This page will be updated. For now until I finish the page, here is a quick walkthrough to killl Kael’thas.  I got to kill him over 15 times during PTR as a holy paladin.

Once inside the Grand Magister Chamber, you will see the room has a semi-circular ramp behind Kael’thas.  This spot is important.

Kael’thas must be tanked the first 50% of the fight.  Keep the tank topped up.  Kael spams fireballs pretty fast. Meanwhile, the players must DPS Kael—listen well—behind Kael, by the top of the ramp.

This is the logic to doing this: Kael will spawn a single Phoenix.  Move away as soon as you see the Phoenix’s animation spawning.  It does helluva damage to stay and be affected by the AOE (Area of Effect).  If the Phoenix spawns on the level ground, it will have to move around the semi-circular ramp to reach you.  By then your team has DPSed it from afar in a safe spot.

If the Phoenix spawns on the ramp right where you are jump down the edge.  The Phoenix will have to move around to the ground level. Enough time for you to DPS it down before it reaches anyone.

However, there is a possibility that the Phoenix will go after the tank.  The tank has to be watchful and careful because the Phoenix’s damage summed with Kael’s fireball will be dangerous.  DPS the Phoenix to get aggro away from the Tank or a hunter may misdirect to a mage. Mages may use teleport to get away from the Phoenix.  Did I mention this Phoenix version is faster than the one from Tempest Keep? Ouch!

Once Kael reaches 50% health, Phase 2 will kick in. Kael will cast anti-gravity. He will levitate and all players will float in the air. This looks like the Tempest Keep gravity-lapse, right? …. wrong !!!

This version of gravity-lapse is much more perilous and healing-intense. So if you are a healer, I really-really feel for you. Don’t worry.  I did this quiet many times and figured a good strategy to keep everyone alive.

Arcane Spheres: Kael will spawn three big arcane spheres that chases a random player and changes target every few seconds.  This spheres must be avoided. Period.  They do 2800 Arcane damage AOE on impact.

Arcane Drain: Forgot the name, so let’s call it Arcane Drain.  Basically, the very moment Kael casts gravity-lapse everyone gets around 400 damage per tick until Kael stops casting and you drop to the ground.  And that my friends is … OUCH!

Just imagine getting this amount of damage for 30-40 seconds.

Here is the strategy: Before you start the event you tell your group that at 50% everyone has to swim through the air toward the east door. With everyone safe at the same spot the healer most heal everyone up until you see the arcane spheres nearing.  Everyone now swims to the west door(by the semi-circular ramp) and the healer tops them up.  Rinse and repeat until everyone lands on the ground. By the way, swimming through anti-gravity is faster than in Tempest Keep.

Rush Kael and DPS him with all you got. Blow your cooldowns here.  Healers … drink mana pots.  If you haven’t killed Kael yet, he will continue to cast anti-gravity until he is dead.  Of course, giving you around 15-20 seconds breathing-room to DPS him on the ground before casting gravity-lapse again.

This fight only lasts approximately 2:15 minutes.  One time with a Warrior Tank, Warrior DPS, Rogue and Hunter, and my Holy Paladin he went down in 1:15. He only had the chance to do one gravity-lapse.

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