Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne – Night Elf Campaign – Chapter 1: Rise of the Naga

Location: Azshara Region, Kalimdor

Though the demonlord, Archimonde, and the Burning Legion were finally defeated at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, much of Ashenvale Forest remains tainted by foul, demonic energies. The combined efforts of both the druids and the Sentinels have brought a tenuous peace to the northlands, but dark creatures still lurk within the shadowed woods. In this perilous time, Maiev Shadowsong, the warden who once guarded Illidan’s barrow prison, has come forth to hunt her dangerous prey, and chain him once again beneath the cold earth.

Maiev: As I suspected, their whole race has gone mad. Slay them all.

Archer: Mistress! The furbolgs have succumbed to the forest’s corruption! It’s as if they’ve lost themselves to mindless rage!

Maiev: Their tribes suffered greatly during the Legion’s invasion. They cannot be saved.

These tracks are fresh, but they split off in opposite directions. Illidan must be getting help from someone.

Watcher Huntress: Your orders mistress.

Maiev: You watchers split up into two parties. Scour the woods,. Find what u can, we’ll met you further. Remember, sisters, if you find Illidan, do not attempt to take him without the rest of us. He is far too dangerous to tackle alone.

Watcher Huntress: Yes, mistress.

Maiev: The rest of you, follow me.

As Maiev and her forces move through the woods of Azshara, they destroy a wooden door.

Maiev: That village has been razed.

The Demons Trail
Follow Illidans trail
Maiev must survive

Maiev and the Watchers chase Illidan, following his tracks. They arrive to the zone of Azshara, east of Ashenvale. Upon reaching the coast, they find a small village on fire, and boats destroyed.

Archer: The bodies have been mutilated. Do you suppose demons did this?

Maiev: Illidan’s stench hangs heavily over this place, but those tracks were not made by any demons I know of. Be wary my sisters. There’s no telling what horrors Illidan has called to his side.

Maiev: The Legion’s corruption still grips the land.

Maiev: Ambush! The satyrs are attacking! Drive the foul brutes back!

Maiev: So, Illidan sent you foul satyrs to slow us down? He must be getting desperate.

After killing the satyrs that meant to ambush them, Maiev finds a Dryad and a Huntress that were searching ahead the location of Illidan.

Huntress: Mistress Shadowsong! We’re lucky to have found you!

Maiev: Report!

Huntress: My party was attacked by a bloodthirsty Wildkin. Apparently Illidan’s passing drove the creature mad. There’s no telling how many more innocents it might harm!

Maiev: This madness must end! We will find the creature, and put it down.

Enraged Beast
Slay the Wildkin

Following down the road, near a river, the watchers find a small Elf village on fire.

Maiev: Illidan’s new minions struck here as well. They’re bloodthirsty and fearless, whoever they are.

Shortly, the Watchers find the Enraged Owlbeast that attacked the Huntress’ party not long ago.

Maiev: That’s the creature we’re after! Slay it quickly and put it out of its misery.

Enraged Beast

After putting down the Enraged Owlbeast, down the road the Watchers reach another village by the coast, when suddenly an archer sees far in the distance the Naga destroying what is left of the Village.

Archer: There, mistress! Those must be the creatures we’re after.

Naga: Wretched night elves, you are no match for the naga!

Maiev: Naga? Many craven races have tempted our wrath over the centuries. None have survived!

Naga: Wretched woman. We will retake the surface world and put an end to your vile race once and for all.

The Naga and the Watchers engage in combat. Once defeated, Maiev beholds the scene surrounding them.

Maiev: These poor folk were slain just like the others. Illidan has much to answer for. He’ll wish he were still chained in his cell when I get through with him.

Naisha the Huntress: But these wrecks? Why would they destroy ships?

Maiev: I don’t know. Wait, he may have taken to the sea. Hurry sisters! The port of Nendis lies to the north. Perhaps there we can find a ship and set sail after Illidan.

Heading northwest along the road they find evidence that the remaining Watchers had fallen prey to the satyrs, but are still alive and held prisoners.

Huntress: Mistress Shadowsong, thank Elune! A band of satyrs captured the rest of my party. The twisted brutes are holding them in the nearby woods.

Maiev: We will find them.

Search and Rescue
Rescue the imprisoned Night Elves

After killing the satyrs, Maiev found a Hermit Furbolg which is slain. From him she gathers some Healing Wards.

Satyr: Bah, night elf Watchers! I knew there were more of them skulking around out there.

Maiev: You will release my warriors immediately.

Satyr: I think not, woman. The master tires of your games. The chase ends here.

With help of Dryads to counter the Satyr magics, the Watchers were able to rescue the remaining archers held prisoners by the satyrs.

Search and Rescue

Heading east through Azshara’s woods, the Watchers find a Demonic Gate blocking access to the town of Nendis. Maiev and her forces destroy the Demonic Gate to access the town.

Maiev: We’re getting close. I smell something vile upon the wind.

Upon entering the town of Nendis, they behold the Naga destroying the ships. The port once served part of the Night Elf fleet in the coast of Azshara.

Naga: Quickly, you fools! The ships must be burned. The master doesn’t wish to be followed.

Maiev: I cannot allow Illidan to escape again! We must slay those naga before they burn the ships.

Naga: You are too late, little warden. The master has already set sail for distant shores. However, he wished to thank you for the hospitality you provided during his imprisonment. He asked us to repay you… in kind.

Maiev: You’re certainly welcome to try, monster!

Demon’s Trail

Two ships must survive in next two minutes

Ships Remaining: 6

Burning Ships
Save at least two ships
Maiev must survive

After a long fight stopping the Naga from burning all the ships, the Watchers look at the horizon a fleeing Illidan vanishing in the horizon of the sea.

Naisha the Huntress: Mistress, do you believe we can defeat Illidan even if we find him?

Maiev: Illidan has grown powerful: of that, there is no doubt. He consumed the energies of the Skull of Gul’dan. Now he is neither night elf nor demon, but something more.

Archer: Mistress, why would the naga harbor so much hatred for us?

Maiev: We must trust time to reveal all things. Now hurry, Illidan has a considerate lead on us. We must capture him before he causes any more harm.

Maiev and the Watchers aboard the two surviving ships and leave the port of Nendis behind heading deep into the Great Sea.


Ferocious Beasts Furbolgs:
Furbolg Trailblazer lvl 2


Berserk Wildkin(Owlbeast) lvl 8
Wildkin lvl 4

Spitting Spider lvl 3

Illidan’s Naga Forces:
Mur’gul Reaver
Naga Siren
Mur’gul Clam Shucker
Snap dragon

Wild Mur’guls:
Mur’gul cliffrunner

Illidan’s Servitors:
Satyr lvl 1


Night Elves

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