Twoflower’s Mage Gear Guide

imageOne of’s resident moderators and Mage expert, Twoflower, has written up a comprehensive guide on Mage gear pre-Ulduar.

He’s also thrown in a bunch of other useful info such as advice about obtaining the gear, reaching the hit cap and other topics. Here is the table of content for you to read up on:

  • PvP gear
  • PvP – Gems, Enchants, Glyphs
  • PvE – Gear before heroics
  • PvE – Gear after heroics
  • PvE – Gems, Enchants, Gyphs
  • Raid gear

See the full guide here.

Rare Interracial Couples and Hybrids in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is no stranger to interracial marriages or hybrids. There are many examples throughout Azeroth and Outland of couples from different races such as Rhonin and Vereesa at the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.  Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner who bore a child named Arator the Redeemer. Arator may be found at the Honor Hold Inn in Hellfire Peninsula. The love affair of Turalyon and Alleria was told in detail by Christie Golden in World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal (Pocket Star Books).

Admiral Proudmoore had an affair with a high elf and was father of Finnall Goldensword. Sadly, she hasn’t been added to the MMO yet. She was first introduced in the Alliance & Horde Compendium

2009 Lunar Festival Tips

The Lunar Festival can be the most tedious of the Seasonal World Events due to the traveling all around the world aspect and the countless hours spent to find all the Elders. It does have its rewards, nevertheless. Take in mind you will get reputation with the Horde or the Alliance, which translates in equal reputation for all the races of your faction. No need to spend weeks in Alterac Valley to increase your reputation with a specific race.

The best reward to completing all the achievements of the Lunar Festival comes once you complete all the seasonal world event achievements: a Violet Proto-Drake, which increases flying speed by 310%.

There are a few elusive Elders that are placed in inconvenient and misleading locations. For example, you are told to find Elder Moonstrike at Scholomance. Don’t even bother to enter the dungeon. She is found outdoors by walking upstairs to the roof of the Scholomance building. Elder Starglade is outside Zul’Gurub.  Elder Mistwalker is not inside Dire Maul, you can find him in the arena. This one in particular can be dangerous if you aren’t into PvP as you get auto-flagged. A rogue could be awaiting to gank you with a grin on his face.

Elder Meadowrun is supposed to be at the Weeping Cavern in Western Plaguelands. He is not even inside it or near it. You will find him near the main road far south of the Weeping Cavern at coordinates [65-47].

The Stratholme elder can be found at the Festival Lane. Enter through the main gate and take the route to your right. One of the Northrend dungeon Elders, Elder Ohanzee, can be deceiving. This is the only Northrend Elder that requires you to run an Heroic Gundrak. Enter throuogh the backdoor zone-in to reach the Mamm’toth prophet. The Elder Ohanzee may be found near Eck the Ferocious, who is accessible only in Heroic-mode after killing Moorabi.

You may find other Elders by visiting the Lunar Festival Guide. It tells you where to find them by coordinates. The Northrend Elders have been added. Feel free to update the Wiki.

Wrath of the Lich King: Leatherworking Recipes From Dalaran Vendor

Leatherworkers may purchase new Grand Master Recipes with two types of currency: Heavy Borean Leather or Artic Fur. These function like Emblems or Badges, except this currency comes from killing beasts throughout Northrend. The recipe prices cost either 3 Heavy Borean Leather or 2 Artic fur. The recipes have different pre-requirements ranging through Leatherworking level 400-440.

These are sold by Braeg Stoutbeard (Fur & Leather Trader) at the Mages Commerce Exchange district—coordinates [37,29]—in Dalaran. Take a look at all the 46 recipes below.

Name Cost Level Type

Pattern: Stormhide Stompers

 x 3



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Facemask

 x 3



Pattern: Giantmaim Legguards

 x 2



Pattern: Giantmaim Bracers

 x 2



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Shoulderpads

 x 3



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Chestguard

 x 3



Pattern: Revenant’s Breastplate

 x 2



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Bindings

 x 3



Pattern: Revenant’s Treads

 x 2



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Gauntlets

 x 3



Pattern: Trollwoven Spaulders

 x 2



Pattern: Trollwoven Girdle

 x 2



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Waistguard

 x 3



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Legguards

 x 3



Pattern: Earthgiving Legguards

 x 2



Pattern: Eviscerator’s Treads

 x 3



Pattern: Earthgiving Boots

 x 2



Pattern: Polar Vest

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Headguard

 x 3



Pattern: Polar Cord

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Spaulders

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Chestguard

 x 3



Pattern: Polar Boots

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Bracers

 x 3



Pattern: Icy Scale Chestguard

 x 3



Pattern: Icy Scale Belt

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Handwraps

 x 3



Pattern: Icy Scale Boots

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Belt

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Leggings

 x 3



Pattern: Overcast Boots

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Helm

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Shoulderguards

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Hauberk

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Bracers

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Gauntlets

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Belt

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Leggings

 x 3



Pattern: Swiftarrow Boots

 x 3



Pattern: Stormhide Crown

 x 3



Pattern: Stormhide Shoulders

 x 3



Pattern: Stormhide Hauberk

 x 3



Pattern: Stormhide Wristguards

 x 3



Pattern: Stormhide Grips

 x 3



Pattern: Stormhide Belt

 x 3



Pattern: Stormhide Legguards

 x 3



Wrath of the Lich King: Enchanting Recipes From Vendor NPC

Enchanters have a very special way of getting new recipes outside of the Profession Trainer that doesn’t require to knock a dungeon around senseless over and over again; as was the case with dungeons in WoW Classic and Burning Crusade.  All you need to do is disenchant any green item drop you find from farming mobs or from the quest rewards to acquire Dream Shards.

This is a form of currency for Enchanters, similar to how you use Emblems of Heroism or Emblems of Valor to purchase armor, trinkets and weapons.  In this case, Enchanters use Dream Shards to purchase new recipes from a vendor. You can find Vanessa Sellers (Shard Vendor) at the Simply Enchanting building, next to the Violet Citadel in Dalaran at the Magus Commerce Exchange district. The catch is that you need to have Enchanting 425 to purchase and train the first recipes. A good incentive to dust off and start leveling your Enchanting profession.

Below you can take a look at all the Enchanting recipes available from this vendor.

425 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Icebreaker x 10
430 Formula: Enchant Cloak – Mighty Armor x 4
430 Formula: Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault x 4
430 Formula: Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed x 4
430 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Scourgebane x 10
430 Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Massacre x 10
430 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Giant Slayer x 10
435 Formula: Enchant Gloves – Armsman x 4
435 Formula: Enchant Cloak – Titanweave x 4
435 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower x 10
435 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Superior Potency x 10
440 Formula: Enchant Cloak – Wisdom x 4
440 Formula: Enchant Boots – Greater Assault x 4
440 Formula: Enchant Cloak – Shadow Armor x 4
440 Formula: Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats x 4
440 Formula: Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality x 4
440 Formula: Enchant Bracer – Superior Spellpower x 4
440 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Lifeward x 10
440 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Berserking x 10
440 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Accuracy x 10
440 Formula: Enchant Weapon – Black Magic x 10

Icecrown Daily Quests Guide Part 1

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King offers many daily quests to entertain, and as good source to increase your economy. These are optional, but daily quests allow you to pay repair costs, to buy special mounts from the Sons of Hodir and Wyrmrest Accord, or to cost your gear’s enchants and jewels.

This time we will discuss the daily quests given at the gunships in Icecrown: Orgrim’s Hammer (Horde) or The Skybreaker (Alliance).

Some daily quests are not available right away. You require to do all the quests at the gunships, but eventually you will get access to all of the daily quests. Below you may read the Icecrown Daily Quests Guide Part 1 with links to our WoW Digger.

1. Not a bug

You have to collect 4 Dark Matters and summon a Dark Messenger at Aldur’thar as a spy to the Ebon Blade faction. You have to kill voidwalker minions that can be found around [54,28]. After killing its master and the minion, click the minion and click the Rod of Siphoning and make sure not to move. Your character needs to channel the siphoning for 5 seconds before you get to auto-loot the Dark Matter.

Quest NPC: Thassarian or Koltira Deathweaver

2. Drag and Drop

You must go to the south are of the Aldur’thar Gate to kill Bitter Initiates [53,46]. They drop Orb of Illusion x 3. The goal is to throw the orb of illusion to a Dark Subjugator. However, don’t aggro them and don’t engage in combat. You may stand 20 yards away and throw it from a safe distance by targeting them and clicking the orb in your inventory bag. A gargoyle will swoop down and grab the transformed Dark Subjugator, then it will drop him to the ground like a ragtag.

3. That’s Abominable

You will be given an Abomination Reanimation Kit to kill Icy Ghoul x 15, Vicious Geists x 15 and Risen Alliance Soldiers x 15. In order to use the Abomination Reanimation Kit you need to kill an Abomination to loot a Chilled Abomination Gut. Once looted, go to the southern side of the Mord’rethar Gate [69.60]. Click the Abomination Reanimation Kit in your bag to summon an Abomination. A pet bar pops up with a few abilities. Click a distant mob so that your abomination aggros all mobs in its trajectory. Use the Flatulate button a couple of times. Before your Abomination dies, hit the Burst at the Seams button to make your Abomination explode. You will kill many mobs, but be ready to run away if some remain alive. They will automatically aggro you. You will probably need to kill three or four Abominations to loot their Chilled Abomination Gut to rinse and repeat.

4. Blood of the Chosen

Go to Ymirheim [56,54] to kill 20 Vrykul. They are a bit spread around. If you are a healer or AOE class just run around aggroing at least four or five Vrykul with constant AOE to maintain threat. Then DPS them down. That way you get to finish this up quick.

Quest NPC: Knight-Captain Drosche or Warbringer Davos Rioht

5. Make them pay (Horde), No Mercy! (Alliance)

Unless you are into PvP in a PvE server, you can ignore this one. You will become PvP flagged. The goal is to kill 15 players (of the opposite faction) within Icecrown. You will get 13 gold 23 silver plus a Honor Bonus: 200 as reward.

Quest NPC: High Captain Justin Bartlett or Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar

6. The Solution Solution  (Alliance), Volatility (Horde)

Your mission is to go south of the Mord’rethar Gate, at the Broken Front, to search on the ground for various items to create a dummy: Abandoned Helm x 3, Abandoned Armor x 3 and Pile of Bones x 3. Once you have gathered the items, go to a safe area and click the Volatile Oil item found in your bag. A dummy will spawn and a Frostbrood Skytalon (Frostwyrm) will swoop down to grab the dummy. It will explode in the sky.

Quest NPC: Chief Engineer Boltwrench or Chief Engineer Copperclaw

7. Retest Now (Alliance), Retest Now (Horde)

Go to Aldur’thar at [48,33]. Click the Diluted Cult Tonic in your bag before engaging in combat. It will give you a 30 minutes buff. After that start killing any mobs in the specified location. Loot 10 Tainted Essences. Once you got 10, click them in your bag to combine them into a Writhing Mass. Click the item near any of the three cauldrons at the specified location to complete the quest.

There is a random chance to get a special buff bonus after throwing the Writhing Mass into a cauldron: Agony of the Fallen Cultist (Spell Power increased by 60). Lasts 2 hours.

Quest NPC: Chief Engineer Boltwrench or Chief Engineer Copperclaw

8. No Rest for the Wicked [5]

You may need three or five people to do this quest. Go to Aldur’thar and enter inside the building – the door at coordinates [51,32].  Once within, at your right is a large table and many Cult Researchers. They are in groups of three. Although they have low health, their spells hit pretty hard for 3,000 shadow damage. Shadow buff or aura will help greatly. Kill them and look out for big chests. One on each end of the south end of the table is Alumeth’s Heart. The north end of the table has the Alumeth’s Scepter. Not far from the Scepter chest, to the north is the Alumeth’s Robes chest.  The last chest, Alumeth’s Skull, may be found on the west side (center) of the room.

Once all of them are gathered, click any of the items to combine them into Alumeth’s Remains. Go to the big crystal on the center north of the room and click Alumeth’s Remains to awaken him. DPS him down as fast as you can. He will be spamming mind control on a random player. If your healer is mind controlled too often, you might wipe if the DPS isn’t efficient.

Quest NPC: Thassarian or Koltira Deathweaver

9. Capture More Dispatches, Keeping the Alliance Blind

Horde: Use the SGM-3 item to destroy 6 Skybreaker Recon Fighters (if you are Horde). They fly all around the Valley of Fallen Heroes, west of the Aldur’thar Gate. Go to the northwest ledge of Ymirheim at coordinates [48,36]. Type /macro to open the macro window. Type the following:

/target skybreaker
/cast sgm-3

Drag the macro icon into your spellbar to use the keybind [1].  Spam the 1 button while on the ledge. You will shoot the SGM-3 at any nearby Skybreaker automatically and be done within a minute. Easy cake.

Alliance: Use the macro:

/target Orgrim’s Hammer Scout
/cast dart gun

Bring the 6 dispatches to High Captain Justin Bartlett.

Quest NPC:  High Captain Justin Bartlett or Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar

10. Slaves to Saronite (Alliance), Slaves to Saronite (Horde)

Very straightforward. Go to the mine cave at Ymirheim located at coordinates [56,56] and free 10 Slaves. Some will be friendly, and some will attack you randomly. Beware the elite boss on the left side of the cave. There are also many val’kyrie casters flying inside the cave. Simply target a slave, and click their dialogue option to free them.

More Daily Quests will be added in Part 2 of this guide.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Patch 2.4 PTR - Magister’s Terrace

If you are doing a Magister’s Terrace run for first time, I recommend you to take all the quests from Shattered Sun NPCs before heading to the dungeon. There is a quest titled Magister’s Terrace which asks you to find an NPC named Tyrith. You will find him at the Halls of Theory. More of this later in this article.

The Magister’s Terrace is a 5-players dungeon located northeast of Quel’Danas Isle. You may find the zone-in heading east of the Shattered Sun Offensive boat following the coast. You will find a road going uphill to a big palace atop. That is the Magister’s Terrace.


After zone-in you will find both interior and outdoor portions inside the dungeon. You enter into the Observation Grounds—a bridge designed as an elevated garden with orange trees, and tall elven statues. There are four pulls in this area. A group by the gate, two individual groups at the center, and a group at the end. Your first target should be the healer, sheep, trap or sap the warlock—depending on your group line-up. A very important thing to look after in this dungeon is a strange cloud field that shows up most of the times you pull a mob group.

The first group is by the gate. A Sunblade Mage Guard at each side of the gate.

There is a patrol, which means you should pull the guards to the zone-in area to avoid aggro. The patrol has random spawn.  You will either face a Sunblade Physician and a Sunblade Magister; or a Blood Knight and a Warlock. Either patrol line-up you get, kill the healers first: Blood Knight or Physician.

At the center of the bridge are two separate groups of four mobs each. You can engage one group without aggroing the other, however be careful … they aren’t too far away. They do not have fear abilities which is good. Each of these groups contain the following line-up:

  • Sunblade Magister
  • Sunblade Blood Knight
  • Sunblade Warlock with imp
  • Sunblade Mage Guard

The second group has a replacement for the Warlock. It is a Physician. These mobs can be crowd controlled. The Sunblade Magister is immune to mind control, however.

The last group at the end of the Upper Observation Grounds is composed of four mobs. Two of them on each side of the gate. A Sunblade Warlock and Blood Knight on the right and a Sunblade Magister and Physician on the left. The best way to deal with your enemy is learning about their abilities and spells; and their potential damage and tricks up their sleeves. Below is a list of spells and abilities you should be aware of.

Bosses Map

Locations Map

SUNBLADE MAGE GUARD – Melee attacks do around 777-1258 physical damage.

  • Dampening Field: It is an instant cast within 60 yards and creates a field of anti-magic around the target enemy. Enemies in this field take 75% less damage from spells and receive 75% less healing. As soon as you see this spell deployed move away. Your healers will have a hard time keeping people alive. It looks like a arcane cloud which makes an annoying and constant sound. It will debuff you. Easy to spot.
  • Glaive Throw: Instant cast. Deals 2828 to 3172 damage to target enemy, stunning them for 2 sec. This effect will jump to 2 other nearby targets.


  • Inject Poison: Casting time 1 sec. Inject Poison dealing damage over time.
  • Prayer of Mending: Costs 200 Mana, 40 yard range, Instant cast. 10 seconds cooldown. Places a spell on the target that heals them for 2828 to 3172 the next time they take damage. When the heal occurs, Prayer of Mending jumps to a raid member within 20 yards. Jumps up to 5 times and lasts 30 sec after each jump. This spell can only be placed on one target at a time.


  • Spell Haste: Casting speed increased by 40%. It can be dispelled (Magic). Note: Can stack 4 times. Make sure to dispell it, or keep him crowd-controlled.
  • Enchantment of Spell Haste: Upon casting a spell, increases cast speed by 10%. Note: This seems to be an aura, can’t be dispelled.
  • Frostbolt: Hits you for aproximately 1778-2035 frost damage.


  • Judgement of Wrath: Melee range. Instant.
  • Seal of Wrath: 5 sec cooldown. Instant cast.
  • Holy Light: Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally. Costs 150 mana and 2 sec cast. 40 yard range.


  • Incinerate: Deals 1388-1612 Fire damage to enemies. Costs 150 mana, 1.5 sec cast, 30 yard range.
  • Fel Armor: Surrounds the caster with fel energy, increasing the amount of health generated through spells and effects by 30% and increasing spell damage by up to 250. Only one type of Armor spell can be active on te Warlock at any time. Lasts 30 minutes. Instant cast, costs 725 mana. Rank 2.
  • Immolate: Burns an enemy, then inflicts additional Fire damage every 3 sec. for 21 sec. Costs 95 mana, 2 sec cast, 30 yard range.

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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Tempest Keep: The Eye - Void Reaver

The Void Reaver is the first boss in Tempest Keep: The Eye, the dungeon of Kael’Thas Sunstrider.  Divide your raid in 5 groups.  Ask your teams to stick together so that its team healer is able to keep everyone up.  All ranged DPS and healers must be on top of the golden ring.

Ranged DPS and Healers: Void Reaver launches non-stop an arcane ball toward random players in all directions.  When the arcane balls impact the ground they do around 6,000 damage AOE expanding 20 yards in all directions.  Players shouldn’t go outwards away from the circle’s golden ring to run from the arcane balls.  This results in delays and thus lack of DPS or heals.  Run either to the right or to the left walking along the permeter of the golden circle.  Healers must concentrate their healing on melee only.  And your own team.  You can close all other unnecessary team health bars to widen your viewing range onscreen.  Keep melee up at all times, and this event is easy cake.

Everyone else should either heal themselves (healers) or use bandages.

This boss fight is mostly a survival event, but still a DPS race.  Your team must kill Void Reaver before 10 minutes, at which point he goes into enrage-mode one-shotting the tank and everyone else.  This means if your raid team doesn’t get Void Reaver under 50% within 5 minutes, you should recalll the raid team to run back to the doorway to reset the event to not waste time.

The raid leader and some of the players should have the addon.  This addon will automatically alert players who is marked by Void Reaver.  Basically, the addon uses the the tag symbols to mark whoever is about to get a arcane ball a skull symbol over their head.  Your raid team must be educated to watch either a skull symbol or a text message above people’s head.  You can program what text can be displayed above you in a chat bubble, such as: ORB INCOMING!

When a player gets tagged, the player and everyone near him must run either left or right at least 20 yards.  Healers should try not to get beyond the golden ring to heal.  It’s preferable to move around the golden ring until you are able to reach your healing target.

Melee: Void Reaver will often knock a melee player back, clearing his threat meter and shifting to another melee target.  Knockback has a 30 second cooldown, and will knock back the player with most threat.  If you have a paladin, keep a Blessing of Salvation on Rogues, Retribution/Prot Paladins and Fury Warriors, to concentrate the major threat on the main tank.  Nevertheless, Void Reaver will still change targets.  Just hope he won’t stay on too long on other melee targets.  Get a threat meter addon to stay low profile.

Keep Void Reaver at the center of the circle at all times so that healers do not get out of range messages.  This means if you are knocked back, you must make sure to pull him back to the center.  Everyone who gets aggro after the main tank is knocked back must take care of centering him until the main tank gets aggro again.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Shadow Labyrinth Heroic mode

It is very important to have two healers in your group if you go to Shadow Labyrinth (Heroic-mode). Trash Mobs hit ridiculously hard, and a second healer would be needed to keep the tank alive.

The whole Shadow Labyrinth (Heroic-mode) is a nightmare. But there are a few helpful tips. If you have the trinkets that reduce threat such as the one that drops from Vorpil, or the Timelapse trinket obtained at the Keepers of Time (Exalted), or the Sporeggar Quartermaster’s Cloak (at honored)—it might help during the Overseer (Felguard) encounters. Stand near the Felguard at all times. He doesn’t cleave so you can just stand next to him. Make sure you get feared. It cancels any threat to you. If you use will of the forsaken prepare to die … it is an auto-threat tag on your head.

The Hellmaw room has four Ritualists instead of three in Heroic-mode. The priest has to be alert to dispell any fire debuffs on the tank and the team. Crowd Control takes care of the rest. Fairly easy pulls.

There is nothing special about Hellmaw in Heroic mode, except maybe extra damage. He died pretty fast with no issues.

When reaching the Inciter’s Room, this is really a nasty part in Heroic-mode. The Shadow Priest NPCs simply melt faces. Try to kill the first pull of mobs. Once killed, the priest now has enough room to attempt a strategy.

The only solution we found after a lot of trial and error, was me removing cloths—if you have enough bag slots—and keeping the team at the other room away from sight. The Priest has to solo this part. Try to position yourself where you won’t get aggro, and mind control the Shadow Priest. The mobs will kill it. Run to a safe spot and die. The Second healer (if secondary Priest, Shaman or Paladin) should resurrect you. Do the same for every shadow priest in the room. However, remember the more you die the longer the countdown timer is to be able to resurrect.

Once all Shadow Priests in the room are dead, your team can resume safely. Again, this is only in Heroic-mode. Shadow Priests really melt faces and cause the tank to die faster. The Hunter has to keep laying traps often. Make sure you communicate with your team. Mages, Warlocks and Priest need to stand behind the Hunter. Any aggro will get trapped.

Once trapped, the Hunter has to move at least 40 yards away from the trapped mob, allowing him time to set a second trap across the room. The Casters need to adapt and move again behind the Hunter’s new position. This way you can effectively crowd control without losing a caster or healer. Takes time to adapt to cooperate with each other, but you have to chase your hunter around to protect yourself with his traps.

The Inciter doesn’t have anything special in Heroic-mode, except he does over 8,000 damage on cloth. Keep aggro low and stay at max range. A priest should run toward the stairs, shield self, and renew self when it is evident his mind control ability will be soon. This way, since the priest is afar, not much damage will be caused to self by other players.

With Vorpil, the story is very different … you can no longer Zerg Vorpil and burn him with DPS. His armor seems to be lower because he loses health pretty quick. But more voidwalkers spawn in Heroic-mode and faster. So keep killing those voidwalkers and don’t let him get healed.. Besides the Voidwalker’s number increase, there is nothing special to this event in Heroic-mode.

During Murmur, a second healer is needed to assist with heals during the Deep Breath.

Murmur (lvl 72 Elite) has new abilities in Heroic-mode that need to be studied and synchronized among the group members before attempting him, to avoid wasting time. To engage Murmur, positioning is critical to win the event. Players need to spread inside the black ring where Murmur stands.

Spread using the clock-positioning. The priest should be in front of Murmur at 6 o’clock. The Tank has to position himself at 4:30 o’clock.  Another player at 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock. You will first wish to take this positioning outside the ring before engaging Murmur. Once everyone is ready, tell the team to move into the ring and to keep their positions.

Do not move away from the inner ring for any reason. When Murmur starts to channel “Deep Breath” stand where you are. Do not move. In Heroic-mode you have to withstand the Deep Breath. In normal-mode, players are used to run away from it heading to the outer ring to avoid the explosion. However, in Heroic-mode, if you run outside the ring, Murmur will start nuking everyone with Sonic Boom. The Deep Breath will cause 90% damage of your total health. And the after-effect debuff will do 307 damage per sec for 5 seconds, thereafter. To counter this, ask your priest to synch with the Deep Breath. There are seven visible inward-waves before he relesaes Deep Breath.  Count one, two, three, four … start casting Prayer of Healing … five, six, seven … Deep Breath goes off … and your Prayer of Healing goes off a second after, effectively healing everyone out of harm.  If the Priest starts Prayer of Healing after Deep Breath goes off, the cloth players will die with the after-effect debuff. The Second Healer: Shaman, Priest, or Druid, needs to synch healing when seeing Deep Breath reaching its # 5th inward-wave.  Remember Deep Breath goes off at the seventh. The Priest will keep everyone alive long enough with Prayer of Healing, but the Second Healer has to toss a big heal on the Tank. It is the tank who gets more damage than anyone since he was reduced to 10% of his total health and Murmur is meleeing him. If your tank dies, it is the second healer’s fault.

Murmur’s Touch is the debuff that makes a single-target the bomb. In normal-mode, the debuff has a 12 seconds countdown. Players run toward the tent on the right side so the explosion doesn’t hit anyone else and will cushion the victim since the tent’s ceiling won’t let him levitate 30 feet above the ground causing around 300 damage on the fall. However, in Heroic-mode, Murmur’s Touch has a different behaviour. This is why the team is spread in a clock-positioning. When a single target is debuffed with Murmur’s touch, the other four players are drawn magnetically toward the debuffed player. In short, expect to be telekinetically pulled toward the bomb. The debuff now has 5 seconds countdown, but he magnetically pulls everyone toward the player with the debuff, which means players have only 3 seconds to run away from the debuffed player. In short, as soon as you land, run away to your original position or you die. The debuffed player has to remain immobile on his position and simply wait for the explosion. This can be tricky if the Priest or the Tank become debuffed. If the Priest is debuffed with Murmur’s Touch, the tank has to move from 4:30 o’clock to 3 o’clock to avoid damage from the explosion. Then the Tank should return back to 4:30 o’clock. If the tank is debuffed however, the priest has to run to 9’oclock, and return to 6’oclock, back to the original position—while the player at 3 o’clock needs to move to 12 o’clock, away from the Tank.

If you master these two new changes in Murmur heroic-mode, you will most likely win. There were no elixirs or flasks drank at the moment of killing Murmur as the elixirs and potions were wasted in previous attempts. The only exception was applying Wizard’s oil on the priest weapon and Super Mana Potion. Potions of course will be useful, so come ready. The dungeon resets in 12 hours, and there are no respawns, except for the three Overseers located at Hellmaw’s room, and the three patrols located prior to Vorpil. You can skip the two patrols in Hellmaw’s room easily. Watch the third patrol walking in and out of the tunnel to the Inciter’s room. You can bypass him easily.

Priests should drink a Super Mana potion after losing 4,000 mana when starting the Murmur event. That way, you can drink a second Super Mana Potion within next 2 minutes. The same applies to other casters. That way you can drink two during the event.

Warriors should Shield Wall when Murmur is around 20% health. Tell your team you will have a macro set to announce Shield Wall before you engage Murmur. Type /macro and set an icon and a name for your macro. Then type


You can open your abilities book, and right-click the Shield Wall ability so that it gets added to the macro textbox. That way when you hit the macro button, you active Shield Wall and send an alert to your team. Shield Wall will cause the Warrior to not get damage during 20 seconds, which means all casters, including the healers will have a grace period of mana regeneration. Do not set the shadowfiend pet loose during Shield Wall. You can set it loose after Shield Wall is over.

Shamans need to pop Bloodlust when the Warrior announces Shield Wall—which happens when Murmur reaches 20% health.

An ideal team setup for Shadow Labyrinth Heroic-mode would be:

Warrior, Priest, Shaman/Druid (Resto), Hunter, Mage. (Sheep, Trap, Blind shot, Frost Nova, Fear, Innervate)

Warrior, Priest, Priest, Mage, Mage (You have two sheeps, two frost nova, a mind control and a fear).

Druid (Tank), Priest, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman/Druid (Resto).

For as long as you have two very good healers and two crowd control players you can beat Heroic mode. However, it will take longer than normal. Be ready to spend many hours here. When I completed my quest: Trial of the Naaru: Strength, it was a PUG. That quest ask you to get the trident from Kalitresh in Steamvaults (Heroic) and Murmur’s Essence from Shadow Labyrinth (Heroic) it is one out of three quests that lead to getting attuned for Kael’Thas Dungeon Key.

Watch a

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Shattered Halls Key Attunement

At this point most of you are already level 70 or almost there. You have raided Shattered Halls often.  One day you run to the gate to zone-in into Shattered Halls just to discover and realize you can’t open the gate.  Always someone in the team opens it for you. So now you wonder … how do I acquire the Shattered Hall Key?

Not many know where is the quest to get it or what NPC starts the quest.  Now you will know. You need to be level 66 to loot the key mold.  However, you don’t get the quest activated until you are level 68.

1. Go to Shadowmoon Valley.

2. Find Smith Gorlunk at the Ata’mal Terrace in the Black Temple.  He is at a Blacksmith forge on the northwest corner of the Ata’mal Terrace (Coordinates: 67,36). If you don’t have a flying mount yet, take the ramp up toward the Ata’mal Terrace.  At the top of the entrance ramp, to your left is the Blacksmith forge. You don’t even have to go further inside the terrace.

3. Kill Gorlunk—he is pretty easy and you can solo him. Just make sure to pull him to a safe spot in the mountain side.  There is an elite Drakonid patrolling and he stops his patrol near the Blacksmith shop.

4. Loot the Primed Key mold from Gorlunk and click that item in your bag.  It begins a quest titled: Entry into the Citadel—asking you to talk to Nazgrel in the Barracks of Thrallmar (Hellfire Peninsula).

5. Nazgrel asks you to talk to the Thrallmar Grand Master Blacksmith Rohok—who in turn gives you the quest to find three ingredients for the key: 4 Motes of Fire, 4 Fel Iron and 2 Arcane Dust.

6. Once you gather the materials, Rohok will ask you to kill a Fel Reaver.  Your best bet if you can’t find someone to help is to wait on the east side of Thrallmar’s outdoor—by the Blood Elves that kill some Infernals.  Stay in that area and wait until a Fel Reaver shows up.  Pull the Fel Reaver and run toward the Blood Elves.  They help you kill the Fel Reaver.  Once death, click the Unfired Key Mold item in your bag near the Fel Reaver.  Return to Rohok to get your Shattered Hall Key.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Karazhan - Opera Hall Event

Skeletal Usher

After killing Moroes, if you return next day to continue, the hall room will be despawned and no more respawns happen on the hall. We adventured upstairs and no respawns were found there either. Kinda sweet. Worth the effort. So now you have two Skeleton Usher guards on the path to the Opera Hall. These are immune to shackles and hunter traps. They don’t seem to be tauntable either as they sweep through the players with ease with screwy aggro. Priests should be tossing shields on affected players, mending and renew until the tanks are able to grab them. It is recommended to be at max range, and kite if needed. The guards are pretty unpredictable.

Spectral Patron

Once dealt with, make sure everyone stays away from the Opera Hall. There is a single Skeleton Usher patrolling around the Opera and passes through the front of the doorway. The next part is the Opera Hall benches. There are around 8 mobs that are easy to AOE by mages. Make sure to keep your mages and warlocks constantly healed as they get most of the damage on AOE aggro. There are about 5-6 pulls of Spectral Patron npcs in the benches area.

There is a Skeleton Usher guard on the left and right corners after you clear the benches area. Both are individual pulls. There is an friendly NPC named Sebastian on the left side, by the Opera organ piano. He says the following:


Sebastian: “Greetings! Behold one of the finest musical instruments in all of Lordaeron. It’s a true honor to perform for the Master and all his guests. Take a seat in the audience. I hear a show is starting soon.

I am honored with the Violet Eye faction, and didn’t get a quest from Sebastian. Unless he is there just to inform, there is no quests from him. Instead of going around the passegeway on the far right corner, you can just jump down the front of the Opera Hall to the lower level. Everyone should stay in that lower level. Send a hunter with Priest shield and prayer mending on to pull. The hunter will go through the door in the lower level, and will go up the ramp to the Opera Stage’s basement. There are at least three packs of mobs. Some are Spectral Performers or Spectral Stagehand. The Stagehand hit harder and none of both types are shackable. All healers should be on healing duty with the Tank, and anyone who gets aggroed.

Spectral Performer

Once cleared, you can enter the basement of the Opera Stage. On the back of the room there is a door. Send a rogue stealthed or a hunter to take a look. There should be a patrol walking back and forth through the stairs. Get rid of him. You will find Barnes to the far right of the door. He is the Stage Manager.

Make sure no one in the group talks to him out of curiosity. He starts the Opera House event.


Barnes: “Finally, everything is in place. Are you ready for your big stage debut?

A dialogue bubble represents what you reply: “I’m not an actor.

By now everyone should be inside the Opera Stage, and the team leader will talk to Barnes to initiate the event. Barnes slowly walks toward the center of the stage – on his black tuxedo – and the spotlight drops on him, to announce the following:


Barnes: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to this evening’s presentation! Tonight we plumb the depths of the human soul as we join a lost, lonely girl trying desperately—with the help of her loyal companions—to find her way home! But she is pursued … by a wicked malevolent crone!

Will she survive? Will she prevail? Only time will tell. And now … on with the show!

Spectral Performer says: “It’s so cold, so dark … I’m not overacting, am I ?

Barnes will leave the stage and … the door is closed behind him. There is no escape for you, and it seems you can’t jump out of the stage either. After 15 seconds, the curtains are lifted up to show four NPCs on stage: Strawman, Dorothee, Roar and Tinhead.

Yes, by now you should have figured out this is an Easter Egg / Pop culture Reference to The Wizard of Oz (Film
1939) with Judy Garland. The Strawman is a Westfall Scarecrow. Dorothee is a human female, Roar is a Zul’Gurub Cat-man, and the Tinhead is a Human warrior wearing plate armor.

Dorothee: “Oh Tito, we simply must find a way home! The old wizard could be our only hope! Strawman, Roar, Tinhead, will you – wait … oh golly, look we have visitors!

Opera Event

This is the queue to start the fight. She will become targetable. The Main Tank should be next to her when this happens to grab initial aggro. She is the first that need to die … and there is an explanation to that. She is a Frostshock Vixen … she hits random targets with Water Bolt doing around 2083 Frost damage. It would be good for priests to throw Prayer of Mending to the affected party member to conserve mana. Next time they get hit, depending on your spec, they heal for 1700 health.

Off-Tank player should be in front of Roar to grab aggro, then pull him to the right to the side of Tinhead.  Start swiping both Roar and Tinhead, until Tinhead becomes targetable and aggroes you.  A Warlock should see the off-tank getting both’s aggro as a queue to fear Roar.  That way the offtank stays with Tinhead until the mage is ready to kite Tinhead.

The main tank and DPS players should listen to Dorothee summon Tito – a dog.  It dies pretty fast, but if uncared for and let loose, he can cause a wipe.

The whole event is decided on how fast and efficient you take down Dorothee since she is who does the most damage in the first minutes. And how efficient the mages and warlocks were fearing Roar, kiting Tinhead and keeping Strawman disoriented.  From the moment Barnes starts his spotlight presentation until the Crone died took 9:22 minutes.

Roar: “I’m not afraid a’ you! Do you wanna fight? Huh, do ya’? C’mon! I’ll fight ya’ with both paws behind my back!

Strawman: “Now what should I do with you? I simply can’t make up my mind.”

Tinhead: “I could really use a heart. Say, can I have yours?


Set your warlocks to fear Roar constantly and to dot Dorothee. I don’t recommend warlocks to do any channeling spells such as shadowbolt. You need casting cooldowns ready for when you need to fear. If Roar is not fear for just 2 seconds, he can one-shot kill one or more players with a swing of his paws. He hit me (Priest) for 3149 physical damage. Besides, Warlocks need to conserve mana to keep Roar feared through the whole event. Roar dies last.

Roar: Go ahead and take forty winks.

When the event begins, the off-tank should be on Tinhead so that he won’t aggro any other players. After that, a frost-specced mage should take care of Tinhead. He moves very slowly while affected by frostbolts. Therefore, the mage should kite him around the room but making sure he paths along the back of the room. Tinhead is very dangerous for the team … he casts a two second silence AOE … which is deadly for main tank. Healers can’t heal him while silenced. On logs, I was able to see Tinhead gaining Rust (rank 6) and (rank 7). Not sure what it means, but I heard the tank complaining about cleaves and raid wipes. So keep Tinhead kited afar from the team.

Tinhead: “Guess, I’m not so rusty after all.

The third boss to take care of is Strawman. This one will require the entire dedication of a mage and/or Warlock. He becomes disoriented when you hit him with fire spells, and will be out of fight while disoriented.

In the meantime, everyone should be DPSing Dorothee. Shamans must summon mana spring totems and making sure there is one of those totems active through the event. After Dorothee dies, the next target should be Strawman. Main tank has to corner him away from tinhead so that no one gets affected by silence aoe. Next, the tank has to aggro Tinhead to a corner until he dies. Now the Main tank can take Roar the lion-man.

By now, one of the priests should stay on the back of the room not casting at all. Regenerate to full mana. Since that priest is on regeneration-mode, the team is lacking healing on the main tank. Warlocks need to rotate and decide to fear Roar when the tank is 25% health. Any of the healers should take care of healing the tank to full, and anyone able to bandage the tank while Roar is feared should do so when his bandage timer cooldown is over.

Roar has a lot of Hit points. DOT him while he is feared. Sometimes he bugs when he is feared into doors and can’t be attacked until he returns back to the main tank. When Roar is about to die, everyone should move to the back-center of the stage. Once Roar dies, the main tank should already be standing on the back-center. There spawns the wicked Crone.

The Crone: “Woe to each and everyone of you, my pretties! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

She is a female troll who casts lightning bolts. The whole team needs to move along with the tank and the Crone at all times. Don’t get away from her. If anyone gets too far, she is able to cast the lightning bolt. Sometimes she will cast some sort of cyclone that suspends a player high above the stage. She is kinda easy, once everyone has regenerated mana during the fearing on Roar.

Once the Crone dies, the door to the left of the stage opens giving you access to the upper floor. The rewards on the Crone are very tasty to some classes.

The Crone: “Fixed you, didn’t I? …  How could you?  What a cruel, cruel world …

At the time of this Opera House run, I had provided both tanks an Elixir of Major Defense (+550 armor) and an Elixir of Major Agility (+35 Agility and +20 critical strike rating for 1 hour). I was wearing 4/5 Hallowed set (Tier 3.5) minus the leggings. 427 spirit unbuffed. With Mark of the Wild, Spirit buff from the second priest, and a consumable food adding +20 spirit I had around 511 spirit. Trinket: Bangle of Endless Blessings: Equip – Spell casts have chance to allow 15% mana regen for 15 sec. Use – Increases spirit by +130 for 20 sec. Second trinket: Scarab of the Infinite Cycle.

Check out the video of this event – onscreen video-recording software courtesy of Gamecam.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Tempest Keep: Arcatraz


To get attuned to Arcatraz and to obtain the key you must complete a series of quests with the Consortium.  The questline starts with Ethereal Nether-Stalker Khay’ji located at Area 52 in Netherstorm.  He asks you to kill some Braxxis faction Ethereals at The Heap, south of Area 52.  Once done, you may notice the Blue question mark on his head.  You can gain further Consortium reputation repeating that quest.  However, he sends you to an NPC in Midrealm Eco-dome in the quest titled: Request for Assistance.  This new NPC: Gahruj starts the quest Rightful Repossession where he asks you to collect 10 Boxes of Surveying Equipment from the Blood Elves at Manaforge Duro (NOTE: These boxes are by the walls within the Manaforge). Gahruj will ask you to deliver the supply boxes personally to Nexus-Prince Haramad at the Stormspire in northern Netherstorm (Quest: An Audience with the Prince).

Nexus-Prince Haramad starts the quest: Triangulation Point One and he gives you a triangulation device.  Click the item in your bag, and your character will point in the direction you need to go to find the triangulation mark which looks like a Hunter Mark.

Dealer Hazzin at the Consortium Camp to the north of Manaforge Ultris gives you the next quest: Triangulation Point Two. Click the Triangulation Device item in your bag and your character will rotate and point toward the direction you should fiind the next triangulation spot.  It is near Manaforge Ara.  When you find it, go to Wind Trader Tuluman at Tuluman’s Landing next to the bridge of Manaforge Ara.  Tuluman starts the quest: Full Triangle.


With the data from both the first and second points, I’m now certain that the crystal is at the top of the Ruins of Farahlon to the northeast.

Unfortunately, the data indicates that the crystal is moving, which means that it has already been discovered, probably by the Burning Legion!

Just in case, I recommend that you take some friends along.

Slay the demon that has the crystal and return it to Nexus-Prince Haramad.


Recover the Ata’mal Crystal and deliver it to the Image of Nexus-Prince Haramad at the Stormspire in the Netherstorm.

The NPC you need to kill is an elite dreadlord named Culuthas.  He is at the Ruins of Farahlon. You need at least two or three players to take him down and at least one of you needs to be a healer.  If you do not find someone to help—only if you are a caster—you can solo him by kiting and dotting him along the road.  If you have the Arathi Basin PvP boots or Terokkar Spirit Shard reward speed enhancement(meta gem) wear it for this. NOTE: I am a priest and soloed him using word: pain and word: death while running from him. Warlocks can do the same, and Mages could slow him down with frostbolts and frost nova.

Loot the Ata’mal Crystal from Culuthas and bring it to Nexus-Prince Haramad at Stormspire.  He gives you the quest: Special Delivery to Shattrath City.


I am an ethereal of my word. You have truly inspired me.

I am now going to give you the ata’mal crystal to hand over to the naaru. As it was your heroics that made this possible, I wish for you to deliver it.

You may use my personal teleporter to go directly to Shattrath City. Simply step through it and you will be transported there.

Give the crystal to the naaru known as A’dal on the Terrace of Light. May the trade winds be at your back.

A’dal will then offer you the quest to assemble the Arcatraz Attunement Key.


A message was embedded in the ata’mal crystal that you recovered. Nexus-Prince Haramad has given us information vital to our campaign against Tempest Keep.

He tells us that there are two pieces, shards to a key, which, when combined, will unlock the keep’s Arcatraz satellite.

One half is possessed by an ancient in the Botanica known as Warp Splinter. The other is held by Pathaleon the Calculator inside the Mechanar.

Bring both shards to me and I will combine them into the Arcatraz key.


A’dal has tasked you with the recovery of the Top and Bottom Shards of the Arcatraz Key. Return them to him, and he will fashion them into the Key to the Arcatraz for you.

Now that you are attuned to Arcatraz, you can open the gate with your Arcatraz key.  Alternatively, Rogues with high-lockpicking skill can open the Arcatraz door until you complete your attunement.  This is what you will face in Arcatraz—read the Walkthrough below …


You will find a two-way stairs.  One each stair-end you will find two Arcatraz Wardens (Blood Elf Archers).  There is a total of four, but are separate groups.  You can sheep one and kill the other one.  They have an arcane explosion (AOE).

Next you see a scene where three Arcatraz Defenders are killing Protean Horrors and a Protean Nightmare.  They keep coming every few seconds after the blood elves kill them.

Pull them after they have killed the flesheaters.  Mage should sheep one.  If there is a Hunter place a trap.  If no hunter, Warlock can use his succubis to charm.  Kill the one with the skull mark.

The Protean Horrors come next.  They are small white flesheaters.  They can be easily disposed.  The Tank should charge them to gain aggro.  The mage and warlock should AOE them.  The Tank should be expecting the Protean Nightmare to show up anytime.  It is a bigger flesheater with lots of Hit points.

They will usually debuff the tank with Incubation.  After the timer on the debuff is over, the target player will spawn two or three Protean Spawns (Larva / worms).  These worms have a crazy hit rate and like to aggro priests and mages mostly.  Their hit rate will practically make it impossible to cast.  Either AOE them or have some DPS player be on clearing worms duty.  Otherwise, you will get no healing for the tank because the worms interrupt casting.  Additionally, the worms infflict Acidic Bite –  Armor reduced by 575.  They can kill a cloth player fast if you leave them unattended.  Get those worms off your mage and priest ASAP.

On the next room, there are two patrols.  One patrol consists of a Protean Nightmare (Big Flesheater) and three Protean Horros (Small flesheaters), which roam clockwise.  The small room is circular and to the right is another doorway to a tunnel connecting to the next block.  They patrol around the room and move toward that far doorway.  Then stop in front of your doorway for 15 seconds before resuming their patrol pattern.

The second patrol consists of six Protean Horros packed together.  They follow the same patrol patterns except they do so counter-clockwise.  You decide wish patrol to pull. Just do so when the other patrol is far away.


Next block is packed with mobs.  Ask your team to stay on the previous block.  No one should be by the tunnel connecting both blocks.  These mobs have serious aggro range and you don’t want two coming at you.

Send in a Hunter, or if lacking one, the Tank should range with his gun to pull.  The first pull is a demon dog with two heads and many eyes.  They are exactly like the model of the demon imprisoned by the Prince in Dire Maul (West wing).  These dogs are named Soul Devourer.  The Tank has to rotate him toward the doorway so that the flame AOE he sprays from the mouth won’t affect the team.  They inflict Sightless Touch – Movement speed slowed by 40%.  Time between attacks increased by 50%.  Casting speed slowed by 50%.

Every few seconds an eye will spawn from him and pick a random player.  The eyes can be killed in two or three hits / spell hits.  There are at least two of this dogs in the room.

Stay on the Butcher’s Stand block, and pull the next mob … a Death Watcher (lvl 70 Elite).  They look like Giant floating brains with huge teeth a big eye and tiny eyes around the big one.  Underneath they have tentacles.  When the Death Watcher reaches 20% health it will cast an AOE debuff marking everyone with Death Count – Marked for death.  It will start a 12 seconds counter.  If you haven’t killed him by the time the timer is over, everyone will be afflicted with a bomb that will either kill everyone or cause massive damage.  Just DPS him down as fast as you can.  There are at least a total of three Death Watchers in the room.

Be alert … there is a single Protean Horror patrolling back and forth going upstairs through the ramp and down to the room you are at.  If you didn’t stay at Butcher’s Stand block as suggested and fight within the Stasis Block: Trion while fighting another mob—if he aggros while there are other mobs in the room, he will bring with him more mobs than you can chew.

Next pull might be a Protean Nightmare and three Protean Horrors.

There is another variety of Death Watchers – this one is called Entropic Eye.  Its abilities are different.  They debuff the tank or nearby targets he strikes with Fevered Fatigue (Disease):  Intellect reduced by 43.  Spirit reduced by 43.  Priests may cast Abolish Disease.  Another ability is Corrosive Poison – 722 to 928 Nature damage inflicted every 5 sec.  Armor reduced by 5000.  This one is definitely not nice for a tank.  If you have a druid in the team alert him to cure poison ASAP.

Entropic Eye has another ability named Withered Touch (Disease) – 463 shadow damage inflicted every 10 sec.  463 mana leeched every 10 sec.  This one is pretty bad too.  Priests need to be on their toes watching these debuffs.  Cast Abolish Disease.

Make sure that you have cleared the room, and I mean it … don’t start the boss event without clearing the room, including the area underneath the transparent semi-circle ramp.

Once the room is clear, drink up.  Ask the priest to cast shadow protection buff to the team.  Make sure to rebuff the whole team with Prayer of Fortitude, Arcane Intellect, Mark of the Wild and anything else depending the team configuration.

This is a hard-to-position boss, so make sure your team understand the strategy.  Your team has to walk in and position themselves on the right side of Zereketh the Unbound (A Voidwalker lvl 72).  His right side is your left.  That corner is good.  Everyone should have their back against the wall in a a semi-circle formation along that corner.  Spread just a bit.

The tank has to charge Zereketh and position him at least 15 yards away from the wall your team is standing at.  Rotate him so he faces your team.  So what’s the logic on this?  Zereketh has a massive knockback.  If your team is not hugging a wall he will knock them back at least 50 yards away.  And a healer tossed that far away from a tank means someone is gonna die because the healer (Priest, Shaman, Druid, Paladin) won’t be able to reach you in time.  So hug that wall.  If the tank is knockback against the wall, he should grab aggro again and VERY important. Position him again facing the wall your team is at.

If you don’t do so you will force your team to rearrange their positions and it may cause them to no longer be against the wall and get tossed far away.  The tank has to rotate the boss, not rotate the team.

The second thing you should be mindful about Zereketh the Unbound is that he summons void zones.  Think of the first boss of Hellfire Citadel: Shattered Halls.  However, the void zones are huge and do the same effect of Death and Decay.  If you stand on the disc you will get approximately 2,000 shadow damage per tick.

This is in part another reason why the tank has to position the boss 15 yards away from the wall.  If the tank was in a corner, he wouldn’t be able to see the void zone underneath his own feet.  Specially a druid tank wouldn’t see a thing with his big rear.  Being this far from the wall, the tank can position his camera in a way he can see his own feet—looking out for any void zones spawning beneath himself.

At this point if you manage to be alert on positioning, rotation and looking out for void zones, you may be successful in the event.  The third ability of the boss is to hit everyone in the room with a shadow volley.  Since everyone is in the same corner the priest can handle that with prayer of healing (AOE heal).  Healers—bring mana pots.  Melee—bring health pots.  If a non-tank druid is in the team, toss a innervate on the priest.  This fight can be long usually.

The last ability of Zereketh the Unbound is nasty.  He casts Seed of Corruption – causing 400 damage per tick.  There is no way to dispell it.  Cast a shield on the afflicted player, and a renew.  Druid Healers should toss a regrowth and rejuvenation. Shamans could help too.  This seed of corruption can last long enough to kill a player.

After killing the boss, go upstairs through the transparent ramp.  There you will see a damaged robot named Arcatraz Sentinel (lvl 70 – Mechanical Elite) and blood elf corpse or two.  The corpses can be hit, and they spawn two Protean Spawns (worms).  If a robot and a corpse are near to each other, never attack the corpse first.  Pull the robot instead.  Attacking the corpse will cause the robot to aggro.  However, if you pull the robot, the corpse won’t spawn worms.

Although they only have 30% health, they can be nasty.  They constantly pick a random target and discharge them with an electric bolt.  DPS him down fast.  After the Arcatraz Sentinel dies, move yourself at least 20 yards away from it.  They will keep discharging electric bolts after death for 10 seconds.  Each bolt can cause around 900+ damage.

Along the tunnel you will possibly find corpses.

Ask your team to stay on the back side of the tunnel.  The tank or a hunter will have to pull the next mobs into the back of the tunnel.  They are big voidwalkers.  There are two types you have to memorize:  Nexus Screamers and Nexus Warp-Master.  Here is why you have to stay on the back of the tunnel.  The Nexus Screamers fear the team and that room has at least six voidwalkers.  The Screamers also cast a single frost bolt to a random player, and also a frostbolt AOE.  Everyone is hit.

The Nexus Warp-Master (Voidwalker) doesn’t seem to have many abilities except they open a void zone underneath themselves.  This void zone increases their armor and strength.  In short, make sure your tank knows about this.  The tank has to kite him backwards through the tunnel and toward the ramp of the first boss if needed.  Do not let the Warp-Master stand still.  He will leave a trail of void zones and he won’t get what he wishes …  he will die pretty fast without his void zone to empower him.  If your tank lets him stand still for three seconds you will notice the difference.  He will chew the tank in no time with increased strength.

When you return to the voidwalkers room on your far right, by a hidden corner, you can find the container for the Karazhan Key quest: The Second and Third Fragments.


Khadgar: I hid the second fragment at the bottom of Serpent Lake, long before it was called that. The giant drain installed there after the naga took over has likely pulled the container into the depths of Coilfang Reservoir.

The third fragment will prove the most trying, as I left it inside Tempest Keep back when it was controlled by the naaru. Kael’thas now rules it and the chamber where I left it has become a prison.

Bring me these remaining fragments. Much depends on your success.

Once you have cleared the room, stay on that room.  The tank will go through the tunnel and pull an Eredar Deathbringer.  There are three Eredars in that room.  Two types:  Eredar Deathbringer and Eredar Soul Eater.  Both are melee types but they have different auras.  The Auras affect everyone within 40 yards.

Eredar Deathbringer – their aura does around 433 damage per tick.  I suggest conserving mana by waiting until everyone is 75% health, then cast prayer of healing.  Secondary healers should only mind the tank, while the priest uses Prayer of Healing AOE on the team.  Priests could also help with Mending on the tank.

The Eredar Deathbringer casts Diminish Soul on the Tank and lo and behold … it stacks – all damage taken by 150 per stack.  If it stacks four times that is damage taken by 600.  Watch your tank’s health.

The Eredar Soul-Eater has a different aura:  Entropic Aura – Time between attacks increased by 25%.  Casting speed reduced by 25%.  Movement speed reduced by 25%.

He can also cast Soul Chill (Magic) – Movement speed reduced by 50%.  It can be dispelled.  And casts frost nova encasing everyone’s feet in ice. Another ability is Soul Steal (Magic) – Physical damage done reduced by 45%.  All stats reduced by 45%.  It can also be dispelled by priests.  Although Eredar Soul-Eaters can be killed under a minute, they do have their box of surprises.

Once the Eredars are dead, inform your team to stay on that room on the back.  You will see an Arcatraz Sentinel (robot) and a corpse on both sides of the door.  Don’t pull.  The tank should go near the platform (back of the room) to the far edge.  Now you can carefully view a hidden Arcatraz Sentinel covered by the wall—on the left side of the door.  On each side of the door is a Arcatraz Sentinel and a corpse.  Don’t touch the corpses or both robots will aggro. Single pull the left robot.  When it dies, pull the corpse worms on the left.  Then the next robot, and the last corpse.

Once the door is cleared, ask your team to not stand in the tunnel nor near the door.  Stay on that room on the back, atop the platform (if you are a caster/ranger).  Next room is packed even when you don’t see many mobs.


The next room has two felguards titled Unbound Destroyer and Fel Overseer. Two visible Spiteful Temptress (Succubis) and possibly two or three stealthed Skulking Witches (Succubis).  The Fel Overseer has mortal strike—make sure to shield the tank when you see the mortal strike icon—and he has an AOE named Intimidating Shout.  You will be silenced for around 8 seconds.  That means … healers should toss heal-over-time spells on the tank, in preparation to the next shout.  When the silence is over, toss a shield on the tank to allow other healers to heal the tank while you cast your 3 second big heal.

The next pull is a Spiteful Temptress on the right of the door.  I recommend the rangers/casters going up the platform ramp on the back of the room to range the mob.  That will give you time to see when she is going toward you, to jump off the platform and run toward the tank—basically staying away from damage and kiting her until the tank regains aggro.

Skulking Witches are stealthed.  Only the Tank and the Priest should be in the tunnel connecting to the next room.  Cast a shield and mending on the tank.  The tank should move slowly in the next room attempting to catch the attention of stealthed Skulking Witches.  They are by the walls.  Once you get aggro pull them fast into the previous room toward your team.  The priest can cast renew and shield again if possible.  Skulking Witches can Gouge, incapacitating the target for few seconds.

The next room has a shape of a star with three sides. On the center it has an hexagone arena.  There may still be a Skulking Witch near Dallia the Doomsayer.  So be alert and let the tank do the scouting.  With stealthed mobs around you know how the saying goes … curiosity killed the cat.  Hunters could probably use their flare to detect stealthed units or Warlocks cast detect invisibility on the tank or paranoia with a summoned Felbeast.

There are two mini-bosses here: Dallia the Doomsayer and Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates.  Dallia is a six-armed female demon.  Soccothrates is a Wrathbringer demon.  Your first target should always be Dalliah.

Dalliah the Doomsayer is a straightforward tank and spank fight.  She will rarely lose aggro on the tank.  However, healers need to be careful in this fight and cancel their healing if they are fast enough.  She will cast a debuff on the tank.  As soon as you see it, stop healing or cancel an incoming heal immediately.  That debuff will heal her along with the tank.  Once the debuff is expired, you can heal the tank and toss renew/regrowth/rejuvenation on him so that he can recover until the next debuff.  If she gets no heals with her debuff, she will die pretty quick under 3 minutes.  The other ability should be important to melee players … as soon as she starts whirlwind, move away.  She will remain spinning for 8 seconds.  No problem … she won’t lose aggro while spinning.  Get back on her after she stops spinning.

Once she is dead, ask your team to stand around the hexagonal arena at the center.  Three sides of the hexagon has a wall column.  Three sides are openings.  Pick one of the three walls and hug it.  The Tank and a rogue or feral druid (if any) should pull the mini-boss Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates into the center of the arena.

This mini-boss is pretty hard, no lie.  He does a knockback tossing you 40 yards away. That is why you are hugging the walls.  Now the reason each of the players are on one of the column-walls is that he will randomly charge a player—leaving a trail of fel fire on the ground.  That fel fire will cause you instant damage and also damage over time.  As soon as you see him charging you run toward the tank, and across the hexagon toward the healers.  Otherwise the damage over time will kill you.

Another tip—- don’t stand near the boss, he seems to have a fire aura of 15 yards.  Anyone going near him will be debuffed with a fire icon, taking damage over time.  It can be dispelled by priests.  Druids should be alert on the Priest’s mana and innervate them.  Your team needs to DPS this guy as fast as possible.  Healers won’t be able to sustain the healing of the team for too long.

Once he dies, the door field will be shut down, and now you can access the stairs toward the third floor.

Upstairs you will find a robot and 2 corpses.  Kill them—always pulling the robot first.  Don’t be wandering ahead of the tank.  By the bridge connecting Stasis Block: Maximus and Containment Core on the third floor—there is a patrol—a Protean Horror.  Across the bridge you will get an inevitable pull of two robots.  You might wipe here.  Keep your main healer alive if your team has a second healer.  When the first robot dies, the tank has to immediately pull the other robot away from the dead one.  Otherwise, the after-death discharge combined with the remaining robot will kill your team.  Electric discharges do 900 damage per bolt.

Inside the tunnel—past the bridge—there is another single robot and two corpses.  Kill the robot and later the worms.


Again ask your team to remain on the back of the tunnel.  This is to avoid patrols aggroing near the door during the fight. The tank should approach the door and position himself on the left side to see diagonally toward the right side of the door.  To the right is a group of four ethereals.

– Ethereum Life-Binder
– Two Ethereum Slayer
– Ethereum Wave-Caster.

Ask your mage to come to the front and to target the Ethereum Life-binder.  Once the mage has targeted it, ask him to move to the back of the tunnel.  If you have a hunter, ask him to trap an Ethereum Slayer.  Kill the Ethereum Wave-Caster fast, then a Slayer.  They infflict poison on a target to slow casting time.  Mages should keep the Life-Binder sheeped at all times.  A Mage shield and Priest shield on the mage would be wise periodically in case sheep breaks during the fight.  It will allow the mage to not lose casting time while getting hit by the Life-Binder, trying to re-sheep.

The next pull is a patrol of 4 mobs – same configuration as the first pull.  They patrol counter-clockwise.  Tank should charge them.  Mage can now sheep the Life-Binder.  Kill the Wave-Caster.  Rinse and repeat on the last pull standing on the other side of the room to the far right, by the door.

NOTE: You will find a corpse on the platform in this room.  It is Seer Udalo.  He is for a quest given by Akama in Warden’s Cage (Shadowmoon Valley).  You get Akama’s quest after doing some Aldor quests at the Aldor Village – northeast of Hand of Gul’dan.

Ask your team to stay in this room.  I recommend casters/rangers to stand atop the platform in the back of the room.  The Tank should walk through the tunnel with care and position himself on the left wall of the tunnel to see diagonally to the right edge of the doorway.  There are two satyrs on the right and two satyrs on the left.  Plus a Infernal is patrolling back and forth toward the door and away from the door.  Naturally pull the satyrs when the infernal is walking away.

You have now a two satyrs:  Sargeron Archer and Sargeron Hellcaller.  Kill the Hellcaller first.  As his name indicates he casts rains of fire.  The Sargeron Archer shoots poisoned arrows that slows your spellcasting time.  When you kill them, stay in the room and return to the platform on the back of the room. This is in case the tank loses aggro and the satyrs run toward you.  At least you can see him running around the platform.  Jump off the platform and run toward the tank.

Heal and drink and prepare for the Infernal pull.  This time all the players have to stack on the same spot by the door.  Stick together.  The tank will go pull the Gargantuan Abyssal (Infernal).  It has a fire damage aura causing over 300 damage per tick, but you would rather take that sticking together stacked on each other than what he will summon.

The Gargantuan Abyssal summons down a meteor crashing on the team.  Now for the sake of explaining why no one should stand apart from the stacked team players … if you stand alone away from the team (points at Hunters/Mages)  the meteor will strike you for 12,000 damage.  When everyone is stacked together, the 12,000 damage splash is split between each player.  In short, 12,000 divided by 5 players = 2,400 damage per player.  There are ways around this … depending on your team configuration.  For example, Hunters and Warlocks can summon a pet to take some of the damage while stacking on each other.  And a non-tanking druid could summon treants.  That would further split the damage caused by the meteor.

Priests must keep a pace of prayer of healing the team when they reach 75% health, while mending and renew on the tank.  Any other healers should only heal the tank and DPS the Gargantuan Abyssal.  DPS is needed to kill him as fast as possible.  The next pull might be a Doomguard.

The team needs to stand on the door of the previous room.  The tank should pull the Unchained Doombringer (lvl 71 Elite Doomguard)  to the door of the other end of the tunnel.  In short, casters/rangers should stay on the other side of the tunnel.  If the tank brings the doomguard toward the team, prepare for a wipe. ‘Nuff said! Stay at Max Range.

The next pull is another Gargantuan Abyssal.  Stack together for the meteor.


By now depending on how much time you have spent clearing the dungeon up to this point, you might have repops on the starting point—Butcher’s Stand section—after the zone-in.

You have a one-shot chance to succeed on this final showdown. Otherwise, you will have to clear trash mobs up to the third floor: Containment Core.  The third floor won’t have repops by the time you arrive after clearing.

Now to explain the Warden Mellichar event.

When you approach him he will bubble up. You don’t fight him.  He will cast a red spell toward the stasis cell (cage) on the left of the room.  The first mob is random.  It will either be an Imp or a Phase Hunter (Warpstalker).

One thing you should know is that this is a timed event.  Meaning:  If you don’t DPS him fast enough, the next cage will be opened and you will have two mobs instead of one.  If you kill him fast enough you will have a grace time to drink.

The second cage opens and a gnome named Millhouse Manastorm.  He is for a quest given by A’dal in Terrace of Light.  Your mission is to free him, which only happens if you are successful with the event.  The gnome will help you kill the next two mini-bosses set loose from the cages by Warden Mellichar.

The third cage opens to set loose a wind elemental named Akkiris Lightning-Waker.  This mob will do an AOE lightning hitting all players.  He will do this often every 10-15 seconds.  Mages and resto-Druids should be alert on this round on curse-clean duty.  Akkiris will cast Lightning-Waker’s Curse on the tank or a random target—Magical damage taken is increased by 100%.  Very dangerous curse.  The event depends on you cleaning the curse.

Right now I will tell you that you won’t have enough DPS on him if you have a Restoration Druid.  He is immune to Nature damage.  A resto-druid commented he usually hits for 2,600 damage.  His nature spells were doing merely 600 damage to him and sometimes he would miss.  A mage reported low DPS on arcane damage.  Restoration Druids should possibly have to fight him in bear or cat form.  Or simply stay at max range and dedicate to heal the team.  Priests and Paladins can go DPS on this boss.  He is not immune to Holy damage.  However, remember this is a DPS race against the timed-event.  If Akkiris doesn’t die fast, the next cage will be opened and you will have both mobs together on you.

If you were lucky to kill him in time, casters should drink fast before getting in combat mode.  The tank should be smart and move toward the spawning-spot on the left side of the cage-platform.  There is an explanation for that.  Blackwing Drakonaar will engage in combat as soon as he is set loose off the cage.  He does a warstomp that sets everyone flying on the air—a knockback.  In short, everyone that was rushing to drink to regain mana will be interrupted.  Tanks don’t want that to happen.  Therefore, run toward the left side to welcome him. Away from casters drinking.

Blackwing Drakonaar is mostly melee, but he does have the warstomp that causes damage to everyone nearby while knocking them back at the same time.  I recommend casters/rangers to move toward the wall he spawns at, with their back on the wall.  Treat this guy like you did the first boss of Arcatraz—Zereketh the Unbound, to avoid his knockback.  The tank needs to maintain him on the left side near his cage.  The team doesn’t want to get knockbacked from the healers, nor would healers wish to get slammed far away from the tank.

If you killed him fast enough, you might have some seconds to drink.  The last mob to be set loose is no less than a clone of Skeram—not literally a clone, but looks like him and does similar things.  The Naaru had imprisoned this Qiraji emissary that for some reason wished to conquer the worlds in the universe as a harbinger of the Old gods.  Warden Mellichar did not know what was inside this cage, and cost him his life when he set him loose.

The Qiraji has some very nasty abilities and I really wish you luck.  He mind controls a single target forcing you to spend some mana on your own teammates.  Fear and knockback. You can also see a ray casted on a player similar to mindflay … it will cause around 5,000 damage over 8 seconds.  Healers on your toes when seeing this mindflayer ray.  You become immobilized during the mindflay unable to cast.  The last two seconds of mindflay you regain mobility—you may cast shield on yourself those last two seconds—if by chance you are the Priest.

Based on observation, the Qiraji needs to be pulled by the tank to a corner near the cages, and everyone non-melee should stay at max range.  He seems to pick on anyone near him.  When he reaches approximately 30% health, he will split into two Qiraji.  The tank—if he is team leader—or a hunter should mark him before he splits.  That way you know who is the original and who is the copy.  This is the last boss in Arcatraz.  As for Heroic-mode this place is hellish.  It is easy to get a team to disband on the first room of the dungeon.  You better have good gear before coming to Arcatraz Heroic-mode.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Tempest Keep : Mechanar

Nethermancer Sepethrea is the second boss of Tempest Keep: Mechanar dungeon-wing.  Once you take the elevator to the second floor, you will have to clear the room first and kill the trash mobs.  Be mindful of the robot patrolling.  Pull the robot to the corner of the elevator area.  Remember that robots call for help.

Tell your team to not step into the next hallway.  It starts the last boss event, and you don’t want to do that yet.  Once the room is clear, you are ready to fight Nethermancer Sepethrea.

Your tank has to charge Sepethrea.  Immediately, she will summon two fire elementals.  They are immune to fear. The fire elementals are slow.  They will chase two random players.  You have to kite them around the room.  However, be careful.  They leave a trail of fire on the ground.  Don’t step on the trail.  The second thing you should be mindful of … the two fire elementals will stop chasing and cast hellfire.  It is a firewave spam that last approximately 5-8 seconds.  Anything caught within the expansion wave will get extreme damage.

That means that tanks have to keep an eye on their back while tanking Nethermancer Sepethrea.  Sometimes the fire elementals lose aggro and go back to the tank.  If they do hellfire near the tank, basically … game over.

Sepethrea will melee the tank with her huge sword.  The casters should place dots (Damage Over Time Spells) on Sepethrea while kiting the Fire Elementals.  The healers should place some renews/regrowth/mending on the tank if they are forced to kite around the room.  If you are a priest and need to toss a big heal on the tank, while getting chased by one of the fire elementals you must put a shield on yourself first to avoid spell interruption and damage while casting a big heal. Then run away from the fire elemental.

This is another DPS race.  Simply burn down Nethermancer Sepethrea.  Use Bloodlust near the beginning-middle of the fight. Fire protection potions come handy too—however, I used none as shown in the video.  Nethermancer Sepethrea usually knockbacks the tank and she will lose aggro to pick one or two random players.  Shield them up.  The Tank has to charge her and do anything to grab aggro back. Once she dies, the fire elementals despawn. So don’t waste time fighting them. She shouldn’t last more than 3 minutes.  Below you can see a video of the event. She lasted approximately 2:32 minutes.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth


These guys should be neutralized.  A shadow protection buff would be helpful before engaging a group with a Deathsworn.  Spread to counter his black cleave which affects 3 nearby targets.


Sheep them.  If no mage is in the team, kill it first.  Optionally, Cabal Acolytes are fun to mind control to use their own mana to heal your tank. However, be cautious.  Their heal have a long cooldown.  Note they have a nice buff for your whole team.



Assassins are very dangerous.  They attack while least you expect in stealth mode.  They can be found at the room of Blackheart the Inciter (Ogre Boss).  They usually go for mage, hunters and priests.  Priests should be alert and toss a shield on the victim.  If it is safe, be ready to fear them away from your teammate.  There are two and they respawn every few minutes.







Cabal Summoners should be dealt with either sheeping or killing them as your first target. They summon two mobs during the fight.  The Cabal Summoner may be found at the last room—Murmur (Boss)


Cabal Spellbinders can additionally mind control.  This can be dispelled by a friendly priest player.  Shamans might have totems to counter mind control.  Spellbinders can be found at the room of Murmur (Boss).

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal

Note: The original article was posted on 12-26-06 by myself (Medievaldragon) during closed beta. The one posted by a fan at the Worldofraids forum was a copy/paste of my original unedited article. It wasn’t pasted by the Worldofraids staff. Not the other way around in case anyone wonders. The forum thread mentions source: Blizzplanet at the head of their thread. This is to clear it up for whoever claims this is a copy from worldofraids or elsewhere.  This article is also linked to by wowinsider since 12-27-06 (thanks, buddies) and by our friendly Wow-Europe MVP Schwick. This article has been revised and edited to add new info (2-28-07). On with the show!

By Medievaldragon

Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal shipped with World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade expansion at retail launch. The dungeon requires a 25-player raid group. However, not everyone can enter the dungeon right away. This dungeon requires many pre-requirements:

1. You must be level 70

2. Complete Caverns of Time: Durnholde (Old Hillsbrad) available at lvl 66, and Complete Caverns of Time: Dark Portal (Black Morass). You get access to the Mount Hyjal Quest after you finish Old Hillsbrad dungeon. However, you need to finish Dark Portal (Black Morass) to get the Master’s Key to Karazhan from Medivh when you beat the last boss in Black Morass. Which in turn, allows you to complete the Lady Vashj’s Dungeon quest which requires to kill Nightbane. You will read more throughout this guide.

3. Talk to Soridormi (Adult) – the consort of Nozdormu. You may find her roaming around the clockwork in Caverns of Time. She will give you a quest titled: The Vial’s of Eternity.

However, this is no 1-2-3 immediate quest. To acquire the two vials of eternity requires the completition of many quest chains that will take months to accomplish and good gear. You must have the Dungeon 3.5 gear-sets such as Hallowed (Priest) and Assassination (Rogue) from Arcatraz, Shadow Labyrinth and similar dungeons to prepare you for Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair (Check out 10.3Q Dungeon 3 sets—by Schwick). In those three high-end 25-players raid dungeons you may in turn acquire tokens for the Tier 4 Armor Set that will prepare you for Kael’Thas and Lady Vashj’s dungeons. Tempest Keep: Eye of the Storm (Kael’Thas Dungeon) and Serpentshrine (Lady Vashj’s dungeon) are rumored to drop Tier 5 Armor Set tokens. Blizzard recently revealed Tier 6 sets will drop at the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley.

The Tier 4 and Tier 5 set armor are acquired from Vendors in Shattrath City. If you are Aldor faction, you can find them at the Shrine of Unending Light in the Aldor Rise—where you find Ishanah (High Priestess of the Aldor). Tier 4 is sold by Kelara (Keeper of Sha’tari Heirlooms) and Tier 5 is sold by Asuur (Keeper of Sha’tari Artifacts). Blizzard recently announced the Tier set itemization will be revised to make a wider gap between the stats of Tier 4 and 5.

If you are Scryer faction, go to The Seer’s Library at the Scryer’s Tier in Shattrath City. Tier 4 set armor is sold by Veynna Dawnstar (Keeper of Sha’tari Heirlooms), and Tier 5 is sold by Arodis Sunblade (Keeper of Sha’tari Artifacts).

Tier 4 Chest = Magtheridon (25-man, 1 token)
Tier 4 Leggings = Gruul(25-man, 1 token)
Tier 4 Shoulders = Maulgar(25-man, 1 token)
Tier 4 Gloves = Karazhan: The Curator(10-man, 1 token)
Tier 4 Helm = Karazhan: Prince Malchezaar(10-man, 1 token)


The quest to become attuned for Arcatraz, as requirement for the Kael’thas dungeon key starts in Area 52, Netherstorm. Find the Consortium Ethereal Nether-Stalker Khay’ji in Area 52 and complete his quest. He sends you to Gahruj at Midrealm Eco-dome, who asks you to gather some supplies from Manaforge Duro. Thereafter Gahruj sends you to Nexus-Prince Haramad who starts the Triangulation quest-chain that leads to killing Culuthas the Dreadlord (located at Ruins of Farahlon). The chain ends when Nexus-Prince Haramaad sends you to A’dal with a crystal. (Read the Arcatraz Key Attunement Walkthrough)

A’dal will give you the Arcatraz Key quest. The Arcatraz crystal key is divided in two halves. The first half is held by the last boss of Tempest Keep: BotanicaWarp Splinter. The second half is held by the last boss of Tempest Keep: MechanarPathaleon the Calculator.

NOTE: Five players can enter Arcatraz if one player has the gate key. Optionally, a rogue with 360-lockpicking skill can open the gate. However, all five players need the heroic-mode key to access Arcatraz Heroic-dungeon to complete another requirement for Kael’thas dungeon key. Which means you gotta be revered with the Sha’tar faction to buy the Arcatraz Heroic-mode key from the Sha’tar Quartermaster vendor Almaador (he is next to G’eras at the Terrace of Light, near Khadgar).

(Prince Kael’Thas Dungeon)

To start the Kael’Thas dungeon Attunement questline you need to go to Shadowmoon Valley. You must complete the Cipher of Damnation quest-chain – which starts at the Hand of Gul’dan, where you see Earthen Ring NPCs and the avatar of Gul’dan. And you must complete a Stormspire quest in Netherstorm.

Brace yourself – – you need to be revered with the Sha’tar Reputation faction to obtain the Tempest Keep Heroic-Dungeon key, Revered with the Lower City to obtain the Auchenai Key to unlock the Auchindoun Dungeons in Heroic-mode, Revered with the Cenarion Expedition to unlock the Heroic-mode for Coilfang Reservoir dungeons, and Revered with Thrallmar/Honor Hold to unlock the Heroic-mode Difficulty for Hellfire Citadel dungeons. Hope you have had fun reading this far.

Complete Trial of the Naaru: Mercy; Trial of the Naaru: Strength; and Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity. No easy task … for you have to complete the three trials in Heroic-mode. Trash mobs hit for 15,000 non-crit damage at Shadow Labyrinth and Arcatraz (in Heroic Mode), no less. You have to kill Murmur in Auchindoun: Shadow Laberynth to loot his essence, retrieve an unused Axe of the Executioner from Hellfire Citadel: Shattered Halls (an NPC and two assassins spawn behind Kargath Bloodfist when he dies—get the axe from that NPC), Kalithresh’s Trident in Coilfang Reservoir: Steamvaults, and to rescue Millhouse Manastorm (gnome) after killing the last boss of Tempest Keep: Arcatraz (a Qiraji resembling Skeram). Once you have completed those four dungeons in Heroic-mode, return to A’dal.  Someone told me A’dal sends you to Magtheridon Lair and afterward A’dal grants you the Tempest Key to enter Prince Kael’Thas dungeon—which requires 25 players. Kill Kael’Thas and loot his Vial of Eternity.

(Lady Vashj Dungeon)

Another requirement for Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal is to kill Lady Vashj and to loot her Vial of Eternity’s remnant. To start the quest chain to acquire Lady Vashj’s dungeon key you must enter the Coilfang Reservoir: Slave Pens dungeon in Heroic-mode. I was able to get this quest from a Naga named Skar’this the Heretic, who is held prisoner inside one of those weird-shaped cages. He spawns in Heroic-mode by the area where you jump down a platform into the water. To the far left of the pool you can find this Naga NPC inside the cage. He starts the quest: The Cudgel of Kar’desh.


Skar’this the Heretic in the heroic Slave Pens of Coilfang Reservoir wants you to bring him the Earthen Signet and the Blazing Signet.

Earthen Signet: 0/1
Blazing Signet: 0/1

Bring me the Elemental signets that the cudgel requires!

The earthen signet is held by Gruul the Dragonkiller. Gruul can be found inside his lair in the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

The second signet is the blazing heart of a creature known as Nightbane. This mythical beast is said to reside in the hallowed halls of the prophet, Medivh.

Make haste!

The Mark of Vashj – Allows the wearer to enter Serpentshrine Cavern: Lair of Lady Vashj. (50,000 yd range)

NOTE: Obviously, you need to have completed the Karazhan Attunement to kill Nightsbane. Arcatraz has one of the three-fragments to assemble the Karazhan Key, and you need to complete Caverns of Time: Dark Portal in order to get the Karazhan key from Medivh (Master’s Key). Gruul’s Lair is open to anyone and doesn’t require attunement.

By now you should be Friendly with the Scales of the Sands faction in order to enter Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal..

In this dungeon you go back in time 4 years into the past to fight alongside Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Thrall, and Jaina Proudmoore against Archimonde and the Burning Legion. Your mission is to stop the Infinity Dragonflight from altering time.



Soridormi: The Battle of Mount Hyjal is one of the most well-guarded events of this timeline. Should an intruder alter its outcome, the impact would extend to all subsequent moments in history.

As the Aspect’s prime mate I’m far more in tune with the flow of time than other bronze dragons. I recently sensed a minute ripple in time emanating from the events surrounding the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Someone or something is attempting to change this timeline and they must be stopped.

Soridormi: Seven vials were drawn from the Well of Eternity by Illidan. He poured three into the lake on top of Mount Hyjal and a second Well of Eternity was created. For years the rest were believed lost.

With the opening of the Dark Portal, we’ve come to know that he gave one each to his lieutenants Kael’thas and Vashj. Retrieve what remains of them; we wil need them as foci to open a gateway to any events tied to Mount Hyjal, recent or ancient. The outcome of the Battle of Mount Hyjal must be preserved.

I’ve asked the impossible of you, yet I expect you to succeed. Much depends on it.


Soridormi at Caverns of Time wants you to retrieve Vashj’s Vial Remnant from Lady Vashj at Coilfang Reservoir and Kael’s Vial Remnant from Kael’Thas Sunstrider at Tempest Keep.

Rewards: 24g 60s

Thanks to the following contributors:

[email protected] – Correction

[email protected]’Thuzad – Correction

[email protected]—provided Tier 4 token locations

Burning Crusade - Tempest Keep - The Botanica

High Botanist Freywinn in Tempest Keep – The Botanica dungeon-wing will transform into a treant of life to summon three Frayer Protectors (Living-plants). In Treant form, High Botanist Freywinn will spam tranquility very often to heal his minions. Once the protectors die, he will summon new waves of protectors until he is dead.

A possible strategy would be to pull the protectors to a far spot, separating the protectors from the range of the High Botanist. This is to counter his tranquility.  Without this, the protectors should die faster.  The hunters will have to pull the protectors away to the safe spot each time they are summoned.  Casters should run in toward the High Botanist to place a dot, then run back to the safe spot to kill the protectors. Then redo dot again on the High Botanist. In and Out.

The team has to kill these protectors quick while keeping effective DPS on the High Botanist. Rogues need to search and spot for protectors ranging. They hurl an attack from afar toward a player target decreasing their health quick if unchecked.  This is a long event with many waves of summons.

High Botanist Freywinn dropped an unnamed cloth gloves with 86 armor, +27 Stamina, +25 Intellect, Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 34. Requires lvl 68. Watch the video below.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - Auchenai Crypts

Auchenai Crypts is one of the four wings of Auchindoun Dungeon, recommended for players level 64-66. You can find Auchindoun at the center of the Bone Wastes, in southern Terokkar Forest. Whether you are in the Stonebreaker Hold (Horde) or Allerian Hold (Alliance), on the back of those villages is a backdoor access to reach the Bone Wastes. To find an entrance to the inner-walls of Auchindoun, find a massive door with two bright fires and walk down the ramp. Once inside Auchindoun,  the entrance to the Auchenai Crypts is at the west wing. Looking for the two fire-lamps positioned to the left and right of the doors, help you identify the entrances to the dungeons.

Auchenai Crypts is challenging in its own way. Specially the skeleton event before reaching the Crypt of Remembrance.  Priests must shackle Unliving Draenei and skeletons when possible to help crowd control.  Mobs hit usually for 700+ damage. There are mobs you can optionally skip to move forward to the first boss event.

You should target Auchenai Soulpriests first.  They summon unliving sorcerers and posessors. Summoned units are non-elite so kill them if they were summoned already.  Kill posessors too if any unless you want a posessed tank or priest wrecking havok on his own team. Summoned Unliving Sorcerers cast shadowbolt which increases shadow damage by 10%, frostbolt and Blast Wave(AOE slowing movement speed). To counter posession, Shamans can summon a Stormstrike and Earthshock totems. Phasing Clerics are healers and Fear. Make sure to pull and stay far back. One fear and you are in a world of pain with additional adds.  A nasty curse named Touch of the Forgotten should be dispelled immediately by mages.  Healing effects on you are reduced by 345—a mana drain for any healer to keep you alive. Kill Auchenai Monks next, then Auchenai Vindicators should be last.  Kill non-elites first.  Any mob named Phasing Solider, Phasing Sorcerer, Phantasmal Stalker or Unliving are undead and can be shackled.  Auchenai Monks are humanoids immune to Hunter traps and mind control.

Shirrak the Dead Watcher

Shirrak the Dead Watcher is the first boss of Auchenai Crypts. He is located at the end of the Bridge of Souls. He looks like a floating big brain with three eyes and tentacles below his head.  The Bridge of Souls require a lot of carefulness.  Randomly, a red-ball shaped Raged Soul spawns.  It is recommended to run backwards away from it.  It has a lot of Hit Points, and it self-explodes after few seconds.  The explosion knocks you back into the air many yards away.  If not properly facing it—and here is the funny and sad part—it throws you off the Bridge of Souls and you fall into the void to your death. Walking back into the instance will take at least 6-8 minutes and the way back to the Bridge of Souls is dangerous to solo. Sometimes there are Phasing Spirits of Draenei roaming the halls after you have cleared the way. Therefore, don’t die because of the Raged Soul knocking you off the bridge.


? Inhibit Magic (Aura): After you have cleared the bridge, as soon as you get near the stairway you will notice an aura affecting you—similar to the Baron Rivendare aura, but ranges to around 40 yards or more. You can’t avoid it. However, this aura inhibits your magic. If your big heal or fireball casting time is 3 seconds, with the Inhibit Magic aura it will double or triple its casting duration.

? Carnivorous Bite: On cloth-gear, Carnivorous Bite does over 914 – 1,359 damage. And can inflict it three times in a row for a total of over 3,000 damage. Don’t stay near him too long if you aren’t a melee player.

? Telekinesis: Shirrak will randomly toss you into the air and pull you from afar toward him.  He does this for no good intention. Stop casting and run back to your position.

? Fire Bomb (AOE): When you see a red-orange glow below his tentacles, you should worry. Look on the ground. You will see a flare, then another. He is channeling a fire bomb AOE.  You can run away and escape the fireball if you carefully watch the ground for flares. NOTE: If you run away, you will see the glow on the ground chase you … then he launches the fire bomb. Upon impact, the bomb spreads nearly 20 yards afflicting everyone within its radius for 2,500+ damage. He does fire bomb every 12 seconds. (Watch our video at the bottom of this article)


There are basically two strategies to beat Shirrak the Dead Watcher.

First: Tell your team to take positions.  Imagine a square.  It has four corners. Two players on the left, and two players on the right—if most are ranger/casters.  The tank needs to pull him to one of the square corners.  Your priest or main healer needs to survive. Therefore, the priest goes by the stairs—this helps priests avoid the fire bomb.  The square-position helps a lot because when everyone is spread, the fire-bomb won’t cause damage to more than two players.

Second: Priests and/or druids save the day. Cast instant spells.  Priests should cast renew on everyone starting with yourself, the tank, then everyone else. The only player you should use Big Heal is the tank—because the aura of Shirrak slows the casting time of your big heal’s 3 seconds-cast to nearly 10 seconds. Power-Word: Shield is the most important part of this boss event. Shield all players the whole length of the event and toss a renew. Make sure to redo Power-Word Shield once Soul Weakness is over. Don’t wait until people gets damage. Just spam renew on all players, then a shield on each player. Then redo until Shirrak is dead. You won’t need mana pots, but take a few just in case.

This is a no-joke boss. He means business with that fire bomb. Once you know how to position yourself, and how to run away from the fire bomb, it is easy.

Shamans should place a Mana totem at the center of the square and help toss instant-heals to the tank. Hunter, Mage or Warlocks should bandage themselves or bandage the priest at all times when possible. Tanks can optionally drink a fire resistance potion.  If everyone DPS and watches the fire bomb, and the priest has done a good work rotating renews and shield, Shirrak the Dead Watcher will die in one minute and fourty-five seconds. (1:45)—However, at the moment of taking this video everyone was above level 66 (closed beta).  It may take longer than two minutes if your first time is at level 64. Things may change in retail version.

Exarch Maladaar

After killing Shirrak the Dead Watcher, you have some challenge past the next room at the Chamber of the Restless.  Once you see skeletons, you will be in a world of pain. They have a lot of Hit Points (HP), elite and hit for around 700 damage to cloth-gear.  It is important for Priests to shackle one of them to crowd control, and to keep an eye on renewing it. And very important that no one breaks the shackle. Create a macro if necessary alerting people not to break the shackle.

Mages … AOE is not recommended. At 700 damage, a flash heal and renew from a priest won’t help to keep you alive for long. Far less if you have more than four skeletons hitting you.  Use frost nova. Hunters, Warlocks and Priest will need it for breath-space.

Hunters … make sure to stick near the priest and help by placing traps when possible. Your task is to keep yourself and the Priest alive because this is an insane fight.

Once you reach the Crypt of Remembrance, the skeletons are easily killable non-elites. If you have no mage a priest will do with Holy Nova.  Otherwise, Priests should renew and shield the mage before he engages AOE.  Then spam Flash Heal. Once the skeletons die, assist the Tank with the Auchenai Necromancer.  There are at least 6 similar pulls before reaching Exarch Maladaar.

This final boss has some nasty tricks up his sleeve.  He will create a shadow copy of yourself—a shade named Dark Side.  It is important that all the four players target the shade-NPC and kill it ASAP, while the tank is hitting the boss. If a shadow-npc is left unchecked, it will kill the priest or mage in no time.  Shades hit cloth-gear for 706-878 and may mortal strike you for around 1,501 damage.  It is recommended that Mages frost nova the shade, and everyone hits it.  Then focus back to the boss for DPS. If you don’t kill the shades asap, you will get more shades overwhelming you.  It is timed.

When Exarch Maladaar reaches around 20% health, he will do something unique—he summons forth an Avatar of the Martyred that hits like a truck.  However, DPS Exarch Maladaar and kill him. Otherwise he will keep spawning shadows.  Then focus on the Avatar of the Martyred.  If you are on the quest, talk to the Naaru.  The mirror is a floating crystal near the Naaru.


To find the epic quest leading to Auchenai Crypts you should talk to Jorin Deadeye in Garadar Village (Nagrand) for a very long chain of quests.

The quest is epic because you will find out the truth about the Naaru and Oshu’gun Crystal in Nagrand.  Oshu’gun is revealed to be the landing site of Velen and the Draenei upon reaching planet Draenor. Oshu’gun crystal is the transdimensional ship of the Naaru that brought the Draenei to planet Draenor.  It is Oshu’gun where the orcs heard the voice of a Naaru to inspire their shamanistic ways.

The quest chain eventually takes you to Auchenai Crypts to defeat Exarch Maladaar who holds prisoner a Naaru named D’ore. Coerced by Exarch Maladaar to draw shadow magic from him. Upon freeing D’ore, and finding his mirror, you are sent to find 15 orc spirits in Nagrand and to reflect their image on the mirror. It triggers them to become voidwalkers that you must destroy. After talking to a spirit in the Ancestral Grounds (northwest of Oshu’gun), you are sent to Garadar village, where the quest to talk to the Greatmother starts.  She reveals to be the mother of Durotan. You tell her how Durotan is considered a hero, and that her grandson Thrall is warchief of the new horde. You go to Orgrimmar to deliver the news to Thrall that his grandmother still lives. And Thrall himself comes to Outland to sit besides her.—this section will be updated with a quest list, soon.

Lore Flashback

In Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal, Kurdran found in one of his reconnaissances, atop his flying mount Sky’ree, the stronghold of Auchindoun.  Danath and Turalyon raided this Bleeding Hollow Clan bastion with the Alliance Expedition Force. Read More.

Auchenai Crypts Map

Auchindoun Location

Shirrak the Dead Watcher

Exarch Maladaar


Shirrak the Dead Watcher (Video)

Exarch Maladaar

World of Warcraft - Naxxramas Frost Resistance Gear

These are the new Naxxramas Instance Frost Resistance Craftable Armor. Based on the stats, this looks like gear aimed to rogues, unless it is a different set per Class.  You will need Frost resistance for the Frostwyrm and Kel’Thuzad fights.  The following are subject to change through the lifetime of Patch 1.11 Public Test Realms.  We have already seen changes in some armor in the recent Test Realm mini-patch.  Start planning out and gathering the ingredients that are available in the current Public Server.

Master Craftsman Omarion is located at the Deathknight Wing, which is the southwestern wing. He is inside a cage and will offer the dialogue shown to the left in both images.

He will give you a handbook with the knowledge of how to create Frost Resistance armor.

Take the handbook to Craftman Willhem inside Light’s Hope Chapel. Thereafter, you will have new access to his Frost Resistance gear. Check them out below …

Glacial Cloak

Needs Exalted with Argent Dawn
64 Armor – Cloth
+18 stamina
+24 Frost Resist

5 Frozen Runes
4 Bolts of Rune Cloth
2 Essence of Water
4 Iron Web Spidersilk
200 gold

Polar Bracers

Needs Revered with Argent Dawn
102 Armor – Cloth
+12 agility
+20 stamina
+20 Frost Resist

4 Frozen Runes
12 Enchanted Leather
3 Essence of Water
3 Cured Rugged Hide
200 gold

Polar Gloves

Needs Revered with Argent Dawn
146 Armor – Cloth
+18 agility
+18 stamina
+30 Frost Resist

5 Frozen Runes
12 Enchanted Leather
3 Essence of Water
3 Cured Rugged Hide
200 gold

Polar Tunic

Needs Exalted with Argent Dawn
234 Armor- Cloth
+18 agility
+26 stamina
+40 Frost Resist

8 Frozen Runes
4 Bolts of Rune Cloth
16 Enchanted Leather
5 Essence of Water
5 Cured Rugged Hide
300 gold


Glacial Vest

121 Armor – Cloth

+26 Stamina

+40 Frost Resistance

Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spels and effects by up to 21

Frozen Rune x7

Bolt of Runecloth x8

Essence of Water x6

Ironweb Spider Silk x8

Glacial Gloves

76 Armor – Cloth

+22 Stamina

+30 Frost Resistance

Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 15

Frozen Rune x5

Bolt of Runecloth x4

Essence of Water x4

Ironweb Spider Silk x4

Glacial Wrists

53 Armor – Cloth

+20 Stamina

+20 Frost Resistance

Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 12

Frozen Rune x4

Bolt of Runecloth x2

Essence of Water x2

Ironweb Spider Silk x4

Glacial Leggings

106 Armor – Cloth

+28 Stamina

+40 Resistance

Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 18

World of Warcraft - Fishing Guide: Skill Levels


Blasted Lands: Fishing skill needed is 235-265

Burning Steppes: Fishing skill needed is 240-290

Duskwood: Fishing skill needed is 95-150

Elwynn Forest: Fishing skill needed is 1-50

RedridgeMountains: Fishing skill needed is 80-120

Stranglethorn Vale: Fishing skill needed is 150-250

Swamp of Sorrows: Fishing skill needed is 175-225

Westfall: Fishing skill needed is 50-80

Khaz Modan

Badlands: Fishing skill needed is 175-225

Dun Morogh: Fishing skill needed is 1-50

Loch Modan: Fishing skill needed is 50-100

Searing Gorge: Fishing skill needed is none available

Wetlands: Fishing skill needed is 105-150


Alterac Mountains: Fishing skill needed is 150-170

Arathi Highlands: Fishing skill needed is 150-180

Eastern Plaguelands: Fishing skill needed is 265-280

Hillsbrad Foothills: Fishing skill needed is 100-155

Silverpine Forest: Fishing skill needed is 50-105

Hinterlands: Fishing skill needed is 200-245

Tirisfal Glades: Fishing skill needed is 1-50

Western Plaguelands: Fishing skill needed is 255-270

Northern Kalimdor

Ashenvale: Fishing skill needed is 75-150

Azshara: Fishing skill needed is 200-275

Darkshore: Fishing skill needed is 50-80

Desolace: Fishing skill needed is 100-175

Durotar: Fishing skill needed is 1-50

Felwood: Fishing skill needed is 175-250

Moonglade: unknown fishing

Stonetalon Mountains: Fishing skill needed is 75-125

Teldrassil: Fishing skill needed is 1-50

The Barrens: Fishing skill needed is 50-100

Winterspring: Fishing skill needed is 250-300

Southern Kalimdor

Dustwallow Marsh: Fishing skill needed is 150-300

Feralas: Fishing skill needed is 150-175

Mulgore: Fishing skill needed is 1-50

Tanaris: Fishing skill needed is 225-275

Thousand Needles: Fishing skill needed is 75-125


World of Warcraft on Linux: How To play on Wine

Many skilled Linux users have offered instructions on how to tweak settings to play World of Warcraft in Linux, using Wine.  You should read all the instructions and link sources.  However, be warned that Blizzard Entertainment does not condone nor offer support to Linux platforms, and you should do so at your own risk.  We aren’t responsible and you agree so.  The author of the How To is not part of Blizzplanet staff.

Links you should visit and read:

Short instructions

Required Downloads and Patches

Full Instructions (Read)

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Explained

Hey there, Angler! The purpose of this thread is to explain the Fishing Tournament so that we can nab some of the nifty prizes.

I’ll keep this first post up to date. Please post additional information that you may have.

The 5 W’s

Who: You.

What: The Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament

When: Every Sunday at 14:00 (2:00 PM) local server time

Where: Stranglethorn Vale

Why: For kicks, some decent prizes, and because it’s something other than grinding.

Getting Started

Fishing Skill & Bait:

All you need to get started is a fishing pole and a decent level of fishing skill. I started doing this at skill 260, and I did not receive a single “Your fish got away” message in over 1.5 hours of participation (without bait). So, you probably want to have one of …

A. 250 Fishing Skill

B. 200 Fishing Skill and a bunch of Nightcrawlers (+50 for 10 minutes)

C. 175 Fishing Skill and a bunch of Shiny Baubles (+75 for 10 minutes)

Fishing Pole:

Note that there is a vendor in Booty Bay (all the way on the bottom platform near the plank leading into the water) that will sell you (limited quantity item) a Strong Fishing Pole (+5 Fishing Skill). Every little bit helps, so you should always be using this instead of the regular fishing pole (Also, you can get the Big Iron Fishing Pole, with a whopping +20 to fishing, instead… it’s a rare drop from Shellfish Crates that are part of a Horde quest line in Desolace – thanks to Emmert for this info).


While you can theoretically win the contest as a level 1 character, the reality of it is that you’ll probably want to be at least level 40 before you attempt this, for two reasons: First, you’ll want a mount for the speed increase (see below); second, the area you’ll be running around in is quite full of mobs between levels 35 and 45. If you are in combat, you aren’t fishing – so you’ll need to avoid constantly getting aggro’d by everything around you.

Speed Increase:

You’ll also want to have something to drastically increase your speed, as you’ll need to travel at a few hundred meters every 2-3 minutes. The faster the better. In order of preference:

A. Epic mount (+100% speed increase)

B. Regular mount (+60% speed increase)

C. Sprint/Dash/Aspect of the Cheetah/etc (+~40-50% speed increase)


Make certain that you bind yourself in Booty Bay, and that you do not use your Hearthstone after about 1:15 PM local server time. You’ll most likely need to hearth back to Booty Bay as soon as you’re done if you want to win.

Inventory Space:

Last but not least, you will want at least 16 slots of inventory free. Make sure you bring at least one fully-empty 16-slot container or its equivalent. You may want to have a little extra space just in case. Most fish (including the Tastyfish) stack in lots of 20, just so you’re aware…

Tournament Basics


At approximately 30 seconds after the server clock hits 14:00 (2:00 PM), a /yell will be sent to all of Stranglethorn Vale indicating that the Fishing Tournament has begun. Another yell will be sent when the contest has ended.


Goal #1: The main goal of the tournament is to be the first to catch 40 Tastyfish and to return them to the goblin contest master Riggle Bassbait in Booty Bay. Riggle stands on the dock just outside of the Inn. Along with the man in charge of the contest, there is Fishbot 5000 and another goblin who give out consolation prizes…

Goal #2: (Consolation Prize) Bring 5 Tastyfish to the goblins to receive 23 silver (repeatable as many times as you want).

Goal #3: (Consolation Prize) Bring a rare fish to the Fishbot 5000 to receive “Rare Nat Pagle fishing accessories” (Haven’t gotten any myself). There are three types of rare fish to be found, and yes, rare means rare – in an hour and a half of fishing, I did not catch a single one.


The Internet is surprisingly devoid of information on the rewards for this tournament. I did manage to find out some details, though:

First Prize: Hook of the Master Angler: A trinket that turns you into a fish and grants ~100% speed increase in water. You are unable to fight while in fish form.

Rare Fish #1 (Dezian Queenfish): High Test Eternium Fishing Line: Consume to permanently add +5 to a Fishing Pole.

Rare Fish #2 (Keefer’s Angelfish): Reward unknown.

Rare Fish #3 (Brownell’s Blue Striped Racer): Nat Pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ Boots: Boots enchanted with +5 to Fishing Skill.

Let the Tournament Begin!

School of Tastyfish:

As soon as the tournament begins, “School of Tastyfish” nodes will spawn all along the coast of Stranglethorn Vale. Yes, the entire coast is in-play. The nodes look like small whirlpools, 2-3 meters in diameter, complete with silvery fish flickering in and out. They are visible from a good distance as a shimmering spot in the water.

Spawn Locations:

The locations of the nodes are fixed. That is, a node is either there or not there, but the locations do not change. You’ll find that there is a spawn location approximately every 100-200 meters along the coast, so there are many pools forming constantly. Along the southeastern coast alone there are about 10 spawn points. The best way to learn them is to participate in the tournament – you’ll be in trouble the first time, but you’ll learn them for the next time.

How to Catch the Elusive Tastyfish:

In order to catch Tastyfish, you must cast your bobber inside one of the fishing nodes. To be on the safe side, ensure that your bobber is at least partially touching the edge of the swirling waters. Ideally, cast it right into the center so you don’t have to worry. If you miss, re-cast again. There is no way to guarantee that your bobber will land in the right place. Learn how far back to stand so that the average-distance cast will at least have a chance to intersect the pool itself (stand too close and you’ll always overcast; stand too far and your bobber will never make it out to the pool).

Once your bobber lands in a good position, just wait and fish as normal. You’ll reel in either some Stranglekelp, a Tastyfish, a rare fish or (rarely) something else (anything you could normally catch in these waters goes here).

Node Mechanics:

It seems that the nodes are partially timer based and partially quantity based. Nodes seem to last a minimum of about 1.5 minutes and a maximum of about 3. If you are the only person fishing a node, it will not despawn while your bobber is in it (this is odd).

It would appear that, for whatever reason (fixed quantity, random luck, whatever), the node has a chance to despawn upon anyone reeling in a catch regardless of what is caught (Tastyfish, Oily Blackmouth, rusty boot, etceteras).

Multiple people can and will fish in a single node. Note that (as stated before) there appears to be a minimum time that a node will stay active, so don’t necessarily get all riled up just because people zerg your lucrative fishing spot. It can get annoying, however, when more than about 3 people are fishing as the number of bobbers begins to be a problem.

Changing Nodes:

As soon as a node despawns, immediately mount (or hit your speed boost) and proceed to the next most probable location for a spawn. This is something you will learn from experience. If you know a nearby pool despawned about 6 minutes ago, head there now, as this seems to be the approximate time between respawns.

The best way to do this by far is to stay just in the water, out of aggro range of most mobs but still able to walk/run/mount (don’t swim!). Run along the coast until you see the next node, and hit it.

Things to Watch Out for:

There are quite a few nasties along the STV coast. On the southwest side are the highest level mobs in the area, namely varieties of Naga. These are particularly annoying because they wander far (even into the ocean) and have a large aggro radius, are social, and like to net you.

The rest of the west coast is (for the most part) inhabited by Crocolisks and Raptors, of which the Crocolisks are by far the worst since they (like the Naga) will sometimes enter the water where you are.

The east coast of Stranglethorn, by comparison, is great. The ruins full of undead can be a problem if you are below level 40; levels 40 and up will generally be able to walk past without a problem. The one thing you must watch out for, regardless of your level, is the unique level 47+ Elite Giant Gorlash. He roams the shore slowly and is easily avoided, but there are always a disturbing number of skeletons near him when you pass by.

And last but not least, if you are on a PvP server, watch out for the enemy. you will hate your life as this event is commonly referred to on PvP servers as the “Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Gankfest”.

The Tournament Completed

How Long This Takes:

The tournament on Sunday 18 December 2005 was won in exactly 38 minutes. This means you should be catching, on average, about 1 tastyfish every 55 seconds if you hope to win.


I haven’t won. That said, keep a close eye on the number of Tastyfish you’ve caught. The second you hit 40, hearth back to Booty Bay, hti your speed boost if you’ve got it, and talk to Riggle Bassbait to win the tournament. A /yell will be sent to all of STV informing them that you are the victor. W00t for j00!

Not Winning:

Most likely you will not win. If this is the case, you can just quit when you get the /yell, or you can continue to fish the nodes. The mechanics stay the same if you keep going. You can continue to catch Tastyfish and even rare fish for as long as the tournament continues. Once the contest is over and the node despawn for the week, you should return to Booty Bay and turn in what you’ve got for what prizes you can.

Sorry, No Cheating:

Blizzard has it covered when it comes to the various shady tactics that we all, of course, immediately think of and wish we could explot:

1. Tastyfish are eternally Soulbound, so you cannot trade them.

2. They are limited duration items, and will disappear 4 hours after catching.

3. Stack in lots of 20.

4. Cannot be eaten, cooked, disenchanted, sold, fed to pet, or used in any other way.


So you are all set to go win the tournament. By far the hardest parts are memorizing where the nodes spawn and learning where to stand so that your bobber has the best chance to land in the swirling Tastyfish whirlpool. Watch out for aggro, run swiftly, fish deeply, and remember the credo of the Simpsons’ Fugu Chef:

“Hmmm…. poison, poison, poison… ah! Tastyfish!

Author: Moonfall

Level 38 Night Elf Druid

Guild:  Brethren of Light

Realm:  Argent Dawn

World of Warcraft: Ossirian the Unscarred - Ahn’Qiraj Movie

Ahn’Qiraj: Ossirian

A raid of 20 players try Ossirian for first time in Public Test Servers. Not knowing what to expect, we engage to explore the abilities of this Egyptian-god-like boss. The experience makes everyone scream for their mommy =(

Download (13.3 MB – 720×480 – DSL)

Download (2.58MB – 320×240 – 56kbps)

PC Widows XP: Windows Media Player 10
PC Windows 98/SE/ME/2000: Windows Media Player 9
Mac OS X: Requires the latest Windows Media Player 9 or you can install VLC player here

Blizzard Entertainment has exponentially evolved their way to make instances and special boss fights.  We have seen that with the bosses of Zul’Gurub, which require 20-players raid groups.  The instance is surgically designed to be a tough experience, and each boss has its own special attacks and tricks to beat him.  Ahn’Qiraj—in Public Test Servers—is showing to be among the most exciting and fun instances.

The Ancient city of the Qiraji is difficult and requires a good organization.  Every class is needed: Druids entangling roots is needed for crowd control hand-to-hand with Mages’ sheeping. All healers need to watch the tank at all times—which can drop in a blink against Kurinnaxx’s stackable-debuffs; and wear their mana-regen gear.  Some of the fights with the first two bosses are very long.  If you do not have mana regen gear, you will exhaust your healing before the bosses hit half health. That extra mana per tick can be the difference to keep your tank and team alive.

First boss, is a huge scorpion named Kurinnaxx.


The strategy for Kurinnaxx is to have 2-3 Warriors on him.  One Warrior in the front of Kurinnaxx. The Second Warrior on his left, and the Third Warrior on his right—by the ribs.  Kurinnaxx makes sand traps that drops chance to hit by 75% and causes plenty of damage. The sand trap also silences casters for around 9 seconds—so stay out of range if by any chance someone gets aggro away from the tank. Move away as fast as you can before you get silenced by his trap. Rogues, watch how many debuffs are stacked on you, and use your vanish, and stay away.  Anyone that gets 75% chance to hit, is useless anyway, so stay away so that you do not get damage.  That will allow healers to conserve mana.  Resume DPS when the effect is over.

Kurinnaxx also has some sort of cleave or mortal strike that stacks 10-15 times.  This can be deadly for any tank.  The idea of having one tank in the front, and two warriors on the side is that when the tank reaches 6 stacked-debuffs, he has to stop attacking immediately, and letting the other tank get the aggro.  Make sure to make a macro in CAPS to alert the other two tanks that you are gonna let them take aggro. After 6 debuffs the Warrior will die so fast, no healer will be fast enough to cast Flash-heal. The macro also alerts all casters to stop attacking. Important. This is for the transition of aggro from Warrior to Warrior to get aggro.

Once the second tank gets aggro, make a macro for ASSIST so that casters can resume their DPS(Damage).  As soon as the second warrior gets 6 stacked debuffs, stop attacking and let the third tank get aggro. Rinse and repeat.  The whole raid needs to know their role and when to react based on these MACROS. Otherwise, you will get a wipe.  This is a very long fight.  Wear your mana regen gear if you are a healer and many stacks of Major Mana pots.  Druids should provide Innervate on priests that ran out of mana.

Once you kill Kurinnaxx, make sure no one talks to the Human NPC.  Only the main tank is to talk to him, when everyone is in position and ready.  The next fight is a triggered event that starts when you talk to the Human NPC.  Rajaxx will yell: “The time of our retribution is at hand! Let darkness reign in the hearts of our enemies! No longer will we wait behind barred doors and walls of stone!  No longer will our vengeance be denied!  The dragons themselves will tremble before our wrath!.

Basically, waves and waves of Qiraji Warriors and flyers will keep pouring in.  Once a wave dies, another is sent within only two seconds.  You need to drink in this short lapse of time if you can. Warlocks and Mages need to put a lot of DPS here on mobs.  ALL Warlocks need to fear units constantly, and dot the main tank’s target while keeping a watch on the feared mob, to recast fear on them again and again.  Druids can entangle-root mobs, and priests should use their Fear-2 mobs ability, hunters might get a chance to place traps in between waves.  This orchestrated mob control will ensure the survival of all the 20 players, and keep you save from too much damage.  Remember to dot the main tank’s target while fearing or entangling.  Once it dies, move to the next target—rinse and repeat, until everyone is dead.  Making the fight last longer by crowd controlling is good—in that lapse of time your healers and DPS casters are regenerating mana.

If you keep the 4 Kaldorei Warriors and Human healed, you won’t have much trouble.  They have tons of hit points.  The challenge is if you wipe and they die.  They won’t respawn for at least two more hours, so you will be left on your own without the NPCs.  The fight with Rajaxx—I will let you figure it out on your own. So let’s skip forward.

I could say Blizzard is allowing every single class to feel important and useful in Ahn’Qiraj instance.

Fighting Buru—a huge scarab on steroids—looks piece of cake, but requires a lot of organization.

Bad news: Buru can’t be tanked at all by a Warrior.

Good news: Buru walks very slow and can be kited(You can make him follow you while everyone ranges it).

I would suggest players to use their Revered-boots from Arathi Basin Battlegrounds for this event.  The Boots allow you to run a bit faster than normal.  Start running up the ramp while Buru chases you.  Try to reach the top, of the ramp, then jump down.  Healers need to keep healing the player after they jump down.

In the meantime, players need to cause damage to the six eggs of Buru—but DO NOT destroy them.  Once the eggs have 5% hit points, spam on Raid chat “BRING HIM”, to alert the runner to bring Buru and make him walk on top of the eggs.

Soon as Buru is on top of the eggs, Warlocks and Mages should cast Area-of-Effect(AOE) Spells to destroy the eggs.  Apparently, when the six eggs are destroyed below him, they cause damage to Buru.

Special thing to note:  Buru won’t get aggro if you dot him or cast spells on him.  He won’t stop chasing his target until it is dead, or becomes unreachable.  You should make the font color of Raid Chat blueish or green—so that you can read the Warning message in orange.  When Buru chooses to attack a specific player, you get a alert message onscreen saying that Buru is watching you.

Druids should be alert when they get Buru’s attention.  They are quietly versatile to kite Buru.  Turn into a Cheetah to run faster.  When you need to enter the water, do not swim normally, or Buru will reach you, since your movement swimming is slower.  Shapeshift into a seal quick and when you reach land, shapeshift once more into cheetah.

All healers must run behind Buru to heal the target.  Buru won’t aggro if you heal the chased player.  Our pick-up-group(PUG) was able to beat him on our second trial.  Not hard, but not easy either—I commend Blizzard for creativity.

After defeating him, we headed up the ramp into the next terrace.  Casters need to stay in the back by the ramp.  Warriors should pull with their ranged gun and make sure to tank the Hive’Zara Tail Lasher (scorpions).  They will silence all casters in an Area-of-effect for nearly 9 seconds, and it spams it very often—like father, like son. Nods at Kurinnaxx.  Healers can’t heal anyone if you allow them to move into the casters, as they become silenced.  The other insects will keep poisoning the whole group.  So healers need to stay as far away as possible, and get in to toss renew.  Druids should help with entangling root, but keep your distance to toss rejuvenation on the tank and anyone who needs it—staying away from silence AOE.

The Silicate Feeder worms here spread a deadly poison after they die, so try not to kill them in the middle of your group, or everyone will get hit and lose health pretty quick—which may kill players that are already 20% health.

Something Warriors would love to know is that past this terrace hallway after you kill Buru, heading toward Ayamiss,  you have a high chance to loot Manual of Battle Shout Rank 7.  Hunters get Qiraji Magisterial Ring and Druids get Rejuvenation Rank 11.  Assumingly, all classes might have their own Book/Manual to upgrade one of their class-specific spells.

Once past this room, we gave a try to the huge bee boss, named Ayamiss the Hunter.  All I can say is that was a very tough and interesting event.  Ayamiss has a high aggro threat, and launches poison blasts at his target, jumping from target to target.  On top of this punishment, every 15-20 seconds a swarm of flying bees come from the front and the back and attack the players.  They seem to die with Mages and Warlocks AOE.  Watch our movie of Ayamiss the Hunter. This event might be qualified as “Insane” and will be challenging, yet fun for hardcore guilds. A+ to Blizzard on this one.

We decided not to mess with Ayamiss for a second trial, and skipped him to find out what was next.  The very long ramp heading to the top of the temple gave us a bunchful of curiosity. The sun could be seen in the direction of the ramp—as if inviting us for the fight of our life at the top of the temple.

Once atop, we found many Anubisath Guardian (Obsidian Statues) walking back and forth in very slow motion.  You shouldn’t be fooled.  They are set to walk on you at some point during mid-fight.  The whole raid should stay on the ramp.  That is your 100% safe spot.  Hunters or Warriors should pull the Obsidian Statues down to the ramp.  Once you are sure all of the statues are dead, you can leave the ramp.  Each Obsidian spawns 2 Qiraji warrior minions.  One can be feared in the safety of the ramp.

Mages need to cast detect magic at all times on Obsidian Statues to detect the type of deflect debuff they have.  This is a anti-wipe measure and a lifesaver. The abilities of every class are tested on this instance.

The Anubisath Guardians by the Watchers Terrace have a deflect Shadow-and-Frost at once, while others have a Fire-and-Arcane deflect debuff.  Casting Detect Magic will alert the whole raid which magic-spells they should avoid casting. Reason?  If just one player messes up and dots the Obsidian Statue with Shadow Word:Pain, Devouring plague or Frostbolt/Frost Nova—for example—it will deflect back to every player in front of him the attack for over 800 damage.  This mistake 3 times in a row could wipe half the raid wearing cloth and leather. Watch our movie showing the fight with one of the Anubisath Guardians—and a close up to Ossirian using mind vision.

Once we made sure all the Anubisath Guardians were dead, we started exploring the Watchers Terrace.  A huge field with columns.  We saw some crystals on the ground, and started testing—not knowing what to expect in this event.

When clicking the crystals, they would slide up from the ground, then sink back. Our curiosity grew, not knowing what they were for.  But we kept in mind we could interact with the Pylon crystals named Ossirian Crystal.

We finally started to engage this final boss named Ossirian.  Soon as we heard him yell: “Sands of the desert, rise and block out the sun!”, we knew this guy meant business, and that we were up to a spanking session.  Blizzard really brought a challenge in Ahn’Qiraj instance.  This is not the typical beat till it dies boss. He looks like the Egyptian god Horus, son of Osiris and Isis with the head of an obsidian-stone Hawk—Reference.  However, Ossirian has a circle that brights on his head, which looks like a sun.  The god Ra—father of all gods—and grandfather of Osiris’ parents Geb and Nut, is the god of the sun and has a hawk-head and a sun on his head—Reference

If you watch our movie, you will notice that our first attempt at this boss was both hilarious and sad.  The 20-players lasted barely one minute or so. Believe it or not … our lovely Ossirian was literally beating the snot out of us. Ossirian killed a player by 8k, 12k, 13,068, 14,246 damage.  Whoa?  You heard right, and that was only normal hits.  His crushing ability did 19,681 damage.  Everyone was jaw-dropped as Ossirian kept yelling: “You are terminated.”.  And indeed—this guy is a Terminator that has nothing to be jealous of Arnold.

Our second attempt was more lasting, and almost had a kiting strategy going.  Players were driving him toward the Ossirian Crystals.  You may Watch our second movie showing how the crystals sap Ossirian with a lightning bolt.

At this point, we do not know if Blizzard has acknowledged in the forums if this is a bug. I will surely check out later.  If this is working as intended then our discovery will be possibly the solution to this massive spank-wipe.  The Ossirian Crystals sap him—lowering his damage output for 30 seconds.  A player reported he was hit by 5.6k damage and the main tank reported getting hit by 1.3k damage after the Ossirian crystal launched a bolt at Ossirian. The strategy here, among many others that guilds should figure out with practice, is for the Tank-Warrior to pull Ossirian toward one of the Crystals.  The raid should organize and assign one player to stand by one of the crystals at all times. No one should attack him while he is on rampage, so to keep the aggro on the Tank.  When the crystal saps Ossirian with a bolt, his damage-output will be reduced.  A Shaman reported that he was able to purge his Strength of Ossirian buff as well.

It is important that all mages are alert on re-casting Detect Magic on Ossirian at all times to find out when he has risen up his buff.  I’m not sure if that was the name, but it seems he has a armor buff that can be dispelled.

The ideal scenario is that a Tank keeps pulling Ossirian toward each Crystal, sorta kiting him in circles, up to the next crystal while casters range him. The player assigned to each crystal most be alert to trigger-click the crystal at the right time to sap Ossirian once more—every 30 seconds, on a different crystal.  The crystal will spawn again, so you can return to it at a later time.

Before conclusion, I gotta warn you that Ossirian also summons a huge tornado that moves through the Watchers Terrace, adding an extra adrenaline-pumping factor. He can also cast cyclone on a single-target. This no doubt will be one of the most challenging boss events that will require a lot of cooperation, organization and communication among all players to pull off. And a lot of luck and praying. Blizzard’s creativity at its best.

Special thanks to Filefront for hosting our movies to share with you, and to GameCam for providing a great Game Movie Capturing software.

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Twilight Hammer:  How to summon Templars and Dukes Guide

1. Windstones, Elementals, and Epics

Here’s a guide to some stuff in Silithus that you may or may not know about.

There are 3 twilight hammer camps in Silithus each with Lesser, normal, and Greater Windstones in them. They display a ‘use’ icon when you mouse over them, however if you activate one unprepared, it will zap you with lightning. And yes, it will kill you if you are dumb and try it enough times. :p

General Info


Each of the stones will summon an Abyssal Elemental. What they drop depends on which one you summon. All of the stones require, at minimum, the Twilight Trappings Set. This is a 3 piece cloth armor set with a head, shoulder, and chest piece. They have no stats, and the set bonus only allows you to interact with Windstones. They have about a 1/5 drop rate off the twilight cultists, don’t bother buying them off the AH unless you’re really lazy, you can farm a full set in about 15 minutes.

Set :


Important Note Using the Twilight Set, Medallion of Station, or the Ring of Lordship to activate any of the windstones will consume the 3 armor pieces, medallion, and or ring! If you fail to kill the elemental and he despawns, you will NOT get the pieces back, broken or otherwise. So don’t do it unless you are prepared to take down whichever boss you are summoning.


Objects of Beckoning


If you complete the quest to collect 10 Encrypted Twilight Texts, and turn them in to the NPC in the cave, INSTEAD of turning them in to the NPC in town, you will recieve a letter in the mail a few hours later.

In the mail you get a bag, the bag can contain various crafting schematics, as well as some scrolls that will allow you to create beckoning objects.

Crests of Beckoning are used on Lesser Windstones.

Signets of Beckoning are used on normal Windstones.

Scepters of Beckoning are used on Greater Windstones.

Each of they Scrolls require various regents, ranging from 1-20 elemental air/earth/fire, herbalism plants, truesilver rods, and Dark Runes.

The purpose of the Objects of Beckoning are to enable you to summon a specific type of elemental from the stones. For the Lesser stones this is kind of pointless, the Templars loot tables are mostly the same between all 4 types. For the Dukes and higher, this can be useful, as each drops a different object. It takes quite a bit of time to aquire the materials to summon a Duke or a Lord, so this may be worthwhile.

Lesser Windstones


The Lesser stones summon a Templar, a 60 elite that can be taken down easily by a group of 2-3. The only thing required here is the Twilight Set. Be sure to bring a healer of some sort, they hit for ~700. There are 4 possible Templars that can be summoned, which one is summoned is random. Each will drop an Abyssal Crest, and there’s a good chance that it will drop a random BoE green item. They can drop blues, but the chance to do so is only slightly higher than any other random NPC.

Azure Templar – Water

Crimson Templar – Fire

Earthern Templar – Earth

Hoary Templar – Air

Normal Windstones


The “normal” windstones (they just say “Wind Stone”, no Lesser or Greater) require a Twilight Set, plus a Medallion of Station. The medallion is a neckpiece, which is aquired by bringing 3 Abyssal Crests to the NPC near the mailbox along with a Large Brilliant Shard. This quest is repeatable, however it requires Friendly reputation before it becomes available. All you need are 3 Crests and the shard to get another one.

Wearing the Set and the Medallion allows you to activate the Windstone, which will summon a Duke. These are level 62 elites, and can be taken by a group of 5 if everyone knows what they’re doing. If you’re doing this with a pickup group, grab 8 or more. Each has different attacks, none are particularly difficult, although the Air elemental does use a hurricane like attack that does 400 per tick.
Each of them will drop a different BoP blue item, most of which are very nice. They will also drop a blue item called an Abyssal Signet, which you can turn in for some faction and a nice bag of random stuff.

Duke of Cynders – Fire

Duke of Fathoms – Water

Duke of Shards – Earth

Duke of Zephyrs – Air

Greater Windstones


To summon a Royal Lord, you need the Twilight Set, the Medallion of Station, plus a Ring of Lordship. The ring can be aquired via quest, same as the Medallion, however it requires Revered reputation with the CC. It takes three(3) Abyssal Signets to create a Ring. This quest is also repeatable.

The ring also drops off a rare spawn that can spawn at any of the 3 twilight camps, and wanders around the camp. If he’s not at one camp, check a different one. Even though he’s classified rare, reports have his spawn time at less than 15 minutes, although he can spawn at any one of the 3 camps.

Activating the Greater Windstone will summon a ?? (raid boss) elite that requires anywhere from 30-40 people to defeat. There are four different ones and each one drops a different epic. It is not a 100% chance to drop an epic, but it’s pretty high, somewhere around 70%. If not an epic, then you’ll get a blue.

They also drop Abyssal Scepters

These can be turned in for rep with the Cenarion Circle, same as the crests and rings. However it’s plausible that these can be used to summon a still more powerful entity, however this is still speculation, nobody has discovered any quest or object that would lend credit to this theory. It’s also possible that they could be used in the next patch to help open the gates of Ahn’Quiraj

High Marshal Whirlaxis (Air)

Windshear Cape

Prince Skaldrenox (Fire)

Elemental Focus Band

Baron Kazum (Earth)—Thottbot has no info here


Earthern Guard

Lord Skwol

Wavefront Necklace


Thanks to Lauran and Fates Requium, here’s a video of some fights with the Royals.;4260930;;/fileinfo.html

By Tetera

Level 60 Night Elf Druid

Guild:  Erinynes

Realm:  Firetree

Warcraft Timeline

The following Warcraft Timeline was written by Chris Metzen. The Timeline Presented here is an overview of the major events in Azeroth’s distant and recent history as depicted in the World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game Corebook. Note that the last ten years before World of Warcraft were retconned. World of Warcraft starts now at year 30, instead of 25.

Librams: Head/Legs Enchant Guide


Mathredis Firestar in Flame Crest—Burning Steppes

As some players know Head / Legs armor gears are some of the items that can not be enchanted by players, but only by using Librams.

There is a Blood Elf NPC at the Burning Steppes (near Flight Path) who can do these enchantments. He will talk to you when you bring to him any of the Librams. To create the enchant for you he will request you to bring some items and 15-35 gold.

There are 8 different Librams that drop from random Caster mobs in Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge, Blood Elves in eastern Azshara, Satyrs in Felwood(Jaedenar), Blackrock Depths mobs, and basically, any caster in the world has a small percentage chance to drop a Libram.  You will notice the blue exclamation sign on his head.  This is a repetitive quest, and you can enchant as many Head or Leg items as you wish for as long as you bring a new Libram and more required items.  The Librams accepted by the Blood Elf, northeast of Burning Steppes, are:

Libram of Resilience
Price: 20 gold

Enchant: +20% Fire Resistance

– 1 Black Diamond (dropped @ BRD – can be bought – 4 g)
– 4 Crystal Spire (formed @ un’goro by 10 yellow/10 blue power crystals @ east pylon – bop)
– 1 Burning Essence (dropped @ BRD – Dark Coffer – bop)

Libram of Voracity
Price: 35 gold

Enchant: You can choose either +8 stamina (80 hp / 92 hp(warlock)), +8 intellect (120 mana) , +8 strength, +8 agility or +8 spirit

– 1 Black Diamond (dropped @ BRD – can be bought – 4 g)
– 4 Crystal Force (formed @ un’goro by 10 Green & 10 Blue Crystals at the Eastern Pylon)
– 4 Whipper Root Tuber (Quest by – Silversky in Felwood- need 4 Cenarion Plant Salve – Then you need to cure the Corrupted Whipper Root – bop)

Libram of Constitution
Price: 35 gold

Enchant: +100 hp

– 1 Black Diamond (dropped @ BRD – can be bought – 4 g)
– 4 Night Dragon’s Breath (Quest by Silversky in Felwood – need 4 Cenarion Plant Salve – Then you need to cure the Corrupted Night Dragon – bop)
– 1 Lung Juice Cocktail (Quest reward from Spirit of the Boar and A Boar’s Vitality Quests at Blasted Lands)

Libram of Protection
Price: 18 gold

Enchant: +1% Dodge

– 1 Frayed Abomination Stitching ( Stratholme – Venom Belcher Abominations / Ramstein)
– 2 Large Brilliant Shard (check Auction House or ask an Enchanter)
– 1 Pristine Black Diamond (dropped @ UBRS / LBRS – can be bought – 20/30/50 g)

Libram of Focus
Price: 15 gold

Enchant: +8 Magic (Healing and Damage from spells)

– 1 Pristine Black Diamond (dropped @ UBRS / LBRS – can be bought – 20/30/50 g)
– 4 Large Brilliant Shard (check Auction House)
– 2 Skin of Shadow (Scholomance – @ ground past the Viewing Room, near Mini-Bosses)

Libram of Rapidity
Price: 20 gold

Enchant: +1% Haste (not for magic)

– 1 Pristine Black Diamond (dropped @ UBRS / LBRS – can be bought – 20/30/50 g)
– 2 Large Brilliant Shard (check Auction House )
– 2 Blood of Heroes (Eastern Plaguelands – They look like a White fried egg with a red spot in the center. Found on the ground , random spawn anywhere in Eastern Plaguelands, sometimes in Caer Darrow or near Hearthglen in Western Plaguelands, it has a little surprise when opened … Two overpowered Heroe ghosts spawn to fight you. They have a knock back/ stun. Bring help.)

Libram of Tenacity
Price: 10 gold

Enchant: +125 Armor

– 1 Black Diamond (dropped by [email protected] BRD – can be bought – 4 g)
– 4 Crystal Ward (10 red and 10 green crystals at Western Pylon in Un’Goro Crater)
– 1 Eye of Kajal (dropped @ BRD – Dark Coffer – bop)

Libram of Rumination
Price: 30 gold

Enchant: +150 mana

– 1 Black Diamond (drops from Golems @ Blackrock Depths -( can be bought at Auction House for 4 g)
– 1 Gizzard Gum (Quest Vulture’s Vigor or Spiritual Domination from Blood Elf Lynnore in Blasted Lands)
– 1 Black Blood of the Tormented (dropped @ BRD – Dark Coffer – bop)

Written by Zvix
Level 60 Undead Warlock
Guild: Cult of the Titans
Realm: Burning Blade

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