Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - Human Campaign - Chapter 6 Finale: Kil’jaeden’s Command

Illidan emerges from the upper level of the Black Citadel and walks into the Terrace.  Suddenly a fiery storm cracks across the red sky of Outland.

Prince Kael’thas: What is this, Vashj?  Where did this storm come from?

Lady Vashj: Keep your head down, fool!  Something terrible is drawing near!

Kil’jaeden: Foolish little mongrel.  You failed to destroy the Frozen Throne as I commanded.  And still you thought to hide from me in this forsaken back water!  I thought you to be more cunning, Illidan.

Illidan Stormrage: Kil’jaeden!  I was merely set back.  I was attempting to bolster my forces.  The Lich King will be destroyed.  I promise you!

Kil’jaeden: Indeed?  Still, these servitors you’ve gathered show some promise.  I will give you one last chance, Illidan.  Destroy the Frozen Throne, or face my eternal wrath!

Lady Vashj: The naga are yours to command, Lord Illidan.  Where you go, we follow.

Prince Kael’thas: The blood elves are yours, as well, master.  We will drive the Scourge before us—and shatter the Frozen Throne as you command.

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