Bring it together

Browder: Alright. I have another video, that I am gonna play for this sort of bring it all together. This is another game. Tt was a replay taken from some games that we are playing in the office. This is just some of the guys, that are playing the game to test it.


We grab this replay. It’s not a perfect example of how the game plays by any measure, but it gives you some idea about all these objectives kinda come together and how fast paced the game can really be.


Alright. Here we got Falstad, it is the flyer there, and it’s now gonna actually fly for higher ground, he’s got the ability for flight, he’s gonna move and engage the Siege Giants.

This is a mercenary camp, but once he kills these guys, he will defeat them. They cower before him, and then he captures them, and then they willl move and attack the enemy on his behalf.

He is flying over high ground there, but it makes sure that nobody is coming behind them. He feels satisfied that he was safe. Now he’s gonna go down to the low ground, and he’s gonna finish off these Siege Giants, they are cowered there and now he’s captured them and they are gonna move.


And remember, those blue Siege Giants, they are gonna be very important later on. Now, over to your right hand side of the map, the red team has got more of a plan they gonna work out, here they are going against these Black Knights.


This is another group of mercenaries that’s absolutely vital to capture. Very, very dangerous. Once they defeat them. Blue team got the same idea on the other side of the map; but they got four players and a little bit more energy, they are gonna to quickly power through those Black Knights and to capture them, sending them down to the middle lane.

Here comes Diablo up for the red team and they are gonna finally having taken a little bit of beating, capture this camp, now we got Siege Giants toppling.

We got two groups of mercenaries in the middle lane. See how these Siege Giants are pushing forward. Attacking and destroying this town. Now red team has taken a gamble here, they are going for a Grave Golem. This is a very big mercenary. Very difficult to take. If blue was aware of it, it can really ruin their day right now, but the blue is clueless.


They have no idea, blue is pushing that middle lane, red is really trying to fire off, and capture this guy; and they have finally done it.


They have captured, but oh, my goodness a tribute just spawned, a tribute spawned from the Raven Lord.


If you look at the top the screen, it’s two to one on tribute right now and if red manage to capture this tribute, they get the curse and certainly go on and win this game. Blue has got to block this tribute.

Uther is on the capture. Red is being zoned out. They can’t close in. Look, red scattered all over the battlefield. They are not even close, and there Uther gazed the tribute.


Stage is keen for certain destruction. Everybody is close together and they are getting frisky. They want to team fight. Everybody turns into the battle, all playing of left and right. Red engages poorly. They were streaming into position.

Blue gets a bunch of kills, and they are scattering and running away. There is Tyrael in the hot pursuit. Huge, huge fight. Blue looks like they were about to get absolutely rolled. They blocked the capture. Now they are gonna drop this Grave Golem, and they are absolutely still in this game.

They were in a lot of trouble there for a minute; but they managed to work together as a group. Engage those enemies– those mercenary camps more efficiently and now they are going on together to push this top lane. Hoo! (Dustin bends down clearly exhausted)

Didier: You want some water?

Sigaty: You were doing awesome dude, I freaking– I am not worthy to be up here with you, dude. That was awesome.

Browder: But I am okay, I can go on, alright, now it kind of looked like, I got to do it again. Alright. It kinda looked like in that video, that maybe the game is just about capturing these mercenary camps.

“Oh, We just captured mercenary camps and cool stuff happens.” Let’s watch what happened. This is the exactly the same game. Exactly the same players, a little bit later in the game, where in the similar position, blue now wants to capture a Grave Golem.


Look at Tassadar up there in the upper right side of the screen. He is in the bushes. Blue doesn’t see him. They have no idea that he is watching everything.

Red team sees everything that’s going on here. Blue thinks that they are totally safe. They are trying to capture this Grave Golem. Oh my goodness!! Here comes the red team closing in for the kill. Blue is completely– close to charge the ultimate’s are firing off; and they will be absolutely annihilated.


The blue team is getting completely wrecked. There is nothing that they can do. They are scattering. Red manages to close in here. They got one player left.


The ice blocks; but it’s not enough. Red steals the Grave Golem, and sneaks it away from blue, and that’s it. This the game-winning move at this point.

Red is gonna go on be victor, they are gonna follow that Grave Golem. Wear him like a pony all the way into the enemy town, and wipe out the opposition. You gotta be careful when you do this.

You can’t just grab these things whenever you want. You gotta know when. You gotta know what’s going on. You gotta map awareness of what’s happening in the game.

Didier: Good job, Dustin.

Browder: Man, I– we got to shoutcast this tomorrow I may die. I don’t know how many of those I could do.

Didier: What was that middle part really quick? (laughs)

Browder: I have no idea. Alright, so this is the “Heroes of the Storm” in a nutshell. Blizzard Heroes. It is playing with your buddies. It is trying to use these battlegrounds to create environments that will challenge you as a player, that allow us to add more and more content to this game for many years to come; but before we go– we got a final video.


We think it sort of captures the essence and sort of the humor and the fun of “Heroes of the Storm” in the next– I know you worked pretty much hard to get these in.

Sigaty: Well this is a good buddy of ours, a guy name John Burton, from Carbots Animations. So let’s take a quick look.

Sigaty: Sheer genius John Burton, amazing.