Welcome to Part 2 of Blizzplanet’s World of Warcraft Beta coverage. In this section we will walk through the intermediate Draenei lands, the Draenei capital city, and also touch on Jewelcrafting. I will also throw in some introduction screens with comments on the new Arena system.


AS you can see, with the Draenei’s addition to the equation, a new land mass has been discovered off the western coast of Kalimdor.


Our last article took us through the Draenei starting zone, Ammen Vale. The next section that opens to us is Azure Watch and Exodar, the capital city.


Azure Watch is the quest hub for your next adventures from around level 8 to 13. Including a great one which allows every class of Draenei to interact with a clan of Furbolgs called the Silverpine. From them you learn the way of the totem and gain, from a lore perspective, an answer to how the Draenei embraced shamanism.

WoWScrnShot_102306_191706.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_192021.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_192410.jpg

The quests culminates in a series of druid-like shapeshifts from seal form to a panther which enables you to invisibly run through the forest. You follow a shape-shifter in this form to the base of enemy furbolgs which have raided the Silverpine and stolen and enslaved their youth.


This quest series continues for the next few levels mixed in with other quests to kill more mutated animals as well as helping to gather supplies for the new colonies. Ultimately, you arrive to a fully-developed Silverpine village to find out they have a prophecy in which one not of this planet will protect them from their enemies and ultimately end the continual warfare. Not too shabby for a level 10!


If you choose to help the Silverpine, you will be required to surgically strike the enemy in varying capacities with the ultimate culmination of waves of Silverpine charging into the battle and laying waste to their enemies.

WoWScrnShot_102306_214732.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_214742.jpg

There are of course the usual catch-and-fetch quests which are all done in fairly unique ways keepings them entertaining. For example, when your ship crashed it accidentally introduced an alien species to the forest. It is up to you to help contain them.


(as you can see they are still a work-in-progress – no portrait, no attack or death animation)

Another great quest is entitled “The Kessel Run” (any Star Wars fans out there??) which endows you with an epic Draenei mount to help you complete your fed-ex quest within the time limit. It is a common occurrence to hear “ZOMG! How did you get that at level 12??” in General chat.


A final quest thought to leave with is the Burning Legion appears to be gaining stength in the world. You keep bumping into their people causing trouble and find out those which you think are allies are in fact working for the enemy.

WoWScrnShot_102406_222903.jpg WoWScrnShot_102306_200119.jpg


On to Exodar, the capital city. It is also currently the only place on the island which teaches Jewelcrafting so expect a decent hike at level 5. The theme of the city is a wrecked ship in a state of repair. There are Broken everywhere mending and working on the building and the crystals. Broken have emerged as the “underclass” of the Draenei. The lore is they were seperated from the light through various means (Blood Elves, the crash, radiation, etc) and are now only suitable for manual labor (although you do see the occasional Broken as a shaman trainer). It is a very interesting concept.


The city is astounding. It is very organic feeling, bubbles rise in the tubes, lighting sparks around you as you walk over transparent glass bridges, and there are glowing orbs floating around all over.


There is also a giant holoprojector room with 3D images of all the major Burning Legion ‘baddies’.


All the way at the base of the city called the “Seat of the Naaru”, there is a single Naaru which appears to be powering the city.


Additionally, outside of the city there is an Arena Master which can que you up for practice rounds (if you don’t have a team) in the Arena.


The Arena is amazing. It is a 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 battle to the death. I have only have my que pop once out of the many hours I have played but here are some screens.


The gates open after a countdown.


They emerge from opposite us on the other side of the Arena.

If you beat them you are awarded an honor token I believe. Unfortunately, since I am not on a team it is considered a “practice round” and is merely for show and we received no reward (even though we trounced em!).

Finally, a few words on Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting gives you access to item which would otherwise take you 20 levels or so to encounter. By level 12, you will have 2 very nice green rings (they come in a variety of stats +stam,+agil,+int,+spirit,+strength) as well as your choice from a couple of neck items. These items are fairly easy to make – the only trade item you need is a “Jewelers Kit” and some copper and gems (tigerseye, malachite).
My favorite part of Jewelcrafting however is probably the totems. For every 10 rough stone you collect, you can carve a small stone figure which heals you during your fight. It is basically a Heal-Over-Time, instant cast and only a one-shot deal. I am not going to tell you the amount of times they have saved me but it is a great addition to a regular crafting profession.


For more specifics on the items you can make with Jewelcrafting, Thottbot has a great compendium here..

Hopefully, I have answered more questions then I have created with this second peek into the Burning Crusade but if you have any questions please feel free to take them over here.

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