Blackheart’s Bay

Alright. Let’s talk about Blackheart’s Bay. This is one of the maps that was largerly inspired by the artists. The artists have done a bunch of pirate theme stuff. A bunch of nautical theme stuff; and we ended up building a map around all these ideas.


So one of your goals is to find the chest on these maps, that is going to spawn near the lanes.


You gotta find them and attack them. When you attack them, all these coins, all these cursed doubloons are gonna spill out. You gotta go out and hover those up and collect them.


And you gotta go find the cursed camps, where these skeletons are on the map and if you kill them, out pops more candy. You can collect the doubloon coming from these guys, and then when you got enough of these, you want to deliver these to “Blackheart”.


You want to take them there and drop them off on his chest. Now one of the things we love about this map, is the map is filled with treasure goblins.


Of course, the treasure goblins are the other players. You want to find these guys, when they are carrying coins and you wanted to just kick the ton out of them, and take all of their money

So this really changes the way the game plays; because you know Sammy suddenly got, eight gold coins. He is a target. At that point, I am willing to die to take him to half health. Meanwhile, everybody else is gonna gather around Sammy. Like he’s the quarterback.

Didier: Thank you.

Browder: Yeah, yeah, (laughs) and try to– good job guys, and try to get him too “Blackheart” where you can drop off those coins.


Sigaty: I think the thing that was missed there was just the fact that when you do kill him, they go flying out all over the place and so it is a spectacle in and out on itself.

Didier: There is no pockets in the nexus.

Browder: Alright, and then you collect the coins. BlackHeart’s revenge is gonna activate his ghostly ship, He is gonna turn to your side for a very brief but very devastating period of time; and he’s gonna start blasting enemies’ towns into ruins.


So this absolutely changes the way you play the game, whoever has the coins becomes the target. Doesn’t matter who they are. Whoever doesn’t have the coins is looking to get coins of their own and you really need to find these guys, hunt them down and take them out.