Seer Olum is a Ashtongue Deathsworn Draenei spying on the Naga on behalf of Akama.  He was discovered and tortured, awaiting delivery to Illidan.  You may find Seer Olum in a cage by the Fathom-Lord Karathresh in Serpentshrine Caverns.

Seer Olum: I am free!  But the secret … is now in peril.  Akama must be warned!


Seer Olum: Thanks again.  I recognize your name.  Akama has entrusted you with his plans and so I will trust you as well.

The naga discovered I was working against Illidan and tried to get me to speak by torturing me.  I did not tell them a thing – Akama himself taught me to master pain through meditation.

Illidan asked the naga to bring me to him.  He would have seen right through my flesh and into my soul’s deepest secrets.

Akama must be warned.  Our plans are in jeopardy!

Quest Objectives

Travel to the Warden’s Cage in Shadowmoon Valley and speak to Akama.

In the darkest hallways of the Warden’s Cave …

Akama: I thank you.  Olum is one of my dearest friends and most trusted followers.  His contributions have been of vital importance to our plans.

Akama says: Olum … old friend.  It is good to see that you are safe.

Seer Olum: Illidan is looking for me.  I am not safe here … none of us are.

Akama: Illidan will become suspicious … that much is of certain.  We will deal with it as we always do.

Seer Olum: Illidan will find me and when he does … he will pry the Ashtongue secret from me – such is the power of the Betrayer!  No … there is only one way.  My usefulnes to the cause has come to an end.  I must venture into the spirit world!

Akama: You cannot … be serious, Olum.  Your sacrifice has already been too great.

Seer Olum: My decision is final.  I will not be dissuated.  I have devoted my life to our plan.  To jeopardize it now would betray all who have died for the cause long before me.

Akama: It appears your mind is set then.  We will guide you to the spirit world with as much kindness as we can.

Seer Olum: I thank you, Akama.  You honor me by allowing me this moment, surrounded by my brothers.  Farewell, friend.  Guide our people well.

Akama: Farewell, dear friend.  We shall meet you in the next world when our duties in this one are fulfilled.

(Akama summons communication with Illidan)

Akama: Master!  We’ve found the traitor who escaped Vashj!  His body lies in front of me … lifeless!

Illidan:  You disappoint me, Akama.  I wanted to question the treacherous worm myself!  I’m beginning to question your allegiance, Broken.

Akama: But, sire!  You have misjudged my actions … I do have knowledge of someone close to you who plans to betray you. It is that dog, Kael’thas!  He has allied with Kil’jaeden and intends to replace you as Lord of Outland!

Illidan: I do not sense lies in your voice, Akama.  That Kael’thas would betray me does not come as a big surprise.  I’m not as oblivious as some would think.  That one of your own was involved with him puts your loyalties into question.

Send your Ashtongue into Tempest Keep and slay his most prized possession, the phoenix known as Al’ar.  I must know that you’re not on his side.  Do not think of betraying me, Broken.  We both know who owns your soul!

Akama: It will be done, my lord!


Olum’s sacrifice was trememndous.  I would never have asked him to give up his life myself.  But it is done.

If we’re to lure Illidan back into a false sense of security, we need to do his bidding – at least for now.

I command a vast army of Ashtongue, but – aside from the Deathsworn – none can be trusted.

You are to perform the deed that Illidan demands.  Take this cowl; it is magical in nature.  You will appear to be one of my men to any who see you slaying Kael’s phoenix, Al’ar.

Quest Objectives

Travel into the Tempest Keep and slay Al’ar while wearing the Ashtongue Cowl.  return to Akama in Shadowmoon Valley once you’ve completed this task.