The Project Blackstone website was launched on February 6th as we reported earlier. The password login has been removed allowing easy navigation. I am still uncertain on what the purpose of Project Blackstone is. It’s a very different way of storytelling what the Creative Team assigned to the project is introducing to fans. Fun and amusing in a way. Makes you want to read more as weeks go by.

Blizzard developers involved in the Project Blackstone website content: Cameron Dayton, Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Cate Gary, Evelyn Fredericksen, Micky Neilson, Sean Copeland, Justin Dye, Cynthia Hall, Katherine Joplin, Kevin Johnson, Justin Parker. Micah Whipple (Bashiok). I’m sure you know some of these illustrious names.

This is what Cameron Dayton posted a few days ago on Facebook:

”The transmedia campaign that I have been building with our creative development team over the last two years is officially LIVE. It’s a combination of short stories, blog posts, science journals, and twitter accounts that tie exciting, agile storytelling in with the gameplay that has made StarCraft an international gaming phenomenon. Stay tuned for more excitement at and


The method of storytelling is through social media. The Project Blackstone xenobiological research team communicates like everyone else does in real life: via email, twitter and facebook-like means.

This ends up in a charming series of silly and elaborate dialogues between the characters throwing in some comedy lines and investigative talk.

Project Blackstone is an undercover top-notch laboratory sponsored by the Terran Dominion. There is still much to learn about this lab, its director and its research team.


In the latest Twitter-like entry found in the Project Blackstone website, a new member has joined the Project Blackstone team. His name is briefly mentioned, but I find this enough to classify it as a massive cliffhanger. I recommend everyone to keep visiting the Project Blackstone website in a weekly basis … Jake Ramsey is the new member.


Now I know many fans might not know who Jake Ramsey is. StarCraft lore fans know the name vividly, and I bet they felt a thrill going through their spine. Jake Ramsey — or — Jacob Jefferson “Jake” Ramsey is one of the top Terran Dominion archeologists hired by Prince Valerian Mengsk to investigate Xel’Naga temples across the Koprulu Sector.

While Jake Ramsey didn’t appear in any fashion in the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty‘s single player campaign, his archaeological work did influence the outcome of its story. It was Jake Ramsey who determined what the Xel’Naga artifacts collected by Jim Raynor’s team would do to Kerrigan the Queen of Blades in the final mission. His archeological work is what led Prince Valerian Mengsk to offer Jim Raynor a deal to use the artifact on Kerrigan.

starcraft-the-dark-templar-firstborn-front-coverThis character debuted in the StarCraft: Dark Templar — Firstborn by New York Times Bestselling author Christie Golden. This was by far the best StarCraft-themed novel trilogy.

Jake Ramsey found a Protoss Preserver named Zamara in a Xel’Naga temple. She had slowed time around her to remain alive until she could transfer her vast knowledge and a secret — that spells doom to the entire universe — before her demise.

What’s a Protoss preserver? This caste of protoss functions as a living archive of every single protoss mind that ever existed — including Adun, Khas, and Tassadar’s memories.

With Jake disabling the time bubble, Zamara quickly touched Jake, transferring her mind and all her knowledge into Jake’s brain. This caused his brain to quickly evolve and adapt to the countless knowledge invading his mind. Thus he gained ancient knowledge through the eyes of Khas and other protoss characters in history.


To make the story short, Jake Ramsey is a key character in the entire StarCraft universe who we should keep a close watch on now that he has emerged back into the lore. Jake was able to accomplish something we have never seen in StarCraft. In a desperate moment, while Terran Dominion ships chased his vessel, Jake triggered a Khala mindwave linking all Terran minds as one. This was an amazing feat.

I won’t go into detail here considering those who haven’t read the trilogy. The preserver Zamara left Jake’s brain at the end of the trilogy having secured her knowledge and her dire secret would be preserved by the protoss, and Jake Ramsey ended up returning home with Prince Valerian Mengsk — who we know has ties with the Moebius Foundation and its founder Dr. Emil Narud.

With the introduction of StarCraft II: Flashpoint by New York Times Best Selling author Christie Golden, we also learned Prince Valerian was deceived. The Moebius Foundation had secret ties with his father, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. The Moebius Foundation created the Hybrids.

Thus, one has to ponder what exactly is Project Blackstone, and what is its connection with the Moebius Foundation. Why is Jake Ramsey joining the Project Blackstone team? What has he been up to all this time since early pre-“Wings of Liberty” time-frame?

That’s something we shall find soon or later by visiting the Project Blackstone website.

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