The Old Seer – Patch 5.3 Escalation – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Chen Stormstout: Years ago, I helped put the Horde together on these very sands. My … how times have changed.

You: What are you doing here, Chen Stormstout?

Chen Stormstout: (Name)! So strange to see you here, far from the green forests of Pandaria.

When I first sailed away from the Wandering Isle, years ago, this ragged shore was one of the first places I visited. Ahh! The air still smells the same!

But times have changed. Back then I helped Thrall, Vol’jin, Rexxar and Rokhan to lay the foundation of Orgrimmar. Today, I hardly recognize the place.

(Chen’s face falls.)

So much needless bloodshed. I just don’t understand. Has Pandaria taught us nothing?

The Old Seer

Chen Stormstout: Hellscream is using Pandaria’s secrets to wage war against the world – and even his own people.

Is this really what the last pandaren emperor had in mind when he cloaked the continent in mists? And why did the mists suddenly disappear? I must have answers!

In my travels, I met an old scholar, an expert on the last emperor.

Please, seek out Seer Hao Pham Roo. Last we spoke, he was planning to retrace the emperor’s steps by scaling Mount Neverest… but he was far too old to attempt such a climb.


Quest Objectives

Locate Seer Hao Pham Roo on the slopes of Mount Neverest in Kun-Lai Summit.


Seer Hao Pham Roo: (Huff) Oh, hello – (puff) hello there, young (gender).


Quite the squall we’re having up here today, isn’t it?


Battle of Razor Hill – Patch 5.3 Escalation – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Battle of Razor Hill

Vol’jin: Now, we hit back! We don’t give Hellscream no time to regroup. We ride north. We slit every Kor’kron throat we see.

If we take Razor Hill, we control all de roads in Durotar.

Come! Ride wit’ me!

Quest Objectives

Free 6 Captives and defeat Kor’kron leaders to capture Razor Hill for the Darkspear revolutionaries.


Vol’jin: Regroup! We press da advantage. Before the Warchief fortifies Razor Hill, we take it for da revolution, an’ close off da road to da Barrens.


Anyone who can still fight, come wit’ me!

Thrall: Wait Vol’jin. Horde is spilling Horde blood. It is tearing me apart.


Vol’jin: We need ya, mon.

Thrall: I know. I trust you to lead the siege. I am needed elsewhere. I refuse to believe that all of my brethren support Garrosh. I am going to Orgrimmar, alone. Eitrigg, Saurfang, surely they are standing against Garrosh. I must find others.


Vol’jin: You set one foot in Orgrimmar, Hellscream gonna bury a knife in ya neck!

Thrall: It is a risk I have to take. But if I am killed, please watch over Aggra and my boy.

Vol’jin: I won’t hear ya say such tings.

Thrall: It has to be said, Vol’jin. If we do not make it through this – I want you to know. You have always been my friend. My brother.

Vol’jin: For da Horde.

Thrall: For the Horde.


Vol’jin: Darkspear, with me! We ride! No sleep ’til Orgrimmar!

Note: Chen Stormstout, and several trolls mount up raptors and bats, and rally behind Vol’jin. They march toward Razor Hill. Players can ride along and they don’t despawn. They keep going toward Razor Hill where they clash against the Kor’kron.



Note: Players must kill Deadeye Kail (Bunker), Augur Narali (Inn), and High Overseer Bloodmane (Barracks). Additionally, on your way to each of these elite mobs, make sure to free 6 captives from cages.


Kor’kron Overseer: All who conspire with the Darkspear face punishment by death!

Kor’kron Overseer: I regret nothing!

Kor’kron Overseer: You will pay for this!

(Deadeye Kail sticks to his guns.)

Kor’kron Augur: Ours is the true Horde!


Kor’kron Overseer: For Hellscream!

Kor’kron Augur: All who conspire with the Darkspear face punishment by death!

Kor’kron Overseer: The Darkspear never deserved to be part of the Horde!

Kor’kron Overseer: You betrayed the Warchief!

Yelnagi Blackarm: Please – don’t hurt us! Vol’jin is welcome to quarter his revolutionaries here.


Kor’kron Deadeye: Darkspear animals will be put down like the filth they are!

Gar’Thok: The Warchief should’ve never crossed the Darkspear. He tore the Horde apart.

Tarshaw Jaggedscar: I have trained hundreds of young warriors. The Warchief sheds their blood recklessly. He is no longer MY Warchief. Now I see why the Darkspear are fighting back!


Dwuuk: You can turn my steel against the “Warchief,” but only against his corrupt soldiers – leave the civilians out of your bloodshed!

Yelnagi Blackarm: Please – don’t hurt us! Vol’jin is welcome to quarter his revolutionaries here.

(Location: Razor Hill Watchtower)

Once the quest objectives are completed, head toward the west entrance of Razor Hill toward the road to the Barrens. Turn to your right to climb the hill and reach the Watchtower located high above Razor Hill’s cliff to turn in the quest.

You will see the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster, Vol’jin, Chen Stormstout, Ki’ta Arrowtusk, and Sen’jin Watchers.




Vol’jin: Razor Hill. We did it, (Name)! Look to de north – you can almost see Orgrimmar from here.

Hellscream gonna figure out who did dis. Hah hah. He gonna be one angry orc.

Next stop is de capital. We gonna need a lot more help. An’ more supplies…


Vol’jin: It be done! Razor Hill is ours! Da Warchief probably see da fires all the way from Grommash Hold …


Baine Bloodhoof: Vol’jin – you’re alive! It is true then – an open rebellion against the Warchief.


Vol’jin: Baine. We be needin’ ya support. Razor Hill be but an outpost – the walls of Orgrimmar be fortified since da Cataclysm.

Baine Bloodhoof: I must tread carefully. Many of my people are still within Orgrimmar.

Vol’jin: Lor’themar be ready to strike once he finish wit da Isle of Thunder, and da Banshee Queen need no excuse, but they both across da sea. Without ya strength, we can’t breech the city. I need tauren arms.


Baine Bloodhoof: We are preparing. I just need time to ensure the safety of my people. But Vol’jin…

Vol’jin: Hmm?

Baine Bloodhoof: Garrosh has turned Orgrimmar into a fortress. You may need to seek out allies… beyond the Horde.

(Vol’jin jabs his spear into the ground saying nothing.)


Battle for Sen’jin Village – Patch 5.3 Escalation – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Battle of Sen’jin Village

(Distant war drums sound.)

Vol’jin: (Class), you always be in de right place at de right time. Hellscream be makin’ a move against his own people.

He gonna find out what happens when you cross de Darkspear. Come! Fight wit’ us! Show him de spirit of de real Horde!


Quest Objective

Defend Sen’jin Village from the Kor’kron assault.


Vol’jin: Dey come! Hellscream tink his own people gonna roll right over.

Time ta show dis Warchief da fury of da Darkspear!



Note: Kill 12 Kor’kron Attacker, 5 Kor’kron Mortar sabotaged, and 3 Kor’kron Lieutenant.


The mortars can be found in groups of three by the south on the outskirt of Sen’jin Village with a goblin controlling them.


The Lieutenants can be found near the beach to the east. These mobs have a flag on their backs (Blademaster-style) with the Horde logo.


At the front gates of Sen’jn Village, Chen Stormstout stands his ground with a Karate Kid pose kicking Kor’kron into the air, while Thrall burninates them into bones and gore with lightning bolts.


If you run into trouble with more mobs than you can chew, run toward the west. The Darkspear guards will aggro and kill the bunch of mobs for you.

Running too far away from Sen’jin Village will phase you out of the Battle for Sen’jin Village. It seems the phasing border isn’t too far away.

Sen’jin Guardian: Ya won’t take de Horde from us!

Kor’kron Warmonger: I die for Hellscream!

Sen’jin Guardian: Hellscream will fall!

Kor’kron Lieutenant: The warchief will hear of your failure!

Kor’kron Lieutenant: Make sure your blades are sharp. We’ve got enemies to cleave today!

Sen’jin Guardian: Vol’jin lives!

Kor’kron Deadeye: YOU are the traitors here!

Kor’kron Lieutenant: This village is ours! Death to the trolls!

Kor’kron Paratrooper: I’ll bring Garrosh your head!

Kor’kron Deadeye: Darkspear animals will be put down like the filth they are!

Bom’bay: Bom’bay found a volunteer!

Kor’kron Lieutenant: I will cut down anyone I see fleeing from battle. For Garrosh!

Sen’jin Guardian: We been idle too long!

Kor’kron Lieutenant: No one disobeys Hellscream!

Kor’kron Lieutenant: The warchief will hear of our success!

Sen’jin Guardian: For Vol’jin!

Kor’kron Warmonger: Not like this …

Sen’jin Guardian: Down wit de Kor’kron!

Kor’kron Warmonger: You betrayed the Warchief!

Sen’jin Guardian: We be takin’ out de trash!

Kor’kron Lieutenant: The Darkspear will know the true price of defiance.

Mercenary Bombardier: You will never defeat the Kor’kron!


Vol’jin: Hold! Let dem run away. Hellscream will execute dem as cowards if they go back. Sen’jin Village is safe!


De “Warchief” thought we’d scatter once he sent in de Kor’kron. Hah. He shoulda sent ev’rything he got.

Time ta make ‘im pay!


Battlefield: Barrens – Patch 5.3 Escalation – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Battlefield: Barrens

Vol’jin: Ta take down de warchief, I be needin’ an army an’ supplies. I got me an army. No shortage of hate for what Hellscream done to de Horde. But supplies! Lumber, stone, meat, oil. Dis be what we need.

Hellscream’s Kor’kron be stockpilin’ supplies in Northern Barrens, to de west. Kill the Kor’kron! Fight dem wherever dey spring up. Help our tauren bruddahs by escortin’ their caravans, an’ group up to take down Kor’kron leaders. Whatever it takes. Get me dem supplies!


Quest Objective

Collect 15 Kor’kron Lumber, 15 Kor’kron Oil, 15 Kor’kron Meat, and 15 Kor’kron Stone.


Kor’kron Outrider: For Garrosh! For the true Horde!

Kor’kron Butcher: The eyes of Hellscream are upon us!

Kor’kron Butcher: Victory or death!

Kor’kron Outrider: Death to the enemies of the true Horde!

Kor’kron Butcher: We will grind you under our heels!


Vol’jin: Da Horde be splinterin’ under Hellscream’s leadership.

(Sen’jin is buzzing with activity. Vol’jin motions for you to approach, a dark sadistic grin spreading across his tired face.)

Vol’jin: Ya done good, (name). Blood in de Barrens. Hellscream got to be feelin’ that.

No doubt he gonna come for us, but we gonna be ready…


Vol’jin of the Darkspear – Patch 5.3 Escalation – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria


Vol’jin of the Darkspear

Ki’ta Arrowtusk: Welcome ta Sen’jin Village, mon. I know you traveled far ta see Vol’jin, leader a’ da Darkspear.

But I must ask ya ta wait a little longer. Let us speak.


Quest Objectives

Listen to Ki’ta Arrowtusk


Ki’ta Arrowtusk: Walk wit’ me, (class). Vol’jin be seein’ ya in just a moment. De “Warchief” still believes Vol’jin be dead, slain by his Kor’kron assassin in Kun-Lai Summit.

Vol’jin survived, but he still remember da sting a’ Hellscream’s betrayal. Darkspear never die.

When Vol’jin come back ta us, I saw he was changed. Da light a’ revolution be burnin’ in his eyes!

Now, look around you. De Darkspear rebellion begins. Hellscream’s worst nightmare.


De spark becomes a flame, de flame becomes a fire, de fire … an inferno. We gonna burn our way ta da gates a’ Orgrimmar.

But we gotta feed dis war machine. Stone, wood, oil, meat – we be needin’ ’em in large supply.

Dat’s where we need ya, (brodah / sistah).

Go, speak to Vol’jin. Prepare yourself. From here on out, we be askin’ more of you den ever before.


Vol’jin: Look at us three. Back to da sands of old Durotar! It be just like old times.

Thrall: Not quite, old friend. Times have changed. The line between friend and foe is not so clear.


You: What happened to you in Pandaria?

(Vol’jin runs his three-fingered hand over his scar.)

Vol’jin: It been a long road, friend. Garrosh tried ta take me life wit’ a knife in de throat. Left me for dead. I crawl out dat cave, couldn’t even speak. It was Chen Stormstout who found me, nursed me back from de brink.

We travelled to de Shado-Pan monastery, an’ dey help me do some soul-searching. Figure out who I was. Who the Horde was. Me father …

I made up me mind. I’m takin’ de Horde back. No matter de cost.

Darkspear never die.

You: Does Garrosh know you’re alive?

(Vol’jin allows a grim smile to creep across his scowling features.)

Vol’jin: Not yet he don’t. Maybe he hearin’ rumors. Maybe he thinkin’, dey ghost stories. Maybe ol’ Vol’jin comin’ back ta haunt him. Hah.

He find out soon enough. Too bad I’m not gonna be there ta see da look on his fat, beady-eyed face when he hears ol’ Vol’jin is back, an’ gonna make good on me promise. Ta end his sad little reign. Ta fire de arrow dat pierces his black heart.

You: Why are you fighting against our own Warchief?

Vol’jin: Ya still call him “Warchief,” (class)? Is he still YOUR Warchief? What of de spoils of his war? I don’t see you fat an’ happy like his Kor’kron. His Horde be an orc Horde. Do ya still feel welcome here, (race)? Are ya a part of his plan? Or are ya trash he gonna do away wit’ once he has his way? He promise glory, but bathes our Horde in blood, an’ steps on anyone who see it diff’rent.

Ya wanna know how I see de Horde? De Horde dat me an’ Thrall built?

You: How do you see the Horde?

Vol’jin: Horde be a family. When de whole world try ta put us down, de family come an’ pick us back up. We all each other got, see?

Hellscream, he don’t see family. Ain’t never had one. All he see is power, like he just come through the portal.

(Vol’jin stares off into the distance.)

We stand against him – together, here, now – or he stome us out. One. By. One. I got de scars ta prove it.

Who do ya trust, (name)? Where be your loyalty now? Hellscream? Or family?


(Vol’jin nods at you.)

Vol’jin: (Class). Looks like ya just chose a side. I hope ya ready ta fight.


The Darkspear Rebellion – Patch 5.3 Escalation – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

The Darkspear Rebellion

Lorewalker Cho: My dream brew can only tell me so much. Its visions are scattered in time and space. But it is clear that a showdown is brewing amongst the Horde.

In my dream brew I see that the troll Vol’jin of the Darkspear has already travelled to Durotar to defend his people. He is accompanied by Chen Stormstout, the brewmaster from the Wandering Isle.

If I have learned anything about Chen, it won’t be long before he brews upsome trouble … You should hurry!


Quest Objectives

Travel to Durotar and speak with Ki’ta Arrowtusk in Sen’jin Village.


Lorewalker Cho: So! Even as the Alliance binds itself ever closer together, the Horde is ripping itself apart.

My friend, something is about to give. I wish I could experience the next chapter of the story, but alas, I am just the storyteller.

You, brave hero – you are strong enought to leap into the center of events as they transpire.

Go now! Go to Durotar! Make your mark as history unfurls around you!


(Ki’ta Arrowtusk beckons you over.)


Ki’ta Arrowtusk: I been waiting for ya, hero. Dis be a time of reckoning.


Patch 5.3 Escalation – Storyline Transcript and Videos – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3 adds new content to the progressive Garrosh Hellscream storyline. The Landfall (Patch 5.1) confrontation between the Alliance and the Horde at the Krasarang Wilds’ shore is over, and the Thunder King has been defeated.

What’s next? Well, Patch 5.3: Escalation is the intermediate content prior to engaging Garrosh Hellscream as the final boss of Mists of Pandaria.

The Horde and the Alliance are preparing their path toward Orgrimmar through the Barrens and Durotar.

Note: Over the next weeks, I’ll be updating this page with the quests text, NPC dialogues, images and videos. This will serve as a lore repository for those who rushed through the quests without reading, or for those who unsubscribed to World of Warcraft months ago, and wish to know what’s new. Who knows — what you see in this archive might bring you back to World of Warcraft.

Patch 5.3 Intro – Horde version

When players approach Sunwalker Dezco and Taran Zhu at the Golden Terrace of the Shrine of Two Moons capital in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, we see a conversation between both characters concerning Garrosh and the actions of the Horde.

Taran Zhu: Tauren! What have your people done? You have dredged open a scar within our sacred Vale!

Sunwalker Dezco: Lord Zhu, please understand – the orc “Warchief” who ordered the deed no longer speaks for the whole of the Horde. Many voices are rising up against him.


Taran Zhu: Your politics are no concern of mine. Your Horde has disrespected the sanctity of this place. You are no longer welcome here – leave at once!

Sunwalker Dezco: Give us time, Lord Zhu. Give us the opportunity to bring Hellscream to justice.

Taran Zhu: Sunwalker, I respect your people. You have aided us in our campaign against the Sha, and the Thunder King. Otherwise, I would’ve already ordered the Shado-Pan to purge this entire shrine. But my patience is at an end. The Horde must leave.

Sunwalker Dezco: Please. Give us time to make this right.

Taran Zhu: Very well. You have until season’s end. No longer. We pandaren are no strangers to dealing with tyrants. The coming battle will try your souls. May the celestials guide your actions.




Visit the links below to launch the dialogue transcript and videos for each mission of the Patch 5.3 Escalation storyline.







The Alliance version of Patch 5.3 Escalation is a bit shorter. Both factions share the same scenarios, the same first quest, and the same Battlefield: Barrens quests. Some quests are unique to the Alliance players as seen below.





The King and the Council – Scenario: Blood in the Snow – Patch 5.3 Escalation

The King and the Council

Lorewalker Cho: I am glad you are here, (name). I have been using my dream brew to experience events around the world, but the more I learn, the more confused I become.

For instance, King Wrynn has asked the dwarves of Ironforge for more troops, but they do not all support him.

I will tell you more, but I would also like to hear from your experience firsthand…

Quest Objectives

Complete the “Blood in the Snow” scenario. You can queue from the dungeon finder or use Lorewalker Cho’s Dream Brew.


Note: A hologram / vision plays out behind Lorewalker Cho.

Lorewalker Cho: Once upon a time – moments ago, in fact – a great king sought the help from a trio of powerful dwarves: The Council of Three Hammers.

The King’s scouts had discovered that Zandalari trolls threatened the dwarven capital.

Surely, the king thought, if he helped them with their troll problem, they would give him more troops for his campaign against the Horde.


But what the king did not realize is that the dwarves did not trust one another!

“We cannot help you,” said the Bronzebeard dwarf. “For if we turn our back on the Dark Irons, they will defeat the Wildhammer and take over Ironforge!”

“We cannot help you,” said the Wildhammer dwarf. “For if we turn our back on the Dark Irons, they will defeat the Bronzebeard and take over Ironforge!”


The king was furious. “If none of you help, then Ironforge will fall under siege!”

Only one dwarf offered to help the king. “We will lend you our strength,” said Moira, of the Dark Iron. “We will trust our dwarven brothers, and we will show them what loyalty means!”

And so Moira and the High King set out into the snow to save the city, leaving the others to think about their actions.

What happens next? I must know!




Scenario: Blood in the Snow


King Varian Wrynn: This is where my agents tracked the Zandalari.

Moira Thaurissan: Shimmer Ridge. I know it well. The Frostmane trolls breed and plot atop that snow-blown mesa.

King Varian Wrynn: I can only imagine what foul business the Zandalari have with them …


Moira Thaurissan: We’ve lost many mountaineers to this freakish storm, or the trolls slithering about in it.

King Varian Wrynn: Yes. This weather is not natural.


Moira Thaurissan: Aye. I am loath to send my men into that. It reeks of ambush and bloody disaster.

King Varian Wrynn: My champions will go. They will see what can be done, and rescue who they can.

Moira Thaurissan: If they can stop that storm, I’ll lead the Forgeguard to the top myself.

King Varian Wrynn: It’s heartening to see you here, Moira. You have my thanks.

Moira Thaurissan: Indeed. With the aid of your champions, the Dark Irons will put an end to the Zandalari threat in Dun Morogh.

We will prove our loyalty – to the Council, Ironforge, and the Alliance – here, today, and with our own blood.

King Varian Wrynn: Hrmmm. Fare well, Queen Regent.

Moira Thaurissan: I’ll see you when it’s done, King of Stormwind.


[Shimmer Ridge]


Scout Stonebeard: Oh ho ho ho ho! By my beard, I thought I was done for! Oh, thank ye. Thank ye! Oh … right. Now: Did the human king send ye? Oh, his spies are all dead … and most of us are, too.

I saw ’em draggin’ Boldbrew, kickin’ and bitin’ towards some hut south o’ here. Now if ye hurry, ye can help her, and she might know more.



BUT STAY AWAY FROM THE BIG VILLAGE! There’s dozens o’ mad ice trolls in there! Oh, that Zandalari priest has ’em whipped up into a great frenzy.


Scout Boldbrew: Oh, that was a CLOSE one, thank ye! There’s only a few of us left; the ones they don’t eat, they butcher at some big altar. It’s just northwest o’ here; if ye hurry, ye might be able ta save some! Sorry I don’t know anythin’ more …



Scout Forgefellow: Filthy monsters! I owe ye me life. Listen: The storm. We figured out what’s makin’ it. That sneaky Zandalari has these ice trolls makin’ blood sacrifices ta elemental spirits. There’s a cave, north o’ here, across a bridge. If ye can slay the elemental within, the storm ought ta stop.



Moira Thaurissan: The king’s champions have done it: The storm has ended! Forward, Dark Irons! TO BATTLE WE MARCH!

Hekima the Wise: You may have stopped the storm, but you cannot stop the will of the Zandalar! You will DIE, here … ALL OF YOU! Trolls of the world will unite against you! We control the sand, the seas, the winds … We will bury you in your mountain! There … will be more! Zandalar … will never fall …


[Scenario Complete: Blood in the Snow]

King Varian Wrynn: Well fought. I see the Dark Irons are as formidable as ever.

Moira Thaurissan: That they are, King Varian. And at the service of the Alliance, I might add.

King Varian Wrynn: Hah! For that, I’m glad. The Bronzebeards and Wildhammers will regret not having been here to share in your glory.

Moira Thaurissan: Better they’re grateful for the clansmen spared death on this miserable hillock. We sought to protect and impress, not to shame.


King Varian Wrynn: Well, you’ve done just that. Come; let us return to Ironforge, and announce your victory to the Council.

Moira Thaurissan: My thanks for your assistance, champions. I will tend to the slain and wounded here before returning to Ironforge.



The King and the Council

Lorewalker Cho: So, King Wrynn and the Dark Iron dwarves saved the city, and the bitterly divided Council of Three Hammers gained a new unity under the Alliance banner. How interesting!

But what is happening within the Horde?


The Warchief and the Darkness – Patch 5.3 Escalation – Scenario: Dark Heart of Pandaria

The Warchief and the Darkness

I see now how the Alliance king leads his people. But what is the Horde warchief up to? Just below us, a swarm of goblins is burrowing into the sacred Vale on his orders. What does he hope to find there? We must find out!

Quest Objectives

Complete the “Dark Heart of Pandaria” scenario. You can queue from the Dungeon Finder or use Lorewalker Cho’s Dream Brew.


Lorewalkeer Cho: The High King, his champions, and the Dark Iron dwarves worked together to save Ironforge.

The other dwarven leaders were ashamed of their behavior, and vowed never again to allow fear or distrust to cloud their judgement.


And so it was a human king who helped to unite the dwarven clans so long divided.

Free to trust one another, all three dwarven leaders pledged their full strength to the Alliance cause.


Meanwhile, in the city of Orgrimmar, Warchief Garrosh Hellscream sent goblin dig teams all across the continent of Pandaria.

He promised gold and riches to any who could discover for him the hidden secrets of this land that fill Pandaria with such a dark and powerful energy.


To my surprise, his people have found something! Right here, in the sacred vale! What will happen now?

The story is still being written …



Scenario: Dark Heart of Pandaria


Grizzle Gearslip: Thank the laws of physics you’re here!


We found somethin’ down there, somethin’ HUGE, and all of a sudden the rocks started fightin’ back and everyone went crazy. Bad business!


Please, just make it all stop!


Urtharges the Destroyer (Minion of Y’shaarj): Minions, destroy these insects!



Note: When Urtharges the Destroyer dies, stage 3 kicks in. You must collect 50 artifacts. These are all spread throughout the excavation site around you. A column of light rests on each of them. These are visible from afar. The yellow column of light identify bonus artifacts that grant +10 artifact bonus.


Stage 4 kicks in once you collect all 50 artifacts. Don’t go crazy pulling mobs. You have to run toward the mine entrance at the bottom of the excavation site. The map will show you a red “X” marking the entrance of the mine.


Crafty the Ambitious: It’s all clear then? No time to waste … let’s blow this wall to pieces! That was some explosion! Let’s check it out.



It looks like some sort of gigantic chest … probably full of gold. And it’s all ours!


Note: Crafty the Ambitious opens the floating chest and is bathed by Y’Shaarj’s dark clouds. Crafty the Ambitious grows in size and his nameplate changes into “Echo of Y’Shaarj”.

Norushen: Containment failure. Active defense matrix enabled.

Echo of Y’Shaarj: My blood hungers.

Norushen: Power units activated.


Echo of Y’Shaarj: I only sleep.

Grizzle Gearslip: Just what in the name of all that is unholy was that thing?

Malkorok: Step aside goblin. This artifact is exactly what the warchief hoped to find here. I am taking it under Kor’kron protection.

Grizzle Gearslip: Oh don’t you worry none, I don’t think anyone wants to touch that thing again. I’ll collect our money and we are outta here.

Hey hey, what is this, huh? This is barely a fifth of the promised payment!

Malkorok: You are paid for all workers present, foreman. The warchief does not compensate the dead.

Grizzle Gearslip: Naw naw, see there’s a contract. Payment in full is req-

Malkorok: THIS. This is what has diluted the vitality of our precious Horde!


The warchief graciously permits the families of the dead to live in his city. To die in the service of the Horde should be a great honor, but you see it as another opportunity to line your filthy pockets!

Your kind DISGUSTS me. Small. Weak. Honorless as thieves. Be thankful the warchief still tolerates your presence at all.

Grizzle Gearslip: Yeah, we’ll see who’s got Garrosh’s back when it counts.

Malkorok: What was that, goblin?

Grizzle Gearslip: Oh yeah, hey no nothing your, uh, your hugeness. Uh, for the Horde, and all that … Bye!



Lorewalker Cho: Whaaaat? The remains of an Old god are buried beneath Pandaria? No wonder the land is so haunted!

The warchief’s pursuit of those dormant powers are fraying apart the very Horde he leads. His vision is narrow, but very, very dangerous. I must inform the Shado-Pan immediately.


Blizzplanet Weekly: PAX East – World of StarCraft? Project Blackstone Speculation

In this week’s Blizzplanet Weekly, our host Chris Arnone talks about several topics around all Blizzard Entertainment video games. Mists of Pandaria will see no additional 5-person dungeons, Major League Gaming (MLG) in Dallas is this weekend where 32 players will clash to the end to claim the victor prize, Diablo III developers are moving away from the Auction House, and finally — Chris Arnone enumerates what are all the facts surrounding the new game Blizzard is revealing at PAX East, and what it is certainly not.

Will it be something related to Project Blackstone? Maybe a revamped StarCraft: Ghost intermingled with the Heart of the Swarm story? Will it be an MMO or a Mobile game?

Everyone thought the Project Blackstone website was a promotional campaign for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. However, there are still some unlocked content and absolutely nothing is mentioned about Project Blackstone in the Heart of the Swarm single-player campaign.

The Project Blackstone creator, Cameron Dayton (Senior Story Developer), tweeted recently “I think it’s starting to dawn on people that #ProjectBlackstone was more than just a promotional piece for #HotS – this story ain’t done yet” — hmm?

A few weeks ago, I remember Cameron Dayton revealed Project Blackstone’s story took two years in the making. This put me to rethink and ponder … does a website story and the ficticious characters tweeting each other on Twitter take two years to write? Or is there more to Project Blackstone than just a Free online short story? That’s a lot of time and manpower budget.

Watch today’s Blizzplanet Weekly with our host Chris Arnone speculating about PAX East new game announcement here.

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Patch 5.2 The Thunder King – Community Interview Blizzard Developers

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria developers have talked to several fansites to discuss Patch 5.2 Thunder Isle. Eldorian (Blizzplanet) is interviewing Tom Chilton today.


Infiltrating the Black Temple – Warlock Green Fire Questline – World of Warcraft Patch 5.2

WORK IN PROGRESS: This is a preview of what I’m working with right now (Sunday). Transcript of the quests, dialogues, and will add video of each scenario stage. For the entire questline before the scenario go here — those videos are uploaded. I’ll be updating, and adding videos throughout the evening.

Warlock Talents Before Scenario

I recommend to switch to Destruction specialization (spec). From your Talent tab pick the following abilities: Harvest Life, Shadowfury, Sacrificial Pact, Burning Rush, Grimoire of Supremacy, and Kil’jaeden’s Cunning.

The logic behind these talents …

Harvest Life: Gather health from various mobs. Can do this while on the move (with Kil’jaeden’s Cunning).

Shadowfury: Choose Shadowfury to stun all mobs within 8 yards for 3 sec. Enough to get back some Burning Embers to self-heal.

Burning Rush: There are situations where you would want to run away from mobs to avoid getting stunned while running.

Sacrificial Pact: Definitely a life-saver during the fight against the Essence of Order. Keep reading for the strategy.

Grimoire of Supremacy: Your voidwalker becomes a Voidlord with 20% more health and 20% more damage. You need a better tank.

Ki’jaeden’s Cunning: Allows you to cast while moving. Perfect to summon your Voidlord minion while running away if Flames of Xoroth is on cooldown, or you don’t have the Burning Ember up to use Flames of Xoroth. This talent is very helpful against the Pitlord in the final encounter.



Maybe you have better ones, but these are the macros I used up to the final encounter.

Spell icon: Conflagrate

/cast Conflagrate
/Use 14

Spell icon: Ember Tap

/cast Ember Tap

/cast Twilight Ward

/cast Sacrificial Pact

Note: When the Essence of Order casts Hellfire AOE, Ember of Tap heals you. The macro auto-casts Twilight Ward — which absorbs 61,978 magic damage. The Sacrificial Pact shields the Warlock for 400% of the Voidlord’s 25% sacrificed health. Sacrificial Pact has a 1 minute cooldown. Twilight Ward has a 30 sec cooldown. This macro makes sure you cast Twilight Ward if Sacrificial Pact is still on cooldown.

Spell icon: Fel Flame

/cast Fel Flame

/cast 13

Spell icon: Incinerate

/cast Fire and Brimstone

/cast incinerate

Infiltrating the Black Temple

It’s clear that Jubeka’s soulstone has lead you here to the Black Temple.

The question remains … why?

The only remaining option is to head inside and figure out why they were here.



Look for Jubeka’s mark on the main entrance of the Black Temple.


Scenario: Pursuing the Black Harvest

Don’t zone in into the Black Temple dungeon. Move east of the Black Temple’s sewer entrance. There is a skull rune on the main doorway. Clicking the skull image queues you into the Warlock-only’s Black Temple scenario.


The Warlock player spawns at the Illidari Training Grounds where players formerly fought Supremus.

Stage 1: Enter the Black Temple

Avoid the guards and enter the Sanctuary of Shadows.

Note: Do not fight any mobs. The key here is to evade the Ashtongue guards. These have a visible circular red outline. Stepping into the red outline triggers them to spot you. They throw a net on you, which stuns and won’t let you cast or move. The Ashtongue Primalist will say: “This temple is the domain of the Ashtongue Brotherhood. I must ask you to leave – now.”

The guards teleport you back to the main entrance.

By the ramp, there are three Ashtongue Primalists barring your way (… but the will of the Templar is stronger! — oops, wrong game).


The strategy here is to stay away from the ramp a few yards. Send your minion to attack the guard on the center. The guard will trap your minion.


Ashtongue Primalist: Another warlock? After what happened last time, you should be glad we don’t kill you on sight.

At the same time the minion is trapped, click your Burning Rush ability to sprint through. The guard will ignore you while he teleports your minion away.

Go toward the door above the ramp to trigger Stage 2.

Watch the Video

This video only contains Stage 1:


Stage 2: Search for signs of the Council’s Presence

Find the Council of the Black Harvest’s trail.

Note: The door opens. Disable your Burning Rush. There are two guards patrolling the hallway. Wait until their red outlines are clear, and use Burning Rush. Run upstairs.

Above the stairs is a scroll with a “interact” icon.


Conspicuous Illidari Scroll: Find the Council of the Black Harvest’s trail in the Sanctuary of Shadows: 1/1

Looks like a trap. The item text simply says “Counterfeit Scroll: Contains orders for talbuk meat.”

Akama casts Garrote. Stunning you.


Akama: Foolish warlocks. I knew you would try again to ransack our temple …!

Wait … you’re not one of the warlocks that snuck in here before. Why then are you here?

Hmm … your name sounds familiar to me, (name).

What do you want from the Black Temple? Stay a moment and speak with me, rather than skulk about like a rogue.

(You: King Wrynn seeks the Black Harvest council members who trespassed here recently.)

(Name), you and your Alliance did much to aid my people in freeing the Black Temple of Illidan’s grasp.

I will help you as a show of mutual trust and repayment of the debt I owe you.

(You: Akama, lead the way!)

Watch the Video

This video shows only Stage 2: Search for Signs of the Council’s Presence.


Stage 3: Follow Akama to the Shrine of Lost Souls

Akama: It has been many months since those two warlocks broke into the temple … but I’m still not sure what they were after.

Follow me. They visited both the Shrine of Lost Souls and the Temple Summit.


I have decided to trust this warlock for now. Let him move about the temple freely.

(Note: Akama leads you toward the Halls of Anguish, and takes you in front of the entrance to the Reliquary of Souls room — the Shrine of Lost Souls.)

Akama: It will take many years for us to undo the damage that Magtheridon, Illidan and the fel orcs did to this holy place.

Watch the Video

This video shows only Stage 3: Follow Akama to the Shrine of Lost Souls.


Stage 4: Uncover the Council’s Plan

Investigate the Reliquary of Souls.

Akama: Within lies the Shrine of Lost Souls. The souls of thousands of my fallen brethren remain within this area.

Use caution, there are many traps still active within. Perhaps one of your demon spells will grant you the ability to scout ahead before advancing forward.

Note: Don’t run through. Stop. Cast Eye of Killrogg. There are invisible traps all throughout the room forming walls. It’s a maze. The first thing to do is to dismiss your minion. The minion will trip into the traps and spawn an additional ghost (Hungering Soul Fragment) to attack you. The ghosts (Suffering Soul Fragment) roaming the room have low health and can be solo’ed without the minion. Use Eye of Killrogg to walk short baby-steps through the invisible maze. Takes about 4-6 minutes to bypass the maze.


Note: I divided the videos so you can choose to view or to skip certain parts. The following video shows (only) the navigation through the invisible maze that leads to the Reliquary of Souls. This section can only be navigated with Eye of Killrogg.

Once you reach the Shrine of Lost Souls, walk toward the center to trigger a memory of Jubeka Shadowbreaker and Kanrethad. However, move away back to the ramp. The boss “Essence of Order” spawns in the center after the memory is over. Good enough, the boss won’t aggro unless you approach or attack.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: This … is amazing … an untapped store of raw arcane energy.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: For years it has languished, slowly growing in strength …

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Imagine what we could summon with just a fraction of this power!

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Summon … ha, imagine what we could become if fused with power of this magnitude … The powers of this room are not unlike the original Well of Eternity in Azeroth.


Jubeka Shadowbreaker: So this is how Illidan bound so many demons to his will …

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Yes. The payment for the demons’ service was to drink from the energy of this place. By feeding upon this place’s power, they were broken free from their addiction to the Legion’s magic. I believe this is the original power source he intended to offer the blood elves to free them from their addiction to the Sunwell … but for some reason he didn’t let them near it …

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: What?? You have no proof of such a claim.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Didn’t you notice? The demons under Illidan’s command were free of the entropic, fel-green corruption that pervades the Legion.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: … why do you talk so much, Kanrethad?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: I was there … at the end …

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: … Oh dear, are you going to regale me with yet another of your horrible stories?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: … shut up.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: …

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: I think I liked you better when your jaw was missing.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Did you hear that?! Those Ashtongue dogs are coming. Let’s hurry up and start the ritual!

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Very well. We’ll return later after the crystal is fully charged.

Watch the Video

This video only shows the memory transcribed above between Jubeka and Kanrethad.


Stage 5: Defeat the Essence of Order

Claim the soul crystal left behind by the Council of the Black Harvest.

Essence of Order: The powers of this place are NOT for your kind, warlock! DIE!


Essence of Order Kill

This video shows how to kill Essence of Order. It’s recommended to click Essence of Order’s portrait, and unlock the frame. Move it to your lower screen so that it’s easier to watch his casting bar.

It has two spells that need to be observed at all times: Spellflame and Hellfire. Spellflame is a straight line of fire that originates from beneath him and extends in the direction of your last position at the moment he began casting (2.5 sec cast). It’s recommended to move counter-clockwise. Just move to the right a couple of yards. Warning: He always casts Spellflame right after Hellfire.

Hellfire is a devastating AOE similar to the Warlock’s. The best way to survive this is in Destruction spec. Spam Rain on Fire on the spirits that spawn. Make sure to stand close to Essence of Order so that your Rain of Fire also damages him. Keep Immolate up. Fel Flame renews Immolate. Immolate causes all critical damage from your spells to create Burning Embers. Rain of Fire has a chance to do critical damage and Immolation active causes your Rain of Fire to do 50% more damage. Basically, Rain of Fire on the spirits that spawn constantly keeps your Burning Embers up. When Essence of Order casts Hellfire, use all the accumulated Burning Embers to cast Ember Tap.

Ember Tap heals the Warlock for 21.26% of your health. If you got two Burning Embers up that’s 42.52% healed, which mostly keeps you alive throughout the entire fight. Bring health potions and have three Healthstones just in case.

It’s a good idea to have a macro with the Ember Tap icon. I assigned the macro to also cast Twilight Ward (Absorbs 61,978 magic damage. Lasts 30 sec.) and the macro also casts Sacrificial Pact (Your demon sacrifices 25% of its health to shield its master for 400% of the sacrificed health. 1 min cooldown). If Sacrificial Pact is on cooldown, the macro will still cast Twilight Ward.

I tried Essence of Order as Affliction, and it was really painful. Killed him twice using Destruction spec.


Stage 6: Escape the Shrine of Lost Souls

Fight off the demons unleashed by the Reliquary and return to Akama in the Halls of Anguish.

Note: The first pull is a dreadlord and two satyrs.

The dreadlord has a fear ability, hellfire, and he also summons a batch of 5-6 shadowfiends. These must be killed quickly with Rain of Fire. They die fast, but they do a lot of damage if left unattended. Shadowfury can be used when they spawn to stun them for 3 sec. — especially as soon as you get feared (as a contingency plan)

The dreadlord only hits the voidlord for about 1,500-3000 dps.

The second pull is a group of seven Freed Imps. These die very fast with Rain of Fire. Each has only 31,515 Health (non-elite).


The third pull is a Felguard (Unbound Centurion). He patrols back and forth. Send the Voidlord to aggro it, and cast Rain of Fire on him and the Imps, or fight them separately (up to you).

The last pull is two Dreadlords. Both will aggro. Personally, I didn’t like to get feared by two dreadlords, and far less dealing with two groups of shadowfiends.

I recommend moving to the left wall, send the voidlord to attack the left dreadlord, then click the second dreadlord and send the voidlord to attack it too.

Meanwhile, go behind the barricade, and hit Burning Rush to reach Akama. Both dreadlords will despawn as soon as Stage 7 kicks in.

The shadowfiends won’t despawn and you still need to kill them. If you don’t use Burning Rush to sprint toward Akama, then you will have to baby step your way through the Dreadlord’s fear. Pssst — use Burning Rush. You will be glad you did.


Stage 7: Plunder the Den of Mortal Delights

Grab as much treasure as you can before time runs out.

Akama: (Name)! Some of my men are trapped in the basement – there is little time, help me save them!!

Warlocks have about 8 minutes to complete this stage.

Move toward the exit of the Halls of Anguish. Your character will lose control briefly while it auto-summons an imp minion.

Fel Imp: … yo, (Name)! Remember me? Good, good … hey, listen … we don’t have to help this guy …

There’s gotta be some riches around this place … c’mon boss, you know you want to …

Note: By the Halls of Anguish exit, a quest will pop onscreen titled “Plunder the Black Temple”.

While Akama and his men are dealing with the demons, there is nobody to stop you from stealing a relic or two …


Loot everything you can grab before Akama reaches the Temple Summit.

Note: On the ground you will find piles of gold, vases, necklaces, rings, and other type of objects. Click them and loot. There is a lot of mobs on your way to the spot players usually fight the Shivarra boss Mother Shahraz.

Avoid fighting Felguards. These are Elite and patrol constantly. Their pathing allows you to get out of their way.

All other mobs are non-Elite, and die quick (315K health).

Unbound Bonementer (Satyr) is a healer. Try to kill them asap before they cast Dark Mending.


You’ve looted everything you could grab on your way up. Time to tally up your plunder and hide it before Akama catches up …

Rewards: The following spell will be cast on you: Appraisal.


Stage 8: Head to the Temple Summit

Take the Empowered Soulcore to the Temple Summit.

Final Stage: Defeat Kanrethad

Place the Empowered Soulcore in the Demonic Soulwell, and defeat Kanrethad.


Kanrethad Ebonlocke: BEHOLD! I have only mastered the fel energies of this world! The demonic power I now command … It is indescribable, unlimited, OMINIPOTENT!

You think I’ve gone too far? There is no such thing. The Black Harvest will enslave the most powerful demons, draw on their power, and destroy all who oppose us, in this world, and on Azeroth! Do YOU mean to stop me, little one?

I’d like to see you try.

Hah. Your feeble attacks are entertaining. Would you like to see one of my new pets?

The Annihilan are incredibly destructive creatures. Their sheer strength and power is absolutely unrivaled.

(Note: When the Warlock casts Enslave Demon on the Annihilan/Pitlord this happens …)

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: WHAT?! Now you’ve angered me. The clock is ticking …

Note: Kanrethad casts a massive Chaos Bolt which one-shots a Warlock. This one can be survived casting Sacrificial Pact.


More videos of this Scenario coming tomorrow Monday afternoon. Stay tuned.

Treasures of Pandaria Achievement Guide

There are about 26 Treasures throughout Pandaria waiting to be found. Some of them give you a lot of gold and count toward different achievements such as: Treasure of Pandaria, Fortune of Pandaria, Bounty of Pandaria and Riches of Pandaria.

Grabbing all of the items in this list gives players approximately 1792 Gold — not counting the value of the gems in the stash of gems, and other random factors. Worth the trip around the continent if you are bored.

Note: Some of these items do not count toward the achievements listed above, but give you gold. Added to benefit you. Some items can be found inside caves (added cave maps where applicable). Additionally, these are one-time lootable. They will be phased out permanently afterwards.

Warning: Make sure to empty your bags often. There is a known bug that when you click one of these chests when the bags are full, the chest despawns and item is lost. This causes you to lose the credit for the achievement, and the chest won’t spawn again for your character.

Townlong Steppes



Kun-Lai Summit



Veiled Stairs



Valley of the Four Winds



Krasarang Wilds



The Jade Forest



Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive – Breath of Darkest Shadow

The Bell Speaks

General Nazgrim: Your efforts have culminated in this moment, (class).

Warchief Garrosh gathers the most elite champions of the Horde in Kun-Lai Summit to witness the ringing of the Divine Bell.

You have more than earned the right to participate.

Go now. The dawn of the new Horde begins today.

Speak to Tak-Tak. He should be able to secure your travel arrangements.



Find Malkorok at Emperor’s Reach. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


You: Take me to Emperor’s Reach.

Tak-Tak: I got a bad feelin’ about this.

Your Warchief has got that bell, and he’s goin’ to use it to make the Horde stronger.


But I think that bell has got some power … and it’s bad.

Nobody, not hozen, not human, not orc … should use the sha.

Be careful.

I hope I see you again, friend.

(Find Malkorok at Emperor’s Reach: 1/1)



Malkorok: I was wondering when you would arrive, (name).


Breath of Darkest Shadow

Malkorok: It is time, (name). We have traveled a long path to reach this moment.

Today, we witness the birth of Garrosh’s Horde!

Do not let anything interfere with the ceremony!



Witness the ringing of the Divine Bell.


Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: We cannot rely on fate or destiny. We must carve out our own future … the future that WE deserve!

We are the HORDE. We are slaves to nothing and no one!

With the Divine Bell, I will burn away any remnants of weakness within us. Fear … despair … hatred … doubt. The lesser races are buried beneath their weight. But WE will control their power.

Together, we will destroy the Alliance and claim what is rightfully ours. Let our song of victory begin.

(Note: Garrosh rings the Divine Bell.)

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Yes! Feel the power within you. Fight your fears. Conquer your hatred!

This is but a test of our strength. We will pass this trial, just as we have passed others!

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Yes! Feel the power within you. Fight your fears. Conquer yur hatred!

If our enemies should choose to push us, we will drive them into the ground!

Prince Anduin Wrynn: Stop, Garrosh! You do not know what that bell is capable of!

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Ahahahaha … so in the end, it is not Varian, but his whelp who comes to face me. You run bravely to your death, young one.

Prince Anduin Wrynn: I will not let you do this. I swear to it.

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Stop me then, human.

(Note: Garrosh rings the Divine Bell, again.)


Blademaster Ishi: Auuuuuugggghhhhh! This pain! I cannot control it!

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Fight the sha – master it! Use it!

Blademaster Ishi: Do you speak the truth, Garrosh? Can the Horde truly survive another war?

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Doubt is for the weak! Do not question your strength, Ishi. We will survive because we must! The HORDE will prevail!

Blademaster Ishi: We have lost so much, Warchief. Our families, dead. Our friends, lost. Our homeland, gone. How much more must our people suffer?

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Our suffering is at an end. When this war is won, our people will see prosperity at last.

Blademaster Ishi: Why should we be slaves to honor, when we could slaughter the children of our enemies while they sleep? My blade thirsts for Alliance blood!

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Control your hatred, Ishi. There is killing, and then there is murder. Direct your rage to our enemies.

Blademaster Ishi: At night, I see the faces of all those I have slain. Where do our spirits go after our bodies lay cold? I fear … death.

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Use your fear, Ishi! Turn in on your foes. When death arrives, will you stand and face it or kneel in defeat?

Blademaster Ishi: Warchief! I … I have failed you.


Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Yes, Ishi. You have.

Your interference has cost me a great warrior, young prince. You’ll pay with your life.

Prince Anduin Wrynn: That is where you are wrong, Garrosh.

(Note: Prince Anduin hits the Divine Bell with the pandaren mallet. The Divine Bell emanates holy light which stuns Warchief Garrosh with a blast.)

Prince Anduin Wrynn: The mogu made the Divine Bell to create chaos, but the pandaren created a special mallet to turn the echoes of that chaos into perfect harmony. That mallet was hidden for thousands of years, until now.

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: Die, whelp!!

(Note: Garrosh causes a shockwave with his mallet destroying the Divine Bell into pieces, and burying Prince Anduin with the shattered pieces. Anduin dies.)

(Defeat Anduin Wrynn: 1/1)


Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: They may have destroyed the Divine Bell, but I have taken teh life of the Alliance’s prodigal son!

It is nothing less than my own father would have expected of me.

This victory may have come at a high cost, but it is of little consequence.

I will find other ways to destroy my enemies, and bring glory to the Horde!

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Progress: Breath of Darkest Shadow)

(Achievement Earned: Dominance Offensive)



Warchief Garrosh Hellscream: There is much I do not know about this artifact. The weak-willed cannot control this sha energy, but I WILL master it.

At least the human prince is dead. King Wrynn now knows the price of his continued defiance.

Leave me. I have much to think about.


Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall – The Purge of Dalaran

Darnassus Attacked?

Admiral Taylor: As you know, our night elven allies moved the Divine Bell you retrieved to Darnassus for safekeeping and study. Moments ago, they portaled some Highbourne mages over here to ask for backup. Details are hazy – some sort of stealth attack on the city?

I don’t know what to make of it, but Jaina Proudmoore is already on the scene and I suspect they need all the help they can get.

Speak to Seamus Goldenkicks over there for a quick portal to Darnassus. Find Jaina.



Speak with Jaina in Darnassus.

You may speak with Seamus Goldenkicks in Lion’s Landing to be ported to Darnassus.



You: I need a portal to Darnassus.

Jaina Proudmoore: No, no, no! The Bell!



Lady Jaina Proudmoore: The Bell is gone.

At the scene of the crime, we found traces of arcane magic … I may be able to use my skills to track the thieves.


Tracking the Thieves

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: We WILL get to the bottom of this.

(Name), you’re coming with me. We’ll search every inch of this city if we have to, but we’ll find out how they took the bell … and where.

I’m picking up traces of arcane magic here … we need to follow the trail!



Follow Jaina to help her discover who took the Divine Bell, and where they took it. You may speak with Seamus Goldenkicks in Lion’s Landing to be ported to Darnassus.


Lady Jaina Proudmoore: I had Darnassus LOCKED DOWN! Every fumbling rogue that tried to sneak into the city, I CAUGHT them! I snatched every two-bit charlatan that attempted to teleport through my traps!


They couldn’t possibly have gotten through … this was an inside job. Somebody inside the city has the Bell, unless … no …

These portals connect to Dalaran. That means the Kirin Tor … MY OWN Kirin Tor … helped the Horde commit this atrocity.

I will NOT be betrayed again! Those responsible for this will be punished!



Lady Jaina Proudmoore: I’ve decided.

Certain members of the Kirin Tor have put their allegiance to the Horde above the order, and I will NOT tolerate it. This is nothing short of a betrayal.

(Jaina’s eyes flare with rage.)

Come with me, (name). We’re going to clean up Dalaran.


Jaina’s Resolution

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: For too long, I have tolled to mend fences between Alliance and Horde. Time and time again, I’ve given the Horde the benefit of the doubt – and time and time again, they stab me in the back.

I refuse to be betrayed again! If the Horde intendes to use the Kirin Tor as a weapon against the Alliance, then they have no place in Dalaran.

Come with me, (name).



Use the portal from Darnassus to Dalaran, then speak with Vereesa Windrunner on the other side.

(Take the portal from Darnassus to Dalaran: 1/1)


Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Aethas Sunreaver!

You’ve betrayed the Kirin Tor, Sunreaver. You’ve allowed Garrosh to move his forces through MY city.

Aethas Sunreaver: You have it all wrong, Jaina. I did nothing.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: You looked the other way. You and your insubordinate kind are no longer welcome here.

Aethas Sunreaver: This is OUR city too, Proudmoore.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Hah! I see. I will remove the Sunreavers by force, then.

You, Aethas, will be coming with me.



Vereesa Windrunner: I will instruct you from here on out.

Jaina will be going down into the city to enforce our new rules.



I have long waited for an opportunity to deal with the Sunreavers. I asked my late husband to remove them from the city, but he believed too firmly in the neutrality of the Kirin Tor.

He was wise, but he was short-sighted. This has always been the destiny of the Kirin Tor: to serve the Alliance.


Nowhere to Run

Vereesa Windrunner: Compliant Sunreavers will be sent to the Violet Hold. Defiant ones are put to the sword.

NONE are to escape.

The Sunreavers keep their dragonhawk mounts on Krasus’ Landing. Take this dust, and use it to render them incapable of flying.

Or kill them. I don’t care.



Render 5 Sunreaver Dragonhawks incapable of flying.



vereesa Windrunner: Now, the Sunreavers have to answer to us. Jain or death – their fate is in their own hands.


Nowhere to Hide

Vereesa Windrunner: The Sunreaver’s Sanctuary is still crawling with those Horde-loving Sunreavers.

Jaina will have sent the reasonable ones to the Violet Hode. The rest refuse to leave, raising their weapons against us.

Show them the cost of their defiance. They now face the judgment of the Alliance, the Silver Covenant, and the Kirin Tor!



Slay 16 Sunreavers in the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary.



Vereesa Windrunner: This is a bloody day, (name), and this is bloody work.

But do not forget what the Sunreavers did to bring this on: They used neutral Kirin Tor resources to aid the Horde in their fight against the Alliance.

Do no hesitate to believe that they would do the same to us, given the chance.


Sewer Cleaning

Vereesa Windrunner: Jaina’s doing a good job taking care of Sunreavers above ground, but there’s still plenty rooting around in the sewers.

Go find those lying rats and exterminate them!



Slay 12 Sunreavers in the Dalaran Sewers.



Vereesa Windrunner: It’s nice to have those rats out of here for good. Well done, hero.


Unfair Trade

Vereesa Windrunner: Most shopkeepers in the Magus Commerce Exchange have sided with the Silver Covenant, but there remain a few holdouts that must be taken care of.

(Vereesa shows you a list of names.)

They will not go easily.



Slay Inkmaster Aelon, Tolyria, Gearmage Astalon, and Sintharia Cinderweave.


Sintharia Cinderweave: So it’s come to this, eh?

(Sintharia Cinderweave slain: 1/1)


Gearmage Astalon: You’ll have to wrench me out of here!

(Gearmage Astalon slain: 1/1)


Tolyria: For the Sunreavers!

(Tolyria slain: 1/1)


Inkmaster Aelon: I’ll scribble you out of existence!

(Inkmaster Aelon slain: 1/1)



Vereesa Windrunner: While I can’t say I agree completely with Jaina’s methods, I do understand her motives.

Sometimes, you have to fight back.


Cashing Out

Vereesa Windrunner: I just saw one of the Sunreavers – Brasael, I think his name was – running off in the direction of the bank to the north. No doubt he’s trying to gather whatever assets he can before he leaves.

Head him off and make sure he doesn’t steal any resources from our coffers. He relinquished whatever funds he left in the bank when he and his Sunreaver kind betrayed us.



Slay Magister Brasael.



Magister Brasael: Blast … the Silver Covenant’s here.


Vereesa Windrunner: I suppose it wasn’t enough for him to be a coward and a backstabber … he had to be a greedy thief as well.

Hmph. The Horde and the Sunreavers aren’t all that different. They deserve one another.


What Had To Be Done

Vereesa Windrunner: Thank you for your aid today, (name). I will be handling the purge from here on out.

Jaina has gone off to Stormwind, to meet with Varian. She asked for your attendance.



Speak with King Varian Wrynn in Lion’s Landing.


You: I’m ready to return to Pandaria.


King Varian Wrynn: I can’t fault you for following orders. In fact, I can’t really fault Jaina for acting on her own behalf, for once.

But still … we aren’t playing a game here. We are dealing with war, with people’s lives, with the future of the Alliance itself.

At the very least, we now have the Kirin Tor on our side. Today will be remembered by all as a victory for the Alliance.

(Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress – The Purge of Dalaran)



King Varian Wrynn: Jaina! What’s happening in Dalaran? Has there been an attack?

Jaina Proudmoore: The Kirin Tor was betrayed from within. I’ve handled the situation.

King Varian Wrynn: How?

Jaina Proudmoore: I’ve purged the Horde from Dalaran. You have what you wanted, Your Majesty: The Kirin Tor belongs to the Alliance.

King Varian Wrynn: But you said-

Jaina Proudmoore: I know what I said. My trust was misplaced.

King Varian Wrynn: What of the Sin’dorei – the Sunreavers?

Jaina Proudmoore: Those that surrendered are being taken to the Violet Hold. I make no guarantees about those who chose to fight.

King Varian Wrynn: Jaina, you need to talk to me before you act-

Jaina Proudmoore: How I run the Kirin Tor is my business.

King Varian Wrynn: I was trying to negotiate with the Sin’dorei. I was opening discussions to bring them into the Alliance! By attacking their people, you’ve forced their hand-

Jaina Proudmoore: They chose their own path.

King Varian Wrynn: You’ve driven them back to the Horde.

Jaina Proudmoore: You’re fooling yourself. Onece Horde, always Horde. I see that now. I’m mobilizing the Kirin Tor.

King Varian Wrynn: Jaina. We’ve got to work together on this. The Alliance must act as one.

Jaina Proudmoore: Don’t get soft on me, Varian.


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Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall – The Divine Bell

The Ruins of Korune

Admiral Taylor: It’s time for our boldest move yet, (name).

Since you acquired intel on the location of the Divine Bell, we’ve amassed a top team to excavate the artifact without delay.

Commander Sarannha Skyglaive leads the expedition into the northern-most reaches of Kun-Lai Summit.

Join them at once, and use whatever skills you need to make the endeavor a success.

Good luck, (class). I don’t need to tell you how important this mission is to the Alliance.

Speak to Fennie. She’ll get you there quickly.



Find Sarannha Skyglaive at the Ruins of Korune. Speak to Fennie Hornswaggle at Lion’s Landing for transportation.


Fennie Hornswaggle: Hilda’s left all the documedntin’ to me. Ye know that fer every artifact we find, I’ve got six forms ta fill out? Whaddaya we need all these forms fer, I ask!?

You: Take me to the Ruins of Korune.


Fennie Hornswaggle: We ain’t got no time ta lose.

We’ve been lookin’ all over Kun-Lai Summit fer a place that matches what ye saw in that mogu’s memory, and we finally found the Korune’s hidin’ place.

If we don’t get to that Divine Bell first, that lizard-livered nut-brain Garrosh will. I don’t much fancy fightin’ a Horde that commands the power o’ the bleepin’ sha.

Commander Skyglaive is already workin’ with a team of Explorer’s League archaeologists at the dig site.

We’re sendin’ out our best, and that means you.

Here we are. There’s no time to waste.

Good luck!


(Find Sarannha Skyglaive at the Ruins of Korune: 1/1)



Sarannha Skyglaive: We blasted the doors open moments ago, (class). You arrived just in time to join us for the excavation.


The Divine Bell

Sarannha Skyglaive: There’s no telling what lies below, so I will lead the initial scouting party myself.

If your report was correct, then the Korune mogu hid the Divine Bell in the rooms below our very feet.

I have a feeling they would not have left such a precious artifact unguarded.

I could use a capable druid such as yourself to watch my back. Let me know when you’re ready.



Kill Dreadweaver Avartu and recover the Divine Bell.


Sarannha Skyglaive: Stay vigilant, hero. This place has been sealed for centuries. Who knows what we will encounter within.

Dreadweaver Avartu: Light … I see … light. Finally, after centuries of silence, someone comes at last.

I have kept the Bell safe as promised, Master.

Wait … you are not mogu! Intruders!

Guardians, awaken! Destroy those who would steal the Thunder King’s treasure!


Sarannha Skyglaive: What was that thing? No matter. We will strike down any who stand in our way.

Dreadweaver Avartu: Such horror … Such emptiness …

You, too, shall know the silence!


(Recover the Divine Bell: 1/1)

Sarannha Skyglaive: There it is, hero! The Divine Bell!

We must take it somewhere safe. Sentinels! Let’s get to work.



Sarannha Skyglaive: Fantastic work, (name). I could not even imagine the atrocity that Garrosh would commit if this bell were to fall into his hands.

Today, we have secured a safe future for the Alliance. I will see to it that the bell makes it safely to Darnassus.

I will extoll your deeds to the King.

(Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress – The Divine Bell)


Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive – The Purge of Dalaran

The Situation in Dalaran

The night elves learned that the Divine Bell was stolen. This much we anticipated.

However, they’ve also found out that the “neutral” Sunreavers of Dalaran were complicit. Now, we’ve got a situation.

I need you to go to Dalaran. Speak with Kromthar for a ride. You are to rendezvous with Grand Magister Rommath once you arrive.



Speak with Kromthar to obtain a ride to Dalaran.


You: I need to get to Dalaran.


(Obtain ride to Dalaran: 1/1)

(Discovered: Sewer Exit Pipe)


(Discovered: The Underbelly)


Grand Magister Rommath: Good … you’ve arrived. It’s not a good day to be Horde in Dalaran.

Jaina’s called for the exile of all the Sunreavers. You and I are going to save as many as we can – including Archmage Aethas Sunreaver himself – and then get out of here as fast as possible.


It Starts in the Sewers

Grand Magister Rommath: Compared to the rest of the city, this part of the sewers is relatively calm. This is good – we can extract more Sunreavers in peace than we can in war.

Find as many citizens as you can. Tell them that it is not safe here, that they must leave the city at once.

Find as many citizens as you can. Tell them, that it is not safe here, that they must leave the city at once.

And try to stay clear of the Silver Covenant. We don’t want to cause a scene if we can avoid it. Not yet, anyhow.



Evacuate 9 Sunreaver Citizens.


Grand Magister Rommath: Jaina’s gone over the edge. She’s imprisoning the Sunreavers and attacking those who resist. What’s worse, the Silver Covenant has seized the opportunity to join the bloodshed.

Sunreaver Citizen: Have the Silver Covenant lost their mind? Surely the Kirin Tor won’t stand for this!

You: It’s not safe here anymore. You need to evacuate Dalaran.

Sunreaver Citizen: Can the Kirin Tor really kick us out like this?

Sunreaver Citizen: They’ll pay for this.


Silver Covenant Agent: You don’t belong here!

Silver Covenant Agent: Just who do you think YOU are?

Sunreaver Citizen: Leave Dalaran? Where will I even go …

Sunreaver Citizen: They said Lady Proudmoore wanted us out. I … I don’t understand.

You: It’s not safe here anymore. You need to evacuate Dalaran.

Sunreaver Citizen: How could this happen?

Sunreaver Citizen: What is all this nonsense about a “purge”?

You: It’s not safe here anymore. You need to evacuate Dalaran.

Silver Covenant Agent: The Sunreavers are scum!

Sunreaver Citizen: I think it may be time to bring my swords out of retirement …

Sunreaver Citizen: They’ll pay for this.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Be silenced, Sunreaver!

Silver Covenant Agent: You want some, too? Very well!

Sunreaver Citizen: I guess I can head back to Silvermoon …

Sunreaver Citizen: Don’t have to tell me twice – I’ve got debts in this city I’d like to leave behind.


Grand Master Rommath: Let’s press on.


Violence in the Arena

Grand Magister Rommath: As I suspected, it gets worse up ahead. The Silver Covenant is outright attacking innocent Sunreavers!

This cannot stand. While our prime directive is to rescue Aethas Sunreaver, we must also protect as many blood elves as we can.

I will continue to scout ahead. Fight well, (class)!



Slay 6 Silver Covenant Enforcers and 4 Silver Covenant Spellbows.



Grand Magister Rommath: It’s chaos up there. We need to save whoever we can, and we’ll need to move quickly.


Grand Magister Rommath: So much bloodshed! In a place of peace!

Jaina has gone too far this time.


Hand of the Silver Covenant

Grand Magister Rommath: Every Sunreaver Jaina expels from this city is a new blade that fights for the Horde. For US.

I’m off to gather more strong elves. You’ve proven your hand in combat thus far – go take care of that creep in the black market.

When you’re done, we’ll meet at the ramp and prepare to go aboveground.



Slay Sorin Magehand



Grand Magister Rommath: The first stage of our mission is complete. That was the easy part.

(Rommath takes a deep, measured breath, then continues …)


A Tactical Assault

Grand Magister Rommath: If we’re to survive up above ground, we’re going to need a base of operations.

I’m going to try to take the center of the city. It’s risky, but hopefully Jaina and the Silver Covenant won’t expect it.

Stay by my side now, (Name).



Follow Grand Magister Rommath into the center of Dalaran.


Grand Magister Rommath: Wait for my command …

Grand Magister Rommath: Go go go go! To the center of the city! This way!



Grand Magister Rommath: Now, let’s move quickly.

Move quickly, but carefully, (Name). We don’t have much time, but this mission dies if you do.


The Silver Covenant’s Stronghold

Grand Magister Rommath: I have it on good authority that Archmage Aethas Sunreaver is being held in the Silver Enclave, home of the Silver Covenant. Arcanist Rathaella holds him in captivity.

Most Covenant agents are out slaughtering Sunreavers right now, which means our chance is ripe. Slay Rathaella, and spring Aethas from his prison.



Slay Arcanist Rathaella.



Grand Magister Rommath: We will continue saving Sunreavers for a while longer, Aethas’ location may become clearer as we press on.


Krasus’ Landing

Grand Magister Rommath: We can rescue as many Sunreavers as we want, but if they can’t escape, then there’s no point.

The Silver Covenant will certainly be subduing and killing the Sunreavers’ dragonhawks. Put a stop to it.



Free 6 Sunreaver Dragonhawks.



Grand Magister Rommath: Well done, (Name). Well done.


The Kirin Tor’s True Colors

Grand Magister Rommath: Any pretense that the Kirin Tor might have had at being a “neutral” group can officially be discarded. I’m now hearing that Jaina’s got Alliance troops stowed away near Antonida’s Memorial.

The area’s free of Sunreavers, but it still makes my blood boil to see such blatant favoritism from the Kirin Tor.

Go visit the memorial, (Name) … and give those Alliance dogs a good kick on your way through.



Slay Lieutenant Corwin and 10 of his troops.



Grand Magister Rommath: Thank you for that, (Name).

It unsettles me to have to fight directly with the high elves of the Silver Covenant … but I never tire of slaying Alliance.


The Remaining Sunreavers

Grand Magister Rommath: There’s still a number of significant Sunreavers who haven’t been accounted for. Odds are that they’re in the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary, caught by surprise.

(Rommath hands you an artifact, clearly made by blood elf hands.)

The place is crawling with Silver Covenant. You’ll need to get in, use the Tear to evacuate the VIPs, and then get out.

Stay alive, (Name).



Use the Tear of the Sin’dorei on Uda the Beast, High Arcanist Savor, Magister Hathorel, Magister Surdiel, and Magistrix Vesara.



Magistrix Vesara: Jaina is taking away my home by force? I’ll remember this …

(Rescue Magistrix Vesara: 1/1)


Magister Surdiel: I hope the Horde has a place for another mage …

(Rescue Magister Surdiel: 1/1)


High Arcanist Savor: So long, Dalaran …

(Rescue High Arcanist Savor: 1/1)


Uda the Beast: Come on, girls. You’ve had your share of meat for the day.

(Rescue Uda the Beast: 1/1)


Magister Hathorel: Thank you, (Name). See you in Silvermoon …

(Rescue Magister Hathorel: 1/1)



Grand Magister Rommath: Excellent. They should be waiting for us in Silvermoon when we return.


One Last Grasp

Grand Magister Rommath: We’ve looked everywhere he’s likely to be, except for one place: the Violet Citadel.

Find out if Archmage Aethas is being held within the citadel, (name). We may get lucky. If not … at least we saved a number of lives today.



Slay Mage-Commander Zuros, then escape from Dalaran.



Note: After slaying Zuros, Rommath appears and opens a portal.

Grand Magister Rommath: Aethas, this way! Into the portal!

(Enter the Portal)


Grand Magister Rommath: Stay by me! We’re going out the tunnel!


Grand Magister Rommath: Stay by my side!


(Escape Dalaran: 1/1)

(Note: Aethas and Rommath walk down the sewer pipe of Dalaran, and jump to skydive. The player must jump too. A Dragonhawk spawns to catch you mid-air.)

(Note: This is not the same Dalaran City floating above Crystalsong Forest in Northrend. This copy of Dalaran City is instanced. It’s floating in the sky and moving through The Great Sea.)

(Speculation: Because of this, it’s likely possible Blizzard Entertainment might be planning to move Dalaran City at some point in the future back to Lordaeron … or to Pandaria? Only time will tell.)


Lor’themar Theron: Is this … (name)? What’s going on here?

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Progress: The Purge of Dalaran)



Lor’themar Theron: Aethas! You’re alive.

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: Thanks to this hero, a few of us made it out of there. Many more have been sent to the Violet Hold.


Lor’themar Theron: Anar’alash denal! Will someone tell me WHAT is going on in Dalaran?

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: Proudmoore! She’s gone and expelled the Sunreavers from the city. She’s purging the Horde from the Kirin Tor!

Lor’themar Theron: She’s gone too far. I’m certain the Alliance can move their war mages through the city at will. That human … witch!

When will they learn? When will they see that the Horde exists BECAUSE of the Alliance? Because of their prejudice and their bigotry!? They force us ever closer to Hellscream’s Horde.

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: My Lord …

Lor’themar Theron: Hal’duron, summon the rangers. Rommath, assemble the Blood Magi, and add the Sunreaver’s strength to your own.

We Sin’dorei will take our future into our own hands. And get this damn thing (The Divine Bell) out of my sight! Hellscream bought his treasure with the blood of my people. I hope it destroys him.

Grand Magister Rommath: My Lord. YOU would make a fine Warchief.

Lor’themar Theron: It may come to that. Bring me my blades. The next move is mine.


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World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Easter Egg: I Believe You Can Fly

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 (build 16486) introduced a new quest for level 60 players. This quest appears onscreen automatically upon reaching level 60 to alert players they can now visit the riding trainer to learn the Expert Riding skill.

The title has a funny vibe to it, we know Blizzard developers love easter eggs and pop culture references.

“I Believe You Can Fly” — is a reference to R. Kelly “I Believe I Can Fly” (YouTube video)


Patch 5.2 Choose Your Reputation Button on Random Dungeon LFG

This system is not fully implemented in the PTR 5.2, but build 16486 added cosmetic changes that suggest players who queue to Random Dungeon LFG can choose which reputation faction they wish to gain reputation points with.

In the Random Dungeon LFG window and Scenario window, there is a red button which says: “Choose Reputation”. Clicking that button opens up your character window’s reputation tab.

At this point, PTR players can’t yet choose a reputation. Work in Progress.


Eldorian linked me to a blue post concerning this new feature:

As the PTR Patch Notes read currently, it’s the first dungeon and first scenario. Of course, things might change, but that’s the plan right now.

The answer was/is so blooming obvious, you never had to re-invent the wheel, just put the old one back on – simply having both at release (instead of removing tabards) – Blizz could of scored a blinder by satisfying everyone – missed opportunity by not keeping tabards with the current daily system on release, missed it again in 5.1 and instead opt for a watered down fix in 5.2.
If one of them is the obvious path to get it done faster, the developers have seen over the years that the players will take that path, even if it’s something they just don’t like doing (which is probably why some people feel dailies are mandatory, because they’d like to spend their valor points on that gear rather than using the item upgrade system, perhaps because the’ll spend them better there).

Also, keep in mind that in 5.2, valor gear will have a reputation requirement, but this reputation won’t be earned from daily quests (which will also be available and it’s a different faction).


World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 – The Thunder Isle Daily Quests: Preventing a Future Threat

Preventing a Future Threat

Ako Var: It pains me to think of the torture the poor skyscreamers must endure as the trolls train them to become implements of war.

The hatchlings are quite fearful, and will fly away if you even get close to them. Please, frighten some away before the Zandalari corrupt them.



Frighten 20 Hatchling Skyscreamers by running near them.



The Hatchling Skyscreamers can be found on the beach south of Trolltonshire.



Ako Var: Welcome back, (race). The hatchlings you frightened will live a better life without their captors.


Patch 5.2 – Warlock Green Fire Spells Epic Quest: The Codex of Xerrath

Once you loot the Sealed Tome of Lost Legion you must combine it with a Healthstone to create “The Codex of Xerrath“. This item begins a quest titled “The Unusual Tome“.

The Codex of Xerrath has a very low drop rate from killing the Krasarang Wilds Patch 5.1 Landfall mobs. Check out the official World of Warcraft website to see which mobs drop it.

It’s said the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion will drop from Isle of Thunder mobs and elite mobs, too.

Black Temple exterior

Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive – The Darnassus Operation


General Nazgrim: (Name)! You’ll do perfectly.

We know where the Alliance have hidden the Divine Bell. We’ve already inserted an agent into enemy territory, we just need you to help him execute his mission.

Pack up, (name). You’re headed to Darnassus.


Use the Sunreaver Portal in Domination Point to secure a teleport to Darnassus.


(Take the portal to Darnassus: 1/1)


Fanlyr Silverthorn: (Name)! So glad Nazgrim selected you.

It’s taken a great deal of the Horde’s effort to get you here through Jaina’s traps. Maintaining our illusion this close to Darnassus is considerably expensive.

Furthermore, the Sunreavers of Dalaran are risking their neutrality by assisting the Horde with this operation.

In other words, we expect only the best from you.


Darnassus Mission

Fanlyr Silverthorn: The Divine Bell is in the city. We don’t want to cause a scene, we just want the artifact. I need you to find a way in, WITHOUT getting caught. That means no mounts, no flying, no fighting.

I can provide aid. I will magically cloak you, so you may move with stealth. I will also give you a small charm that you may use to return to safety, should you get in trouble.

Now go, (name). Go, locate the bell, and tag it to be teleported back with you.


Locate the Divine Bell.

You may use the Silvermoon Charm to return to Fanlyr if you get in trouble.


Fanlyr Silverthorn: We’ll have to tread carefully with all this teleporting in and out. We CANNOT risk Jaina finding out about this.

Are you ready to go in?


Fanlyr Silverthorn: Stay away from the guards! This spell should shield you from the night elves’ vision, but you’ll still need to keep your distance. If you get into trouble, return to safety here.

Note: You must enter the tunnels found within the Cenarion Enclave tree. The access door is at the roots. The following message is seen onscreen when you enter the tunnel.

(Find the Cenarion Enclave: 1/1)

(Locate the Divine Bell: 1/1)

Note: Click the Sunreaver’s Portal Charm icon located at the bottom-center of your screen to teleport back to Fanlyr Silverthorn.

Fanlyr Silverthorn: Be careful, (name). We can’t risk being caught.


Fanlyr Silverthorn: Well executed, (race)! I knew we could count on you.

Now to get off this wretched tree.


Victorious Return

Fanlyr Silverthron: The portal by my side will return you safely to Domination Point. I will return behind you; I must clean up our tracks a bit before we leave, so that Proudmoore doesn’t discover our involvement.


Report your success to Nazgrim at Domination Point in Krasarang Wilds.


General Nazgrim: You found the bell! And Fanlyr teleported it to Silvermoon for study, as instructed? The Horde will put this to good use.

You have done the Horde a great service today. Lok’tar, friend!

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Progress: The Darnassus Operation)


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Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive Achievement – The Divine Bell

The Ruins of Korune

General Nazgrim: Garrosh sent a hundred riders to search the northern coast of Kun-Lai Summit, to seek a mogu crypt matching the one you saw in Shan Kien’s memory.

Out of those, one found the resting place of the Divine Bell.

Blademaster Ishi is leading an advance party to secure the bell now.

Go and assist him. Defend that artifact from anyone who might stand in your way!

Speak to Tak-Tak without delay. He can take you there.


Find Ishi at the Ruins of Korune. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


Tak-Tak: Somethin’ smell funny.

(Take me to the Ruins of Korune.)

Tak-Tak: You know, they sayin’ your name all over camp!

Horde at camp buzzin’. Everybody workin’.

Since you saw Shan Kien’s memory, they been sendin’ scouting parties out.

And now, it looks like they found where the mogu hid that bell.

Good luck. I hope you find that bell.

(Find Ishi at the Ruins of Korune: 1/1)


Blademaster Ishi: The Alliance beat us here. How could this happen?


The Divine Bell

Blademaster Ishi: If the Alliance throught they could steal the Divine Bell from us, they were wrong!

Even now, we have them trapped in the crypts beneath us.

Death will be the price they pay for defying us.

Come, (class). Let us show them the error of their ways.


Kill Sarannha Skyglaive


Blademaster Ishi: This smells like a trap, but we have no time to lose. Let’s go!

Sarannha Skyglaive: Horde. It’s a shame you were so slow to get here. The Divine Bell is already ours. Rangers! STRIKE!

    Note: There are four elite Skyglaive Archer. And the floor has several traps.

    If all four attack, run back upstairs. Wait until they reset. Then go downstairs and pick them one by one.

    The cloud-image tilesets are safe. The arrow tilesets trigger arrows from the roof. The yellow ones do a lot of lightning damage. The red tilesets set you afire and debuff you.

    On the next vault, the roof is falling hard on the ground. There are two Nigh Elf archers on the opposite side of the room. Use a range ability or gun/throw weapon to lure them. The roof stops crashing down.

    The next room has a lot of mogu statues. This is a heck of a trap. All the statues will drop their hammers on the ground creating a long AOE line. Run through nonstop. If you got any speed abilities use them.

    On the other side, there are four elite Skyglaive Sentinels. They got to kill me really fast with melee attacks (18k per hit). I haven’t tested this, but maybe the statues kill them for you.

Sarannha Skyglaive: Arg! My archers should have stopped you! Sentinels! Now!

    Note: The stairs, and all the way to the lower floor is full of statues who will trigger an AOE line of hammers. There are some rest points if you need to recover from speed boost cooldowns.

Sarannha Skyglaive: Very well! I’ll face you myself. This is for the Alliance!

Be careful with her nasty AOE ability.

(Sarannha Skyglaive slain: 1/1)

Sarannha Skyglaive: My death … means … nothing. The Divine Bell is already in Darnassus. You filthy Horde … will never … have it!


Blademaster Ishi: Darnassus, is it?

The Alliance believes they have won the day. Now, when their arrogance is at its greatest, is our opportunity to pluck the prize from their fingers.


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Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive – Secrets of the Past

The Kun-Lai Summit

General Nazgrim: I have another message for you from High Chieftain Bloodhoof.

It seems you’ve made quite the impression on him.

He travels with the Warchief’s vanguard into Kun-Lai Summit, to the north. They have set up an outpost, Garrosh’ar Advance, just east of One Keg.

You had best not keep him waiting. Speak to Tak-Tak for swift travel.


Find Baine Bloodhoof at Garrosh’ar Advance. Speak to Tak-Tak at Domination Point for transportation.


Tak-Tak: So many places, so little time. Where to, brother?

(Take me to Garrosh’ar Advance.)

Tak-Tak: Yo. I ain’t seen you in a lick, wikket. How you been? Tak-Tak been listenin’. Everybody think oh, Tak-Tak is a stupid hozen, he don’t know anything.

But Tak-Tak know a lot about things!

Even big orc general, Nazgrim! He talk so loud! Tak-Tak hear everything!

Tak-Tak know this …

Lor’themar elf ranger thinkin’ about leavin’ the Horde!

Baine wonderin’ if Garrosh might not be fit for chief.

And Garrosh is losin’ patience over findin’ that ookin’ bell. Those mogu hide it good!

I hear, Garrosh is goin’ to torture that mogu prisoner until he talks.

Anyway, you goin’ that way.

Tell me if you find anything out, buddy!

(Find Baine Bloodhoof at Garrosh’ar Advance: 1/1)

Garrosh Hellscream: I am losing patience, Shan Kien. Tell me where I can find the Divine Bell!

Ishi, draw your blade. A few carefully delivered cuts will change his mind.

Baine Bloodhoof: Garrosh, please. There may be another way. One that requires no bloodshed.

Garrosh Hellscream: Speak, then!

Baine Bloodhoof: I have learned how to make an ancient pandaren tincture that will allow us to see into Shan Kien’s past. We have but to gather the elements for this brew.


Baine Bloodhoof: Thank you for coming, (name).


Ties with the Past

Baine Bloodhoof: While I was in the Vale, I came across an ancient pandaren recipe for Memory Wine. I believe this brew can coax some helpful information out of Shan Kien.

I am needed here, so I have no choice but to ask you to recover the essential ingredient for me. We need the spirit essence of a mogu that lived in the time of the memory we wish to see.

You should be able to find just such a spirit inside the Path of Conquerors, to the northeast.


Recover the Spirit Essence of Varatus.


Note: Fly to the Path of Conquerors. Coordinates: [63.5 – 50.8] — land and dismount. Walk through the tunnel. You will find three Vengeful Soul. Kill them.

Varatus the Conqueror is in the next room. This is a very rough fight. Blow all your cooldown abilities and trinkets on this guy. Once you are surrounded by a vortex, this NPC creates several room-wide criss-cross walls in all directions. If caught, these can do a lot of damage. Use the doorways to hide from most of the damage.

First time I saw this ability, I totally went into panic mode, and died. Next time, memorizing all I saw, determined the best way to avoid damage is to use the doorway’s corners to line-of-sight some of those walls of damage. Staying in the middle of the room is a world of hurt. 41,000 damage per hit.


Ties with the Past: You never know what you will find in a book. Especially an ancient pandaren one.

I’m eager to see how this Memory Wine works.

Well done. Now I will just add a hair from our prisoner, Shan Kien, and combine the ingredients.


Memory Wine

Baine Bloodhoof: The tincture is ready. Now, drink.


Drink the Memory Wine and witness Shan Kien’s Past.


Memory Wine: Use: Witness a vision from Shan Kien’s past. “The wine smells of a dozen flavors and spices, all at once nauseating and enticing …”

(Drink the Memory Wine: 1/1)

(In-Game Cutscene plays)

Shan Kien: Are the preparations complete?

Dreadweaver Avartu: Yes, Warlord. The traps are set. The Divine Bell will be safe within this crypt, ready for the day that the Thunder King returns.

We have but to evacuate the workers and the rest of our warriors.

Shan Kien: There is no time. The Shado-Pan trackers are too close. They cannot learn the location of the Bell.

Dreadweaver Avartu: Very well, then. May the ghosts of our brothers guard this place for all eternity.

Shan Kien: Their sacrifice will not be in vain.

And neither, Avartu, will yours.

Note: Shan Kien kicks Avartu back into the Ruins of Korune, and creates an avalanche on the entrance to the underground vault.

(Witness Shan Kien’s Past: 1/1)

Baine Bloodhoof: What did you see, (class)?


Baine Bloodhoof: You have seen where this Divine Bell is hidden? Very good. Garrosh will be pleased. We will try to locate the site you describe, and will contact you as soon as we find it.

(Dominance Offensive Achievement Progress: Secrets of the Past)



From: Vol’jin

Subject: The Divine Bell


    Garrosh be looking for “The Divine Bell.” The Shado-Pan heard of it. Say it never been found. Tell me it should stay that way.

    But the Alliance come here just this morning. Asking questions. Looking for the same Bell. What can we do, (name)? I rather see it in Horde hands.

    Still too weak to move. You going to have to handle this one.

    – Voljin


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Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall – The Voice of the Gods

He’s In Deep

Admiral Taylor: Agent Connelly has managed to infiltrate Garrosh’s camp in Kun-Lai! He’s been following their every move.

Connelly requested you specifically to assist him in gathering some vital intelligence.

He sent along a disguise for you. Make sure you put it on before approaching the camp! It will no doubt be heavily guarded.

He insists you will know him when you see him. Something about your keen eye for details …

Go talk to Fennie over there for a drop-off.


Meet Connelly in Kun-Lai Summit. Speak to Fennie Hornswaggle at Lion’s Landing for transportation.


Fennie Hornswaggle: Off! Well I sure am in a tizzy today. Got eighty irons in tha fire just abouts!

(Take me to Fire Camp Bataar)

Fennie Hornswaggle: Oh my. Ye must be the hero that everyone’s been tellin’ me about.

Oops, how do ye fly one o’ these things? Fer light’s sake! Ye crummy piece o’ whackery, WORK!

Sorry, I’m still gettin’ the hang o’ things ’round here.

My older sister, Hilda, told me to expect ye.

She won’t let me go down to the excavation, so I’ve become somethin’ o’ a personal assistant and chauffeur.

Anyway, I met that SI:7 agent that you brought back outta retirement.

Agent Connelly, ain’t it? That man’s got some charm … and some nerve! His sweet words made me blush ten ways out of Ironforge!

He’s out in the field now, and waitin’ fer ya special.

I’m takin’ you close ta a Horde encampment though, so you’d best be on yer guard.

Let Connelly know that Fennie’s askin’ about him!

(Find Connelly in Kun-Lai Summit: 1/1)


Cousin Goottooth: Pssssst! Hey, over here, it’s me, Agent Connelly! Don’t blow our disguise!

Cousin Goottooth: You’ve arrived just in time. From the intel I’ve gathered, Garrosh is hot on the trail of some sort of ancient mogu artifact of power.

If we can figure out what he’s after, we can stop him from getting it!

We have to act fast to gather as much information as possible.


Bugging Out

Cousin Goottooth: I’ve managed to plant a few bugs around the camp, but there could always be more.

I disguised the bugs to look like statues. They blend in perfectly with the other artifacts lying around.

Your disguise should allow you to move freely around the camp. Just don’t go near the dog and don’t linger around Garrosh! Nero and Garrosh will see through your disguise.

If you get caught I can’t help you. I can’t compromise the mission!

(Large Tent Bugged: 1/1)


Plant the Cleverly Disguised Bugs in the large tent, near the small tents, and in the supplies.


Note: On your Quest Tracker or your Inventory Bag click the [Grummle Disguise Kit]. You will see interactive icons above the tiny mogu statues in the big tent, the small tent on the left side of Garrosh, and by the crates to the south.

(Supplies Bugged: 1/1)

Nero and Garrosh walk back and forth through the camp. If they get near you, the disguise is compromised, and everyone nearby will attack you.

(Small Tent Bugged: 1/1)


Cousin Goottooth: Well done! Everyone always underestimates the little guys and it is always a grave mistake!


He Won’t Even Miss It

Cousin Goottooth: I’ve noticed Garrosh and that Reliquary blood elf carrying around some sort of journal.

The journal is never more than a stone’s throw away. It must be important!

If you can cause enough of a distraction, you may be able to swipe the journal off the table.

These yaks might just do the trick. Give one of ’em a tap and they’ll do the rest.

Just be ready to move fast!


Create a distraction in the camp and steal the Weathered Journal.


Note: Click the [Grummle Disguise Kit]. You will see the three Yaks inside Garrosh’s camp glittering with green sparkles. Hover your mouse on them and click all three Yaks. They will start running awild and tackling the Kor’kron Guards and Garrosh.

Best approach is to go behind the wagon to reach behind the big tent, and take the tablet from the table.

The dog and Garrosh can still see through your disguise if they get near you. They walk and stand in front of the table. Be careful and swift.

(Weathered Journal: 1/1)

Cousin Goottooth: What did you find?

[Weathered Journal]: “The pages of this dust-covered journal are ragged and hard to read.”

    In the one-hundred-and-seventieth year of the Thunder King’s reign, the Korune spellweavers came to Lei Shen with their greatest creation.

    A bell cast from the maker’s flesh, shaped by stars’ fire, and bound by the breath of darkest shadow. This bell, when run, could shake the world and call to the heavens.

    Taken to war, the bell’s cacophonous tones stirred the hearts of Lei Shen’s warriors. It fueled their hatred and anger, lending them strength on the field of battle. The bell’s screaming voice struck fear and doubt into the hearts of the Emperor’s enemies, sending them fleeing in his path.

    Awed by its power, the Thunder King described the instrument as “the voice of the gods,” and named it Shenqing, the Divine Bell.


Cousin Goottooth: Phew! That was a close one! I never doubted you for a minute though.

Now let me take a look at that journal …

(Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress: The Voice of the Gods)

Cousin Goottooth: So Garrosh is looking for something called the Divine Bell? Whatever that is, it can’t be good. I’ll get this information back to headquarters.

Excellent work! I’ll be in touch soon.


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Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall – Scenario: Lion’s Landing

The Horde has infiltrated Lion’s Landing. You must rescue all surviving able hands and rally them to the front gates of Lion’s Landing to hold back the Horde reinforcements. Protect Lion’s Landing.

Scenario: Lion’s Landing

Note: A Bloodhilt Grunt and a Battlemage are attacking Daggin Windbeard. The Battlemage might cast polymorph. Attack him first, and interrupt.

Daggin Wingbeard: Some day we’re havin’, eh?

Me poor gryphons …

(Fight with us.)

Daggin Wingbeard: Let’s do this!

(1/1 Join Daggin Wingbeard)

Note: There are two Horde groups nearby by the tents. Both can be completely ignored as they aren’t part of the objectives. Jump from the side of the hill to the left and intercept the patrol coming up.

Go downstairs toward the Docks. Three Bloodhilt Grunt and one Battlemage move toward the stairs. Kill the Battlemage first to disable its polymorph.

Turn to the right going north. Don’t need to get into the boats. Ignore those. On the mini-map you will see a dialogue bubble.

There’s a group of three Grunts and one Lightsworn next. Kill the healer first.

The next group is attacking Admiral Taylor.

Admiral Taylor: They attacked our ships from below, and will advance on the keep at any moment!

We don’t have the numbers to stop them …

(Fight with us.)

Admiral Taylor: We’ll hold Lion’s Landing or die trying!

Enter the Lion’s Landing Court. On the mini-map you will see three skull icons. You must slay these three groups to continue to the next stage. There is a group of three Bloodhilt Grunts and one Bloodhilt Wolf-Sister near the gates. Kill the Shaman and its Earthbind Totem.

(1/1 South Attackers slain)

The East Attackers and the North Attackers consist of two Bloodhilt Raider, two Bloodhilt Wolf and one Bloodhilt Worlf-Sister (Shaman). Kill the shaman (casts totems), then the wolves (they stun), then the raiders.

(1/1 East Attackers slain)

(1/1 North Attackers slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: If Bloodhilt thinks a few reinforcements are going to be enough to take Lion’s Landing, he’s got another thing coming!

(We’re here to help.)

High Marshal Twinbraid: Good timing, too. Here comes the assault’s commander! Ready up, lads!

High Marshal Twinbraid stations himself behind the blockades. Look closely to the west side of the blockades. There’s a chest with a glowing icon. From time to time, players should check it out. A random chest will spawn there throughout the scenario. One of the buffs is a renew to heal yourself.

A wave of nine mobs come through the blockade: Three Raiders, One Wolf-Sister (shaman), two Wolf, Wolf-Rider Gaja and Gaja’s War-Wolf.

Ideally, kill the totems, then the Shaman, then the wolves, and then Gaja.

(1/1 Assault Commander slain)

In the fifth stage, players must gather reports from Amber, Mishka and Sully.

The mini-map reveals their location through dialogue bubble icons.

Amber Kearnen: There’s too much smoke in the air to see very far.

I can’t make out much of anything on the beach, and sniping’s useless.

(Fight with us)

Amber Kearnen: I’ll keep you covered.

(1/1 Amber’s Report gathered)

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Let’s get to work!

(1/1 Sully’s report gathered)

Mishka: I’ve done all I can for the wounded here. Twinbraid has all the bodies he’ll get.

I’m defending the injured … unless you have a better plan?

(Fight with us.)

Mishka: Time to operate.

(1/1 Mishka’s report gathered)


When you return to the area you talked earlier to High Marshal Twinbraid, you will notice three green arrows hovering on the ground. Looking closely, you’ll notice three transparent weapon racks. Click them to enable them.

Players gain a new ability icon onscreen. The Boomstick stuns enemies. The Reaver Bombs do AOE damage and stuns (Tip: throwing these after a player uses the Boomstick causes 50% additional damage). The Rockets disorient the targets.

Players must click all three to continue to the next stage.

  • 1/1 Reaver Bombs placed
  • 1/1 Boomsticks placed
  • 1/1 Rockets placed

This stage makes this scenario kinda unique. The final boss will be random each time you play this scenario. So far I have seen a Blood Elf battlemage. The second run I faced a Tauren mounting a Kodo.

High Marshal Twinbraid: Be ready! They’ll charge any moment now.

Here they come! HOLD FAST!

    Note: The objective of this final stage is to Hold the Line.

    There are three waves, and the final Horde Commander encounter.

    • 0/1 Wave One slain
    • 0/1 Wave Two slain
    • 0/1 Wave Three slain
    • 0/1 Horde Commander slain

The first wave has eight Bloodhilt Grunt, One Dreadguard Cavalry (Forsaken on steed), and two Bloodhilt Lightsworn.

Kill the two Lightsworn healers, then the grunts, then the Dreadguard.

(1/1 Wave One slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: That’s how we do it, lads! Here comes more!

(1/1 Wave Two slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: Keep on fighting, lads! DON’T GIVE UP!

The third wave has five elite Deathguard Cavalry, and two Bloodhilt Grunt. Kill the grunts first (non-elite).

This wave can be a pain in the neck. All five Deathguard Cavalry charge and stun. Keep them rooted if possible, and stay within melee range to prevent the charge/stun.

(1/1 Wave Three slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: This is it! Their final assault! FOR LION’S LANDING!

Note: In my encounter, Thaumaturge Saresse spawned (random boss). With her came six Bloodhilt Grunt, and two Bloodhilt Battlemage.

Get rid of the Battlemage first. You don’t want to be polymorphed and spanked by nine mobs. I didn’t see much of trouble fighting this boss. The Tauren boss was more of a challenge.

(1/1 Horde Commander slain)

(Scenario Complete! Lion’s Landing)


Patch 5.1 Operation: Shieldwall – Scenario: Assault on Zan’vess

The Alliance has discovered the Horde wants to steal the Mantid’s weapons cache from Zan’vess. Your mission is to take down the sonic shield surrounding Zan’vess Island, and to secure these weapons before the Horde does.

Assault on Zan’vess (Alliance

Sky Admiral Rogers: Just in time, (name)! We need your help.

The situation is dire, (name).

The Horde are after a cache of mantid weapons near the Heart of Zan’vess. I don’t know what they intend to do with them but I’m not about to wait around and find out.

I need you to get through the shield that enshrouds the island and secure those weapons before the horde does. Take a gyrocopter and head out to teh island. I’ll send further orders while you are en route.

    Note: Click one of the Skyfire Gyrocopters on the deck. It flies a pre-programmed path. All you have to do is point and click “1” on your keyboard to shoot missiles down to the towers, scorpids, or Mantid casters.

Sky Admiral Rogers (Static) Come in, (name), this is Sky Admiral Rogers.

The whole island is protected by a sonic shield, (name).

My scouts report the shield is maintained by several generators around the island.

I need you to take them out before the horde overrun us.

Sky Admiral Rogers: You’re approaching the first towers now! Take them out!

  • 0/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers

  • 0/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Control Towers

  • 0/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers

(1/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers)

Sky Admiral Rogers: Good shot, (name)! Keep aiming for those bombs.

They’ve got a lock on you! Shields! SHIELDS!

    Note: Use Force Shield (press “2”) to block Guided Missiles.

Sky Admiral Rogers: Nice one, (name)! That was close.

Sky Admiral Rogers: Nice shooting, (name)! The shield is weakening!

Those Mantid are protecting the towers, (name). Take them out or we won’t be able to land any shots.

(1/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Control Towers)

Sky Admiral Rogers: I’m sending you the coordinates of the next towers now.

Those scorpid are moving the towers! Take them out!

    Note: The scorpid are moving kinda fast. Targeting the scorpid only causes the missiles to miss by a few yards. Best strategy is to shoot a few yards in front of them to time when the missiles hit them. The towers stand still when the scorpids die.

(1/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers)

Sky Admiral Rogers: The shield is down! Quickly get to the beachhead!

0/1 Defeat Squad Leader Bosh
0/1 Reach the Heart of Zan’vess

Note: In this stage you fight the Horde who also want to steal the Mantid’s weapons cache.

The first pull consists of five mobs: three Kor’kron Infiltrator and two Kor’kron Priest.

Kill the priests asap, then the Infiltrators.

You will notice in the video there are several gigantic red-lined circles appearing on the ground. Move away from them. Those are Horde gunships in the sky aiming to drop missiles on players.

It’s a good idea to pull this group down the path you came from. Squad Leader Bosh patrols the area, and eventually walks where the group was standing at — aggoing in the process.

Our tank died when the boss aggroed. The boss has a helluva wide AOE in the shape of a cone up to 40 yards away. The graphics look like a massive earthquake of dust. You have about 2 seconds to move away. This ability does 50% health damage. Keep everyone max healed.

Squad Leader Bosh also has a whirlwind that looks like a tornado.

Note: Commander Tel’vrak at some point summons several explosive amber bombs to his feet. He will randomly throw them at players. Got a couple of seconds to move away.

Players who can run fast, or heal or have aoe crowd control abilities should be on aggroing mobs. Every few seconds a wave of several mantid come from the two roads leading up to the top of the hill.

It’s not even worth attacking them. More keep coming. Just burn the boss, and kite the adds/heal through their damage while dotting the boss/crowd control as many as you can as you go. Don’t waste time DPSing adds.

Use the bonus ability button that appears onscreen — Strafing Run: Instant. Calls for a bombing run at the target location. 45 sec cooldown.


Patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive – Scenario: Assault on Zan’Vess

Scenario: Assault on Zan’Vess

Rear Admiral Zigg: (Name), report for duty immediately!

You’re late, (name).

Let’s get right to the point. Our latest recon shows the last of Shek’zeer’s forces are holed up at the heart of the island. They’re protecting a large weaposn cache that Garrosh has ordered us to retrieve. Problem is they’ve activated the island’s defenses, a massive impenetrable shield that enshrouds all of Zan’vess.

This is where you come in. I need you to take one of these gunships and shoot down the shield generators. As long as they’re active none of our forces can reach the weapons cache.

Note: Mount the Kor’kron Gunship. The airplanes are strapped to the sides of the boat. Jump and click. The airplanes move on a programmed path. All you have to do is point and click by pressing “1”. Click on the pillars, and the Mantid casters near pillars. Press “2” to activate the shields when your airplane is targeted with a red bullseye. That means Alliance gunships targeted you. When hit, your weapon system is disabled for a few seconds.

Kor’kron Pilot: We’ve got our work cut out for us, (name).

Shield generators all over the island are protecting the Heart of Zan’vess, preventing us from reaching the weapons cache.

If we don’t get this shield down soon we’re going to be overrun.

We’re going in! Take out those towers!

Aim for those amber bombs, they’ll cause a huge explosion if we manage to set one off!

Good shot, (name)! Keep aiming for those bombs.

    0/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers

    0/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Towers

    0/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers

Kor’kron Pilot: Missile incoming! Shields! SHIELDS!

Use Force Shield to block Guided Missiles.

Nice one, (name)! That was close.

(1/1 Destroy the Kyparite Quarry Sonic Control Towers.)

Nice work! The shield looks like it’s weakening.

Those Mantid are protecting the towers, (name). Take them out or we won’t be able to land any shots.

    Note: The Mantid casters are shielding the towers. Kill the four of them on each tower to disable the shield. Then destroy the towers.

(1/1 Destroy the Whispering Stones Sonic Towers.)

Kor’kron Pilot: Only a few more towers and that whole thing is coming down!

Those scorpid are moving the towers! Take them out!

    Note: The scorpid are moving kinda fast. Targeting the scorpid only causes the missiles to miss by a few yards. Best strategy is to shoot a few yards in front of them to time when the missiles hit them. The towers stand still when the scorpids die.

(1/1 Destroy the Venomsting Pits Sonic Control Towers)

Kor’kron Pilot: The shield is down! Nice work, (name)! I’ll take us to the beachhead.

  • 0/1 Defeat Team Leader Scooter
  • 0/1 Reach the Heart of Zan’vess

Note: In this stage you fight the Alliance who also want a shot at stealing the Mantid’s weapons cache.

The first pull consists of five mobs: three 7th Legion Infiltrator and two 7th Legion Priest.

Kill the priests asap, then the Infiltrators.

You will notice in the video there are several gigantic red-lined circles appearing on the ground. Move away from them. Those are Alliance gunships in the sky aiming to drop missiles on players.

It’s a good idea to pull this group down the path you came from. Team Leader Scooter patrols the area, and eventually walks where the group was standing at — aggoing in the process.

Our tank died when the boss aggroed. The boss has a helluva wide AOE in the shape of a cone up to 40 yards away. The graphics look like a massive earthquake of dust. You have about 2-3 seconds to move away.

Team Leader Scooter also has a whirlwind that looks like a tornado.

Note: Commander Tel’vrak at some point summons several explosive amber bombs to his feet. He will randomly throw them at players. Got a couple of seconds to move away.

Players who can run fast, or heal or have aoe crowd control abilities should be on aggroing mobs. Every few seconds a wave of several mantid come from the two roads leading up to the top of the hill.

It’s not even worth attacking them. More keep coming. Just burn the boss, and kite the adds/heal through their damage while dotting the boss/crowd control as many as you can as you go. Don’t waste time dpsing adds.

Use the bonus ability button that appears onscreen — Strafing Run: Instant. Calls for a bombing run at the target location. 45 sec cooldown.


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Patch 5.1 Scenario: A Little Patience (Alliance)

A Little Patience

Admiral Taylor: King Varian needs decisive adventurers to help him resolve a showdown between Tyrande Whisperwind and a detachment of Horde warriors holed up in the Temple of the Red Crane.

Report to him immediately!


Enter the “A Little Patience” scenario and report to King Varian Wrynn.


Scenario: A Little Patience

(Cutscene Begins)

Tyrande Whisperwind: We have them cornered inside the temple. We should strike now!

King Varian Wrynn: Things are rarely what they seem, Tyrande. And my son tells me this is a sacred place.

Tyrande Whisperwind: All the more reason to purify it.

King Varian Wrynn: They’re defending a fixed position. I’m not going to play their game. We’ll draw them out.

Tyrande Whisperwind: You are wasting precious time.

Chi-Ji: A test! A trial of patience. Will the wolf behave as a warrior … or a King?

King Varian Wrynn: Welcome to the jungle, (name).

(Orders, your majesty?)

King Varian Wrynn: Good to see you again, (name).

Take the laborers from camp here, and any others you can find in the region. Assist them in building defenses to ensure no Horde can escape our vengeance.

One more thing. These troops are not trained for battle and must be protected from harm if they are to succeed.

Now go, and be quick about it. Time is running out!

A Little Patience

King Varian Wrynn: Good to see you again, name).

We have a delicate situation on our hands here. We need to plan our next moves carefully.


Note: After taking the quest, look around for small black tool chests. Loot the “Laborer’s Tool”

Laborer’s Tool: Use the Laborer’s Tool at any construction site for a progress boost!

King Varian Wrynn: Force them into bottlenecks. Let them think they can win …

Rosey Axlerod: What can I do for ya, handsome?

(We must let no Horde escape this place. Any ideas?)

Rosey Axlerod: Oh, we know just the thing …

Squad! Initiate Operation: Cackleberry!

Note: Five Gnomes on Mechano-striders follow Rosey Axlerod toward the center of the map. There are Kor’kron Assassins throughout the jungle in stealth-mode.

Kor’kron Assassin: Call for your king, (race)! Draw him in!

Kor’kron Assassin: Your blood will not be the last my blades taste today, (class)!

Kor’kron Assassin: The Commander will have the Alliance king’s head on a spike!

Kor’kron Assassin: Welcome to the jungle, (race). You’re gunna die!

Rosey Axlerod: If pappy could see me now … runnin’ my own crew in service to the king. He’d be gushin’ with pride.

Note: The Gnomes dismount and start to work. Players can see four illuminated spotlights on the ground. From west to east: Snake Oil Boiler (Cauldroun), Gnomish Transformer, Snacks, Heavy Metal Bars.

Kor’kron Assasins = Battle Rations
Muckmaw Crocolisk = Meaty Haunch
Mining Vein = Krasari Iron
Branches = Brittle Root
Spirit-Kissed Sprite = Spirit-Kissed Water

  • Use Battle Rations at any construction site to boost its rate of progress!

  • Use the Meaty Haunch at any construction site to boost its rate of progress!

  • Construction Progress: Rate Increased! (after delivering food supply to the Snack rack)

  • Use the Krasari Iron at the dwarven or gnome construction sites to boost the rate of progress!

  • Spirit-Kissed Water will awaken Master Brownstone, boost progress at pandaren construction site, or increase progress rate at night elf site!

Rosey Axlerod: I documented some special schematics in my journal, but it’s gone missin’. We’ll just hafta make do.

Tyrande Whisperwind: We are wasting time. We should move in for the kill!

King Varian Wrynn: Patience, Tyrande.

King Varian Wrynn: Make use of every resource! Leave them nowhere to run!

Note: A Riverblade Marauder (Saurok) walks in.

Rosey Axlerod: Keep an eye on us, (name)! We’re builders, not fighters. We’ll need your protection if any beasties come around!

King Varian Wrynn: We’re almost ready. Keep on working!

King Varian Wrynn: You three are my eyes and ears. Fan out! Prepare a defense!

King Varian Wrynn: This terrain is ours. Make them pay for every inch.

Duff McStrum: Productivity stops if we’re attacked. Keep an eye on us!

Tyrande Whisperwind: You are being tentative, Varian. You must be decisive if you wish to lead the Alliance.

King Varian Wrynn: Patience, Tyrande. We’ll have our victory, but we’re not going in unprepared.

King Varian Wrynn: Ready our defenses. They have to come out eventually.

Elder Adler (Jinyu): Food and wood are our primary needs. Speak with me if you seek to aid us further.

Tyrande Whisperwind: Why do we not attack them outright?

King Varian Wrynn: I won’t throw away Alliance lives. I will accept nothing less than total victory.

Elder Adler (Jinyu): The beasts in the region all yield edible meat, (race). Do what you can to keep the workers fed.

(Bubble Spike constructed)

King Varian Wrynn: Don’t charge in. Let them make the first mistake.

Duff McStrum: Them crocs drop some tasty meat, (name), but tiger haunch is my personal favorite!

Duff McStrum: There’s a type of iron unique to these parts. Bring back any ya find, (name). Ain’t no iron in Azeroth us dwarves can’t forge.

Tyrande Whisperwind: They mock us from within the temple.

King Varian Wrynn: Good. That means they’re about to break.

King Varian Wrynn: They’re coming. Get behind the defenses!

Commander Scargash: Alliance dogs! Where are your teeth?

King Varian Wrynn: Come out and count them, coward! There is no army here. Only a handful of heroes stand between you and the King of Stormwind. Are you afraid?

Commander Scargash: Bring up the grunts. Attack!

Note: Grunts and Wolfriders come out of the Temple of the Red Crane in large numbers. The bubble spikes created by the Fallsong laborer Jinyu trap them into a bubble which levitates high in the air. The orcs drop to their death. Bones and ribs and gore explode on the ground.

Note: Other orcs run toward the Dwarven bottleneck. They get the same treatment from Dwarven cannons. Depends whether you help build at the Dwarven site or the Night Elven site. Players can only help two sites out of four options: Dwarves, Gnomes, Jinyu or Night Elves.

At the temple stairs area, there are two groups of Kor’kron elite. Each group has three orcs.

Commander Scargash: For the Warchief!

Your Alliance is WEAK!

I’m done with you!

(Commander Scargash is filled with rage! Avoid his melee attacks!)

Commander Scargash: Is this how you fight your battles?


(Commander Scargash dies)

King Varian Wrynn: The day is ours! And not a drop of blood was shed on holy ground.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I would have charged right in. Many more lives would have been lost in my rush for victory.

King Varian Wrynn: There was a time when I would have done the same. But I’ve learned a lot over the years. I’ve fallen for too many of Garrosh’s tricks.

From now on, we define the terms of this engagement.

Tyrande, I may not be a politician. But I am a fighter. I know we can win this war.

We just need to stand together. You have to trust me. Know that I will do the right thing. If we act as one, we cannot fail.

Tyrande Whisperwind: I see that now. Our strength is yours to command, High King. May this be the first of many victories.

Chi-Ji: A sword is the weapon of a warrior, but patience is the weapon of kings.

This day brings victory, but more difficult trials lie ahead …


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Patch 5.1 – The Ruins of Korune Added to Kun-Lai Summit

A new ruins was added to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.1 currenly on PTR servers. The ruins were added in build 16309 (Nov 14), or the previous one (considering two patches were deployed in less than 36 hours).

The Ruins of Korune is possibly the location where Alliance players will find the Divine Bell during the Operation: Shieldwall Achievement questline. It’s not official this is the location. The interior is currently empty with no NPCs.

It is located high above the northern coast of Kun-Lai Summit. Only accessible with a flying mount. It has its own graveyard.

The underground fortress shares the same model as the Tomb of Conquerors in the Valley of Emperors (Kun-Lai Summit). There is a big different, however, between the two. The Ruins of Korune has a lot of tiles on the ground that trigger traps. There is no way to players to avoid the traps. The fire traps debuff players with a damage-over-time fire ability. It can be survived if you are a healer. The one that can kill you instantly is the lightning traps. The water traps toss you into the air, which is equally dangerous as it can toss you into adjacent traps.

Many thanks to “Scarty@Anasterian-US” for the heads up while we were playing in-game.

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