Alright. Now I want to talk about this weird guy called Abathur. You guys had a chance to play Abathur out there yet? You haven’t.


This the pretty cool character, now here is the problem with Abathur. I have got video. I am going to show you Abathur in this game, but it’s gonna move pretty fast. So I am going to give you a little setup here on the screen.

So we got Abathur. This is a guy who can jump inside any friendly hero. He can sort of ride and infest them; and when he is inside other hero, he can shoot abilities off of his ally. Abathur can’t fight to save his life. Abathur is an absolute victim. All he’s got is kinda a jazz hand attack


Kinda, he got nothing; but he can jump in and infest friendly heroes and then, then he is a real threat.

So he’s gonna be jumping all over the battlefield. The other thing that you need to know about — this match you gonna watch in a short couple of minutes, this is on Dragonshire; and what happened on Dragonshire is you capture two Obelisks.


One on the top of the map, and one at the bottom of the map. When you capture both Obelisks, it opens up the Dragon Altar. When you go to the Dragon Altar, you can tell one of your heroes to channel on the Dragon Altar and become the Dragon Knight.

This is pretty bad news for the other team. The Dragon Knight is absolutely totally destructive. You only got a couple of minutes to use him; but he annihilates anything that gets in his way.

So when we watch this clip you are going to see how Abathur manipulates the entire flow of battle to make sure that his team gets control of the Dragon Knight; and I will also say this is not a pro match.

This is not even a setup match. This is just one of the matches that we played in the office when we are testing this game to bring it here at BlizzCon, and we just grabbed a bunch of these games. We put them together, so we can show you guys what the game looks like, so some times the play might be a little awkward; but that’s okay. You get the idea, what’s actually happening in this game.

You can see Abathur there. He is hiding behind the wall as he should. Remember, jazz hands. He can’t fight; and Abathur is gonna hide there and then he’s gonna makes his move.


So we are gonna start the video here in a second and Abathur is gonna start doing his thing. So he is in this bottom lane, but he is actually watching the top lane. So you can see Roller Derby Nova there.

She is moving around and she is trying to push against these red blares. She is trying to pull against Gazlowe the tinker and against Falstad.


She gets into a little bit of trouble here, and watch for it… there is the infestation. Abathur is now guarding her, and gave her a little bit of shield there; which bought her a little bit of time to get back to this fountain so that she can heal up.


That’s cool. Now Abathur gonna focus on the bottom lane. Now he’s down here, and there is the infestation. He just jumped in the Arthas and there he got the kill. He just dropped ETC, giving his team the advantage in that bottom position.

Now Abathur… where is Abathur? He is moved up to this top lane, he uses his deep tunnel ability to teleport across the map and now there he just jumped into Nova again. He’s gonna help her out. He gave her a shield. He’s gonna fire few abilities off from there and this whole presence of Abathur is scaring off this red team here, so they are backing away.


So now this blue team has got the control of that top lane. Down here bottom lane Abathur is now watching again. Watch Volla, watch the white Demon Hunter there; and here comes Abathur.


He’s gonna jump into her and there it is. He just jumped into her. Now she is gonna fire up a bunch of skill shots using her abilities and Abathur’s abilities are helping her at the same; and they are gonna fight off against these three red heroes.


There’s really three heroes there right now. There is really Abathur and two others. Now they don’t like the look of this. Red is going to back away and now Demon Hunter and Arthas are gonna grab that bottom Obelisk, and look– the Dragon Altar.


Oh, there is Abathur! He just used deep tunnel. He teleported into the position. He’s gonna channel on the altar and boom there’s the Dragon Knight. In the hands of a skilled player, this guy is absolutely deadly.


I don’t know that was that skilled player, but he did pretty good. He manipulated the flow of the events across the battlefield to get done, what he wanted to get done, to insure his team’s victory. Whole new crazy kind of hero for us in this game.


Browder: Alright. Let’s talk about some skins, this is the fun stuff, because this is where it’s going guys. Alright. This is the stuff the art guys are working on forever.

Pick out the usual stuff. Stuff you might expect. Yeah, okay. So this, everyone knows. Demon Hunter, right? Diablo III.

Didier: Her name in Volla, and we have a simple skin of hers to what we call the vampire hunter. She’s wearing her cool kinda Van Helsing gear, and it’s just one of the color variances. We have a few color variances. I think we have a red one. Blue. Green. All these different kinds


So she is wearing her cool kind of “Van Helsing” gear and it’s just one of the kind color variants. We have actually have a few color variants for her, I think we have a red one, blue, green all these different kind of colors to a skin.

So you may have another vampire hunter on the other team, but she might be wearing something else. Different color than what you are using. So it is just an example of one of the more simple skins we have done.

Browder: We have got Diablo, of course. You have got a chance to play Diablo in this game.

Didier: Big red.


Browder: Then it gets a little bit more interesting.

Didier: Big blue.


Didier: So, This is who we call Lurkablo, which I like to joke around is the offspring of a Murloc and Diablo. It is the world coming together, but yeah, basically this is just something that we wanted to do that has no real lore behind it. It’s not gonna be in the Diablo XVI or anything like that– that we know of– depends upon how popular he is.

Browder: Alright, and here is the ETC. We have seen him before and here is one of my favorite skins for him.


Yes, anyone who is living in the 80s, like we were, we will recognize Galmrock ETC. Oh, he got the keytar, the key instrument of the 80s, and you know it! Rock and tiger-strip tights. He’s got the pink bandana. High tops. This guy is so “Poison” he doesn’t know what to do.


Sigaty: I think this was the skin that convinced me that this will work, this will work.

Didier: This one did?

Sigaty: Yeah, well there’s a few others too, but when I saw this, I knew, this game was for me.

Browder: I think this is the skin where we had this moment, I know, what are we doing? Like really? Is this really happening? Yeah, this is a real game. This is not a MOD. This is real. It is happening. (laughs)

Alright. We got Uther. Classic looking empowering character.


Didier: And what happened if Uther was in StarCraft? He is still a medic. Still healing people, but you know he carried that cool Warcraft flare all the way with him to Koprulu sector. So he is rocking the medic armor looking damn sexy.

There it is, yes. Judgment armor for Uther. Sulfuras hammer. This is probably one of the most popular armor sets for the paladin, so it was the first one that we did for him. So I think he is looking pretty damn good. No problem.