In our periodic contact with Richard A. Knaak—NYTimes bestselling author of D&D and Fantasy books—we got some great details of the War of the Ancients Trilogy, Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, and new projects pending in the Diablo and Warcraft Universe.

First off, Richard A. Knaak is a special guest at the New York ComicCon 2006 through February 24-26.  Tickets available on that link, ranging $15-25 a day or $35 for all 3 days.  If you wish to meet Richard, you will find him at the Tokyopop/Pocket Books booth.  AOL Games is going to interview him.

This is Knaak’s first visit to New York City, and he won’t return in a long while, so fans are invited, this is your chance to meet him.  Knaak asked me to say hi to all fans.

Returning to the new projects in the horizon, Knaak was kind to let us know that he is currently finishing BIRTHRIGHT, first in the new Diablo trilogy after Diablo: Moon of the Spider.

Tokyopop is launching Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy# 2: Shadows of Ice at New York ComicCon 2006.

Below are some questions we offered Richard A. Knaak, and he kindly replied them among his busy time finishing Diablo: Birthright.  This might be book one’s title, rather than the trilogy’s title; which I guess will be kept under wraps until it is announced officially.  Anyway, below you will have some neat answers concerning doubts you may have had while reading War of the Ancients Trilogy and Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy# 1: Dragon Hunt.

1. Any new Blizzard projects based in the Warcraft universe?

Knaak: I’ve got a new Warcraft novel after I am done with the upcoming Diablo trilogy.

2. There seems to be some confusion among fans. In the Lore forums, the discussion is whether Azshara struck a bargain with the Old gods or not. Whether the Old gods turned Azshara and her highborne into Naga, as their new servants.

Knaak: Yes, it was decided by Blizzard that the Old Gods were the reason for Azshara and her ilk becoming Naga. They wanted to tie the Old Gods in, better to the world.

3. Your description of the Demon Soul, if I got it right, is blood of Deathwing shaped by goblins in their anvils, but it contains the soul of a demon and it also contains something evil from the old gods. What from the Old gods was the demon soul infused with?

Knaak: Their malevolent power, through Deathwing. That in itself would be enough.

4. That previous question came to be because Malfurion could see something within the Demon Soul that the Dragon Aspects couldn’t.

Knaak: This is based on memory, not with having the books in front of me, but, as I recall, Malfurion sensed the Old Gods’ touch, even if he didn’t know what it was from.

5. Shouldn’t whatever evil of the Old gods within the Demon Soul have been set loose when Rhonin cracked the Demon Soul open in Day of the Dragon? I mean the powers of the Dragon Aspects became loose and Rhonin’s spell helped restore their powers back at them. But what of the other stuff that was within?

Knaak: Good point. We shall see, perhaps, in my next book for the series.

6. Drools . . . fuel for thought! Ok, next question.  Something I read fans debating – Dar’Khan attacked his fellow high elves to siphon the sunwell, and it exploded. When did this happen? Before or After Kel’Thuzad was reborn as a lich?

Knaak: Before, if I recall. The Sunwell’s forces were needed to make him a lich, something Dar’khan only barely realizes now. He was in part being used.

7. What is Raac? He looks like a winged serpent. And those according to World of Warcraft are cousins of Hakkar the Soulflayer. Hakkar was revealed to be a Faceless One recently. And Faceless Ones are known to be children of the Old gods … so having Raac as template of the Essence of the Sunwell is worrysome.

Knaak: He is not one of those. You will see.


Thanks for answering few questions to inform fans of what happened backstage.  I am sure some of your answers will be helpful to Warcraft lore fans and Roleplayers.  Many thanks as well for the exclusive, mentioning new projects in the horizon.  Even when you weren’t able to go in-depth at this point, it is still good to expect more Warcraft and Diablo books.  We will look forward to hear of the new books when the time is right.  Hope you enjoy your visit at New York Comic Con.

To those coming to the Comic Con, Richard A. Knaak told me that he will officially announce the Diablo Trilogy there.

You can visit Richard A. Knaak Homepage and sign up to his Newsletter.

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