After login in into the WoW PTR 3.2.2. Build 10392, I went to Lando Longshot in Booty Bay.  I logged out to launch my favorite video recorder. After login in the ground didn’t load.  All the NPCs around me and my character started free falling en mass.  Suddenly my character died.

I pressed the release button to get my ghost and probably to pay the spirit healer to recover my body. However, this didn’t happen.  As soon as my ghost spawned, you can see in this video the spirit healer floating in the sky besides my corpse, and my ghost started free falling through the sky.

It became a nonstop loop. If this happens to you, the only way to get out of this was to press CTR + ALT + DELETE. This launches the task manager where you can terminate WoW PTR.

If it persists, keep accepting to resurrect while your ghost is still within falling range of the Spirit Healer until it self-fixes, or quit WoW PTR, delete your cache and WTF folder optionally. Then launch the WoW PTR again.

If the problems persists after all that troubleshooting, sorry—the PTR server’s hamsters need some rest. Get back later.