Location: Icecrown Glacier, Northrend


Moments later, at the Scourge stronghold, King Arthas and Anub’arak make their final plans to defend the Lich King’s Throne Chamber.

King Arthas: Time’s running out, Anub’arak. We’ve got to get inside the Throne Chamber before Illidan does.

Anub’arak: The Throne Chamber lies within the frozen peak at the center of the valley. It can only be opened by activating the four enchanted obelisks that surround it. Illidan’s forces have already entrenched themselves near two of them. We’ll need to drive them back and reactivate the obelisks ourselves.

Not too far away, Lady Vashj reports the situation to Illidan, who is meditating while channeling his powers to activate one of the obelisks to gain entry to the Frozen Throne.

Lady Vashj: We’re sorry to interrupt your meditation, master, but all our forces are in place.

Prince Kael’thas: Once the chamber is opened, we will destroy the Frozen Throne as promised!

Illidan Stormrage: Then the hour has come at last. After today, the Scourge will meet its end. Can you hear me out there, Arthas? Its end!

King Arthas: Illidan has mocked the Scourge long enough. It’s time we put the fear of death back in him.


The Frozen Throne

– Capture the four Obelisks

– Stop Illidan from capturing all four Obelisks

The key to Ner’zhul’s tomb is controlling th efour ancient Obelisks surrounding Icecrown Glacier. Illidan’s forces already vie for their control. Destroy the forces guarding the Obelisks, and bring Arthas to the nearby Obelisk Circles to capture them.

Illidan Stormrage: You’re out of your league, old king. You should have stayed hidden underground. Foolish undead, this obelisk belongs to me!

King Arthas: I’ve reached the first obelisk! It will take me a few moments to activate it. I’ll need protection while I work. This obelisk has been activated! We’ve got to push on!

Anub’arak: The obelisk is now active and under our control. However, Illidan will likely try to take it from us. We must defend this point at all costs!

WARNING – Illidan has taken an Obelisk

Illidan Stormrage: I’ve reactivated this obelisk! The Frozen Throne is nearly ours!

King Arthas: Another obelisk has been activated! The third Obelisk has been activated! Only one more remains! Rise up, my warriors!


The Frozen Throne

King Arthas: We’ve done it, Anub’arak! The Throne Chamber is open! This is the hour of the Scourge!

Suddenly, amidst the snowy landscape a dark figure approaches. Illidan Stormrage stands on the way of King Arthas.

King Arthas: The Frozen Throne is mine, demon. Step aside. Leave this world and never return. If you do, I’ll be waiting.

Illidan Stormrage: I have sworn to destroy it, Arthas. It must be done!

King Arthas: Never!

Illidan and Arthas engage in combat. Their blades strike once and again. However, Illidan looks tired and breathing heavily, while Arthas with his powers restored by the Lich King, is not even sweating. As the battle develops, Arthas swings his runeblade Frostmourne across Illidan’s abdomen. Illidan loses his consciousness, injured, on the ground.

King Arthas ascends the long spiral stairway of Icecrown. At the top, he finds the Frozen Throne. Lifting Frostmourne he engages forth and cracks the icy-prison open. The helmet of Ner’zhul crashes down upon the ground. Arthas kneels some to grab the helmet. Then wears it on his head. A flash lightens across his eyes as Ner’zhul the Lich King and Arthas become one.

Arthas the Lich King. Sitting on the throne he watches the horizon envisioning his vast empire. A time of rebuilding Icecrown Stronghold and gathering his strength must pass before the Lich King may walk Azeroth again to lead his Scourge in Lordaeron.

Meanwhile, Lady Vashj and Prince Kael’thas drag Illidan’s injured body back to Outland, where he licks his wounds, thinking of his future vengeance upon Arthas. Kel’thuzad reigns the Scourge of Lordaeron from Naxxramas Necropolis above Stratholme, until his Lord Arthas the Lich King returns.

World of Warcraft Begins ….