World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King - South Seas Dilemma

Since the announcement of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King at Blizzard Entertainment’s Game Convention dubbed BlizzCon 2007—at Anaheim Convention Center, it’s come to attention the introduction of its new World Map which has added new islands and landmasses.

The new landmass or peninsula is wrongly perceived to be part of Stormwind.  Taking a closer look, this will be one of the placeholder regions, the one west of Burning Steppes.  The place is an enigma as there is no records in Warcraft lore or early Warcraft II maps describing this region.

Among the isles seen in the new World Map are Tel Abim (east of Theramore), Isle of Kezan (the biggest isle in the South Seas mostly known for its Undermine City, land of the Goblins, located south of the Maelstrom), Plunder Isle (the smallest isle, west of Stranglethorn Vale) and Zandalar Isle (home of the Zandalar trolls who give quests for Zul’Gurub, the isle is located to the southwest of Westfall)—as shown below.

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With the appearance of these isles in the World Map, the questions are … will the South Seas ship in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King? Will the South Seas be added to Wrath of the Lich King as downloadable major content patches?  Or will the South Seas be a future standalone expansion pack?

This is not yet clear.  And Blizzard has given no official word or announcement on the topic.

Blizzard introduced new isles to the world map with World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade on November 2006.  These new isles became the Draenei level 1-20 starting location: Azuremyst and Bloodmyst—just south of Teldrassil.

Both isles are pretty big even for a level 70 player on an epic mount.  Took me about an hour or longer to travel and explore both Isles to make sure the map would show all locations as fully explored.

By looking at the new World Map in Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack: Tel Abim Isle, Zandalar Isle and Plunder Isle look barely smaller than Bloodmyst alone.  So, it wouldn’t take much work to add these in the second expansion.  After all the Burning Crusade expansion added Outland, Bloodmyst Isle, Azuremyst Isle and Quel’Thalas altogether at game launch, and leaving Black Temple and Zul’Aman off game launch as major content patches.

Even the Northrend demo shown at Blizzcon 2007, is not all the content of the second expansion.  It is obvious, the expansion is still in development and Blizzard didn’t have everything ready to show it all at Blizzcon.  As you may see on the screenshot below, Blizzard only showcased the Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills and the Howling Fjord.

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The screenshot above shows gray-marked unexplored regions north of these yellow marked regions mentioned above.  The missing locations not revealed at Blizzcon 2007 panels are: Sholazar Basin, Lake Wintergrasp, Storm Peaks, Azjol-Nerub, Crystalsong Forest, Zul’Drak and the stronghold of the Lich King … Icecrown Glacier and its Frozen Throne.

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Back on 2005, the first Blizzcon only revealed Outland and the new race: Blood Elves along with their homeland Quel’Thalas as their level 1-20 starting location.  The second new race was kept secret and not shown at Blizzcon 2005.  The Draenei and their starting location: Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles were revealed around May 2006 by an Italian magazine which leaked the Draenei as the new race.

Will Blizzard surprise fans with the announcement of South Seas as part of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion?  We will have to wait and see.

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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Black Temple Public Test 2.1.0

If you just installed the Public Test Server client, or you are about to do so, know that you must be honored with the Violet Eye. You gain reputation by playing in Karazhan.

If you meet that first requirement, your first task to enter Black Temple is to go to Shattrath City, by the Terrace of Light.  You will find an NPC named Johnny McWeaksauce. He will sell the Medallion of Karabor—which you need to be attuned for the Black Temple – and a box.

The boxes are tagged by class, pick yours.  What lies within is the Tier 5 armor set and extra necklace, trinkets and rings Tier 5.  Once you got the Medallion of Karabor and the Tier 5 box, go to your faction: Aldor or Scryer.

The Tier 5 vendor is located at the Shrine of Unending Light in the Aldor Rise or at the Scryer Tier where you turn in your Arcane Tomes.

Once you have geared yourself, fly to the Black Temple.  Go further inside the main entrance. You will see Xi’ri the naaru, and beyond him you will see a Dreadlord and three purple-hued demonic portals. The zone-in is located by the right-wall just beyond those three portals.

The Black Temple dungeon will offer players a very challenging battle.  Like Illidan said: “You are not prepared!” When entering the dungeon, at least on Public Test Realm (patch 2.1.0), you are greeted by Rulkster.  A 10-feet tall human NPC shirtless, wearing trousers.  He is bald on the top with long blonde hair on the sides. Yes, it is Hulkmania Hulk Hogan the Hulkster, brotha!  He sells reagents, repairs, flasks and mana/health consumables.

Walking up the sewer tunnel, you will see packs of two mini-water elementals patrolling back and forth large distances.  These are there to intercept any intruders that wander around solo.

Make sure to kill these before pulling any bigger mobs such as two Naga Coilskar Sea Callers (Siren) and a Aqueous Lord.  These go up and down the ramps connecting rooms.  You can bypass them by walking along the sides, with no aggro.  Except you should take care of the mini-water elementals which do patrol up and down the ramp-sides.

The first two rooms have groups of at least three mobs: Two Coilskar Generals, a female Soothsayer and an Aqueous Lord; or a combination of two Coilskar Wranglers and a massive Hydra.  The Hydras spit poison and it does around 1,000 damage per tick.

Once you reach the third level up the ramps you will find a room packed with mobs and the first boss.

Take out any patrols of mini-water elementals.  The pack before the boss event is insane however.  Prepare to battle at least 5-6 mobs linked together.  Two Coilskar Generals, two Coilskar Harpooners and two Dragon Turtle pets. The Coilskar Harpooner launches around 4-6 harpoons machinegun-style in a cone-range (AOE), and spams it often. Mages are able to sheep them. However, make sure those two mages spam sheep and only do that until some of the mobs are dead. No joke. A mage let them loose 2 seconds … surely a third of the raid gets wiped. It seems the Generals somehow break sheep with dispell.

The first boss, High Warlord Naj’entus shows signs that Naga might be mutating.  His skin is redish like that of the fel orcs.  His face and right arm have developed a crustacean carapace.

On the left side of the room is a chamber with at least 8 mini-water elementals.  You will really need many sharp warlocks for this encounter ready to banish.  In that room full of elementals, you will find a pipe.  Go up the pipe and it takes you to the Black Temple yard.  There are Dragonmaw Wyrmcaller, Bonechewer Taskmasters, Bonechewer workers, Doomguards, Dragon Riders flying above the yard and landing sometimes, and Supremus—a massive blue infernal-variant boss.  More later. Watch the screenshots below and the short video showing you the boss animations.

Burning Crusade Beta Coverage - Blood Elves

Hey guys! First, I want to apologize for the increasing time intervals between my news posts. School is picking up, I am working full time, and I am flying to a conference in Denver next week.


Beta is looking better then ever. I must admit I was (and in some cases *cough*Draenei Males*cough* still am) unimpressed with the physical characteristics of the new races. The Blood Elves stand at awkward angles, the female models are jokingly referred to as broke-necks due to their ninety degree head-tilt idle animation. However, with the last couple of content patches a lot has been smoothed out, features toned down or accentuated in a much more appealing manner resulting in a more realistic look. Draenei still have a lot of work in my humble opinion, their chests are ridiculously out of proportion with their bodies and their all around physique leaves a lot to desire.

Enough of the negative, lets focus on the positive – something which is in abundance throughout the Burning Crusade.

As you have seen there are a bunch of new creature models, new skins, and whole new zone colors.

The Blood Elf zones also have a new “spring-look” which involves floating pollen (similar to the leaves currently in the game) and a spring color pallet. In addition, pretty much everything which can be magically enhanced is. There are floating mops and brooms cleaning up around the houses, levitating vials mixing various concoctions, fountains which warp water from the bottom to the top, and levitating building parts reminiscent of Dalaran.

Additionally, fans of Tides of Darkness and Reign of Chaos will recognize the Ballista?s and Elven Destroyers rampant throughout these precursors of WoW.

Obviously the Blood Elves have a much more ingrained lore associated with their race then the Daenei. You find many quests explaining both their current situation and alliance with the Forsaken with whom you have a Friendly relationship but only Neutral with every other race. In addition, there are some flavor quests which are punctuated with history from the original games. For example, you find a necklace on a banshee corpse who was sister of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner starting a quest to introduce you as a Blood Elf to the Undercity.

Speaking of factions, there is quite a dialogue in Silvermoon, the capitol city of the Blood Elves, between ambassadors for every Horde faction as they are paraded through the streets by a Blood Elf diplomat.

Additionally, a new interface system has been implemented in the game. Replacing the traditional Question Mark interface, a new menu allows you to type in keywords which will bring up existing topics which you can search. As you can see in my screen I entered “Brood of Nozdormu”.

Finally, a couple shots of the new Blood Elf mounts – what are they called now? Hawkstriders? I’m not even going to comment on their last name wink It is disappointing though that there is such a lack of color variety, most choices are pink-purple, pinks, or reds that look pink.

Now, after this short update, I am off to have a relaxing beer after work. If you have any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to post them over here.

Burning Crusade Beta Coverage - Azuremyst Isle

Welcome to Part 2 of Blizzplanet’s World of Warcraft Beta coverage. In this section we will walk through the intermediate Draenei lands, the Draenei capital city, and also touch on Jewelcrafting. I will also throw in some introduction screens with comments on the new Arena system.


AS you can see, with the Draenei’s addition to the equation, a new land mass has been discovered off the western coast of Kalimdor.


Our last article took us through the Draenei starting zone, Ammen Vale. The next section that opens to us is Azure Watch and Exodar, the capital city.


Azure Watch is the quest hub for your next adventures from around level 8 to 13. Including a great one which allows every class of Draenei to interact with a clan of Furbolgs called the Silverpine. From them you learn the way of the totem and gain, from a lore perspective, an answer to how the Draenei embraced shamanism.

WoWScrnShot_102306_191706.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_192021.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_192410.jpg

The quests culminates in a series of druid-like shapeshifts from seal form to a panther which enables you to invisibly run through the forest. You follow a shape-shifter in this form to the base of enemy furbolgs which have raided the Silverpine and stolen and enslaved their youth.


This quest series continues for the next few levels mixed in with other quests to kill more mutated animals as well as helping to gather supplies for the new colonies. Ultimately, you arrive to a fully-developed Silverpine village to find out they have a prophecy in which one not of this planet will protect them from their enemies and ultimately end the continual warfare. Not too shabby for a level 10!


If you choose to help the Silverpine, you will be required to surgically strike the enemy in varying capacities with the ultimate culmination of waves of Silverpine charging into the battle and laying waste to their enemies.

WoWScrnShot_102306_214732.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_214742.jpg

There are of course the usual catch-and-fetch quests which are all done in fairly unique ways keepings them entertaining. For example, when your ship crashed it accidentally introduced an alien species to the forest. It is up to you to help contain them.


(as you can see they are still a work-in-progress – no portrait, no attack or death animation)

Another great quest is entitled “The Kessel Run” (any Star Wars fans out there??) which endows you with an epic Draenei mount to help you complete your fed-ex quest within the time limit. It is a common occurrence to hear “ZOMG! How did you get that at level 12??” in General chat.


A final quest thought to leave with is the Burning Legion appears to be gaining stength in the world. You keep bumping into their people causing trouble and find out those which you think are allies are in fact working for the enemy.

WoWScrnShot_102406_222903.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_200119.jpg


On to Exodar, the capital city. It is also currently the only place on the island which teaches Jewelcrafting so expect a decent hike at level 5. The theme of the city is a wrecked ship in a state of repair. There are Broken everywhere mending and working on the building and the crystals. Broken have emerged as the “underclass” of the Draenei. The lore is they were seperated from the light through various means (Blood Elves, the crash, radiation, etc) and are now only suitable for manual labor (although you do see the occasional Broken as a shaman trainer). It is a very interesting concept.


The city is astounding. It is very organic feeling, bubbles rise in the tubes, lighting sparks around you as you walk over transparent glass bridges, and there are glowing orbs floating around all over.


There is also a giant holoprojector room with 3D images of all the major Burning Legion ‘baddies’.


All the way at the base of the city called the “Seat of the Naaru”, there is a single Naaru which appears to be powering the city.


Additionally, outside of the city there is an Arena Master which can que you up for practice rounds (if you don’t have a team) in the Arena.


The Arena is amazing. It is a 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 battle to the death. I have only have my que pop once out of the many hours I have played but here are some screens.


The gates open after a countdown.


They emerge from opposite us on the other side of the Arena.

If you beat them you are awarded an honor token I believe. Unfortunately, since I am not on a team it is considered a “practice round” and is merely for show and we received no reward (even though we trounced em!).

Finally, a few words on Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting gives you access to item which would otherwise take you 20 levels or so to encounter. By level 12, you will have 2 very nice green rings (they come in a variety of stats +stam,+agil,+int,+spirit,+strength) as well as your choice from a couple of neck items. These items are fairly easy to make – the only trade item you need is a “Jewelers Kit” and some copper and gems (tigerseye, malachite).
My favorite part of Jewelcrafting however is probably the totems. For every 10 rough stone you collect, you can carve a small stone figure which heals you during your fight. It is basically a Heal-Over-Time, instant cast and only a one-shot deal. I am not going to tell you the amount of times they have saved me but it is a great addition to a regular crafting profession.


For more specifics on the items you can make with Jewelcrafting, Thottbot has a great compendium here..

Hopefully, I have answered more questions then I have created with this second peek into the Burning Crusade but if you have any questions please feel free to take them over here.

WoWScrnShot_102406_195402.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_194635.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_215905.jpg
WoWScrnShot_102306_194709.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_215036.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_204726.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_205621.jpg

Burning Crusade - Starting a Draenei Character

Burning Crusade: Azuremyst Island

Draiken was roaming the plains of Azuremist Island as a Draenei after waking up from a few weeks stasis sleep, healing after the crash of Exodar in the northwestern region of Kalimdor. After initiating his adventures taking instructions from NPCs to search for surviving escape pods, you are welcomed by horrors … mutated creatures that have been affected by the Exodar crystals that were shattered off Exodar as it crashed down upon the island.  It is your duty to take the poor creatures out of their misery. However, there are other more interesting quests leading you to the Furbolg Hold, or Human ships near the shores greeting you. A strange sight to see is a Gnome tagged as Envoy of Mekkatorque.  Why has Mekkatorque from Gnomeregan sent a brigade all the way to Azuremyst? Things will be revealed hopefully to make sense. Check out 30 screenshots of Azuremyst island and the Exodar.

WoWScrnShot_102306_191706.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_192021.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_192410.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_192551.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_194635.jpg
WoWScrnShot_102306_194709.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_200119.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_201106.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_201549.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_201716.jpg
WoWScrnShot_102306_204726.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_205807.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_205808.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_210820.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_214732.jpg
WoWScrnShot_102306_214742.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_220732.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_185125.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_193018.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_193546.jpg
WoWScrnShot_102406_193714.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_195402.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_202754.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_205616.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_205619.jpg
WoWScrnShot_102406_205621.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_205804.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_215036.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_215905.jpg WoWScrnShot_102406_222903.jpg

Burning Crusade Beta Coverage - Exodar

Greetings everyone!
I have yet to formally introduce myself to the community so let me take this opportunity. I recently joined BlizzPlanet’s staff to help with the RP and Lore forums ( but also to help MedievalDragon with the AMAZING Burning Crusade Beta coverage. If you have any specific questions regarding the Beta, please feel free to take them over here.

Our travels begin as dark blue-skinned Draenei Paladin. The opening narrative places you, you have recently crash landed on the island of Exordar.

Upon awakening from what appears to be a week or so in healing stasis, you are immediately impeached to set off and help those conscious with rescuing the missing survivors who have been scattered around the crash site. As if things weren?t bad enough, the power crystals of the ship are reacting poorly with the local fauna and wildlife causing unpredictable mutations which threaten to overwhelm the struggling camp site. The fate of two worlds is now up to you.

You start by gaining experience in the starting zone. The begining quests involve fighting mutants,

and harvesting blood from the local animals to help synthesize Draenei blood to help the seriously injured. All in all, the starting quests are smart and unique – a refreshing break from what you are probably very accustomed to by now.

Taking a look at the Draenei racial abilities, I was immediately struck by how amazing the Blessing of the Naaru is (a self-cast, mana-free, Heal-Over-Time). As a Paladin, an additional healing spell seemed overkill at first but tossing it on before every major confrontation (or when you accidentally pull two or three extra mobs) easily has saved my life more then any other racial ability to date. In addition you are also blessed with some great shadow resistance,+15 jewelcrafting bonus and a group party buff of either +1% chance to hit with spells or melee (depending on class). All in all, racial benefits alone should drive most other classes to near extinction. Azerothian Affirmative Action anyone?


So that is the basics of the Draenei, I will go over the 10+ level areas later. Right now, I would like to go into the new mechanics of WoW. Although I am too low to use it, the new LookingForGroup system seems both well thought out and extremely easy to use. There is a new green eye icon on your bottom bar right next to your social icon.

Other significant changes are major UI improvements including (but not limited to!): Auto loot corpse (your little pinky can relax now) and a feature which allows you to see what spells your opponent is casting while they are casting it. Pretty spiffy huh?

(apologies on size)

Finally, in closing I wanted to reference some of the great new NPC’s which have been added to the game including this amazing guy found at a Night Elf camp, Cookie McWeaksauce!

I hope this helped give you a sneak peek of the new Alliance race, I will be bringing you screens and comments from the rest of the island soon including more information on the new profession, Jewelcrafting. If you have any specific questions regarding the Beta, please feel free to take them over here.

World of Warcraft - Game Informer Mag April 2004

reported by [email protected]

Game Informer: What steps are being taken to ameliorate the standard MMORPG “experience grind”?

Rob Pardo: Many MMORPGs can leave you feeling like you’re “grinding” because you don’t have a purpose for your character. To alleviate that feeling, we intend for players to always have active quests to complete. There will be a wide range of quests in the game—some relatively straightforward and some more elaborate. In addition to helping players feel like they always have a mission at hand, the quests will serve as tour guides, showing players all of the cool things to see and do in World of Warcraft.

GI: Will character growth follow a standard RPG formula(i.e. Level 40 mage or Level 26 warrior), or does hero advancement work a little differently?

RP: World of Warcraft will blend standard character advancement with other balanced modes of character development. Players will first select their character’s race and class, and then they’ll advance their character from level 1 to level 60. However, there will also be tons of other advancement opportunities: Players can learn trade skills, like blacksmithing, other secondary skills like fishing, talents like fire specialization for mages, and they can eventually try to obtain a Hero class such as Demon Hunter.

GI: Will there be story events that shape the history of Azeroth? If so, how will players be able to participate and influence them?

RP: Over time, the world will evolve through world events that players can participate in. For example, the Dark Portal was shut down back in the days of Warcraft II, but players in World of Warcraft may be able to find the means to once again open the portal to Draenor.

GI: What’s the hardest thing about putting together an MMORPG and bringing it up to Blizzard’s quality standards?

RP: The enormous size of the game. We’ve always been known for our high level of polish and attention to all the details in our games. We like to take our time with every feature, from how macros work, to how a dragon behaves, to how a fireball looks when cast by a mage. With the sheer amount of features and content in the game, it really puts a lot of pressure on us to maintain the level of polish that players expect of us and that we expect of ourselves, but we intend to meet these expectations.

WOW Alpha/Beta Questions & Answers Collection

Here are some answers to a few of the questions posted within the forums:

Will patches be released around the world months apart as has been the case in some other games?

Blizzard is striving to have patches released simultaneously all around the world. From time to time there may be some delays, but it’s anticipated that these delays would be minimal.

What (if any) will the guild perks be?

Customizable Guild Tabards
Private Guild Chat Channel
Guild Dungeon Instances

There will be other non-tangible perks associated with being in a guild such as having a large social network, being able to raid in zones that require more than one group working in unison and the ability to help each other with trade skill items.

While guild housing is something that the development team wants to add to the game, at this time, they don’t believe it will be ready at the time the game ships.

What are the racial traits?

Currently, I’ve only got the answer for three of the races:Dwarves: Find Treasure & Frost Resistance
Humans: Additional Skill Points
Undead:Underwater Breathing, Immune to Charm, Fear & Sleep and Shadow Resistance

Because Paladins need to use a skill to wield swords, will they be able to get their sword skill as high as their hammer skill?


Will players have the ability to change factions (from Horde to Alliance)?

No, but it will be possible to learn languages and communicate with players of the opposing faction.

Quest Loot vs Crafted Items &150; which is better?

The development team is working very hard to balance this. There will be better items in each. For example, at level 5 you might quest for the “best” boots in the game and the “best” gloves will be crafted. Whereas at level 7 the “best” boots would be crafted and the “best” gloves will be quested for (best meaning better stats for that level/race/class).

As a shape shifter, what forms can a druid take?

There will be many forms available to druids, at this time I can tell you three of them: Bears, Cats & Aquatic (similar to a sea lion).

Will there be Epic Quests?

Yes! We’re calling them Life Quests.

Can players change the way their guild emblem will look?

Yes, players will be able to modify their emblems as follows: Select a Symbol
Select the Color of the Symbol
Modify the Border
Select a Color for the Border
Select a Color for the Background

Will quests vary in difficulty?

Yes, at each level there will be quests that vary in their degree of difficulty. Of course easier quests will give lower experience and/or lesser items whereas the harder quests will give high experience and/or more desired items.

There will also be “elite” quests in the game. Elite quests will yield much more experience then normal quests and the rewards will be exceptional as well. It will generally take a group (or in some cases, groups) of people to complete an elite quest.

Will Horde & Alliance players be able to group together?

At this time, No.

What classes can duel wield?

Rogues can naturally duel wield, under certain situations other melee classes will be able to as well. (Sorry can’t disclose what these “certain situations” are at this time.)

Will there be items/spells to increase underwater breathing durations?

Yes, both spells and items will be available to increase underwater breathing beyond the 90 seconds.

Items which are still being decided upon or that I’m not able to speak about (so no answer available at this time):

RP & PvP Servers
Progression Past Level 60
Hunter Fighting/Focus Information
Estimated Time to Max a Character

As always, everything listed is subject to change. I will let you all know if/when that happens.

~Kat smile

Original Thread

World of Warcraft FAQ—2-13-04

Will there be music in the game?
Yes, there will be music everywhere. The music will change depending on your character?s location and what is happening around you at the time.

Can you run World of Warcraft in a window?
Yes, the game can be run in a window or if you prefer full screen, you will have the ability to alt-tab out of the game.

Will the game have a built in MP3 player?
No but because the game can be played in a window, you will be free to run your own MP3 player in the background.

Can you play the game in the first person view?
Yes, World of Warcraft can be played in first person view. Different viewing options can be selected by utilizing either the keyboard or the mouse.

Are there ways to gain experience in the game besides fighting?
Yes, there will be ways to gain experience other than by fighting. Exploring is just one example of how you can gain experience by simply finding a new area (for your character) within the game.

Will there be support for French Canadians on the North American servers?
We are in the process of hiring some bilingual French/English GMs. While the bilingual staff will be limited, they will exist to handle situations that come up for our non-English speaking customers.

Will there be GM support in the game 24/7?
The GM team is staffing up now ? you betchya!

Will there be long waits for GMs to respond to questions when a player needs assistance?
Blizzard is committed to excellent Customer Service. If the wait for GM support is longer than we expect it to be, we will take steps to fix the problem.

Can our characters sit in chairs?

Can Warriors solo?
Yes, all classes will have the ability to solo including warriors.

What types of payment options will be available for World of Warcraft?
We are currently investigating several types of payment options and will let everyone know once the decisions are finalized.

Can players own or operate ships?
At this time, all ships are owned and operated by NPCs within the game.

Which classes can heal?
The classes that have the natural ability to heal are as follows:
Warlock (themselves and their pets)
Hunters (their pets)

Will there be special events held in the game for holidays?
Yes! There will be special events held for both ?real? holidays and special days created in World of Warcraft.

Can we get some new Gnome Screenshots?
We?ll have some new Gnome shots for you next week, along with a few new Trolls too.

~Kat smile

Katricia Q&A: Outland & Quel’Thalas

Q&A 03/10/04 | 3/11/2004 12:07:44 AM EST

Will we be able to visit the old deep sea oil rigs and foundries that existed in WarCraft II?

  • Even though it’s been well over 20 years since the time of WarCraft II, a vast array of historical sites can still be discovered. After so many years of war many of these places have become ruins. Some of the landmarks you might sight are ancient guard towers, abandoned oil refineries, ogre mounds etc.

    Can players visit the Outland?

  • Players can visit the Outland once it becomes available. The Outland will become available through players summoning the Dark Portal. This will be a server-wide, world altering event. Once the portal is opened .. it will remain opened for good, allowing all players’ access to the Outland.

    Can we go to Quel’Thalas?

  • Quel’Thalas will not initially be available however there are lands in place that border Quel’Thalas.

    What famous places can we expect to see?

  • Some of the famous places that you can expect to see are Blackrock Spire where Lord Lothar was defeated, Mount Hyjal where the Burning Legion invaded the world and the Ruins of Lordaeron’s capital city where Prince Arthas murdered his father.

    Do High Elves still exist or are they all Blood Elves now?

  • There are definitely still High Elves left in the world, although not many. Most of these are scattered along the borders of Quel’Thalas.

    It’s important to know that the transformation from High Elf to Blood Elf is not physica in nature but is instead an ideological change. While the majority High Elves made the cross over to become Blood Elves, there is a small handful of High Elves that hold true to their original identities.

    Including jewelry, will all equipped items be visible on our characters?

  • Most equipped items will be visible. At this time however, jewelry can not be seen without viewing a player’s paper doll.

    Will the ammunition for ranged weapons have to be replaced?

  • Yes, the ammunition used for ranged weapons will be consumed as you use it. Ammo is inexpensive and sold in stacks of 100.

    Will there be throwing weapons in the game and will these weapons be lost after they are thrown?

  • Both throwing daggers and axes are currently available. Like ammunition, throwing weapons are consumed as they are used. Likewise, they are inexpensive and purchased in stacks of 100.

    Will there be more than one type of ammo for each ranged weapon?

  • Yes. Ranged damage is calculated by both the damage done with the weapon and damage done with the ammunition. Our plan is to have a variety of ammo types available for each weapon. For example, Engineers have the ability to craft various qualities of bullets and many vendors sell ammo of varying grades as well.

    Do you need Alchemy and Herbalism to create poisons as a Rogue?

  • The Rogue’s poison ability is learned directly from their trainers. Like a tradeskill, poisoning does use recipes to create its deadly poisons; however, it is not a tradeskill and is instead a rogue only ability.

    Alchemy will have no bearing on poisoning. A rogue might wish to explore Herbalism as some, but not all, of their recipes will require herbs. It’s also important to note that poison recipes will require a variety of ingredients which are bought from vendors, found on creature corpses and cultivated via the Herbalism skill.

    What is the difference between the Warlock spell “Find Herbs” and the “Herbalism” skill?

  • Warlocks do not have a spell called “Find Herbs.” “Find Herbs” is a skill that comes as part of your apprenticeship in the field of Herbalism—it’s used to … well … help you find herbs.

    I understand that Voidwalker pets lose life over time and Infernal pets are only brief summons. How long do they last? How often do they need to be resummoned?

  • Neither the Voidwalker nor the Infernal lose health over time. Both will remain with the Warlock until killed, unsummoned or the Warlock dies/logs out of the game.

    Is the Imp still a useful pet to the Warlock at higher levels?

  • The Imp will continue to be a strong pet through all of the Warlock’s life due to its keen buffing abilities. This is especially true in group play as the Imp will automatically buff all members of the party and continue to refresh these buffs when needed.

    Can we get an update/more information on racial benefits and abilities?

  • The racial trait system is currently being reworked. No updates at this time.

    Will I be able to drop stuff on the ground so that someone else can pick it up?

  • Items can not be dropped on the ground for others to pick up. Items can be destroyed, traded or placed in bags and banks.

    Are they still planning on eventually adding player housing?

  • Housing is still planned for after ship and is in early design which basically means that it’s currently a concept, a concept that continues to change and be modified. When we have a better idea on the scope of the project, we can better determine when housing will be released.

    Will your mount appearances be customizable or will they all look alike?

  • There will be many varieties of mounts to choose from. Shopping around isn’t a bad idea if you are trying to find one that looks a certain way.

    Do instanced dungeons automatically respawn after they are cleared out or does a new instance need to be entered to fight them again?

  • This really depends on the dungeon. As an example, Wailing Caverns in the Barrens does not automatically respawn while Shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest is set to continually respawn as it is cleared.

    ~Kat >^..^<

  • Katricia visits Wow.Warcry IRC Chat

    [16:16] hi kat
    [16:16] Hi Kat smile
    [16:16] is it really?
    [16:16] Yap yap smile

    [16:20] will leveling be a direct affect from combat or will there be other ways to level up?
    [16:20] so in just hitting a tree with a sword?
    [16:20] questing
    [16:20] x[nin]Tons of quests in WoW smile

    [16:20] Kat, Marry me! we can have a WoW marriage, your undead priest and my undead rogue raspberry its foolproof, we will be good together
    [16:20] GhouL .. sorry but my hubby is an Undead Rogue .. already married wink

    [16:21] Okay .. I have a question …  As you all know .. each race has a mount (some unannounced yet) .. and that Warlocks also get a special “Nightmare” … does anyone know what other class gets a special mount and what it’s called? smile  (Lots of wrong answers given here).  Get your pens ready to write this down … because it’s new information smile  The Paladin will have a high level quest to get his Charger .. which will be his/her mount smile  Yes, a special War Horse .. Paladin only smile  I haven’t seen one, so that’s the best description I can give at this point in time smile

    [16:25] but it seems unfair to horde player cause they dont have a special-class-mount
    [16:25] for shaman
    [16:26] Eggo, good point … while I don’t know if this will be offset with a Horde Class specific mount, I do know that they are intending to balance out the factions, I’ll be sure to bring it to someone’s attention just in case it’s been missed smile

    [16:26] Will the Warlock/Paladin special class mount be obtained the same way as racial mounts???
    [16:27] Kredit, Warlock/Paladin mounts will be quested for … normal mounts will be bought and skilled for

    [16:27] Kat, Can I ask why we can’t jump off a Air Taxi? and what will happen if you LD while on one?
    [16:28] Zion, jumping off would kill you .. as for LD, I don’t honestly have an answer although I suspect when you log back in you’ll still be in the air flying smile

    [16:29] Hmm..Well compared to DAoC I remember you would fall of the horse in the place you LD…So i was just thinking
    [16:30] Zion, I doubt they will do that in WoW as some of the places you will fly over will be way over your level .. or even over the ocean ect.

    [16:29] Kat, sup:) After you get level 60, will there be a whole bunch of super-duper hard equipment to gain that can still make your character much stronger? Lots of 60 requirment armor/swords that take super hard quests?
    [16:31] MJ, that’s the plan and much more although we are still working on high level content. The game has been created from the ground up .. meaning that they started working on lvl 1 stuff and progressed in that way … so lvl 60 content is still being developed.

    [16:31] Katricia, do you know about the boat rides/flight times, how long they will actually take since its real-time?
    [16:32] Zeeg, the amount of time depends on the trip. I’ve taken flights that have lasted seconds and then some that have lasted a minute or two .. it all depends on your origin and destination smile


    Can the warlock summon mount to his friend?
    [16:33] Pan, no … the mount will be soul linked with his master and wouldn’t lower itself to allow another on it’s back.  I was picking flowers all around Ironforge earlier today with her lil’ Gnome Warlock.  As an FYI: We’re just now in the process of working with our Battlefield PvP .. and are experimenting with Seige types of weapons smile

    [16:43] the quests in the PVP areas will have better rewards I remember reading.. that still true?
    [16:43] : Xora, much about the PvP system is uncertain as it’s still in development .. smile

    [16:44] Kat, recently posted on a fansite…WoW will use the RPS(rock/paper/scissor) model for PvP, can you confirm?
    [16:45] : Kredit it’s very hard for me to talk too much about PvP due to the fact that anything I would say would have a high likelyhood of changing .. as I said earlier, it’s still in development

    [16:46] Kat, as of now, how many hours of solid leveling does it take to get to level 20?
    [16:46] : I’m not sure MJ .. I don’t get very much time to play smile

    [16:50] @kat is gold useful ? or will the moneysystem collaps like as in many mmorpgs
    [16:51] looks into the future .. yes, money will be useful

    [16:51] from what blizz has said, money will be very important and useful
    [16:52] any ‘secret/unlocked’ tradeskills that wont be mentioned at release?
    [16:52] : There’s a new skinning tradeskill used for .. skinning animals for their hides (imagine that!)

    [16:53] will there be guns for any race?
    [16:53] I believe guns for any race .. but only for specific classes

    [16:54] 04Kat can you comment on Mage pets?
    [16:54] : No

    [16:55] Only kat may use colored text or emotes. raspberry
    [16:55] dances around at her power to be the only one with pretty text colors

    [17:03] as far as i know, i asked before about aura weapons, and they are apparently in… you can have a flaming sword, and it does extra damage, some unique weapons automatically get this as a trait, but some can be e
    [17:03] Exactly Ghoul

    [17:06] 12does anyone know what the troll moun
    t will be?

    The gnomes are already so cute .. seeing them on sheep would be great smile  I’ve got to run folks .. sorry I couldn’t stay longer .. thanks Raal and all the good folks at blizzard guilds for inviting me .. have a great weekend y’all smile

    World of Warcraft Fan Site Chat Transcript

    Blizzplanet assisted to the Fan Sites Program Chat with Blizzard Public Relations Department to talk about World of Warcraft. The Blizzard employees attending to the chat were

    Donna Anthony (Katricia), World of Warcraft Community Manager.
    World of Warcraft Development Team: Mark Kern, Rob Pardo, Shane Dabiri, and Jeffrey Kaplan

    Public Relations: Lisa Bucek (Public Relations Director), Gil Shif (Public Relations Assistant Manager), George Wang (Public Relations Fan Sites Coordinator)

    Web Team: Geoff Fraizer, Blaine Whittle, and Mike Hein.

    Special Guest: Mike Morhaime, President.

    Blizzplanet was represented by MEDIEVALDRAGON, Dark Nemesis, Stephen and Yitten. We arrived 2 hours before the chat to find many Fan Sites waiting there for hours as in preparing for a big event. I chatted with OneMadOgre from, found MikiTitan from Wowlands, WowCentral, WOW-Ra, Demolishman,,, Wow.Stratics, Wow.Warcry, JudgeHype and many others. Something we could notice was that the channel limit was still 40 chatters. As you may guess, many fan sites were in transit hitting that button many times trying to get into the channel in US East.

    Some time later, everyone were in silence as Lisa Bucek entered the channel. The Channel limit was increased once Robert the SysOp set up the limit. Suddenly a wave of Fan Site Program members came in like an avalanche. From 40 members, the room increased to 150 members. And introduction of the Public Relations staff initiated. That said, the Questions and Answers were led by Lisa Bucek and Katricia, with some intervention by George Wang and Gil Shif—who were behind reading some of the submitted questions in the background and shared few answers.

    The World of Warcraft chat revealed many questions that covered the following topics:

  • Quests
  • Tradeskills
  • PvE Combat
  • Warcraft Lore
  • The World
  • Dungeons
  • Instancing
  • Cities
  • User Interface
  • Transportation (player mounts, gryphon taxis, boats/zeppelins)


    [LisaB.PR] Hey everyone, good to see you – we’ll start the chat now – fire away

    [Katricia] Hiyas all … Good to see you all here this afternoon smile

    Q: If a group of people enter an instaced dungeon, how does a new player join that group or enter their dungeon?

    Katricia: Basically the group can invite that player into their party and when the player enters the instance they will automatically be in the same instance as that party.

    Q: What sort of information the map going to display?

    Katricia: The minimap will show various points of interest such as towns and major cities. You will also be able to see members of your group and if they are out of range, you’ll get directional arrows so you can easily find them. For the world map, you can see the entire world at once, half the world, or zoom into paticular zones which will show areas that you’ve already discovered. You’ll also be able to place a rally point on the map which group members will see.  This will be used for navagational purposes.

    Q: Will I be able to place flags down on the minimap to mark locations if I wish to return to that place later?

    Katricia: You can ping the minimap to make group members aware of a particular area. You will be able to make notes on the world map including key locations later.

    Q: How does pathing work? In other MMORPGs problems have resulted from players being able to affect NPCs without retaliation and viceversa.  What are the solutions to these problems in WoW? Summoning, warping , line of sight, etc...

    Katricia: We have special creature AI so they can’t be exploited. Creatures know when they are being exploited and go into “evade” mode and return to their spawn point.

    Q: Will players be able to customize their interface?

    Katricia: Yes, you can drag and resize chat windows and later on we hope to enable dragging for other windows in the game as well.  For those more technical types you can completely customize and change the interface using XML and Lua scripting.  We expect users to create custom interfaces for PvP, trade skilling, guild skins, specific classes etc.

    Q: How many trade skills can a player master on an individual character?

    Katricia: A player will have to pick and chose as they will not have the skill points to take everything. Skills can be “untrained” though, so there’s no worry about picking the wrong one and being stuck with it.

    Q: How will the trading interface work?

    Katricia: You must be side-by-side. The interface is designed to be as secure as possible. A similar interface is used to provide a secure system for enchanting and unlocking boxes etc. This is cool because in other games you actually have to hand over your items to the enchanter, who may not be honest. In WoW, the enchanter never has physical possesion of your item.

    Q: Can you give any comparisons, or lack of, between the drop system in WoW and D2?

    Katricia: Like D2, WoW supports a form of random item generation. Unique items can be created by the system such as “Sword of Life-stealing” or “Breast-Plate of Stamina”. We take the basic item like the sword, and the system randomly combines it with a modifier such as life-stealing.

    Q: We’ve seen from an older screenshot that the Dark Portal has been rebuilt (after being destroyed in War2 expansion pack). Can you give us any background on why it’s back or what role it’ll play in the game?

    Katricia: The foundation of the Dark Portal was never destroyed even though the connection between the worlds was severed; and while it is no longer open, there is a legend of a ritual contained within Medivh’s spellbook which might one day allow powerful Warlocks to open a portal.

    Q: What happens when a player fails to complete a quest? Will there be and option to try the quest again?

    Katricia: Yes, players can always go back to the quest giver and try again.

    Q: Can you tell us more details about group spells and/or rituals?

    Katricia: The warlock has the ritual of summoning. With three people in a group, the warlock will cast a portal that two others must touch which will summon a distant party member to that location.

    Q: Will it be possible to journey into Outland (or not if in the initial release planner later)?

    Katricia: Ahhh … We’ve got to keep some secrets smile

    Q: Will there be any class-related quests that take you to enemy towns and/or cities? (For example, can a rogue get to sneak in, steal stuff, and sneak out for a quest)?

    Katricia: Yes, there are some quests in the game that take you into enemy towns.

    Q: Will the quests progress the Warcraft storyline, and can we expect to see the storyline drastically affect the Warcraft game world as time progresses?

    Katricia: We have a story planned over the next few years which affects the world in dramatic ways.

    Q: For people who have friends that want to play together from the start, but play different races, is it going to be easy and/or quick to start playing with your friends as soon as possible?

    Katricia: For some races its easier than for others. For example the Humans and Dwarves have easy transit between their two cities while the Night Elves are in a distant land.

    Q: Will there be a variety of fish to catch while fishing? Will there be any special items, treasure chests, or SOS bottles that are able to be fished up?

    Katricia: Yes, we are even planning in having seasonal fish—and they can tie into quests and other tradeskills. You can also fish up things like lock boxes, unique armors, and other things.

    Q: How will players use mounts? Will they be available through a summonalbe skill, or merchant (ie. stables). How long will they last and are there different levels for mounts?

    Katricia: Mounts become availlable to each race at a high level. We also have other specialty mounts … Warlocks for example can summon a Nightmare. Mounts can be called when needed by the owner.

    Q: Will Hunters who train in bows and rifles always be better than say a Warrior who has trainned to the same level of same weapon?

    Katricia: They will very likely be very similar in skills, however; the Hunters will have additional abilities with those weapons that are unique to their class. This will ultimately make them more powerful with ranged weapons.

    Q: Will there be “named” or “unique” monsters in the World or Warcraft? If so, will they appear randomly or will they only spawn under certain circumstances?

    Katricia: Yes there are many unique monsters in Wow. Some will appear randomly, while others will only spawn when certain conditions have been met.

    Q: Will items be crafted in Wow be more useful to other players than the crafted items are in other RPGs?

    Katricia: Throughout your career as a crafter, there will always be items which you can create that will be the best items a player can use at that level. For example, at level 40 the best bracer might come from a blacksmith; while at level 45, the best brace might come from a quest. There are also a number of consumable items that can be created such as armor patches and sharpening stones. Tradeskillers can sell th
    ese consumable items to players who will use them to improve their existing armor and items.

    Q: Will players be able to recreate the same item over and over as long as they get the r
    ight materials?

    Katricia: Yes smile

    Q: Will there be a follow option to have your character automatically follow your group leaders?

    Katricia: Currently you can follow anyone not just the group leader.

    [GilS.PR] Hey everyone, that was the last question. However, we have a special announcement for you, so hold on a sec’, and I’ll turn it back over to Katricia.

    [Katricia] Just wanted to thank you all for coming today and wanted to let yas know that all of the sites in the Fansite Program have automatically been entered into our beta program …

    [Katricia] this includes international fan sites.

    [Katricia] Also, we will be handing out additional beta accounts to fan sites to use for contests … (more on this at a later time).

    [Katricia] Thanks again for joining us .. yas all have a great night smile

    [GilS.PR] Thanks everybody. Katricia has left the building wink See you next time.

    World of Warcraft Pre-Beta Images Here
    World of Warcraft Alpha Images Here
    Official Blizzard World of Warcraft site Here

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