Greetings everyone!
I have yet to formally introduce myself to the community so let me take this opportunity. I recently joined BlizzPlanet’s staff to help with the RP and Lore forums ( but also to help MedievalDragon with the AMAZING Burning Crusade Beta coverage. If you have any specific questions regarding the Beta, please feel free to take them over here.

Our travels begin as dark blue-skinned Draenei Paladin. The opening narrative places you, you have recently crash landed on the island of Exordar.

Upon awakening from what appears to be a week or so in healing stasis, you are immediately impeached to set off and help those conscious with rescuing the missing survivors who have been scattered around the crash site. As if things weren?t bad enough, the power crystals of the ship are reacting poorly with the local fauna and wildlife causing unpredictable mutations which threaten to overwhelm the struggling camp site. The fate of two worlds is now up to you.

You start by gaining experience in the starting zone. The begining quests involve fighting mutants,

and harvesting blood from the local animals to help synthesize Draenei blood to help the seriously injured. All in all, the starting quests are smart and unique – a refreshing break from what you are probably very accustomed to by now.

Taking a look at the Draenei racial abilities, I was immediately struck by how amazing the Blessing of the Naaru is (a self-cast, mana-free, Heal-Over-Time). As a Paladin, an additional healing spell seemed overkill at first but tossing it on before every major confrontation (or when you accidentally pull two or three extra mobs) easily has saved my life more then any other racial ability to date. In addition you are also blessed with some great shadow resistance,+15 jewelcrafting bonus and a group party buff of either +1% chance to hit with spells or melee (depending on class). All in all, racial benefits alone should drive most other classes to near extinction. Azerothian Affirmative Action anyone?


So that is the basics of the Draenei, I will go over the 10+ level areas later. Right now, I would like to go into the new mechanics of WoW. Although I am too low to use it, the new LookingForGroup system seems both well thought out and extremely easy to use. There is a new green eye icon on your bottom bar right next to your social icon.

Other significant changes are major UI improvements including (but not limited to!): Auto loot corpse (your little pinky can relax now) and a feature which allows you to see what spells your opponent is casting while they are casting it. Pretty spiffy huh?

(apologies on size)

Finally, in closing I wanted to reference some of the great new NPC’s which have been added to the game including this amazing guy found at a Night Elf camp, Cookie McWeaksauce!

I hope this helped give you a sneak peek of the new Alliance race, I will be bringing you screens and comments from the rest of the island soon including more information on the new profession, Jewelcrafting. If you have any specific questions regarding the Beta, please feel free to take them over here.