In this image, you can see the Lab Room inside the Hyperion.  You are greeted by the young scientist Steltman.  At first glance you wouldn’t notice, but the object floating in front of Jim Raynor seems to be one of the Xel’Naga artifacts.  The Lab is an alternate source for bonus upgrades only available through the Xeno Research Project.  You must click on the console in front of Jim Raynor to access this interface.  There you can see available projects which give you bonus mission objectives such as retrieving 12 protoss relics from any of the missions to obtain +1 armor to all your vehicles; or kill 4 Brutalisk (Zerg mutants) to gain bonus weapon damage; or 4 chrysalis to gain infantry +1 damage.  This is a place you would want to check out as soon as it becomes available through you somewhere after mission # 3: Zero Hour.

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