Location: Near the Ruins of Dalaran

Back at Kael’thas base camp near the Ruins of Dalaran, a High Elf Emissary is sent by Garithos to deliver a message to Prince Kael’thas.

Emissary: Greetings, Prince Kael’thas, I bring word from Grand Marshall Garithos.

Prince Kael’thas: What news from the front?

Emissary: Apparently the observatories you repaired detected a large undead force massing nearby. Lord Garithos has commanded that you crush the undead before they can march on Dalaran.

Prince Kael’thas: That doesn’t sound too difficult.

Emissary: Unfortunately, your forces may be a little thinned. You see, Lord Garithos has also ordered that all foot soldiers, cavalry and support teams report to the front lines immediately. You men, move out!

Prince Kael’thas: This is preposterous! Am I to assault the undead with nothing but sticks and harsh language?

Emissary: The grand marshal has great confidence in your … abilities. Be creative.

Prince Kael’thas: Garithos … I’m starting to hate that man.


Crush and Destroy

Destroy the green Undead base

From the shadows, Dalvengyr the Dreadlord, commands his Undead Scourge to surround your encampment. Seek out Dalvengyr, destroy him, slay his troops, and raze every last one of his buildings to the ground!


Dragonhawk Riders – You may now build Dragonhawk Riders from the Gryphon Aviary. They have the Aerial Shackles ability, which allows them to immobilize and disarm enemy air units temporarily.

Prince Kael’thas and the Blood Elves are able to defeat Dalvengyr and his Scourge. However, the price of victory would be too high, since the Naga once more provided assistance to Kael’thas.

Prince Kael’thas: You have my thanks, Lady. This victory would not have been possible without your aid, though I fear I may have doomed myself by accepting it.

Lady Vashj: The human you serve trusts no race but his own. His sense of honor runs no deeper than his tolerance.

Prince Kael’thas: It is loyalty and duty that bind me to him and to this … failing Alliance. But now those tenets seem as distant as our ruined homeland. All I know is that my brethren and I hunger for something more.

Lady Vashj: Perhaps, young Kael, it is time to find a new path … to power and glory.

Prince Kael’thas: I can’t explain it exactly, but ever since our homeland was destroyed, my brethren and I have felt empty … almost drained of our spirit.  There is a hunger now that has … hardened our hearts.

Lady Vashj: I know this hunger, Kael.  Like us, your people are addicted to magic!  It flowed through your veins for over ten thousand years.  And now, with the corruption of your land and the Sunwell that empowered you …

Prince Kael’thas: We have been cut off from our power, from our birthright!  Without a new source of magic, my people will surely die.

Lady Vashj: There are other founts of power in this world, Kael.  Demons, for instance.

Prince Kael’thas: You speak of madness, my lady.  We will never be that desperate.

Lady Vashj: Your aversion is understandable.  But still—

Spell Breaker: Prince Kael’thas!  Grand Marshall Garithos has arrived.  He’s brought a full batallion with him.

Prince Kael’thas: Damn, Vashj, you’d best leave.  I cannot guarantee your people’s safety.

Knight: Naga Warriors!

Garithos: Forget about them!  So, Kael, you’ve shown your true colors at last.  I knew you were in league with those serpents.  Now I have all the proof I need to execute every traitorous one of you!

Prince Kael’thas: Please, milord, spare my men!  It was my decision to—

Garithos: Spare your breath.  I never trusted you vainglorious elves.  It was a mistake to accept you into the Alliance in the first place.  Now, at long last, you’ll be dealt with approapriately.  Take them away!