Leeroy Jenkins featured at Denver Newspaper

Leeroy Jenkins have transcended the mmorpg and immortalized by Penny Arcade on a Upper Deck World of Warcraft TCG card.  Now the Denver Westword Newspaper featured the history of Leeroy Jenkins, famous iconic character from a World of Warcraft video seen by millions of players.  Read the Article.

“All right chums, let’s do this!” he declares in a deep, slightly insane voice. He charges headfirst and alone into the fray, hollering his name as a battle cry: “LEEROOOOOY JEEEEENKINS!” The others are stunned. “Oh, my God, he just ran in!” one gasps. “Save him! Oh, jeez, stick to the plan! Oh, jeez, let’s go, let’s go!” Cursing and confused, they dash after Leeroy—and the dragons start ripping them to shreds. Soon bodies litter the floor; all the characters are dead. “Great job! For Christ’s sake!” the players whine. “Leeroy, you are just stupid as hell!” To which Leeroy responds, “At least I have chicken.” End scene.

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