See here the press release by the AV-developer who found it:

Q u o t e:
MicroWorld experts have found that, apart from spreading via emails and P2P sharing, this Trojan slips into user computers via pop-up ads being displayed on many dubious gaming websites, through a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Reports from some corners claim that the controversial Rootkit components in some Music CDs were also exploited in advancing this Trojan.

Some security tips:

Browsing / Emailing

If you’re using Internet Explorer or Outlook, please consider switching to Firefox and Thunderbird, both available from

(IE and Outlook are both heavily patched programs of several years old and are comparable with Emmenthaler cheese due to their holes.)


It’s very handy to have a firewall installed: free ones for personal use are:

Agnitium Outpost Free:

Zonelabs’ ZoneAlarm Free:

The Windows XP firewall as of SP2 is reasonable, but not exactly rocket science. I recommend having one of those above. If you’re new to this “firewall thing”, I recommend asking help from someone who knows how to handle them, or read the help/tutorial files well. (Firewalls are quite hard to configure.)


Again: Free for personal use!

Avira Antivir:

Alwil Avast:

Both are good free anti-virus programs, it’s recommended to update the virus-database frequently (Antivir has a daily update by default).

Two Anti-spyware programs which are very effective together handy for security/privacy: