Blizzard Entertainment has been a great game developing company with world sale records on first-day launch of various of their games. Over 8-million players worldwide play World of Warcraft.  Azeroth has become bigger than many real life countries.  Diablo franchise isn’t far behind in success. Starcraft has sold over 10 million copies worldwide since 1998.

Game Developers share our passion for games, and have the freedom to create mind-boggling storylines, and to take decisions concerning gameplay and unit balance. However, ultimately fans have supported Blizzard Entertainment with feedback via closed betas and open betas to help balance gameplay.  The game is as much developed by Blizzard as it is developed by the volunteer fans who share suggestions and feedback.

Fans decide with the power of their money, and interest in the game if a company reaches the top of sales, or if it sinks. A very important factor in Starcraft and its expansion Brood War was the storyline of the game, its characters, and the voice actors.  A voice actor needs to be talented and convincing.  Sarah Kerrigan, and Jim Raynor became iconic characters to fans of Starcraft and Brood War.

We have grown emotionally attached to both characters and their voice actors for nearly ten years, either playing the single player or UMS Maps in Multiplayer, clicking the hero units and listening to their voices. They have been with us in User-Map Settings, Custom Map Campaigns and Mods. But what would happen if Starcraft II introduced new voice actors for Kerrigan, and Jim Raynor?

What would happen if one day after a decade Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson’s voices were someone else’s? Would it feel the same?

Would it be the same to watch the next and last two chapters of Harry Potter without Emma Watson (Hermione), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron)?

Would it have felt the same to have Elijah Wood on Chapter one and two of the Lord of the Rings, and suddenly get smacked with a different actor on the third film?

Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable or satisfied. Consistency is an essential part of any sci-fi or fantasy universe.

Glynnis Talken (Kerrigan), and Robert Clotworthy (Jim Raynor) have become icons along with the characters they portrayed with their voice. They shaped their personalities, spiced them up.  These actors should return, because the fanbase wants them back in Starcraft II.

To date the Starcraft II Team has not contacted, contracted or hired any of these actors.  Probably the team is focusing on polishing the Terrans and Protoss, and finishing up the models and programming for the Zerg—the only race not showcased by the Starcraft II Team at BlizzCon 2007 and Leipzig GC 2007.  Probably the voice actors won’t be contacted for some time, and Blizzard is currently cast testing voice actors.  Therefore this is the time to make “Your Voice” be heard by the Starcraft II Team.

In recent interviews, Dustin Browder, Chris Sigaty and Chris Metzen have said they want to bring to Starcraft II the old Starcraft feeling with enhanced graphics, new features and technologies.  But would you really perceive Starcraft II to feel like the old Starcraft if the former voice actors of both heroes were replaced?

That the voices you have grown attached to for a decade, every single time you click the hero units or play the single player missions are no longer with you on this new adventure?

Glynnis and Robert Clotworthy are very interested and excited to make a return to Starcraft II.  You may read up our recent interviews here and here.

To date there has been no decision whether they will be contacted to do voice acting.  Both interviews reveal their recording took about four hours per day, for three or four days.  The actors want to reprise their roles as Kerrigan and Jim Raynor.  There’s no excuses to replace them. They are alive, and they wish to take the role.

You, the fan, should make your voice be heard now.  Visit the following Petition Online addressed to Blizzard Entertainment and answer the questions capturing briefly why you desire the return of the voice actors: Glynnis Talken (Kerrigan), and Robert Clotworthy (Jim Raynor).

Spread the word throughout the Starcraft Community. Word of mouth is a powerful communication tool.

Trust me.  The Starcraft II Team will listen. I will forward the petition to them.

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