Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Human Campaign - Chapter 3 End: The Crossing

Moments later, as the allied blood elves and naga spill into the back alleys of Dalaran …

Prince Kael’thas: Quickly, my breathren, take your positions. Garithos’ forces will be here any moment.

Lady Vashj: We have reached the portal Kael. Now we’ll attempt to open it!

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, the engineers and I helped to build Dalaran’s original defenses. We could salvage materials from these ruins and construct whatever defensive towers you need.

Prince Kael’thas: Good to hear it. You’d best get moving.

Marshal Garithos: Blasted Elves, I knew they’d try something like this. Forget about those damned towers—I want that portal destroyed! Those traitors aren’t going anywhere. Use these explosives on the portal! Whoever destroys the portal will be a hero!

Lady Vashj: We have done it. The portal is open. Let the exodus begin!

Prince Kael’thas: Well done, Vashj. If we build more strategic towers, we should be able to hold off Garithos’ forces long enough for our people to get through.

Lady Vashj: You’d better be right. If the portal falls, none of us will survive!


Defend the Portal

– Build Towers to stop Garithos’ men

– The Portal must survive

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, We have completed a new type of defense tower.


Flame Tower – Your engineers may now build Flame Towers.

Prince Kael’thas: I claim this for the Kirin Tor. The Humans have no rights to it.

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, the plans are complete for this new tower.


Cold Tower – Your engineers may now build Cold Towers

Lady Vashj: Prince Kael, almost half our forces are through! You’ve got to hold Garithos at bay!

Blood Elf Engineer: Prince Kael, this new tower is our final and ultimate creation.


Death Tower – Your Engineers may now build Death Towers

Lady Vashj: Nearly everyone is through! Just a while longer and we’ll have done it.


Defend the Portal

Lady Vashj: Kael, everyone is through! Fall back and we’ll close the portal behind us!

Prince Kael’thas: All right, men! Pull back to the portal!

Lady Vashj: Now, young prince, we take one final step … towards destiny.

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