World of Warcraft# 15 - January 2009: The Return of Garona Halforcen

Lore Fans, It is time for a delightful discussion about the return of this enigmatic character from Warcraft: Orcs and Humans RTS Game and character from the novel Warcraft: The Last Guardian. Garona Halforcen is returning in the upcoming January 2009 issue of World of Warcraft # 15 according to solicitations from DC Comics / Wildstorm.

The last time Garona was seen in the MMO, she was a high ranking member of the Ravenholdt Manor faction during the original World of Warcraft beta (2004). Shortly after, Garona’s model was removed without explanation. It’s good to know she’s returning at least in the comic book. Here’s hoping her renewed model is added to the game. Chris Metzen joked about a year ago to dare him to bring her as Thrall’s mate.

For those who are new to Warcraft universe, Garona was a half-orc hybrid. The Last Guardian book written by Jeff Grubb stated she was from a human-like race. Lot of arguments have risen over the years whether she is half-draenei. That was denied before, but at this point it is uncertain what race spawned her. The comic book will hopefully fill in the gap and reveal it. Garona and Khadgar fought Sargeras/Medivh at the basement of Kharazhan in the novel. She was magically controlled by Sargeras/Medivh to be his puppet, by heading to Stormwind to slay King Llane Wrynn against her will.  Will her return have anything to do with the assassination plans against Thrall from within the Shattered Hand clan?  Will King Varian Wrynn seek vengeance against Garona for the assassination of his father? The Comic book is just getting better and better. I very much look forward to reading this new story arc. Get your copy on January 21.

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The road back to Theramore begins here! After the events of the last arc, King Varian and Prince Anduin must return home. But who will return with them? And what role will Garona Halforcen play in this next quest?

On sale January 21

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