Here are some answers to a few of the questions posted within the forums:

Will patches be released around the world months apart as has been the case in some other games?

Blizzard is striving to have patches released simultaneously all around the world. From time to time there may be some delays, but it’s anticipated that these delays would be minimal.

What (if any) will the guild perks be?

Customizable Guild Tabards
Private Guild Chat Channel
Guild Dungeon Instances

There will be other non-tangible perks associated with being in a guild such as having a large social network, being able to raid in zones that require more than one group working in unison and the ability to help each other with trade skill items.

While guild housing is something that the development team wants to add to the game, at this time, they don’t believe it will be ready at the time the game ships.

What are the racial traits?

Currently, I’ve only got the answer for three of the races:Dwarves: Find Treasure & Frost Resistance
Humans: Additional Skill Points
Undead:Underwater Breathing, Immune to Charm, Fear & Sleep and Shadow Resistance

Because Paladins need to use a skill to wield swords, will they be able to get their sword skill as high as their hammer skill?


Will players have the ability to change factions (from Horde to Alliance)?

No, but it will be possible to learn languages and communicate with players of the opposing faction.

Quest Loot vs Crafted Items &150; which is better?

The development team is working very hard to balance this. There will be better items in each. For example, at level 5 you might quest for the “best” boots in the game and the “best” gloves will be crafted. Whereas at level 7 the “best” boots would be crafted and the “best” gloves will be quested for (best meaning better stats for that level/race/class).

As a shape shifter, what forms can a druid take?

There will be many forms available to druids, at this time I can tell you three of them: Bears, Cats & Aquatic (similar to a sea lion).

Will there be Epic Quests?

Yes! We’re calling them Life Quests.

Can players change the way their guild emblem will look?

Yes, players will be able to modify their emblems as follows: Select a Symbol
Select the Color of the Symbol
Modify the Border
Select a Color for the Border
Select a Color for the Background

Will quests vary in difficulty?

Yes, at each level there will be quests that vary in their degree of difficulty. Of course easier quests will give lower experience and/or lesser items whereas the harder quests will give high experience and/or more desired items.

There will also be “elite” quests in the game. Elite quests will yield much more experience then normal quests and the rewards will be exceptional as well. It will generally take a group (or in some cases, groups) of people to complete an elite quest.

Will Horde & Alliance players be able to group together?

At this time, No.

What classes can duel wield?

Rogues can naturally duel wield, under certain situations other melee classes will be able to as well. (Sorry can’t disclose what these “certain situations” are at this time.)

Will there be items/spells to increase underwater breathing durations?

Yes, both spells and items will be available to increase underwater breathing beyond the 90 seconds.

Items which are still being decided upon or that I’m not able to speak about (so no answer available at this time):

RP & PvP Servers
Progression Past Level 60
Hunter Fighting/Focus Information
Estimated Time to Max a Character

As always, everything listed is subject to change. I will let you all know if/when that happens.

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Original Thread

World of Warcraft FAQ—2-13-04

Will there be music in the game?
Yes, there will be music everywhere. The music will change depending on your character?s location and what is happening around you at the time.

Can you run World of Warcraft in a window?
Yes, the game can be run in a window or if you prefer full screen, you will have the ability to alt-tab out of the game.

Will the game have a built in MP3 player?
No but because the game can be played in a window, you will be free to run your own MP3 player in the background.

Can you play the game in the first person view?
Yes, World of Warcraft can be played in first person view. Different viewing options can be selected by utilizing either the keyboard or the mouse.

Are there ways to gain experience in the game besides fighting?
Yes, there will be ways to gain experience other than by fighting. Exploring is just one example of how you can gain experience by simply finding a new area (for your character) within the game.

Will there be support for French Canadians on the North American servers?
We are in the process of hiring some bilingual French/English GMs. While the bilingual staff will be limited, they will exist to handle situations that come up for our non-English speaking customers.

Will there be GM support in the game 24/7?
The GM team is staffing up now ? you betchya!

Will there be long waits for GMs to respond to questions when a player needs assistance?
Blizzard is committed to excellent Customer Service. If the wait for GM support is longer than we expect it to be, we will take steps to fix the problem.

Can our characters sit in chairs?

Can Warriors solo?
Yes, all classes will have the ability to solo including warriors.

What types of payment options will be available for World of Warcraft?
We are currently investigating several types of payment options and will let everyone know once the decisions are finalized.

Can players own or operate ships?
At this time, all ships are owned and operated by NPCs within the game.

Which classes can heal?
The classes that have the natural ability to heal are as follows:
Warlock (themselves and their pets)
Hunters (their pets)

Will there be special events held in the game for holidays?
Yes! There will be special events held for both ?real? holidays and special days created in World of Warcraft.

Can we get some new Gnome Screenshots?
We?ll have some new Gnome shots for you next week, along with a few new Trolls too.

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