Recently a polish fansite reported sighting of a press release on the official website which appeared briefly and got deleted afterwards.

Just a few days later, today, Xordiah officially announced the official Italian, and Polish Starcraft II websites and forums are now online and the game itself will be sold in those languages too. Additionally, Blizzard has revealed the new Facebook and Twitter links for Italian and Polish fans. What’s that? Oh, yeah … Hooray !!!

Blizzard Quote:
We are happy to announce that we have added a new language to our StarCraft II site. Italian speakers can now check out the latest news about StarCraft II in their own language. We have also added a landing page for our Polish community which will be expanded upon in the near future. In addition to translating the site into these two languages, we will also be releasing StarCraft II itself in Italian and Polish! Take a moment to check out the new StarCraft II sites and the new forums for Italian, Polish, and Russian speakers!

First of all, we are of course also localizing in Russian, since this has been announced from the beginning, you can check out the Russian site here. We have also added russian forums today as well as Facebook and Twitter pages that will soon fill up with more content.

Concerning switching between languages, to start off you will have the language of the box that you purchase. We are planning on releasing language packs at some point, but this will not be for release. We will get information on this to you most likely after release of StarCraft 2.