Blizzard Entertainment released an interesting oriental-art-styled animation by Blizzard concept artist Laurel Austin featuring the moment the last emperor of Pandaria, Shaohao, consulted the Great Waterspeaker elder about his future as emperor.

The waterspeeker peered into the future and saw the arrival of the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients — 10 milennia ago.

Blizzard mentioned this is but the first of a series of six dramatic shorts we will see in YouTube. Read below my personal speculation.

The Burdens of Shaohao – Prelude: The Vision

In a new series of six dramatic shorts, we travel back to the time of the last pandaren emperor, a golden age before the land was enveloped by mist.

Ten thousand years ago in the ancient empire of Pandaria, Emperor Shaohao asked the Great Waterspeaker to peer into his future. What did the rippling waters foretell? Journey into Pandaria’s history in “The Burdens of Shaohao Prelude: The Vision.”


Speculation-Mode On

“Six dramatic shorts” … Now that’s certainly a curious thing. I will tell you why. Players who delved into the Lorewalkers faction’s reputation scavenger hunt for scrolls of lore know [the story] of the Emperor of Shaohao — follow the link to read Blizzplanet’s compendium.

One might argue Blizzard is going to showcase that entire story in this six-part dramatic shorts. It is certainly a possibility. It’s official each short will be posted once a day for the next five days.

Patch 5.4 is in PTR right now, and might hit live servers in September. Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar features the Timeless Isle — off the southeastern coast of the Jade Forest.

The Bronze Dragonflight are bunching up at the Timeless Isle because it is an enigma to them. A dangerous one. Prince Anduin and Wrathion are there too. I recently [posted] video and a transcript of the dialogues.

According to Timekeeper Kairoz the Timeless Isle might be a byproduct of the first invasion of the Burning Legion upon Azeroth:

Time Keeper Kairoz: Time is frozen in perpetuity. Cause and effect – rendered all but meaningless.

Prince Anduin: What could create such a thing?

Time Keeper Kairoz: I should like to find out! Perhaps it is related to the mists? Or the power that was unleashed in the sundering ten thousand years ago? We must investigate!”


To me the Timeless Isle sounds like the trigger for the next expansion. Usually there is a world event a week or two prior to the next expansion. We are still at least a year away from that, but the Timeless Isle seems to be the prelude to the return of the Burning Legion.

Even more intriguing is the fact that Emperor Shaohao is at the Timeless Isle too. Those who missed the return of Emperor Shaohao, he appears in an achievement quest introduced in Patch 5.3 Escalation. Check out Blizzplanet’s Patch 5.3 Escalation compendium for the quest The Old Seer.


Why is Emperor Shaohao at the Timeless Isle?

It is unknown at the moment, but maybe listening to his last words in Patch 5.3 Escalation might shed some light.

Shaohao: Beware of Pride! Be humble! The world is plunging into chaos. Old enemies must work together. Proud races must admit they need help. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Only by working together can we overcome the darkness. All that stands in our way… is pride.


Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t spend time and resources on a short animation for giggles. The previous short was Diablo III: Wrath (May 8, 2012) released 7 days before the launch of Diablo III.

Thus, it is possible this shaohao six-part short is leading up to something in the near future as a sort of countdown to something Blizzard Entertainment wishes to reveal.

The Timeless Isle is obviously involved somehow with the Burning Legion. To put it simple, the Timeless Isle is stuck in time exactly as it was ten thousand years ago. Some demons might be in the Timeless Isle, or maybe the Timeless Isle might become as a bridge between the present and the past — which is a no good thing. Something might happen there that might lead up to the world event before the next expansion.


It is no longer a secret the next expansion deals with the return of the Burning Legion. Wrathion has openly announced his vision in the Legendary Questline – “A Legend in the Making”. Watch the video showing his vision of the future.