Jim Lee (X-Men# 1), World of Warcraft variant cover artist, made a public appearance at 2008 WonderCon Wildstorm Panel in San Francisco through February 22-24.  There he revealed Wildstorm’s “World of Warcraft” comics is turning out to be a surprise hit, with multiple sell-outs already announced.  Not long ago, I posted two press releases announcing World of Warcraft# 1 and World of Warcraft# 2 had sold out and both were heading to second printing.

Fans asked questions to Jim Lee at 2008 WonderCon, where Jim Lee said he plays World of Warcraft.  Lee has a Horde Shadow Priest level 70 at the Twisting Nether server.  The artist seemed disappointed to find out his the fan who asked him was an Alliance player.  Lee revealed his PvP strategy is sending his low level kids as bait to bring mid level characters to him, so that he could kill these victims with his much higher level character. A natural ganker … with an evil grin. Beware.

Jim Lee’s next public appearance is scheduled to be at New York Comic Con on April 18-20.

Source: ComicBookResources.