Up and away
Complete “Zero Hour”

Zero Hour
Complete all objectives for “Zero Hour”

Hold the Line
Complete “Zero Hour” on normal difficulty without loosing a building

The Best Defense
Kill all enemy buildings on Zero Hour on hard difficulty


Marines trained: 48
Zerglings killed: 571
Bunkers constructed: 2
Creep tumors dropped on base: 17
Peak units owned: 80
Enemy units killed: 794
Units lost: 54
Workers trained: 22
Average minerals stockpiled: 5486

Jim has escaped Mar Sara only to find a wider, more terrible conflict ravaging Dominion space.  The ferocious alien zerg have returned and now everything is in chaos …